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30 September 2008

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Tom Heneghan:

US Naval Flag Officers are now negotiating the terms of Bush and Cheney's resignations given the massive crimes of high treason against the American people have now been fully documented. Congratulations to the US House of Representatives for standing up and defending the Constitution of the United States of America despite attempts by speaker Nancy Pelosi to declare a State of Emergency and Martial Law in secret congressional negotiations on the Sunday night before the Monday vote.

The attempt by Pelosi to declare Martial Law confirms that the White House illegal occupant Bush fraud remains under house arrest and confined to the borders of the District of Columbia. It should be clear now that neo-fascist Nancy Pelosi expected to be President soon, given the imminent removal of Bush and Cheney could come within a week.

Given Pelosi's attempt at Martial Law, the question should be when is the Navy going to remove Pelosi?


Again, stay tuned for updates on all of this at any moment as the occupation US government collapses, and the US military readies itself to do its Constitutional Duty.


Remember these major corporations that are collapsing are Bush-Clinton crime family syndicate money laundries.

Mark Huber:

The "Martial Law" cited is not President Ordered, but is a rarely used House Rules provision to limit debate or give members opportunity to read and study the subject bill before voting. They invoked this provision of HRule XIII(6)(a) through HResolution 958 reported Thursday. Sources will "neither confirm nor deny" the House Arrest status, although there is collateral evidence which strongly suggests it to be true.


There is a chain of authority involving St Germain, Provost Marshal General, Naval Flag Officers/Military and KOS.

For the record, KOS was appointed by the ICJ (International Court of Justice), in 1999 as Head of the 4 Million Man WorldWide Militia with Martial Law authority in support of all efforts to obtain the Announcement and implementation of NESARA. So, technically, we have been under 'secret Martial Law' since then.


The Time Has Arrived to fulfill that appointment's goal, which requires Arrests, Regime Change; the Announcement of NESARA, along with full worldwide simultaneous public disclosure of the Galactic Federation's presence in our skies and throughout the inner/outer Earth and Galaxy!

Those craft represent our own higher aspects and future partners and spiritual families. We will recognize them by their positive radiance and frequencies ... already known to us but consciously buried... until now. As most reading this are aware, massive decloakings will accompany the Announcement of NESARA in the coming days.


We are very close to the cascade of key events becoming public.

Today's vote in the House of Representatives was one of the key events that will change our direction and outlook and allow necessary "changing of the corrupt guard for truthful leadership" to guide us through the transition. The interim leadership will make the changes that will allow true and honest elections to take place within 90-120 days post-Announcement.


Several New Names/Faces will then come forward to provide clear integrity and choice.

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JES Urgent News

Restraining Bush President Finally in 9/25!


from FourWinds Website

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Hi Patrick,

After Casper talking about Russia advising that Bush had been arrested, I also found that Japan is stating the same thing. Here is the translation. (you can read it too, in below insert)


BabelFish translation Japanese-English


JES urgent news 09-28-08:

Restraining bush president finally in 9/25!

Everyone, the US Navy restrained the person of the bush finally! Our same mind brought the following kind of delightful news to the afternoon of 28 days.

George W. which presently is the destructive person of this country and the world with White House resident, Bush is confined. As for him that there is a circumstance which cannot leave White House house at present time as for us it is possible to report.

It was related to the direct theft of the American certificate of indebtedness which is the tax which both of current Bush administration and Clinton administration before supply the citizen that after presenting “the evidence which does not move”, Thursday of last week [the Bush is arrested on September 25th], those where you order were the American naval officers.

And the fact that offered the evidence to the American naval officer was Alan [gurinsupan] former Federal Reserve System director meeting length. He has been about to be released presently, offer of the evidence where these do not move in exchange, from jail living.


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