by Dick Farley

from t'CotO/Scripture Website



The Council of Nine describes themselves, through their two-decades channeller Phyllis Schlemmer, as "a circle of universal beings living outside time and space."

In the 1993 compendium of their dialogues with various of their human questioners, among them Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry and many, many others including heads of state and international business and philosophical personalities... this group of "off-planet intelligence complexes" tells their story, which if one is to give credence to this process and its information, may be to some degree, "our" story also. If so...

It doesn't matter what we folks at our "retail" level believe about this group and their information. What matters is what people with access to power, political machinery and science may believe about what is being said... and what they may seek to do about it in terms of "planetary deliverance from human ignorance," and what voice we may have if we have one at all.

Evidence is strong that this group underpins very much in the realms where "mind-influencing" or "subliminal negotiations" are studied and practiced (in areas of foreign relations and for arms control & disarmament, and in the fields of intelligence gathering & analysis); and for understanding deeper aspects of "UFO" and "E.T." experiencing and assessment. We are certain it plays a major role in economics, as planet-level cartels and industrialists chart Earth's future, at least as they discern it.

Sound a bit arrogant? That's what Time Magazine's former science editor Leon Jaroff feared when, in the mid 1970s, he squashed his magazine's coverage of the Stanford Research Institute's (SRI's) work with various psychics, one of whom was Uri Geller. Jaroff could not "allow" for any of it to be real.

Jim Schnabel mentions this briefly in his 1997 book, "Remote Viewers: The Secret History of America's Psychic Spies" in a footnote (p. 197), and more about the episode with Time (a lot like what happened with the magazine and Dr. John Mack in its April 25, 1994 issue, in "The Man From Outer Space").


While Schnabel's book has essentially "disappeared," to be replaced by CIA disinformation product like David Morehouse's "Psychic Warriors" and the ongoing prattlings of former "Grillflame" and "PSI-Tech" participant, Maj. Ed Dames, (USA-Ret.), Jim wrote a reasonable and generally accurate "alternate history" of what non-governmental allies of CIA, DIA and others who played around with "these intelligences" (and perhaps got "taken for a ride" in more ways than we might think) rather we didn't know.

Although publicly targeted by "professional skeptics" and a cadre of debunkers, the core of whom know very well that "it" is real (in some quantum, human-influencing sense), Geller has had a long engagement with "The Nine." They have helped him to become wealthy from his "intuitive" assistance to major oil drillers and mineral explorers, and he has helped guide their decisions.


He reportedly continues selective involvements in intelligence and "foreign policy" initiatives for his government or elements of that government which agree with "The Nine's" viewpoint and, some would argue, accept its "Biblical" guidance.

When Geller, then a stage magician and "mentalist" playing the clubs of Israel and Europe... but occasionally exhibiting the truly bizarre psychokinetic traits he is known (and debunked) for having... came to the attention of Dr. Andrijah Puharich, the "Nine" had found a new voice. This was in the early 1970s. The story suggests that "The Nine" decide who will be the channels.

According to Puharich's book, "URI," (which is a necessity as a piece of data for analysts of the "mind-influencing", UFO/ETI and "psi" scenarios) he (Puharich) had first come across "The Nine" when was at Northwestern University medical school and met an Indian (East Indian) physician and mystic, who had been in contact with these purported "human-guiding entities" for years, perhaps in the traditions recent discussed in this venue, (i.e., as in Hindu tradition), or perhaps more generically.

It was "The Nine" to whom Geller referred when he said that his powers of PK and clairvoyance came from "a ship out there" and that "they" controlled his demonstrations. SRI found this out, and some who were "in the know" then have gone forward to have lives at the frontiers of science and technology, just as have well-known former CIA personalities known to most of us.

Much of the work after SRI, later Institute of Noetic Sciences sponsored, with tendrils of derivative research and "psi-study" now distributed more widely, from Edinborough to Stanford, to Princeton, Harvard and Massachussetts Institute of Technology, evolved from this earliest work. And a considerable thrust of national and international policy formulations also emerged, particularly international environmental governance regimes.

Before getting too much into the "arcana" of it all, additional references might be useful to those who wish to explore this:

"THE ONLY PLANET OF CHOICE," compiled by psychic Phyllis Schlemmer and editor Palden Jenkins.

For a different, very cautious but accepting discussion of the Nine and what "their" having the ears of powerful political and industrial Earthlings might mean to our future as a society, we recommend two books by Dave Hunt, a lay Christian scholar and excellent writer who has authored a panoply of frontier books.

Dave Hunt's "The Archon Conspiracy," is available usually through some Christian book stores. And Hunt did an expansion of the concept, which is set at a thinly disguised "SRI" (where psychic research is going on and world leaders all line up to "hear the messages" via "chosen channellers"), in his later "Sanctuary of the Chosen."


In recent years, Dave has had some difficulties with the Christian book trade because of his "A Woman Rides The Beast," which takes a look at the Catholic "Marian worship," suggestive (but not in Dave's books) of what occurred at Medjugorge and other " apparition" sites and, to the serious "UFO scholar," also of Billy Meier's contact, "Semjase."

Back to "The Nine"

Phyllis Schlemmer, according to stories both about and from her, was recognized as a "sensitive" as a child and in her young days, was sometimes used by local monks to help them learn if people coming to them for help were carrying "other entities."

Schlemmer has most recently resided in Pardes Hanna, Israel and Flagler Beach, Florida. And besides her channelling of "The Nine" for wealthy believers, she reportedly has (at times) done work for Israeli intelligence, as reportedly has Uri Geller.


Al Bielek has been mentioned, too, as loosely being in the same circle.

Schlemmer's compadre and consort is a man named Israel Carmel who, according to friends of Schlemmer and Carmel in Atlanta, when they met was working as a lifeguard at an Israeli resort Schlemmer was visiting. "The Nine" told Phyllis that he was to be her companion, and so "he is." He has since been "trained" by Phyllis and "The Nine," both as a healer and psychic. He also is a channeller and "transmuter of energy," and he has a following in Atlanta and other places where folks who push Al Bielek and others in the "MC" genre also know Carmel. Is this "connected?"

Al Bielek's tales about exotic physics and inter-dimensional time-travel notwithstanding, it is significant that Andrijah Puharich also worked in precisely this field, both as a medical doctor and as neurophysicist. Later on, at The Nine's direction, Puharich experimented with raising kids in "exceptional" ways, (the "Super Kids" experiments at his home in Ossinning, New York.. ..a place that later mysteriously burned to the ground, and where Ira Einhorn had visited often), with CIA "associations" which led outside government into the philanthropic lairs of a few major international players who also fund "UFOlogy", et al.

As William Cooper (he of "Pale Horse" notoriety) is writing of The Nine, he is well on target if he's discussing that powerful and wealthy "movers and shakers" most certainly ARE in their loop and taking dictation from, as Time's Leon Jaroff is said to have feared, these "entities." Are these the same who (it has been reported) perhaps very widely influenced early proto-Nazi AustroGermans, in their search for renewed "sacredness" and a recaptured grandeur, but who botched it and gave us a Hitler?

I want to be clear here, that our reading of "The Nine's" data is not suggestive that THEY (if there is a "they") are "Nazis." It is the pattern of OUR human societies and evolution that when a group of our self-anointed "elite" citizens believe they have come into some proprietorship of "revealed truth," which could enhance or maintain their perceptions of being "in charge" of all the rest of us, they WILL be tempted to "own" these data, as well as to interpret it for us. Our "beliefs" are irrelevant to them.

Whether to some "divine right of kings," or "ordained lineages" deriving from one prophetic personage or another... be he Dalai Lama or "Ascended Master"... our human adventures have always progressed either by "overthrowing" these fellows when their lust for power and control overwhelms any concerns they may have had for their fellow humans and our planet, or knuckling under to them and their acolytes, courtiers and benefactors, at least until sufficient of "just folks" escape, grow and resurge.

And "The Nine's" way of doing things may simply not be "ours."

Consider then, that The Council of Nine has been funded (via the work of Phyllis Schlemmer, and the resulting book) by Sir John Whitmore Bt., of the U.K. and others accessing power. In years previous, various occult traditions in various cultures in varied stages of societal evolution have manifested similarly, usually at the behest of "royal" scholars, magicians, sorcerers.

In this country, "avatars" like J.J. Hurtak, (who's been funded by American believers like Henry Belk, who also had something to do with Andrijah Puharich while he lived out his last years in North Carolina at the farm of the powerful Reynolds family), are carriers of this same kind of "energy" with "revelations" of planetary destinies of the sort which propelled former Senator Claiborne Pell, (long an advocate and friend of Belk's), and UFO funding source Hans Adam II, Prince of Liechtenstein and a CIA friend of long standing since his father's help fighting Soviets, at the historical expense of his being perceived a sympathizer and hider of Nazi gold, according to recent Swiss documents. It matters, because what "elites" do in the dark often devours us.

Remember, as John Lilly coined..."In the province of the mind what one believes to be true... becomes true," (with apologies to Dr. Lilly for a butchered paraphrase). But you get the point?

Essentially, MOST of the so-called "UFOlogical" run-ups and flappings by both "believers" and "skeptics" have devolved into a dispute among those who give credence to "The Nine" and are well on their way...and have been for YEARS... to implementation of their "advice and guidances," (for planetary reorganization); and those who are actively and aggressively trying to mount a "resistance" to what they (the opposition forces) fear has been a misguided, misinterpreted "caving in" to some kind of "viral conquest" of our consciousness and culture, outcome unknown.

It is NOT important what you or I or some "demographic" part of our population believes that is of concern or ought to be our focus. It is what powerful, operational "oligarchies" believe is our planet's destiny and what they suppose to be their roles in shaping it. Ask them who shape our future what gods they hear!

Ask what kind of access to governance and planning processes, whether through nations, transnational industries or agencies such as the United Nations and trade regimes they're working, ... and who can be held accountable... no matter from "whichever planet" or dimensions "they" are getting their guidances... and let us determine whether and to what degree humanity will be exercising free will (as is a right of all sentient beings), or be "happy slaves," surrendering Earth to "Conquest By Consensus," (the title of my book about these issues, in progress).

Before he died, Andrijah Puharich was desperately seeking a channel who would help him try to "reach The Nine" again. In a speech at the United Nations in 1980, (to the same group where the "Mars Civilization" advocate Richard Hoagland spoke and has pumped that fact in his tapes incessantly since then), Dr. Puharich had warned of "weather modification" weapons and other planetary influencers, which he had suggested were part of collaborative efforts by powerful elites on our own "plane" and planet, but aided in no small part by insights and technologies received from what he had suggested were "exceptional sources." And Puharich was scared. Was he simply paranoid? Who'll say?

Another devotee of "The Council of Nine" was the self-styled "planetary enzyme" and change-agent, Ira Einhorn, that Unicorn of recent news reports about his re-arresting and being freed in France. Einhorn was very much in touch with Puharich and in no small way, The Nine, which maintains a working network of physicists and psychics, intelligence operatives and powerful billionaires, who are less concerned about their "source" and its weirdness than they are about having EVERY advantage and new data edge in what THEY believe is a battle for Earth itself.

As Dave Hunt and others discuss, and as in "The Only Planet Of Choice" is well defined by The Nine themselves through words of The Nine's spokesman, a discarnate entity named "Tom" who in turn is communicating through Phyllis Schlemmer, it may indeed have been the same "Nine" we are discussing here who also were elements of an "interdimensional governance structure" of ancient Athens, in which a council of nine divinely inspired "Archons" ruled. Each Athenian "Nine" supposedly had his own aetherial counterpart drawing from the "universal knowledge."

And in the popular science fiction television program, Babylon 5, the council on which DeLenn served (they are Nine) operates precisely as "The Council of Nine" are described as operating, both in their own "writings" and in what is written about them.

What is fascinating is that many folks currently at the front of the United Nations as well as behind the scenes, like "Man of Mystery" Canadian tycoon and "operative" Maurice Strong, are so deeply involved in the machinations of planetary changing, precisely as has been "suggested" by The Council of Nine, that public and journalistic incredulity effectively camouflages it.

The fears of William Cooper and various "militia paranoiacs" of "UFO landings" and collaborative hijackings of national rights, whom evidence suggests have been "marginalized" and seeded by operatives with allegiances if not to "The Council of Nine" consciously then to those among powerful cartels and "elites" who DO take direction and advice from the interpreters of this "ancient Delphic council," are perhaps insufficient to reflect what actually is going on. It is beyond fear.


"They" are doing it!

Cooper's information, although certainly distorted by his fear and what has happened to him, both by his own hand and choice or as his "fault lines" have sometimes been fractured (perhaps in cases, intentionally), holds more "truth" than we can accept.


But our inability to accept or adapt does not make it less true.