February 03, 2008

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George Bush, and the policies attributed to him and his administration, are part of a sweeping conspiracy designed to bring about a chain of events that will eventually topple the United States of America and hasten the planned approach of a unified global government.


While my theory would certainly be an intricate proposition deserving of an epic amount of verbiage, I will endeavor to explain my position through a series of concise statements designed to inspire your input and discussion.


A Predisposition For a Costly War

While intended to be highly humorous, the line from the movie "Princes Bride" is exceptionally accurate and in this case, apropos:

"Never get involved in a land war in Asia."

Based on the widely available historical record, we know that this president began his administration with an intent to find reason to invade Iraq.


Long before the events of 9/11/2001, the administration made it clear to high-level staffers that Saddam Hussein was in the cross-hairs.


Fabricated Rationale For a War Known to be Costly

All but the most staunch Bush apologists recognize that the rational for an Iraq war was at best misrepresented, and at worst a fabricated series of intentional lies.


While unserviceable weapons of large-scale-destruction (I hesitate to use "mass-destruction") were indeed discovered rotting way in long-forgotten caches, we now know that Saddam's claims of WMB were mere Arabic posturing. Learned scholars of the region desperately attempted to inform Bush, to no avail, that the words of Hussein were hollow.

No scholar of the history of war and military strategy of the region would dare conceive of a plan to invade and occupy the region. This is why the Gulf war stopped short of an invasion and occupation. This is why a career civilian (Rumsfeld) was selected to devise the war strategy.


As we will see later, the strategy was designed to fail.


Setting The Stage - A Plan For Subprime Failure

During the rule of the Bush administration, the difference between between prime and subprime mortgages (or mark-up) plummeted from 2.8 percent in 2001 to 1.3 percent in 2007.


And the total number of subprime loans created jumped from 9% of all mortgages in 1996(*) to 20% in 2006(*). The number of loans dramatically jumped because the risk premium required to issue these loans dramatically dropped.

Despite widespread concern and gloomy forecasts related to such a large amount of high-risk debt, the administration and the Federal bank enabled broad securitization(*) of these incredibly high risk mortgages into pools of "mortgage-backed securities" or MBS. This strategy made it possible to spread the staggering risk, repackaged as securities, throughout the world economies like a plague of capital-eating viruses.

As the plague spread and high-risk capital became cheap, the inevitable run on real estate occurred and prizes soared as speculators extended themselves and low-income buyers financed 105% of their home purchases.


The volatile stage is set with a superabundance of high-risk no-equity debt on trillions of dollars of over-priced property.


The Deft Timing of A Catastrophe

Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz recently postulated that the Iraq war cost the U.S. fifty to sixty times more than the Bush administration has admitted or predicted.


He further postulates that the war is the primary reason for the subprime banking crisis and resulting global financial crisis.

While the esteemed Mr. Stiglitz is indeed looking in the correct direction, he's not adjusting his perception to consider conspiracies, and thus, not prepared to see the obvious - the unimaginably costly war and timing of the subprime financial crisis were expertly manipulated to coincide for maximum global collateral damage.

The Brilliant Strategy of a Globalist

Much has been speculated about the globalist posture of the Bush Administration.


As conspiracy theorists, we've witnessed the expansion of:

  • the "North American Free Trade Agreement"

  • the baby-steps toward the Amero

  • unthinkable immigration policies for a conservative

  • his remarks that the "Constitution is just a piece of paper"

  • the endorsement of North American integration in the Guantajuato Proposal

  • the creation of the North American Competitiveness Council

Also, we conspiracy theorists have recognized the global government agenda of the so-called "NeoCons" and their chess-like strategy to sacrifice short term losses for the ultimate win.


The End of it All

Economic estimates of the total cost of the war in Iraq have exceeded two trillion dollars (Stiglitz & Bilmes).


The war is a failure, because it was designed to fail. The brokers of power were more interested in organizing colossal financial mismanagement and waste than actual strategic results.

Economic estimates of the global impact of the subprime crisis exceed one trillion dollars in banking write-downs alone - this figure does not factor in global loses from MBS failures, foreclosures, lost consumer savings, and lost property values which could add further trillions to the total. The brokers of power were more interested in stealthily distributing unprecedented financial risk than promoting home ownership for consumers.

It is my position that those within the administration who plot such conspiracies, planned these two financially catastrophic events to culminate in a crescendo of staggering uncertainty and catastrophic economic failure late this year, precisely as the 2008 election approaches.


The weakened government soon to be in transition will inevitably overreact with an ill-conceived financial "bail out" effort, causing the end of this nation as we know it - a sacrificed rook in the global chess game of domination.

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