by Chris Bourne

15 August, 2011

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A Benevolent Guiding Presence

I was awakened by a Benevolent Guiding Presence speaking through the weave of the fabric of life.


At times its connection is subtle, etheric and seemingly almost non existent. Yet at other times, it's like being surrounded by a choir of angels singing through the streaming synchronicities of circumstance.


I have come to know it as a highly evolved presence whose purpose is to steer the universe to balanced harmony in all places, what some would call 'nirvana'. It unblocks blockages so that authentic flow may resume. It is currently drawing close to help humanity in these times of powerful, but often confusing transition.


I have come to know this presence as "The Group of Nine" (The Council of Nine?)...



Self Realization

In the beginning the exchanges with this group although revelatory, were also very frustrating.


It's like they'd spike something in my consciousness for me to look at - a question about some aspect of reality - but then leave it 'hanging in the air' and me with it! I knew I was being helped, but why wouldn't they answer my obvious questions?

Then one day it dawned on me.

  • How can we self realize if someone else is realizing for us?

  • What's the point of being spoon fed a meal you're supposed to eat for yourself?

Yet sometimes we need pointers as to what food to eat, how to eat it, and especially in times of great confusion, where your mouth is!

So I came to realize this is the most powerful way true benevolence works. It 'spikes' your attention to an issue in your life which is holding you back in some way - because there is some degree of 'grey area' inside which is manifesting outside.


But rather than steal the 'glory' from you, rather than owning your process, it asks pertinent questions by presenting synchronicities - events you simply cannot ignore. In such instances, we're being invited to go into the confusion and unravel for ourselves our feelings about that situation.


For only then, can we truly SELF realize. And then, when the realizations have been made, it never takes the 'prize' for itself. It doesn't need our worship, it stands on no pedestal above us.


Above all, it never says "you owe me for it".


Indeed it never even asks for thanks...

"A leader is best when people barely know he exists,
when his work is done, his aim fulfilled,
they will say: we did it ourselves."
Lao Tzu



The Team

It is through this very process that I have gotten to know "the Nine" or "the Team" as I affectionately now know them.


My consciousness would be spiked to guiding realizations. Like the nature of channeling for example. How disempowering such activity really can be - the risk of giving up our own sense of 'soul sovereignty' in favor of something more evolved or aware than us.


What the Team have shown me from the start, is that even though they are extremely highly evolved, they too share just an aspect on truth. They - like all others - are not the fountain of absolute wisdom.


They can point to inner Gateways yes, but we have to find the way through them ourselves.


As they're often showing me:

"there's knowing the path and walking the path,

the two although related,

are entirely different"...

"Do not believe anything
because it is said by an authority,
or if it is said to come from angels,
or from Gods, or from an inspired source."

"Believe it only if you have explored it
in your own heart and mind and body
and found it to be true."
Gautama Buddha

I feel blessed to be in near constant dialogue with them.


But this vocabulary is by no means an exchange of clumsy words. I remember my very first sweat lodge. At some point, the extreme heat seemed to catapult me directly into a higher plain of consciousness - what I now know as the 11th Dimension. I was both simultaneously in the lodge and the higher place at the same time.


The 11th Dimension, which I'd unfolded into, was a totally formless place of white light.


Yet I could sense the presence of the Team all around me. It was like there was simply no need of any kind of form - they'd advanced way beyond such crass simplicity. And 'conversation' was a 'telepathic knowing activation'. Not the transfer of thought or ideas though, more the sparking of a movement within oneself that you then realize for yourself.

It's like striking a tuning fork and placing it next to another one. Soon the other fork will also begin to resonate but most importantly, with its OWN natural frequency.


So a question may be posed "what do you think about that?" followed by a vibration that causes you to feel what you think about that.


And the realizations, when they come, I experience as a deep sense of rightness - sometimes blissful joy - but not an external projection into me. Rather it unfolds within me, is then integrated and becomes a usual state of being.


We've been greatly inspired by this heavenly example in how to work effectively with others: to strike a note in order to catalyze a movement of energy, but not our energy, rather to unleash the inherent energy of the people we're working with.



The Seven Kohans

The Team have a particular responsibility for the Seven Rays of Divine Impulse.


It is through these that they 'spike' ones consciousness to issues to be realized. Imagine the source of the universe as a infinite well and energy flowing from it like a constant stream of light. The light is blended as the seven rays we see in a rainbow, each a carrier of consciousness, of knowing, of realization in some particular aspect.


And our soul is a blend of these seven aspects of consciousness. Unique for each of us, our particular blend sounds a note - a soul ray harmonic - which makes different sounds depending on the 'wind chimes' it is currently flowing through.

Sometimes those wind chimes get blocked up (like the human body so easily can be), in which case the soul cannot sing its heavenly tune authentically or accurately. It is then that the seven "Kohans" of the Team come into their own.


By stimulating a particular frequency, their resonance can be felt inside, the note then strengthens and re-attunes within us. We re-acquire those precious gifts so painfully lost.

Take for example the Ray 4 - that of non judgmental discernment - being able to figure out Right Action aligned with the natural universal flow of the moment.


It is what some call the "Christ Consciousness" (although it is not religious in nature) which is right now spiking in the hearts of people all around the world, reminding them to connect inside themselves and find their own truth within events and circumstances.


We might not judge another, but it might also be appropriately discerning not to involve them in our lives. They might carry a vibration that limits our own, not liberates it.

So there is a "Kohan" - a highly evolved aspect of consciousness - which holds responsibility for each of the seven rays.


The Kohans form seven of the nine. The number eight blends the frequencies of the seven that the Team may speak with one coherent voice and the number nine is a mirror - like a sounding board - to ensure the voice sounds correctly.


So the Nine act both separately and together as one.



A case of false representation

It has been made known within me that the Team have been misunderstood and thus misrepresented throughout the eons.


Humanity and other groups HAVE placed 'Gods' on pedestals and worshiped them, abandoning their own inner sense of rhyme, reason and reality. As a result, humanity has created the group karma of disempowerment. And by the universal Law of Attraction, that karma has drawn to it a disabling force we call "Opposing Consciousness".


They are manifested as multi-dimensional entities acting in the field all around us and controlling humanity for its own ends.

Adolph Hitler was once quoted as saying...

'the grandest deception of all is that which is closest to the truth'.

And that's just how Opposing Consciousness works.


At a lower level, it has created Gods and Masters which humanity has come to worship. Right from the earliest civilizations such as the Sumerians and Egyptians, worshipping the Gods has created the 'great' religions and the atrocities that such blind 'faith' has then led mankind to.

Today, at a slightly higher level of deception, the Gods posed before us are those of materiality.


Opposing Consciousness controls humanity through the implantation of a thought matrix - this is how we live, what you need, want or what you should aspire to - all relatively close to true soulful characteristics. Like 'abundance' for example.


It was always meant to be about the abundant inner joy of self realization through experience - not by trying to manifest some external physical gratification. Not that we shouldn't enjoy life, just that if we attach to the material, we loose the authentic sense of the etherial.

But that is far from the limit of its deceiving capacity.


Even now, amongst 'spiritual' groups, there's still internal abandonment going on in favor of some 'great sage' some 'Archangel' or 'Ascended Master'. Acting through the field, Opposing Consciousness will even infuse people with apparently loving consciousness, a 'hook' to draw people into a needy feeling of constant bliss.


Let us be real, real life is simply not always blissful!

The Team I know are of profound humility. Even with their vast knowing, they will not override or over influence someone else.


They don't establish themselves as some great council or absolute authority on truth. Yes they have profound insight, yet there's never a placing above or beyond. The truth speaks for itself, but sometimes it needs a little help.


That is what the Group of Nine are here for.


They'll rise out of the background and whisper softly in your ear, but if there's insensitivity, fixedness or closedness to a deeper exploration of your truth, they'll simply back off, fading quietly once more into the universal background.



Communing with the Team

Humanity is yearning right now for help and the Team have responded.


If we can learn how to listen to the subtle inner interplay and watch the interrelated external synchronicities, then we can all speak with the Team and derive enormous benefit from the exchange.


So how do we do that exactly?


Here is my personal experience...

  • Firstly, we must let go of the need to be anything in particular except what we really are and what we really feel to be in the moment. We must learn how to find peace with total vulnerability to the moment. We must be willing to accept that we don't know what's coming next, no matter how evolved or insightful we think we might be. We must work to become 'as nothing in it all' just as the nine have done.


  • Secondly, we must allow freedom of expression to reign in our lives, learning to recognize and honor our truth. Yet at the same time, holding open the possibility for our truth to evolve which involves not filling the space with our truth at the expense of all and everyone else. Instead we speak our truth, but then watch in the external mirror for some confrontation which invites ever deeper revelation and perfection.


  • Thirdly, we must find profound self honesty. We must be watching our motivations for action with the scrutiny of the finest microscope. Why did I do that exactly? Was that my highest expression? How could I have done that better with a greater sense of personal Rightness?

  • Fourthly, when we're beginning to act usually in this kind of open transparency, we may invite the Team to work with us simply by opening our hearts to them and the possibility of higher truth unfolding within and through us.


  • Finally, communion with the nine happens through simple inner joy of a 'knowing attunement' to rightness in our lives. It may be felt as a simple synchronistic exchange with a bird, in the lyrics of a song, the words of a friend, the metaphor in a film. Or it could be a peak experience which shatters you to the core of your being. It depends how ready we are. Their communication knows no limitation of false grandeur.

In this way, we can all open a 'bridge' to the Team and they will benevolently and gladly connect with us across it.


That is their purpose. They are willingly here for us, especially now, in these monumental times of profound change...