Bohemian Grove
Incomplete Camps List

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1. Abbey A simple place and home to 'nearly unspeakable practices', according to one servant in the Grove (whatever that means). There are no known bigwigs residing in this seemingly quite simple tent camp.
2. Aviary Aviary, the largest camp, is comprised almost exclusively of associate members who are part of the chorus. Supposedly, it has one of the finest fireplaces in the Grove. Some companies represented are Arscott, Norton & Associates, Lam Research Corporation, Compass Technology Partners, General Mills and McKesson, Finances, Provigo Corporation, and Bay View Bank.
3. Bald Eagle Not enough info.
4. Band The Band Camp is for members of the different bands.
5. Bohemia A very old camp. It is possible it doesn't exist anymore.
6. Bromley A place where unsortable visitors end up spending the night.
7. Camels Not enough info.
8. Cave Man Notable for big-deal right-wingers and a plaque commemorating Herbert Hoover. It's often called 'Hoover Camp'.

Council on Foreign Relations leadership, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg, AIG, Federal Reserve, United California Bank, Scripp Howard broadcasting and newspaper business, United Press, Hoover Institution, Stanford University, Department of State, U.S. presidency, Lockheed, Chase Manhattan, Alaska State Bank, British Petroleum, Clear Channel, GAINSCO Inc., United Airlines, Pacific Telephone (now part of SBC), General Dynamics, United California Bank, Dart Industries, Carter-Hawley-Hale Stores, Dean Witter Reynolds & Co, and Pauley Petroleum.

9. Cliff Dwellers Not enough info.
10. Cool-Nazdar Not enough info.
11. Crossroad Not enough info.
12. Cuckoo's Nest Not enough info.
13. Derelicts Low profile members.
14. Dog House They have a Beer and Beans party after every Cremation of Care.
15. Doom Not enough info.
16. Dragon 1 member involved in some heavy Russian politics together with Mandalay members. 2 persons with Standard Oil of California, another from the Business Committee (also worked with a Rockefeller).
17. Druids Not enough info.
18. El Toro II Not enough info.
19. Faraway Not enough info.
20. Fore Peak The special drink of that camp is called 'Nembutal', a mixture of rum and hot chocolate.
21. Friends of the Fores Scripps-Howard newspaper, Cooley Godward LLP, Sutter Hill Ventures, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Hewlett Foundation, RAND Corporation, Basic American Inc., Levi Strauss Company.
22. Green Mask Humble Oil and Refining Company, Carter Oil Company, Continental Oil Company (Conoco).
23. Halcyon Grove's finest library of classics.
24. Haven Low-level camp.
25. Hermits Not enough info.
26. Hideaway It has a classic oil painting of a nude woman, where artists add one gray hair per year.

Caltech, MIT, (president of) Carnegie-Mellon University, (president of) Rockefeller University, (chairman of) Rockefeller Foundation, George Marshall Institute, Scientific Advisory Board, Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research and the 'Mexican green revolution', Chief Scientist of the Air Force, United Aircraft Corporation, Space Technology Laboratories, TRW Inc., US-USSR Commission on S&T Cooperation, US-Israel Bi-national Science Foundation.

27. Highlanders Hewlett Packard Corporation (co-founder - HP is the largest employer in Sonoma County), ACR Group.
28. Hill Billies Lot's of politics. CBS, couple of Skull & Bones figures (By the mid-1980s, half of the 26 members were graduates of Yale), Bechtel, Bank of America, Export-Import Bank of the United States, World Bank, Morgan Stanley, Blyth Eastman Dillon, Eastern Airlines, United Nations, Westinghouse Electric, Bessemer Securities Corporation, UNOVA, NASA, National Geographic, biotech companies as Amgen, Lynx & Xoma, AP Pharma, Inc., Pherin Corporation (biotech), Searle & Company (sold to Monsanto), Gilead Sciences, Inc. (pharmaceutical), Procter & Gamble, General Motors, Southern Pacific, RAND Corporation, Metromedia, Mutual Life Insurance of New York, the Carlyle Group, Stephens Investment Management LLC, RS Investments, BF Goodrich Company (supplier to aerospace and defense industry), Fremont Group, Forbes, National Review Magazine and a few journalists, Investments, Ltd., MetLife Series Mutual Funds, Stanford / Chicago / California / Duke Universities, President's Council of Economic Advisers, National Bureau of Economic Research, Business Roundtable, Hoover Institution, Council on Foreign Relations, Atlantic Institute for International Affairs, Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission.
29. Hillside Joint Chiefs of Staff, US navy admiral, Hawaii Space Development Authority, Council on Foreign Relations.
30. Howeller Not enough info.
31. Hualapai Not enough info.
32. Interlude Wine and cheese party to commemorate Bastille Day.
33. Iron Ring Not enough info.
34. Isle of Aves Justice and defense departments of the US government, Homestake Mining Company (merged with Barrick Gold Corporation in 2001), Bechtel, American Mining Congress, World Gold Council, Western Business Roundtable, Clark Cali and Negranti (law firm), Clark Company (CA real estate), Pacific Gas and Electric Company, CIA and other intelligence (several decades back anyway), a psychopatic-gay-non-businessman in the form of John E. Du Pont (who has been convicted for murder), at least one school system reformer, Forbes, Wells Fargo and Company, Banc of America, World Banking Group, Northrop Grumman, Chiron Corporation (biotech), Hoover Institution. (The last 6 institution are represented by only one person), Caltech, California Council on Science and Technology.
35. Jinks Band Not enough info.
36. Jungle Not enough info.
37. Ladera Not enough info.
38. Land of Happiness Baker & Daniels (law firm on environmental issues), a member who donates on a personal bases to environmental causes and also represents UPBancorp Inc., Vancouver Foundation and the Council of Forest Industries, Corporate Governance and Pension Committee and the Human Resources Committee, Lignum Investments Ltd., Scotiabank, Riverside Forest Products Ltd., Bombardier Inc., someone with an Order of Canada from the Governor-General of Canada, Capital Alliance Advisors, Inc., Sierra Capital Acceptance, a couple of real estate investment trusts, Bronson, Bronson, & McKinnon (San Francisco law firm), Thomas Byrne Swartz, Inc.
39. Last Chance Swinging doors to the camp are the originals for S.F.'s Last Chance Saloon.
40. Lost Angels The Lost Angels Camp today sits on what is commonly referred to as "Snob Hill", although it's design it's anything special these days. Back in the 1920s and 1930s it was.

Lehman Brothers, Dillon Read & Co., Warburg Pincus & Co., Cummins Engine Company, Philip Morris Companies, Health Effects Institute, Evergreen Holdings Inc., Mattel, Edison International (power company), Avery Dennison, Lawrence Livermore Radiation Laboratory, Northrop Corporation, Southern Railway Company, John Hopkins, Stanford, Columbia and Colorado Universities, Newhall Land and Farming Co., Richmond Times-Dispatch, The News Leader, American Newspaper Publishers Association, Southern Newspaper Publishers Association, Associated Press, CNN, Los Angeles Times, Washington Journalism Center, Santa Rosa Junior College, Hoover Institution, Southern Center for International Studies, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, RAND Corporation.

41. L.O.G. Not enough info.
42. Lost Boys Not enough info.
43. Madrone Abalone lunch on the last Thursday.
44. Mandalay This camp is only accessible with a written permission. It is the most exclusive bunk site in the encampment and sits on a hill with a tiny cable car that carries visitors up to the compound. Many members of this camp have personal assistants with them.

Lot's of government, Bank of America, Amoco, ChevronTexaco, Bechtel, Wackenhut, Du Pont, Rothschild Investment Trust Capital Partners plc., UBS Warburg LLC, Dillon Read & Co., German Steel Trust, Thyssen Krupp, the J.P. Morgan network, Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers, Export-Import bank, Wells Fargo, Seafirst Bank, Manhattan Institute, the CIA, General Electric, RAND Corporation, Firestone, American Telephone and Telegraph, Atlantic Richfield Company, Johnson & Johnson, Walt Disney Company, Weyerhaeuser, Union Pacific Corp., Gannett Corp., PG&E. Corp., MITRE, McKesson Corp., ConAgra Inc., HCA Healthcare Corp., Franklin Templeton Investments which includes Fiduciary Trust, ICF Kaiser Consulting Group, Kissinger Associates, Carlyle Group, TRW Inc., Space Technology Laboratories (STL), IBM, Ford Motor Company, News Corp, BskyB (Rothschild and Murdoch governed), Daily Telegraph plc., the Economist, Caltech, Stanford University (heavily funded by Bechtel), Order of the Bath, Order of the British Empire, Order of Malta, Ditchley, Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations, Business Roundtable, Business Council, Committee Economic Development, Council on International Economic Policy, Trilateral Commission, Atlantic Institute for International Affairs, Pilgrims Society, 1001 Club, Le Cercle. French socialist prime minister.

45. Medicine Lodge Not enough info.
46. Meyerling There's no indication this is a particularly important camp.
47. Midway In the 1930s, this camp was made up of executives from the Pacific Insurance Company. This changed over time.

National Venture Capital Association, Western Association of Venture Capitalists, Institutional Venture Partners (interest in about 200 other companies), Allegiant Bancorp Inc., Owens-Illinois Inc., University of California, Fireman's Fund Insurance, American Express, SRI International, Transamerica, Wells Fargo Bank, SCIOS, Hambrecht & Quist (helped Apple, Adobe Systems, Netscape, and - taken over by J.P. Morgan Chase), Occidental Petroleum, Hooker Chemical, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Petroleum Administration for War (around WWII), Ashland Oil and Refining Co. (fifties or sixties), Marshall Petroleum, Airtouch Communications, McKesson, Charles Schwab Corporation, URS Corporation, Potlatch Corporation, PG&E Corporation, CNF Inc.

48. Monastery Pretty low-level camp.
49. Monkey Block Monkey Block, named after a famous artists' colony in old San Francisco, has a preponderance of artist members.
50. Moonshiners Pours imported German beer exclusively.
51. Moro Not enough info.
52. Outpost Pretty low-level camp.
53. Owlers Not enough info.
54. Owl's Nest Guarded by a Secret Service agent (at least when there is a president visiting), but when someone asks politely, he should be able to enter the camp.

Multiple presidents with their advisors, Manhattan Project, Marine Corps, Air Force, Council on Foreign Relations, Business Advisory Council of the Department of Commerce, Order of the Bath, We-Go Rotary Club, United Technologies Corporation, Harry Gray Associates, SourceOne, Mott Corporation, Union Carbide Corporation, Sunoco Inc., Blount International Inc., Hercules Incorporated, RFE Associates, General Dynamics, AMTRAK, Whirlpool Corporation, United States Steel Corp., Trans World Airlines, Campbell Soup Co., R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company (RJR Nabisco).

55. Parsonage Buffalo burger luncheon.
56. Pelicans Not enough info.
57. Piedmont Not enough info.
58. Pig'n Whistle Not enough info.
59. Pink Onion Notable for its pink sheets.
60. Poison Oak Supposedly serves a lunch called Bulls' Balls Lunch, where everyone comes by to eat roasted cattle testicles brought by a rancher from near Fresno, CA.
61. Poker Flat Not enough info.
62. Pow Wow All-time Abbott auxiliary martini machine.
63. Puma Second Saturday wild game feed includes elk, moose, and boar.
64. Rattlers Not enough info.
65. Redwood Location of the Redwood Clubhouse, where scientists discussed the Manhattan Project in the 1940s. Supposedly, the location is secured and very beautiful. It sits near the Russian River.
66. River Lair Not enough info.
67. Roaring Original bar from Jack London's home.
68. Romany Not enough info.
69. Sahara Not enough info.
70. Santa Barbara Not enough info.
71. Sempervirens Most members have business or political interests in or around California.

Presidential assistant, mid-level state department official, Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco, Transamerica, Continental Capital Corporation (1950s), Stanford University, Wells Fargo Bank, Boise Cascade, GenCorp, State Farm Insurance, Enron, Homestake Mining, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corporation, Phelps Dodge Company, Lane Publishing Co., Ford Motor Company, Bank of America, Crowley Maritime Corporation, University of San Francisco, University of San Diego.

72. Seven Trees Not enough info.
73. Silverado squatters Amoco Corporation, Bell & Howell, United Technologies Corporation, Sovereign Specialty Chemical Company, the Hoover Institution, Public Broadcasting Service, National Park Foundation, FMC Corporation, Argonne National Laboratory, Aspen Institute, American Enterprise Institute, University of Chicago, Boeing Company, Caterpillar Tractor, Chevron, Genentech Inc., Wolf Trap Foundation, the California Roundtable, Hewlett Packard, U.S.-Japan Advisory Commission, Trilateral Commission, Blue Ribbon Commission on Defense Management, US-USSR Trade & Economic Council's committee on science and technology, the Business Roundtable, President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, Securities and Exchange Commission, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, NASD, the Legal Advisory committee of the New York Stock Exchange, Los Angeles Country Bar Association, San Diego Union-Tribune.
74. Skiddoo Not enough info.
75. Skyhi Not enough info.
76. Sleepy Hollow Not enough info.
77. Sons of Rest Not enough info.
78. Sons of Toil Had a majority of university types among their membership in the 1970s. Most camps usually have only one or two faculty members each year. Hosts a French sidewalk cafe 2nd Friday, French wines, cheese, and red checker table cloths.
79. Spot Not enough info.
80. Star & Garter Not enough info.
81. Stowaway The many David Rockefeller interests including the Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg, Council of the Americas, Pilgrims Society, J.P. Morgan Chase and part of the Standard Oil successor companies, Caltech University, Claremont Graduate University, University of Southern California, Harvard Center, Hamlin School, Atkins Company, Crocker Capital Corporation, BEI Technologies Inc., BEI Medical Systems Company Inc., Fiduciary Trust International, Pope & Talbot Inc., Teledyne Technologies Incorporated, Franklin Templeton Investments, Coldwell Banker F.I. Grey & Son, Inc., Pacific Lightning/Enterprise, Wells Fargo Bank, Newhall Land and Farming, Mutual Life Insurance Company, San Francisco Children's Hospital, Foundation of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, Arthritis Foundation, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, local and national United Way, the American Enterprise Institute, California Chamber of Commerce, World Affairs Council of Los Angeles, Civic Light Opera, Pacific Union Club, RAND Corporation, Newhall Land and Farming Company, Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Company, Parsons Corp., Avery Dennison Corporation, Ameron Inc., Real Estate Investors, USL Capital Corporation, Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving, W.M. Beaty & Associates Inc..
82. Sundodgers The 4 known members mentioned seemed to have a mixed scientific / business interest.
83. Sunshiners Not enough info.
85. Swagatom Had a majority of university types among their membership in the 1970s. Most camps usually have only one or two faculty members each year.
86. Taylor Camp Taylor is located close to where several dozen Bohemians held a Jinks in the forest in Sonoma County in 1878. This was the start of a long Bohemian tradition of trekking to the Sonoma County redwoods during July and August of each year for camping and self entertainment.
87. Thalia Has the original stop and go signal from the corner of Powell and Post in S.F.
88. Tie Binders In the 1930s, this camp was almost completely made up of executives of railroad companies. This composition changed over time.
89. T-N-T Not enough info.
90. Totum Inn Not enough info.
91. Toyland Not enough info.
92. Tunerville A camp for members of the club orchestra.
93. Uplifters Not enough info.
94. Valley of the Moon Not enough info.
95. Valhalla Not enough info.
96. Wayside Log Was known as a hangout for scientists in the 1970s.
97. The Web Not enough info.
98. Whiskey Flat Not enough info.
99. Whoo Cares Not enough info.
100. Wild Oats Not enough info.
101. Wohwohno Not enough info.
102. Woof Not enough info.
103. Ye Merrie Yowls The bar is the former altar from the Catholic Church in Forestville.
104. Zaca Not enough info.


Other locations in the Grove

Hermitage Not sure if it's a Bohemian Grove camp.
Oz Bungalow A location in the Bohemian Grove. Not sure if it can be classified as a camp.