by Rob Ainsworth

October 19, 2007

from LarouchePub Website




In January 2007, the U.S. Climate Action Partnership (USCAP),

  • a consortium of high-profile corporations (BP, Lehman Brothers, DuPont, GE, et al.)

  • environmentalist groups such as World Resources Institute (WRI), Environmental Defense (ED), and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC),

...issued a press release.


The implied intention of USCAP is to transform pollution into a commodity. This has nothing to do with protecting the environment. The true intention is twofold: ensure that the poorest nations of the Earth never develop, and lay the foundation of the next speculative financial bubble.


In February, at a Global Legislators Organization for a Better Environment (GLOBE) event, World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz praised carbon trading, claiming that it could generate as much as $200 billion, much of which would go to African nations.


Africa could sell its pollution rights and get more money than it currently does in development assistance; but of course, this would mean that Africa would not be allowed to develop.


GLOBE was created in 1989 by, primarily, Al Gore and a number of British Parliamentarians, for the express purpose of preventing the world's poorest from raising themselves out of their condition.

"Sustainable development'' is the equivalent of mass murder.

The environmentalist movement is anything but the grassroots movement it pretends to be. The biggest and most influential groups receive tens of millions of dollars in funding every year, and the boards of trustees and directors reflect this.


Who is running the WRI, the NRDC, and ED?


Bankers, hedge-fund managers, big oil - the list goes on... But it goes even deeper than this, for the biggest student movements, such as Focus the Nation, Step It Up, and the Stop Global Warming Now movement, are financed, organized, and deployed by hard-core Synarchist Felix Rohatyn.


These unwitting young people, organized by New Age fascist freak-show Bill McKibben and his Middlebury College cronies, are designated to be the Jacobin shock troops which tear apart the social order with their lunatic demands of "pandas, not people!''

Now, with the ongoing collapse of the U.S. sub-prime mortgage sector and the overall bankruptcy of the world economy, these networks are rushing to set up a new source for speculation; but more importantly, they are attempting to force these CO2 emissions agreements down the throats of governments as a way of finishing off the nation-state system.


Hedge funds such as Al Gore's Generation Investment Management are vultures, scavenging for the last bits of meat left on the carcass of the world economy before it all goes down.

Throughout history, there have been those who, with an eye to specific political objectives, have used terror or the threat thereof against target populations. These threats, real or imagined, have characteristically been outsiders or specters lurking on the periphery, ready to pounce, like the bogeyman in the shadows of a young child's bedroom.


However, today, for the first time in history, humanity is confronted with an aspect more terrifying than any external threat, for as the anti-human Club of Rome wrote in its 1991 publication, The First Global Revolution,

"in searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill.


But in designating them as the enemy, we fall into the trap of mistaking symptoms for causes. All these dangers are caused by human intervention and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome.


The real enemy, then, is humanity itself.''


A Turning Point in History

On Aug. 15, 1971, the Bretton Woods System, established by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was destroyed by the Anglo-Dutch empire-linked advisors of Richard Nixon, most notably Henry Kissinger and George Shultz.


It was a deliberate act by the would-be "post-industrial'' wreckers of the nation-state system.


It was in this context, with a civilization shattered by the 1960s counterculture and the string of political assassinations, wars, and crises which accompanied it, that human abortions such as Kissinger, Shultz, and Felix Rohatyn (to name but a few) could step in and usurp control of the world economy.

However, these madmen had a problem: by taking down the Bretton Woods System and by getting the United States involved in the folly of the Vietnam War, the physical economy was beginning to collapse from a lack of capital investment.


Now, with physical economic output falling, and debt service increasing, the financiers had two options:

  • either go with increased investments in the physical economy machinery-infrastructure, power production, etc.,

  • or go with the economic policy of Nazi Finance Minister Hjalmar Schacht, known today as fiscal austerity.

Naturally, having never really joined the human race, these fellows decided to send us all on a one-way trip back to the jungle.

Their plan was not to invest in the population or the physical economy, but rather to embark on a path which, as Lyndon LaRouche recognized in the 1960s, would lead inevitably to fascism, and by a similar route as occurred in Germany in the late 1920s and early 1930s - where the "nature-loving'' and "purity-based'' ecology-freak counterculture, swarmed en masse into the Hitler Youth and the Nazi Party, and ultimately, on behalf of international financiers, carried out the Schachtian economics that ground up human beings for the state.

The essence of the matter is this: If technological progress is halted, it becomes impossible to sustain a population at the same standard of living. Thus, if the financiers demand that debts come before people, and at the same time the revenue pool from which those payments are made is shrinking, then the people will inevitably be gouged, through wage reductions, price inflation, increasing taxation, and so on.

Kissinger, Shultz, and Rohatyn, not to mention "Fat Albert'' Gore, have no scruples about mass-murder or larceny; for them it is simply business. The difficulty was the Constitutional tradition of the United States.

Patriotism, in the tradition of Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt, has always been an aspiration for the entire human race; to replace such a conception with the overtly racist imperialism now rampant in this nation could only be the work of clever criminality, the source of which is found in the rotted heart of the British Empire.


Cecil Rhodes and the Cult of Eugenics

The British East India Company, modeled on the older Levant Company of Venice, had been raping India since the early 1700s; but it wasn't until 1763 that this Venetian faction was able to seize control over the Empire as a whole.


It was the rapacious looting policies of this faction that forced the American colonies to declare their independence.



British imperialist Cecil Rhodes, founder of the British Roundtable,

set out to establish institutions which would ensure

that his white supremacist policies would outlive him.



After the American Revolution, the British launched a renewed drive against India, completely conquering the Subcontinent by the first years of the new century. It was in this period that the opium trade, for which India was the linchpin, became the dominant pursuit of the Empire.

After Lincoln's victory over the Confederacy in the American Civil War, and even more so after the 1876 Centennial Celebration, it became clear that the United States could not be conquered militarily. The British responded by launching the pseudo-science of eugenics, and also the Round Table movements of Cecil Rhodes and Lord Alfred Milner.


In the 1880s and 1890s, this elite movement created:

  • the Eugenics Society, founded by Sir Arthur Balfour of the Venetian-origin Cecil family

  • John Ruskin's Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, opposing the entire European Renaissance

  • the Round Table of Cecil Rhodes, Alfred Milner, Balfour, and their friends, strategists from the African and Asian empire, seeking world power for the Anglo-Saxon master race.

These men shared a bored contempt for the existence of mankind, like the satanic Zeus of Aeschylus' Prometheus Bound. Their idea was to convince the United States to join them in their quest for Anglo-Saxon world government.

The Round Table of Cecil Rhodes was centered on the imperial networks of South Africa, which later spawned raw materials monoliths such as,

  • Rio Tinto Zinc

  • Anglo American

  • Lonrho

  • DeBeers

It was this inhuman cabal which ran the Boer War, conducted genocide against the black population, and later set up the horrendous Apartheid regime.


One of the wealthiest, most influential, and evil men of his day, Rhodes was a virulent racist, or as he and his friends termed it, a race patriot, who wrote in a document called Confession of Faith:

"I contend that we are the finest race in the world and that the more of the world we inhabit the better it is for the human race. Just fancy those parts that are at present inhabited by the most despicable specimens of human beings; what an alteration there would be if they were brought under Anglo-Saxon influence, look again at the extra employment a new country added to our dominions gives. I contend that every acre added to our territory means in the future birth to some more of the English race who otherwise would not be brought into existence.


Added to this the absorption of the greater portion of the world under our rule simply means the end of all wars; at this moment had we not lost America I believe we could have stopped the Russian-Turkish war by merely refusing money and supplies. Having these ideas what scheme could we think of to forward this object?

"Why should we not form a secret society with but one object: the furtherance of the British Empire and the bringing of the whole uncivilized world under British rule, for the recovery of the United States, and for the making of the Anglo-Saxon race but one Empire?

"Africa is still lying ready for us, it is our duty to take it. It is our duty to seize every opportunity of acquiring more territory and we should keep this one idea steadily before our eyes: that more territory simply means more of the Anglo-Saxon race, more of the best, the most human, most honorable race the world possesses''

Over the course of his life, Rhodes commissioned seven wills to be written, all expressing this same purpose.


His fortune was to be used for setting up the Rhodes Trust and Rhodes Scholarship as a means of recruiting American and Commonwealth Anglophiles into the imperial faction:

"Let us form the same kind of society, a Church for the extension of the British Empire.


A society which should have its members in every part of the British Empire working with one object and one idea we should have its members placed at our universities and our schools and should watch the English youth passing through their hands just one perhaps in every thousand would have the mind and feelings for such an object, he should be tried in every way, he should be tested whether he is endurant, possessed of eloquence, disregardful of the petty details of life, and if found to be such, then elected and bound by oath to serve for the rest of his life in his Country.


He should then be supported if without means by the Society and sent to that part of the Empire where it was felt he was needed.''

In his will, Rhodes authorized provisions for:

"...the extension of British rule throughout the world. The colonization by British subjects of all lands where the means of livelihood are attainable by energy, labour, and enterprise and especially the occupation by British settlers of:

  • the entire Continent of Africa

  • the Holy Land

  • the Valley of the Euphrates

  • the islands of Cyprus and Candia

  • the whole of South America

  • the islands of the Pacific not heretofore possessed by Great Britain

  • the whole of the Malay Archipelago

  • the seaboard of China and Japan

  • the ultimate recovery of the United States of America as an integral part of the British Empire"

It was this same British network of families (including the Huxley clan, the Cadburys, the Darwins, and the Wedgewoods) and banking interests, with offshoots in North America and the rest of Europe, which spawned the early 20th-century eugenics movement.


This set ran the zoos, and said men were base animals, and they directed British colonial strategy and official science. Eugenics claimed that the English upper class ruled because they were genetically superior.


The English masters humored themselves with this doctrine enforced on their beaten-down subjects, in India, which the English reduced to starvation and political impotence by closing native industries; and in South Africa under white rule.

These were the very same families who funded Hitler, and exerted their influence over the German banking system to have him appointed Chancellor in 1933. In 1917, while World War I was still raging, Lord Lothian, one of Lord Milner's most important protégés, suddenly departed from his previously fanatical anti-German rhetoric. As soon as Germany is crushed, he said, let us rearm and remilitarize it under the most reactionary leaders, and point Germany towards war with Russia and France.


This was done 16 years later, in 1933.


At the same time, the Anglo-Saxon eugenics doctrine was imported into Germany, to help shape Nazi rule.

The cabal called for the sterilization or euthanizing of unfit members of society, to spare the expense of their lives, much like today's privatized HMO system functions; and these policies have always been a doctrine of racial aggression.

In 1932, the Third International Eugenics Conference was held in New York City, chaired by the rabid bigot Fairfield Osborn, whose like-minded nephew would later create the Conservation Foundation.


Osborn was president of the American Museum of Natural History and a close colleague of the notoriously racist Julian Huxley, and the co-host of the conference, the Harriman family.



America's would-be oligarchs, like the Harriman family, were unabashed in their
support for eugenics in the early 20th century. Here is N.Y. World coverage of Averell
Harriman's mother Mary, lending her support in 1915 to the Eugenics Society's
campaign for sterilizing "defectives."



On Aug. 23, 1932, the New York Times published a speech delivered by Osborn at the conference.

"Eugenics,'' Osborn declared, "aids and encourages the survival and multiplication of the fittest; indirectly, it would check and discourage the multiplication of the unfitted.


As to the latter, in the United States alone, it is widely recognized that there are millions of people who are acting as dragnets or sheet anchors on the progress of the ship of state.''

Osborn, in language all too familiar among today's environmentalists, continued with his analysis of the 10 million Americans unemployed at the time:

"While some highly competent people are unemployed, the mass of unemployment is among the less competent, who are first selected for suspension, while the few highly competent people are retained because they are still indispensable.


In nature, these less-fitted individuals would gradually disappear, but in civilization, we are keeping them in the community in the hopes that in brighter days, they may all find employment.


This is only another instance of humane civilization going directly against the order of nature and encouraging the survival of the un-fittest.''

It was not accidental that a number of leading Nazi race scientists in attendance were honored, and the presidency of the International Federation of Eugenics Organizations was conferred upon Nazi Dr. Ernst Rudin.

The policies of the eugenicists were derived explicitly from those of the Confederate slave holders, whose descendants, such as Teddy Roosevelt, continued to be virulent racists and proudly traitorous Anglophiles. In fact, it was Gifford Pinchot, a eugenicist himself, who first coined the term "conservation,'' deriving it from a term used by the British in their colonial management of India!


The eugenicists sought not only to "scientifically prove'' the superiority of the Anglo-Saxon race, and thus its right and responsibility to rule the Earth, but also the incapacity of the "lesser races'' to utilize technology or govern themselves.

The British were in full agreement with Hitler on most issues, including the threat posed by Asian development. When Hitler met with Lord Lothian on Jan. 29, 1935, Lothian had recently completed a term as Undersecretary of State for India, directing the repression of India's nationalist leaders, Gandhi and Nehru, just after Lothian's close collaborator Lord Halifax had been Viceroy.


Hitler knew he was speaking to a member of the inner circle of the Empire when he suggested to Lothian that,

"Germany, England, France, Italy, America and Scandinavia... should arrive at some agreement whereby they would prevent their nationals from assisting in the industrializing of countries such as China, and India. It is suicidal to promote the establishment in the agricultural countries of Asia of manufacturing industries.''

(Transcription in Sir James R.M. Butler, Lord Lothian, Macmillan and Co., London, 1960, pp. 332)

Hitler also would have recognized that the British were actively engaged in exactly those policies he had outlined.


Lord Lothian himself had expressed this viewpoint long before, writing in 1918 about the problem of getting the United States to give up its support for the advancement of colonial-sector peoples, and to adopt the British approach of crushing them with free trade.


Lothian wrote,

"The real problem is going to arise from the treatment which must be accorded to politically backward peoples....

''[T]here is a fundamentally different concept in regard to this question between Great Britain ... and the United States .... as to the necessity of civilized control over politically backward peoples....


The inhabitants of Africa and parts of Asia have proved unable to govern themselves ... because they were quite unable to withstand the demoralizing influences [i.e. their reprehensible desire to possess modern industry - ed.] to which they were subjected in some civilized countries, so that the intervention of an European power is necessary in order to protect them from those influences....


The American view ... is quite different....


The extent of this work after the war, sometimes known as the white man's burden, will be so vast that it will never be accomplished at all unless it is shared.... Yet America not only has no conception of this aspect of the problem but has been led to believe that the assumption of this kind of responsibility is iniquitous imperialism.


They take an attitude towards the problem of world government exactly analogous to the one they [earlier] took ... toward the problem of the [first] world war....

"If they are slow in learning we shall be condemned to a period ... of strained relations between the various parts of the English-speaking world. [We must] get into the heads of Canadians and Americans that a share in the burden of world government is just as great and glorious a responsibility as participation in the war.''

(Lothian to Lionel Curtis, Oct. 15, 1918, in Butler, Lord Lothian, pp. 68-70)

Lothian, secretary of the Rhodes Trust, and his collaborator Lord Halifax, would both serve as ambassadors to the United States over the course of World War II, tasked with "handling America'' and guiding it into its destined imperial role.


The New Eugenics

In 1946, Julian Huxley, the new Director-General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), announced that the eugenics movement, of which he had been a leading member, would not be dissolved, despite the somewhat unfortunate reputation it then commanded.



Sir Julian Huxley, previously the head of the Eugenics Society,

made a smooth transition into pushing world depopulation through UNESCO,

whose head he became in 1946, after Hitler's genocide had given eugenics a bad name.

He is seen here addressing UNESCO in 1965.



With the stench of Hitler's mass-murderous frenzy still heavy in the air, the undaunted Huxley, who had been vice-president of the Eugenics Society of Great Britain from 1937-1944, announced,

"even though it is quite true that any radical eugenic policy will be for many years politically and psychologically impossible, it will be important for UNESCO to see that the eugenic problem is examined with the greatest care and that the public mind is informed of the issues at stake so that much that now is unthinkable may at least become thinkable''

And thus the modern environmental movement was launched.

Environmentalism, first known as "conservation,'' was the continuation of the most sickening form of racism, a racism ingrained in the British ruling families and their affiliates by the many years of colonial conquest and looting.


In 1924, Huxley had voiced his own opinion of Africans in the British publication the Spectator:

"You have only to go to a nigger camp-meeting to see the African mind in operation the shrieks, the dancing and yelling and sweating, the surrender to the most violent emotion, the ecstatic blending of the soul of the Congo with the practice of the Salvation army.


So far, no very satisfactory psychological measure has been found for racial differences; that will come, but meanwhile the differences are patent.''

Apart from the sick doctrines of Huxley and company, all strains of environmentalism are also based upon the madly fraudulent and genocidal doctrines of Thomas Parson Malthus (1766-1834).





Malthus was first employed to explain why the Irish had to starve.


Malthus preached that the world was overpopulated because population increased faster than the food supply; but considering that he came from a wealthy family of seven children, and he had three children of his own, what he really meant was the world was too full of poor and dark-skinned peoples - and don't forget the Irish!


But, of course, he did work for the British East India Company, the world's foremost drug-running cartel.


As he writes in his nefarious work, An Essay on the Principle of Population:

"We are bound in justice and honor formally to disdain the right of the poor to support.

"To this end, I should propose a regulation to be made, declaring that no child born from any marriage taking place after the expiration of a year from the date of the law, and no illegitimate child born two years from the same date, should ever be entitled to parish assistance.

"The infant is, comparatively speaking, of little value to society, as others will immediately supply its place.

"All children who are born, beyond what would be required to keep up the population to a desired level, must necessarily perish, unless room be made for them by the death of grown persons. Therefore we should facilitate, instead of foolishly and vainly endeavoring to impede, the operations of nature in producing this mortality; and if we dread the too frequent visitation of the horrid form of famine, we should sedulously encourage the other forms of destruction, which we compel nature to use.

"Instead of recommending cleanliness to the poor, we should encourage contrary habits. In our towns we should make the streets narrower, crowd more people into the houses, and court the return of the plague. In the country, we should build our villages near stagnant pools, and particularly encourage settlement in all marshy and unwholesome situations. But above all we should reprobate specific remedies for ravaging diseases; and restrain those benevolent, but much mistaken men, who have thought they are doing a service to mankind by protecting schemes for the total extirpation of particular disorders.''

Malthus's theory was thoroughly ridiculed in his own time as being a mess of satanic gibberish.


That we have raised the standard of living and the number of people per square kilometer by over three orders of magnitude since ancient times is more than proof enough; in fact, by Malthus's own ridiculous theory, the world was overpopulated in the Stone Age!


The problem that all Malthusians are crabbily compelled to face is our irritatingly persistent tendency to develop new technologies and resources:

"If only,'' they say, "if only mankind would start behaving as we say he ought to, then we would be right!''

Unfortunately, the British would not let the wretched little man alone; in a magnificent sleight of hand, they dragged his miserable old bones out of ground, and gave him a shiny new suit.

In 1948, the Conservation Foundation released its first annual report, claiming increasing population causes a drain on natural resources which is geometric, not arithmetic. Science cannot be expected to supplant the vital processes of nature.


The Conservation Foundation (CF) was the spawn of the American Eugenics Society and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, founded the previous year by the Swiss, and the same royal families of Britain, Belgium, and Holland that had been intimately involved in promoting eugenics prior to World War II.


The first president of the CF was Henry Fairfield Osborn, the nephew of the Fairfield Osborn who had presided over the 1932 Eugenics Conference.

Two years later, these same families would gather together a motley collection of the most degenerate Western intellectuals to form the Congress for Cultural Freedom (CCF). The CCF would play a crucial role through the coming decades in destroying the last vestiges of Classical humanist and scientific education, while promoting existentialism, cultural and moral relativism, and a whole assortment of equally destructive philosophies.


The counterculture of the 1960s, and the explicitly fascist tendencies which erupted within the Baby-Boomer generation, were direct outgrowths of the CCF's operations.

In 1961, the CF published an influential set of essays based upon the writings of Malthus.


Some of the leading contributors were,

  • Lord Solly Zuckerman

  • Lord Boyd Orr

  • Sir Charles Darwin

  • Sir Julian Huxley

  • Arnold Toynbee,

...all of whom were devoted white supremacists.


In 1965, Russell Train was added to the Board of Advisors, and later became president.

This new brand of Malthusianism was presented to the world in apocalyptic terms. No longer was it simply an apology for permitting poverty and famine; now the entire human race was threatened with extinction because we had taken technology too far, we had developed too quickly.


Paul Ehrlich, as fanatical as they come, published his concoction of fascist psychobabble, The Population Bomb, in 1968.


His argument went as follows:

"A cancer is an uncontrolled multiplication of cells; the population explosion is an uncontrolled multiplication of people. We must shift our efforts from the treatment of the symptoms to the cutting out of the cancer. The operation will demand many apparently brutal and heartless decisions.''

In 1961, Sir Julian Huxley, by then, president of the Eugenics Society of Great Britain, in collaboration with Britain's Prince Philip, founded the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the first president of which was the former card-carrying Nazi, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands.


Bernhard was succeeded in 1976 by John Loudon, the former CEO of Royal Dutch Shell and chairman of Shell Oil Co.



British Royal Consort Prince Philip, cofounder of the World
Wildlife Fund, has been a leading organizer of the movement for
global depopulation since at least the early 1960s. He's fond of talking of being reincarnated as a "deadly virus
" to deal with the population problem.

Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, recently deceased, cofounded
the World Wildlife Fund with Philip, and used his position to carry
out wide-spread genocide in Africa.





Prince Philip would take the helm from 1981 until 1996.


The WWF, as documented extensively by EIR (see "The true story behind the fall of the House of Windsor,'' a Special Report by EIR, 1997), was involved in countless acts of genocide, poaching and drug running, assassinations, coups, and launching scores of conflicts.


Prince Philip, one of the key environmentalist ringleaders throughout the entire post-war period, has provided the world with plenty of evidence indicating his true nature:

"You cannot keep a bigger flock of sheep than you are capable of feeding. In other words conservation may involve culling in order to keep a balance between the relative numbers in each species within any particular habitat. I realize this is a very touchy subject, but the fact remains that mankind is part of the living world. Every new acre brought into cultivation means another acre denied to wild species.''

Philip later claimed, as reported in Deutsche Presse Agentur in 1988, with all the goodness of his heart, that were he reincarnated, he would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation.

In 1967, Prince Philip, Prince Bernhard and Maurice Strong formed the secretive 1001 Club, to finance the operations of the WWF as well as other covert projects that the WWF was carrying out in Africa. The Club comprises members of the most ancient and powerful families of Europe and the British Commonwealth.


Strong, a top-echelon British-Canadian operative, was one of the three most influential members, along with Philip and Sir Peter Scott, and has played a critical role over the past 40 years in promoting the globalist agenda of world government. From the early 1960s onward, Strong was a friend of, and collaborating closely with, the Rockefeller family, the third generation of which had taken an unusually passionate interest in environmentalism; in 1971, Strong became a trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation, a position he held for many years, guiding the Foundation's money in directions he deemed fit.


Later, in the 1980s, he sat on the Democratic National Committee, a position from which he could conveniently mentor the younger Al Gore, whose only other friend in those lonely years, was the ingrate and political whore, Joe Lieberman.

In 1967, the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) was created by the CF to begin a series of aggressive campaigns, typified by the unconscionable attack on the insecticide DDT, which was not based in the slightest on science. The Natural Resources Defense Council, created in 1970, also participated in this outrage.


William Ruckelshaus, the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) who made the decision in opposition to the advice and findings of his own staff, had ties to the EDF, and later went on to hold numerous important positions, such as his current position of the board of trustees of the World Resources Institute, as well as a stint as the top administrator of the United Nations Development Program.

The People Are the Enemy

Despite the environmentalist movement's 25 years of campaigning, the belief that everything related to science, progress, and technology was evil had not fully taken root. The general population still understood the role of scientific progress in the economy, and only a few years had passed since the Moon landing. What changed was the economy.

At the same time Nixon was dutifully wrecking the Bretton Woods System, the Club of Rome released its infamous report, Limits to Growth, which picked up the thread of Paul Ehrlich's thesis, that human overpopulation was a looming threat to civilization.

This message was repeated at the 1972 Stockholm Conference, which was presided over by Maurice Strong.


Elaine Dewar reports in her book, Cloak of Green (1995) that,

"as the Stockholm Conference opened in 1972, Strong warned urgently about the onset of global warming, the devastation of forests, the loss of biodiversity, the polluted oceans, and the population time bomb.


As I read this old speech, I realized it could almost be repeated at the Rio Summit.''

Then, in 1973, the first oil shocks hit, with prices jumping 400% in the space of a few months, compliments of British imperial agent, Henry Kissinger.


While this was traumatic enough in the West, in the rest of the world it was a catastrophe; for not only had the price quadrupled in American dollars, but many nations, previously subjected to the IMF's notorious conditionalities, which often included massive currency devaluations, saw the price of oil rise even more drastically.


The financial resources that had been available for development projects were quickly sucked into the ballooning world petroleum trade. Suddenly the idea that resources were becoming scarce seemed all too real, while the pessimism accompanying the CCF-spawned counterculture combined with the post-oil shock depression, prompted people into adopting a little-man ideology of "look out for number one'' and "protect your own.''

It was also in this period that Henry Kissinger, commissioned the murderous 1974 report, NSSM 200, echoing the Hitler's words to Lothian, by advocating population control in place of industrialization; the report continues even now to be official government policy.



Anthropologist Margaret Mead,

shown here at a 1978 "Sun Day" celebration in New York City,

was explicit on the goals of the environmental movement:

She called for scientists to issue "artificial warnings"

that would scare people into adopting

conservation and depopulation measures.



As an extension of this emerging, official policy orientation of the U.S.A., and the words of Strong at Stockholm, Margaret Mead told scientists assembled for a 1975 conference on "The Atmosphere: Endangered or Endangering,'' that the party line was shifting from what scientific analysis had correctly identified as a process of global cooling which had begun in the 1940s, to global warming.


In a complete disregard for truth and principle, she said,

"The unparalleled increase in the human population and its demands for food, energy, and resources is clearly the most important destabilizing influence in the biosphere. We are facing a period when society must make decisions on a planetary scale.

"What we need from scientists are estimates, presented with sufficient conservatism and plausibility that will allow us to start building a system of artificial, but effective warnings, warnings which will parallel the instincts of animals which flee the hurricane. [We must] draw from the necessary capacity for sacrifice. It is therefore a statement of major possibilities of danger, which may overtake humankind, on which it is important to concentrate attention.''

Many scientists, having attended that conference warning of the potential for a new ice age, left the conference promoting global warming.

Over the subsequent years, a number of environmentalist groups began to make their presence known, through acts of eco-terrorism, and a series of calculated hoaxes, such as the ozone and Alar scares, acid rain, and global warming.


One of the most devastating campaigns run by these fanatics was that against commercial nuclear power, in which Congressman Dick Cheney, during the Carter Administration, played a central role. Meanwhile, the world economy was slipping further into crisis; In 1979 Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker sent interest rates skyrocketing, while Western industries collapsed more rapidly than ever, and a debt bomb was preparing to detonate in the developing sector.

British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, a fanatical Mont Pelerin ideologue, enacted savage measures of deregulation and privatization in Great Britain, while one of her top advisors, Sir Crispin Tickell, British ambassador to the UN from 1987-1990, who was the cousin of New Age lunatic Aldous Huxley and great-great-grandson of Thomas Huxley, advised Thatcher to promote global warming and population reduction.


The Third World, despite the usurious conditionalities being forced upon them, was not giving up the struggle to develop.


Thomas Lovejoy, vice-president of the American branch of the WWF, typified the response of the financiers to this desire in 1984:

"The biggest problem is the damn national sectors of these developing countries. These countries think that they have the right to develop their resources as they see fit. They want to become powers''

With the stock market collapse of 1987, the international financiers were forced to escalate their looting operations to keep the entire monetary system from collapsing.


In order to do so, and to convince developing nations that backwardness was to their advantage, several initiatives were launched: Thatcher organized the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and appointed John Houghton co-chairman. He also held the position of Chairman of Scientific Assessment until 2002.


Sept. 27, 1988, in a speech to the Royal Society of London, replete with lies, Thatcher said:

"For generations we have assumed that the efforts of mankind would leave the fundamental equilibrium of the world's systems and atmosphere stable. But it is possible that with all these enormous changes (population, agricultural, use of fossil fuels) concentrated into such a short period of time, we have unwittingly begun a massive experiment with the system of this planet itself.


Recently, three changes in atmospheric chemistry have become familiar subjects of concern. The first is the increase in the greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide, methane, and chlorofluorocarbons, which has led some to fear that we are creating a global heat trap which could lead to climatic instability.


And half the carbon emitted since the Industrial Revolution remains in the atmosphere. We have an extensive research program at our meteorological office for the study of climate change.''

At the same time as the launching of the IPCC, Gore, on behalf of and in conjunction with the British Crown, was organizing GLOBE (the group addressed last month by Paul Wolfowitz).






The Eco-Fascist Al Gore In His Own Words

Included below are selections from Al Gore's book, Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit.

The Earth is like a living being, or a goddess, according to Gore, whose livable surface is its skin, its most important organ. He equates mankind's relationship to nature to rape, or the rampages of the Nazis across Europe.


Modern industrial civilization is the equivalent of a dysfunctional family of drunks and drug addicts which abuses its own children, and the radical ecology movement is the modern-day resistance movement against the "real" fascism, that is, "production and consumption."

Gore claims:

• That the under-populated continent of Africa is dying due to overpopulation, not looting:
"[The countries of Africa] are already putting great strains on their natural resources and threatening the integrity
of their ecological systems, so it is truly frightening to imagine the impact of doubling or tripling their numbers - not to mention the pitiful quality of life these extra scores of millions can expect. Already new epidemics - from cholera to AIDS - have emerged in societies knocked off balance by rapid population growth and the consequent disruption of their traditional patterns of living and the degradation of their surrounding environment."

• That the fourteenth-century "Black Death" spread of bubonic plague was due to "climate change," in Europe and China, not the economic collapse due to the failure of the oligarchical banking system of Europe:
"Just before the Black Death, poor weather and crop failures caused widespread malnutrition and increased susceptibility to disease... One year earlier, as a result of the same global climate changes that produced constant rains in Europe, unusually heavy rainfall in China caused the repeated Yellow River floods."

• That the answer to the question, "what is your life worth?" is two trees:

"The Pacific Yew [tree] can be cut down and processed to produce a potent chemical, taxol, which offers some promise of curing certain forms of lung, breast and ovarian cancer in patients who would quickly die. It seems an easy choice - sacrifice the tree for a human life - until one learns that three trees must be destroyed for each patient treated... Suddenly, we must confront some tough questions. How important are the medical needs of future generations? Are those of us alive today entitled to cut down all those trees to extend the lives of a few of us, even if it means that this unique form of life will disappear forever, thus making it impossible to save human lives in the future?"

• That the pre-Christian, Mother Earth cults were more "environmentally friendly" than the Western monotheistic religions:

"The prevailing ideology of belief in prehistoric Europe and much of the world was based on the worship of a single earth goddess, who radiated harmony among all living things...
"Its best documented tenet seems to have been a reverence for the sacredness of the earth - and a belief in the need for harmony among all living things; other aspects of the faith are less clear, and it is probable that many barbaric practices accompanied the more benign beliefs.
"...It seems obvious that a better understanding of a religious heritage preceding our own by so many thousands of years could offer us new insights into the nature of human experience."

• That manufacturers, producers, and industrial workers are the moral equivalents of drug addicts: "Industrial civilization's great engines of distraction still seduce us with a promise of fulfillment. Our new power to work our will upon the world can bring with it a sudden rush of exhilaration, not unlike the momentary 'rush' experienced by drug addicts when a drug injected into their blood stream triggers changes in the chemistry of the brain. But that exhilaration is fleeting; it is not true fulfillment. And the metaphor of drug addiction applies in another way too. Over time, a drug user needs a progressively larger dose to produce an equivalent level of exhilaration; similarly, our civilization seems to require an ever increasing level of consumption."



Maurice Strong, who was already a close acquaintance of Gore, told EIR in a 1999 interview that,

"he was very active in the [GLOBE] movement, and, in fact, was instrumental in helping to form [it]. He was the original co-chairman and the driving force in getting it moving. Al was very influential around the world for this.''

The key financial affiliations of GLOBE indicate its genocidal and rapacious agenda: the British imperial assets Anglo-American and British Petroleum.


Strong, who chaired the Rio Summit, continued:

"Gore was very active in the U.S. political movement to endorse [the 1992 Rio Summit] and to get it approved by the United Nations. And, then, subsequently, he was extremely active in helping to shape its agenda and helping to assure that it got the attention that it did.''

It was in 1992 that Gore published his Malthusian diatribe, Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit, in which he advocated mass population reduction by as many as two billions (see above box).

From the late 1980s onward, the British and their global web of agents and organizations, would drive the issue of climate change to the forefront of international politics. Tickell at the UN would be instrumental in this, as would Gore in the United States; Maurice Strong, from within the UN, would mobilize entire national bureaucracies.


All of these men, in conjunction with Prince Philip's 1001 Club, were also promoting the pagan doctrine of the Gaea "Mother Earth'' cult as a new form of global religion to replace the "outdated'' Judeo-Christian concept of man as made in the creative image of God.

Elaine Dewar, in Cloak of Green, noted the impact of the Rio Conference, chaired by Strong, as a watershed in the fight over global warming and the world economy:

"The Rio Summit would take long steps towards a world in which nation states have withered away in favor of supranational and global institutions. Advertised as the World's Greatest Summit, Rio was publicly described as a global negotiation to reconcile the need for environmental protection with the need for economic growth.


The cognoscenti understood that there were other, deeper goals.


These involved the shift of national regulatory powers to vast regional authorities; the opening of all remaining closed national economies to multinational interests; the strengthening of decision making structures far above and far below the grasp of newly minted national democracies; and, above all, the integration of the Soviet and Chinese into the global market system''

It was Strong, who at this summit declared that industrialized nation-states, and in particular the United States, posed the greatest threat to humankind, and therefore, humanity had an obligation to destroy them:

"The concept of national sovereignty has been an immutable, indeed sacred, principle of international relations. It is a principle which will yield only slowly and reluctantly to the new imperatives of global environmental cooperation.


It is simply not feasible for sovereignty to be exercised unilaterally by individual nation states, however powerful.


The global community must be assured of environmental security.'' Later he continued, "Isn't the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn't it our responsibility to bring [this] about?''

The 1990s were the period of Al Gore's treasonous Vice Presidency. Gore took advantage of this opportunity to push the same radical Malthusian policies he shared with Prince Philip.


As Maurice Strong acknowledged,

"On these issues [of environmentalism] they are very much soul mates. [Their relationship is] one of mutual regard and respect. I would say its as close as it could be with personalities of that kind.''

Gore certainly demonstrated his desire to wipe out as much of humanity as possible; as when South African President Thabo Mbeki, to counter the decimating AIDS epidemic, announced that South Africa would produce generic versions of whatever AIDS and HIV medicines were available.



The deliberate policy of denying development to Africa is leading to epidemics, such as
AIDS, which will, if unchecked, depopulate the continent, just as Prince Philip and his
cohorts want. Here, a Tanzanian woman and her children remember the woman's
husband, who died of AIDS.



Gore threatened Mbeki in person, that if Africans did not buy the impossibly expensive patented medications, South Africa would suffer the consequences.


It was also Al Gore who authorized the bombing of a pharmaceutical plant in Sudan, which supplied that nation with 90% of its medicine, without any justification other than unsubstantiated claims that the plant was controlled by al-Qaeda.


Protecting the environment was simply another means for Gore to pursue his schemes for massive population reduction, all in the tradition of Julian Huxley, Fairfield Osborn, and the white supremacist families of the British Empire.

Gore continues to be a disaster for civilization: Everything that is wrong with this world is embodied in his porcine hulk. Anyone who supports or condones the policies of Al Gore, the IPCC, or the environmentalist movement, is supporting fascism and genocide on a heretofore unseen scale.


If Al Gore and financiers such as Felix Rohatyn are not stopped, if the current batch of spineless populists in the Congress refuse to recognize that their lunatic policies will bring about a new dark age for the entire planet, then this civilization is doomed.

But, perhaps we can take Gore's advice on one point:

Since, as LaRouche has noted, we have an atrocious "surplus'' of oligarchs, while the Madagascar lemur colony does stand in desperate need of repopulating....


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