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What is the meaning of the Great Seal of the United States. The seal was designed with a specific purpose in mind. The U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing tells us that:

The Great Seal was first used on the reverse of the $1 Silver Certificate in 1935. The Department of State is official keeper of the Seal. Symbolically, the seal reflects the beliefs and values that the Founding Fathers attached to the new nation and wished to pass on to their descendants.

Soon after America became a new nation, the Continental Congress formed a committee to "prepare a device for the seal of the United States of North America". The committee consisting of Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. On May 10, 1780, Congress rejected the design submitted by the committee. Then the matter was referred to the Secretary of Congress, Charles Thomson, who asked the assistance of William Barton, a prominent citizen of Philadelphia.


Barton proposed two designs, then Thomson submitted his own, which, revised by Barton, was finally adopted in 1782.

The Barton/Thomson seal adopted in 1782

Most obviously, both sides of the seal are enclosed within a circle. Occultist regards the circle as a very important geometric shape. In Book 4, page 57, Aleister Crowley announces:

  • The Circle announces the Nature of the Great Work. He [the Magician] chooses the circle rather than any other lineal figure for many reasons; e.g.

    • He affirms thereby his identity with the infinite.

    • He affirms the equal balance of his working; since all points on the circumference are equidistant from the center.

    • He affirms the limitation implied by his devotion to the Great Work. He no longer wanders aimlessly in the world.

Albert Pike in Morals and Dogma , page 773, explains,

“The Great Work is, above all things, the creation of man by himself; that is to say, the full and entire conquest which he effects of his faculties and his future. It is, above all, the perfect emancipation of his will, which assures him . . . complete power over the universal Magical agent.”

The shape of the Great Seal explains that it is to illustrate the completion of the Great Work. In essence, the Great Work is the illumination of man through meditation and narcotics.

The Obverse of the Seal

The Great Seal of the United States contains ten features of thirteen. The first appearance of the number thirteen, on the Great Seal, is in the constellation of stars depicted above the head of the eagle on the obverse side. Officially, the number thirteen represents the thirteen colonies. Our forefathers were very conscious of the number thirteen.

Constellation of Thirteen Stars

It was no coincidence that our nation was formed with the origination of thirteen states. The number thirteen is the number of transformation and rebirth. The number thirteen has hidden or occult meanings. On Friday, October 13, 1307, all the Templars in France, including their Grand Master Jacques de Molay, were arrested and interrogated by order of Philip IV. From this time onward Friday the 13th was considered an unlucky day.


In 1314 de Molay was burned at the stake. When exiled from France, the Templars moved to England, under King Stephen, and established the York Rite of Freemasonry, with thirteen degrees. The number thirteen is also representative of the members of the Order of the Garter founded by Edward III in 1349. Edward was the head of this coven of witches.

One of the places the number thirteen is encountered is in the Witches coven. A coven is a organized group of Witches and/or Wiccans led by a Priestess, Priest or both, and joined through initiation. The word “coven” originated from the Latin words VENIRE & COM = together & to come or move.


In Middle English: COVIN = a group of confederates, while the Old French: COVINE = group with a single purpose.


The grouping of thirteen colonies formed a new nation, or Covendom, as they declared independence from European States. This is the same theme we get from the Latin motto on the seal, “E PLURIBUS UNUM” (One out of Many). The Coven of states is represented by the constellation of thirteen stars above the eagles head.

A cloud, indicating the breaking up of the storm of ignorance, injustice and oppression surrounds the stars. The stars break through at the dawning of a new day. The constellation consists of thirteen stars. Originally, the stars in the Constellation were six-pointed stars, as can be seen in the first die cast in 1782. The second die, cast in 1825, was only used for treaties but it also bore six-pointed stars. The symbolism of this constellation becomes known as one looks at the nature of the stars.

Much can be said about the six-pointed star. For starters, it is widely recognized as one of the most powerful of occult symbols. The six pointed star is associated with Saturn worship and known as the hexagram. This (6-pointed star) was the first sign or hieroglyphic of Amsu. In the Astro-Mythology of the Egyptians, we find belief in the first man-god (Horus I) ...and his death and resurrection as Amsu - the risen Horus - was the first man-god risen in spiritual form.


So once again we see the occult idea of rebirth represented by the number 13. The Six-pointed star was used in mystery religion initiation rites. Most significantly in this way, the six-pointed star was considered as a symbol of the Priory de Sion and Freemasons. Its presence in the great seal symbolizes the influence of these groups in founding the United States.

Masonic author, Albert Mackey, tells us of the sexual connotation of this hexagram.

"The triangle pointing downward "is a female symbol corresponding to the yoni and the upward pointing triangle is the male, the lingam ... When the two triangles are interlaced, it represents the union of the active and passive forces in nature; it represents the male and female elements."

[Mackey, The Symbolism of Freemasonry, 1869, p. 195, 219, 361; also Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma, 1871, p. 13.

The five-pointed star first appeared in the die cast by John Throop in 1841 and has been copied from die to die since, including the die in current use. The five-pointed star is known as a pentagram.

Masonic Hexagram

In most common use nowadays is the five-pointed star symbol, yet the stars on the American flag have been shown as having four, six, seven, eight and even more points. They have also been represented as dots, disks or circles.


Why was the five-pointed image selected? The answer, like with other symbols, lies in the meaning of the five-pointed star.

The pentagram is a very widespread sacred symbol used since ancient times in many areas including Egypt, India, Persia and Greece. It is one of the most powerful and popular symbols used by many occultist, including those involved in Wicca and Ceremonial Magic. The symbol is used to decorate magical tools. It represents feminine energy relating to the Goddess. It is worn symbolically for protection and to signify that the wearer is involved in the world of magic and divine wisdom.


When pointed upwards it is supposed to indicate positive energy, and when pointed downward it is to present negative energy.

Alphonse Constant's (Eliphas Levi) Pentagram

Constant used the upright pentagram to represent the race of man created by god, while he used the inverted pentagram to represent the demonic race created by the Angel Samael and Lilith.


In The Secret Doctrine Helena Petrovna Blavatsky explains that,

"Lucifer represents... Life... Thought... Progress... Civilization... Liberty... Independence... Lucifer is the Logos... the Serpent, the Savior"

(pages 171, 225, 255 of Volume II).

In short, she and other occultist view Lucifer as both a good and bad god. This is the god Constant and Freemasons considered as Grand Architect of the universe or the Supreme Being. On the right is Constant’s inverted Pentagram depicting Lucifer as the Bamphomet

The inverted pentagram represents the goat head, or Baphomet. The goat head also signifies the Goat of Mendez. The Goat of Mendez is, of course, the god of the witches. Mendez is another spelling of Mendes, a city of ancient Egypt where fertility worship-Ba'al worship-was practiced. The Ba'al worship at Mendes was particularly sexually perverse.


It was Levi who, in the mid-1800s, first drew and published the now-familiar image shown here of Baphomet as a seated, hermaphroditic, winged, goat-headed and goat-footed man with women's breasts, a flame on his forehead and a caduceus at his groin. The hermaphroditic nature of Baphomet is represented in the East by the Ying-Yang symbol (both signifying the union of the male and female as with the hexagram).


Baphomet is winged to show him as a fallen angel. The inverting of the pentagram represents Lucifer’s fall. Goat attributes of Baphomet occur in reference tot he Goat of Mendes. The flame on the forehead symbolizes the light bearer (Lucifer or Hermes). The caduceus was the winged staff with two serpents twined around it, carried by Hermes, and thus refers to Baphomet as Hermes.

Baphomet and Ying-Yang

The Ying-Yang shows how the female cycles into the male and the good cycles into the bad. The distinction between good and bad is eliminated. All things act under what is called the Law of the Will, “Do what Thou Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law.” “Thou” is the universal governing force, known in the East as Karma. Freedom form the eternal cycling of the Ying-Yang come by being enlightened by the Light Bearer (Lucifer or Hermes). This is the occult meaning of liberty.

The incorporation of the Eagle (the fire bird or phoenix symbol) had the occult meanings of death and resurrection. The Phoenix is also connected to the sun cults of the Middle and Far East. From at least the time of the Roman Empire, the eagle and phoenix were used

Scottish Rite Eagle

as symbols of imperial strength. The eagle, in a double headed from, is used as the symbol for the 32nd degree of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.


The Masonic meaning of the eagle is implied by the design used on the Great Seal. The eagle on the seal has 33 feathers on one wing and 32 feathers on the other. This is in reference to the last two degrees of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. It should be noted that these degrees correlate with the levels in Eastern Religions passed through during reincarnation to god-hood.

The eagle is also a symbol of Jupiter, the Roman god associated with such affairs as government. From ancient times, the eagle has been used as a symbol of imperial might. As the Roman army marched across Europe, Africa, and Central Asia to establish their great empire, they did so under the Roman Imperial Eagle. In this way, the founders of America were identifying themselves with imperial Rome.

The eagle clutches in his sinister talon a bundle of thirteen arrows, symbolizing warfare. Once again we see the occult number 13. For many centuries, the slaughter of the innocent during war was used by occultist as a form of human sacrifice. Human sacrifice, especially tot he sun (fertility) god was very common in the ancient world. Today America’s war efforts are directed from the Pentagon, one of the most obviously occult buildings in America. One could dedicate an entire document to occult structures and street designs in Washington D.C.

Since its inception, the United States has been involved in more than twenty major wars. In addition to traditional combat the United States has also initiated a number of wars of objects or activities, such as the “War on Drugs” and the most recent “War on Terrorism.” During these “wars” many a large number die as well.


Sadly, America has become a warring nation all too happy to “sacrifice” (this word is actually used by government officials) our youth for some cause.

The Pentagon with Pentagram


For example in an address to the nation on October 7, 2001 George W. Bush said,

“We ask them [our military] to leave their loved ones, to travel great distances, to risk injury, even to be prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice of their lives.”

A comparison of plant pictures

The dexter talon holds not an olive branch, as is traditionally stated, but a cluster of cannabis leaves with buds visible. The marijuana symbolism on the great seal is confirmed by the use of the colors red and white in colored versions, and on the flag of the United States. Red and white were first used as official colors by the followers of Hassan i Sabbah founder of the Hashishim or The Assassins.


By 1094 these elite troops, wearing the white tunics and red sashes characteristic of their sect, had made Hasan the most powerful warlord in the area now called the Middle East. They imported hemp from India and extracted a narcotic which is today named, hash for their sect. They used hash to reach "illumination." More will be said about “illumination” when the reverse of the Great Seal is discussed.


The thirteen horizontal red and white stripes have been associated with the drug trade, at least since they were used by the British East India Company on their ships carrying narcotics. The number thirteen is also the traditional code for marijuana. The code for marijuana is shown in the shield placed upon the eagle’s chest. The shield bears the thirteen stripes of the British East India Companies flag (later the flag of the United States) turned vertically.

To summarize, the obverse side of the Great Seal shows the birth of a coven of states, rising like the mythical phoenix from the ashes of destroyed European states. One coven is formed the many colonies and the nations they represented. The eagle rises to his power, by committing human sacrifice through warfare. The occult recognizes the immense power that is released when people die in battle. The power gained by human sacrifice is magnified, in the tradition of the Assassins, through the use of mind-altering drugs like marijuana.


The true goal and design of the coven of states is revealed on the reverse side of the Great Seal.

The Reverse of the Seal

Although the front of the seal is mysterious enough, the reverse side is even more unusual. The most striking part of the reverse of the seal is the combination of an all-seeing eye (Eye of Horus) and a pyramid. Horus was the son of Osiris and Isis. One of his most common forms is as the god of the rising sun and the symbol and personification of Light.


This is how the eye of Horus is used on the Great Seal.

Horus, as the rising sun, becomes the bearer of light (Lucifer or Prometheus). In this case he beings the light of enlightenment. Enlightenment, as we shall soon see, is the main goal of the Great Work. The path to enlightenment is seen in the pyramid below the Eye of Horus.


The goal of enlightenment is declared by the presence of the Eye of Horus. The Eye of Horus sits atop an unfinished pyramid, with thirteen levels (far left). The thirteen levels of the unfinished pyramid carry a duel meaning.


First they are representative of the thirteen degrees in the York Rite of Freemasonry, but more importantly, thirteen is the code number for Cannabis Hemp.

Those initiated into the Mysteries are invited to use Cannabis Hemp to open their mind on the path to illumination and enlightenment. Eastern religions have always recognized how meditation leads to enlightenment. The Buddha sits in the meditative Lotus position, imitating the shape of a pyramid. Yet his mind (will) is still separated from his body.


The apex of the mind and will is the pineal gland, or third eye. Even with meditation, the pineal gland remains closed.


Since ancient times, it has been well known to the initiated that mind-altering drugs are required for enlightenment and illumination. Rabbinical traditions teach that Adam and Eve took mind altering narcotics when they ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. In this way, the tree symbolized all religions of magic and witchcraft, and of all Gnostic ways of knowing through the use of mind-altering drugs. When the drugs are used the third eye is opened and the initiate becomes illuminated.


In some cases, the route to illumination may be accompanied by phenomena known as yogic flying.

The First Step of Yogic Flying

The pyramid has thirteen steps or levels. The occult significance of the number thirteen is the obvious reason for this feature of the pyramid. Symbolically, the thirteen steps of the pyramid represent the thirteen degrees of the York Rite of Freemasonry. The 13th degree in the York Rite is equivalent to the 33rd degree in the Scotch Rite. Only members of these high degrees may join the Shriners.


These are the degrees where the truths of freemasonry first begin to be reviled, but even then just to a limited degree.


At the base of the pyramid is the inscription MDCCLXXVI, the date 1776 written in Roman numerals. When written in Roman numerals this number contains a Kabalistic coding. The number may be divided into two sets of numbers by isolating the first and every third number. Kabalistically two speaks of dualism. Dualism, for example, refers to the Ying and Yang, good and evil, light and darkness, and as wee soon shall see even a dual meaning for the date 1776.


In this way one obtains MCX and DCLXVI. The first number obtained is 1110 (MCX). It is well known that 1110 is 666 in the ancient, Babylonian "sexagesimal" numbering system. The second number obtained is also 666 (DCLXVI). In Revelation 13:18 we read that 666 is the number of the Antichrist or Beast. Beast spoken of in Revelation is tied to the secretive order being described on the Great Seal of the United States.

The year 1776 was significant for three (three is also a significant number in the occult) reasons. Most people know this as the year the united colonies

Adam Weishaupt

declared independence from England. Although Freemasons were a minority in this project, the Masonic philosophy permeates the document. Secondly, the Scottish Economist Adam Smith published An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations.


Smith classified society into three orders those who live by rent, by labor and by profits.


The implementing of the writings and economic philosophy of Smith gave the United States it economic success. The latter two events are relatively well known to most individuals. The third event was the founding of the Ancient Illuminates Seers of Bavaria (or Illuminati) on May 1, 1776 by Adam Weishaupt. The date may be taken to represent any of these three events. These three major events of 1776 all contributed to changing the world into a New World Order. Making it indeed the year of the Beast.

Some researchers have suggested that Weishaupt may have played some role in designing the Great Seal of the United States. The elements present on the reverse of the seal have also been associated with the Bavarian Illuminati. The presence of these elements indicates the role played by the Illuminati in founding America. Through Franklin and other founding fathers, Weishaupt certainly would have been able to exercise at least an indirect influence on the founding of the New Constellation (coven) of states.

Weishaupt’s role in forming America may have even been greater than is generally admitted. When one looks at portraits of George Washington (the first President of the United States) one sees a great deal of variation in his appearance.


Three sample portraits of “Washington” are shown below. The most famous portrait of Washington is the one on the far right. Next to it is a known portrait of Weishaupt. The portrait of the elder “Washington” more closely resembles Weishaupt than the portraits of Washington when he was leading the continental Army. Theory has it that Weishaupt killed Washington and took his place as first President.


This theory is supported by the facts that “Washington” wrote about growing hemp in his diaries, a letter of May 26, 1794 to Dr. James Anderson, May 26 [vol. 33, p. 433, (U.S. govt. pub., 1931)] and letters to his caretaker, Williams Pearce, in 1795 & 1796.

Some of the many faces of George Washington

The Latin Phrases “Annuit Coeptis” and “Novus Ordo Seclorum” appear above and below the pyramid. The Latin phrase Annuit Coeptis has been traced to Virgil, the renowned Roman poet who lived in the first century B.C.


His epic masterpiece, The Aeneid, contains the phrase:

Jupiter omnipotens, audacibus annue coeptis.” (All-powerful Jupiter, favor [my] daring undertakings.)

Jupiter is connected with all occupations dealing with the law, religion, higher education, banking, and international finance. We see American government overseeing all these activities. The leaders of the American Government transact their affairs in a building called a ‘Capital'. No building may rightly be called a “Capital” until it has been dedicated by the Priests of Jupiter to his service.


Also, in Virgil's Georgics are the words:

Da facilem cursum, atque audacibus annue coeptis. (Give [me] an easy course, and favor [my] daring undertakings.)

Charles Thomson changed the first person imperative annue to the third person annuit. In the motto Annuit Coeptis, the subject of the verb must be supplied,


and the translator must also choose the tense. In essence this motto is asking for Jupiter to bless the undertaking being depicted in the remainder of the seal.

Beneath the pyramid on the reverse side of the Great Seal is the Latin phrase "Novus ordo seclorum." Charles Thomson chose this motto, probably borrowing it from Virgil.


Virgil wrote the phrase, “Magnus ab integro seclorum nascitur ordo”, in the fifth line of his classic Eclogue IV.


It has been translated in different ways. These may include “a new order of the ages” or “a New World Order. The phrase describes the New World Order desired by those initiated in the mysteries of the Great Seal. In this New World Order all power lies in the hands the enlightened ones, who have been fully illuminated.

The Latin phrase "Novus ordo seclorum" appears on a scroll shaped like a serpent. In Christianity the serpent has been associated with evil (the tempting of Eve by the Serpent).

Seal of the Theosophical Society


But not all religions view the serpent this way. In the Hindu religion, Siva, god of both Divine Wisdom and regeneration, is the presiding Deity and represented as the serpent. When representing regeneration, the serpent is often shown swallowing its own tale.


This and other ancient symbols were used by H. P. Blavatsky in her personal seal, and then adopted as the Seal Of The Theosophical Society when the society was founded in 1875.

The Serpent swallowing its tail symbolizes eternity and the continuity of cyclic time. Swastika is a Sanskrit word meaning "well-being," "auspicious", which symbolizes good fortune. It is also the symbol of evolution and the perpetual motion of the "mill of the gods," in whose center is the soul , while the bent arms suggest the ceaseless turning of the wheels of life throughout universal existence.


The meaning of the Hexagram was discussed above. The Tau cross is an ancient symbol particularly associated with ancient Egypt and it signifies life, or more specifically the male generative power.

Conclusion: The Great Seal of the United States is filled with a multitude of symbolism, which for the most part has been hidden form the general public. Thus the meaning of the seal is occult in its nature. Symbols were incorporated into the seal to send a clear message to those initiated in the mystery cults. When one understands the meaning of the symbols, the meaning of the Great Seal become very clear.


The Great Seal tells about how the initiates of the mysteries want to establish a New World Order dominated by the enlightened ones. The enlightened ones are lead by The Great White Brotherhood, or A.A. (Argentum Astrum). The A.A. incorporates into their seal the most unusual eight-pointed star. It is interesting to note that many sheriffs’ departments in the United States use this same symbol.


This clearly shows their service to the A.A. and their Great Work.


This order carries on the work begun by the Ancient Illuminated Seers of Bavaria of establishing the New Word Order, and the United States, by its seal, acknowledges its support and participation in this Great Work.

Seal of the A.A. and a Sheriff’s Badge


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