by benjamin
May 17, 2010

from BenjaminFulfordBlogShinobi Website

The Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate called in their last reserves last week in a desperate Battle of the Bulge maneuver to stave off their inevitable collapse.


Their servants in the Bank of Japan and their partners in the European Central Bank and the BIS all promised to squeeze another $1 trillion out of their slave peoples in order to preserve and expand their empire. However, the effort is doomed for the same reason the Battle of the Bulge failed, they do not have the fuel they need.

The owners of the Central Banking crime syndicates have had their way for so long, they are still in a state of denial and confusion about what is happening.


For so long they spend billions and trillions while their slave people were forced to use tokens worth tens or hundreds. The result was a complete disconnect between the realms of high finance and the world of the ordinary mortal. What is happening is that the ordinary mortals have woken up.

The so-called Lehman Brothers crisis in 2008 was the beginning of the final chapter for these criminals. When the Russians and the Chinese told the Feds to either pay the money they owed in cash or else face nuclear war, they threatened the Congress with martial law unless they passed the TARP bill to provide $700 billion.


The problem is that they were talking $700 billion in real slave currency, not their imaginary fiat currency.


Then since that bill passed, the corporate media slaves began doing some math and realized that TARP had ballooned to $23 trillion. Since world GDP is only $60 trillion, the corporate media and financial slaves began to finally wake up and realize something was seriously wrong with the world view being foisted on them. The numbers they are being fed no longer add up and they can do the math.


This means the Satanic media and mind control grid is becoming increasingly dysfunctional.

That is why the markets were only fooled for one day by the promise of another illusory $1 trillion to be wrung from the slaves in the West. Instead of being fooled, the market slaves began to actively bet against the Euro. Gold, meanwhile shot up in value. This is the exact opposite of what the would be controllers were planning.

It is like watching a slow-motion train wreck. The Euro and the Federal Reserve Board are both collapsing in slow motion.

The new financial system is almost ready to go. As mentioned before the 90% of US dollar held by non-Americans will be backed by gold and renamed, now likely as Renminbi or peopleís currency.


The American Republic will be restored and they have already printed their new greenbacks.


These will have less international purchasing power than Federal Reserve Debt notes meaning Americans will be forced to buy more American goods and US industry will once again be internationally competitive.

The signs of this change are now everywhere to be seen in the West. The Governor of the Bank of England, for example, publicly warned the US was headed the way of Greece. This was widely reported even in the corporate propaganda news.

The ever spreading criminal investigations of Wall Street also continued to expand. Now the rating agencies are being investigated along with the big Wall Street criminal institutions.

There are also signs of revolt within the secret enforcement establishment. For example, the Black Dragon Society was contacted last week by some Mexicans on the run from CIA hit squads. They said officials working inside the HAARP electro-magnetic weapon facility visited Mexico to warn the Feds were planning to hit Mexico with an earthquake in May.


This means the workers at HAARP are starting to revolt, depriving the Satanist Feds of one of their last weapons.

Attempted new fake terror attacks are now being exposed by whistleblowers almost immediately. The latest case is the so called Times square attempted bombing which insiders immediately denounced as a false flag operation aimed at justifying further attacks on Pakistan. Pakistanís ISI is no longer obeying the CIA as a result of this stupid maneuver.

Also, when the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate once again tried to order my assassination, I was warned by three different people, one in the CIA, one in MI6 and one in the Yakuza.


The Yakuza promptly contacted the two would-be hit men and asked them (politely) to back off. The Yakuza now have in their possession a complete list of all top Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate cronies in Japan.

There is still much I cannot report at the present time in order to protect peopleís lives and prevent sabotage. However, I can say that for various technical and logistical reasons the announcement of the new financial system is still going to take a bit more time.

In the meantime, please enjoy watching the demise of an ancient Satanic crime syndicate and the dawn of freedom for humanity.


The day the top bosses of Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate, their cronies in Washington and in the corporate propaganda media go to jail is not far off.

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