1) It has been the purpose of this document to provide the history, perpetrators, activities, risks, and considerations regarding threats to human freedom so that an effective means of resistance can be formulated in order to achieve the stated goals. Several alien species, human conspirators, and secret organizations have been identified in order to enable recognition of humanity's enemies. Their methods of operation and objectives are also presented in order to better understand what is at stake and how to respond.

2) The world is being deliberately prevented from knowing about the "Bearers of false gifts" and the "good out there". The authorities fear panic and chaos. The military has no defense and so they deny everything. Our leaders are either corrupted, controlled, or are possessed by aliens. There are many groups of alien beings that are covertly competing for our planet's resources, our allegiance to them, and our strategic location in space.

3) It is easy to become overwhelmed by such information and loose all hope for the future of humanity. It is normal to want to respond emotionally with anger, fear, and acquiescence. This is exactly what the conspirators want. Cool heads must prevail. It is necessary to rise above primitive and primal instincts and respond intellectually with love in your heart for mankind.

4) We are not alone in our struggle to be free. Humanity has allies and they can be of immense help, if we will only use our inner knowledge to pay attention to them. They have had to battle the same forces on many other worlds and they know how we can prevail.

5) We need help to see what is going on beyond our world. Could the Native Americans understand the intricacies and competition between European nations? No. Look at what has happened to the native peoples of the world who have simply acquiesced and said, "Welcome. Move on in. We will live here and you will live over there and everything will be fine". Look at what happened to them. Is this new scenario really any different? It is very difficult to be the race that is discovered in a new world by those who seek the values, wealth, and opportunities of that world. Such is our predicament.

6) Humanity is under siege. Our isolation is over. We must realize that we are not alone in the universe and here on this planet. This is the greatest event in human history, the greatest threat to our freedoms and the greatest opportunity for unity and cooperation. This is not a tragedy for us, but a preparation for emerging into the Greater Community in the Universe. We will emerge into the Greater Community whether we are prepared or not. It is inevitable.

7) Intervention has occurred without our agreement or permission. Our fundamental rights are being violated on a vast scale. Many people are taken against their will repeatedly. Do not believe that the abduction of people has some benefit for mankind. Many people have acquiesced and serve as emissaries and intermediaries. Many others serve as resources for the alien genetics program.

8) This is the most important problem in the world today. This is not a future prospect, but an immediate challenge. If people cannot respond, then the world will be given away. Recklessness brings a heavy price and great misfortune.

9) If we seek unity, freedom, and self-determination in the Greater Community, then we must establish freedom for everyone and defend it, if necessary, or domination will certainly occur. If we are to be strong and self-determined, than we must be able to think independently and consider things deeply, rather than just accepting whatever we are told.

10) We must not betray the knowledge within ourselves. We need to strengthen our natural abilities to see, know, and act in harmony in order to offset the alien influences. This is our most important need. Our spirituality must be sound and based upon real experience. People need a greater knowledge, wisdom and spirituality to find their true abilities and know how to use them.

11) Although this is a grave situation, there is a gift. The Allies of Humanity have sent a teaching of spiritual ability, discernment, and power. It is being given through one person who serves as intermediary and speaker. His name is Marshall Vian Summers. He has written the "Allies of Humanity", "Greater Community Spirituality", and "Steps to Knowledge".

12) We need to learn about a Greater Community Spirituality and a Greater Community Way of Knowledge that is now being presented. The way to Knowledge is your true spiritual impulses. This must be valued. It is the source of our individual freedom. It will make us wise and discerning about the Greater Community. It is essential for survival because it cannot be influenced or manipulated.

13) Only those strong with Knowledge and wisdom can detect the aliens and protect their minds against their influence. In time, you will perceive into their minds, which they do not want. You become a danger and challenge to them and they will avoid you if they can. Truth is the greatest power in the universe. It is the power to free, to enlighten, and to give strength and confidence to those who need it. May it bring out the best in you.