by Susanne Posel
July 25, 2012
from OccupyCorporatism Website






At the International AIDS Conference (IAC) in Washington, DC, Hillary Clinton, U.S. Secretary of State, told the audience that:

“The United States is committed and will remain committed to achieving an AIDS-free generation. We will not back off, we will not back down. We will fight for the resources necessary to achieve this historic milestone.”

Clinton revealed that the U.S. would pledge new funding efforts to have males in the Southern regions of Africa circumcised while also directing money to research and development of drug corporation’s endeavors to stop HIV infected women from passing the disease to their children.







As part of the eugenics efforts of the global Elite, forced male circumcision has been happening in Africa under the guise of women’s rights.


The United Nations’ International Criminal Court has presided over these alleged criminals and classified their sentence to forced circumcision as part of “humane efforts” to stop their behavior.

Most of these “procedures” are conducted under mob rule with archaic disregard for human suffering. Kitchen knives, unsanitary conditions and lack of medical care afterward ensure that most of these victims do not survive long after their sentencing.

The global scientific strategy at the IAC was a coalition of international scientists working under the direction of UNAIDS to develop preventative measures, identifying human immune-responsive drugs and get them onto the market as quickly as possible.

Dr. Steven Deeks of the AIDS Research Institute, believes,

“that at best [its] 50-50 that we’re going to get a cure” so preventative medicine is a better focal point.

By studying the “elite controllers” (people who are carriers, but do not display symptoms of HIV) scientists can decipher how the human immune system works and develop pharmaceuticals to administer to the public.

Scientific teams from various institutions like,

  • the Scripps Research Institute

  • the Rockefeller University

  • NIAID’s Vaccine Research Center

  • Duke University,

...are closely following how they can use the human body’s immune system against the array of HIV strains that keep popping up.

In the sub-Saharan region of Africa, drug resistant forms of HIV are being found which leave current treatments ineffective.

Dr. Silvia Bertagnolio from the World Health Organization (WHO) and Dr. Ravindra Gupta from the University College of London have stated:

“Without continued and increased national and international efforts, rising HIV drug resistance could jeopardize a decade-long trend of decreasing HIV/Aids-related illness and death in low- and middle-income countries.”

These doctors are calling for more research and development to be conducted on the African people to find the “causes if this drug resistance in Africa.”

Somehow, the eugenics aspect of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, which directly correlates to its origin and would be useful in finding its cure is completely ignored by mainstream media, medical communities and even some members of the alternative media.


In July 2008, The Washington Post released an article admitting that, strangely enough,

“people of African descent are much more likely to have a genetic trait that makes them more susceptible to infection with the HIV virus.”

Scientists conducting the study and working for the Wilford Hall United State Air Force Medical Center and San Antonio Military Medical Center claims:

“The benefit that the Africans got from a mutation that gave them some resistance to malaria has, statistically at least, rendered them some increased susceptibility to HIV.”

According to the Rockefeller University, their studies into how the human (HIS) immune system responds to infections have led to the ability to coerce the HIS to “attack” cells within the human body through the use of vaccines.

Merck, along with the U.S. Military HIV Research Program has been attempting to pioneer the HIV vaccine industry with trials in 2007 that actually caused those inoculated to become more susceptible to HIV. This has prompted the study into the HIS and how to effectively manipulate its functions.

Merck plan on returning to Thailand and the scene of their human experiments in 2007 to trial study a new HIV immunization that will combine two separate vaccines.


Johnson&Johnson are joining with Merck, the National Institutes of Medicine and other bio-technological corporations that specialize in researching the viral effects of genetically engineered viruses on the human and animal immune system.

Biotechnological corporations and bioweapons laboratories have been fascinated with genetically engineering viruses and bacteria that can invade the HIS.

Kartheryn Nixdorff, professor at the University of Darmstadt, says that micro-organisms have “already been produced” during the creation of vaccines that can be used as bioweapons.

Nixdorff suggests that bugs could be engineered to be resistant to a virus that could devastate human populations, while race or ethnic specific bioweapons could and are plausible for military use.

Biological warfare programs have been around since the 1940s.

In 2002, the U.S. Air Force (USAF) released a study (
Next Generation Bioweapons) that analyzed the threat of bioweapons with the use of genetically engineering, biowarfare and bioterrorism. The creation of “black biology” or the biotechnology industry’s endeavors to create genetically engineered bioweapons that compromise the HIS can be an effective mode of terrorism.

In 1962, the U.S. Senate received a report concerning chemical and biological warfare. This is the government contract where HIV-like and Ebola-like viruses were bio-engineered by the U.S. military and the bioweapons contracting lab Biomedics. They were producing viral cancer in monkeys that could then be used through genetic engineering to infect humans.

Robert Gallo, working with the National Cancer Institute, was part of this project.


Millions of people are dying from this U.S. sponsored government project to depopulate certain groups of people because of their ethnic heritage; and the U.S. Congress knew about it, and endorsed its use.

These biological agents are classified as “non-lethal warfare” because the morality is not instantaneous. Rockefeller and Stanford globalist think-tanks came up with the concept of ethnic cleansing by way of prolonged infection so that the target and cause could not be correlated. Biologicals and chemicals provide this covert mass extermination.


According to the global Elite, this form of depopulation is economically sound as a stand form of military “soft kill.”

Use of bioweapons and suppressive-immunological viruses like HIV are introduced into the general public, without possibility of traceable detection and effectively reduce the population.


Studies into immune suppression, as a treatment for cancer are not only conducted with the expressed purpose of analyzing infectious viruses, but also developing antiviral potentials that can target specific aspects of the human body by genetic amplification.

There are millions who are suffering and dying at the hands of eugenicist psychopaths who not only want to depopulate the planet, but are targeting specific races to wipe out first.


The truth of HIV/AIDS origins is important if the disease is ever to be cured.


Because knowing how it was created, will direct researchers to develop a medical response that will be effective in eradicating this bioweapon and stop the global Elite’s monstrous plans to murder 90% of the world’s population.