by Uri Dowbenko

from The Nationalist Times

1998 - October


  • Where do candidates come from?

  • Do they emerge out of nowhere?

  • Do they just erupt on the national scene?

  • Or, are they quietly chosen by covert power brokers to move the planet closer to a New World Order, a One World Government, a global dictatorship with high-tech feudalism as its goal?

Take for example Jimmy Carter. He was an obscure peanut farmer, the almost unknown governor of Georgia. Then -- as if by magic -- a media blitz blew him onto the covers of national magazines and established him as a front-runner in the 1976 election.

Likewise, Bill Clinton was an unknown governor of the state of Arkansas -- a defacto Rockefeller fiefdom, notorious for generational corruption that surpassed even the legendary graft of New Yorkís Tammany Hall and the Democratic machine of the Daleysí Chicago.

After Clinton was invited to a 1991 meeting of the Bilderberg Group in Baden-Baden, Germany, he became a front-running candidate for President in 1992. Then, despite --- or maybe because of -- his well-known sexual/drug addictions and compromised background, Clinton was selected as the Groupís choice for U.S. President.

Since its inception in 1954, the supra-national and highly secretive Bilderberg Group has played an active role in coordinating economic and political policies on a global level. An international cabal of corporate honchos and government officials, the Bilderbergers are simply the overlords of the Global Ruling Class.

According to Peter Thompsonís essay "Bilderberg and the West" from the book "Trilateralism" (edited by Holly Sklar, South End Press, Boston),

"Bilderberg is neither a world super-government nor is it merely a club where incidental shoptalk takes place. Top executives from the worldís leading multinational corporations meet with top national political figures at Bilderberg meetings to consider jointly the immediate and long-term policies facing the West..."


"Bilderberg is not the only means of Western collective management of the world order, it is part of an increasingly dense system of transnational management. . ." writes Thompson. "Where necessary, a consensus is engineered on issues which must get congressional/parliamentary approval, but wherever possible executive agreements between governments are used to avoid the democratic process altogether."

Thompson writes that,

"bodies like the U.S. Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the British Royal Institute for International Affairs, commonly known as íChatham House, and transnational counterparts like Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission play a crucial role in formulating policy directions, molding establishment consensus and even testing for likely opposition."

At a GOP fundraiser in Paradise Valley, Montana, New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman denied that she was tapped by the Bilderberg Group to run for U.S. President in 2000. "I was just learning," asserted Whitman, one of a literal handful of women invited to attend the secretive May 14-17, 1998 meeting in Turnberry Hotel, Ayrshire, Scotland.

At a picturesque ranch house about 40 miles north of Yellowstone National Park --- where Dennis Quaid filmed his TNT movie "Everything That Rises" --- Whitman was the guest of honor, introduced by Montana Gov. Mark Racicot at a fundraiser for Montana Rep. Rick Hill. Whitmanís speech included the cryptic comment that "in the year 2000, the countryís going to get the kind of president it deserves."

Afterwards, in remarks to the press, Whitman alluded to the conspiratorial reputation of the Bilderberger Group, saying "itís not a cabal."

Notwithstanding her remarks, 1998 Bilderberg Group attendees included the usual Globalist Good Ole Boys, regulars like David Rockefeller, Chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank; and Henry Kissinger, former U.S. Secretary of State and current Chairman of Kissinger Associates, Inc., a schmooze-for-hire firm that sells high-level introductions to world-class tyrants, arms dealers and their ilk.

Women attendees at Turnberry were few.

  • Her Majesty Queen of the Netherlands

  • CFR member Jessica Tuchman Matthews, President of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

  • Margaret MacMillan, Editor of International Journal

  • Marie-Josee Kravis, senior fellow at the Hudson Institute

  • several European Community bureaucrats shared this "honor" with the New Jersey Governor

Whitman herself acknowledged the fact that the obsessive secrecy has roiled many within the Group. She hinted that there was internal dissent regarding the bizarre and restrictive protocols, but defended the exclusion of the media, saying that people can speak privately and acknowledge their mistakes without being held to task by their constituents.

Her congenial husband, Bill Whitman, who facetiously referred to himself as "the first lady of New Jersey in drag," added that when he flew in from London, he stayed in a motel down the road; he wasnít even allowed to sleep at the Turnberry Resort with his wife, the Governor.

Playing a round of golf at the exclusive resort the next day, Bill Whitman remarked in amusement that "people would be popping up from behind the shrubbery taking pictures." The Bilderbergersí tradition of secrecy has evidently created its own mystique and celebrity status.

Itís not hard to see why the Group, command-and-control globalists, tapped Gov. Whitman. Sheís photogenic; sheís attractive; and her politics reflect the Groupís agenda --- people control under the guise of "environmentalism" and "free trade."

In Montana, dressed in an ivory blouse, dark slacks and cowboy boots, Whitman, with her blonde Princess Di hairstyle, appeared casually elegant even in a country setting. She spoke passionately of her "goal of preserving one million acres in New Jersey thatís undeveloped but not preserved" as a "protective" measure, a faux-environmentalist stance that will undoubtedly win her many supporters.

Likewise her veto of a New Jersey bill that would have banned so-called partial birth abortions earned her the animosity of the religious right. Her answer to continuing criticism? "Iím not pro-abortion," said Whitman. "Iím pro-choice." This kind of sophistry is also highly respected by the political elites. [That is not sophistry, that is a legitimate and meaningful statement. -Ed.]

Repeating the mantra that "we are in a global economy," she inferred agreement with the Groupís agenda --- linking countries through entangling economic treaties like GATT and NAFTA, as well as financial strangleholds through the International Monetary Fund and other multinational corporate loans with the usual draconian conditions.

After the scandalous record of the disgraced Clinton administration, Gov. Whitman as a "pragmatic" pro-choice Republican woman would appear to be the Groupís obvious choice for President.

Since its founding, the Bilderberg Group has functioned as a defacto private Global Politburo with 120 attendees at recent yearly meetings. Historically, the Groupís power is awesome. Bill Clinton, an obscure Arkansas governor, was tapped to run for president. Likewise, Margaret Thatcher as well as Tony Blair were tapped by the Bilderbergers to assume the reins of government in the United Kingdom. Congressman Gerald Ford --- later U.S. president --- also attended Group meetings in 1964 and 1966.

After Gov. Whitmanís attendance at Turnberry, itís highly probable that she will either be a Republican vice presidential candidate with George W. Bush in 2000 or a presidential candidate herself in 2004.

In fact, the propaganda machine has already started. Bilderberger Bill Kristol, publisher of The Weekly Standard, has had his editor Fred Barnes write a glowing report of Bush Jr. as "The Heavyweight." This puff piece on behalf of the Texas governor attempts to establish him as a primary contender for president in the next election.

Objections to Bilderberg range from all sides of the political spectrum. A private, secret --- and by all accounts conspiratorial --- consensus on matters of public importance is considered at least in bad taste if not poor judgment by all serious advocates of representative government. In fact, the diffidence and arrogance of the Global Ruling Class --- the elites and their technocrats, the New World Orderlies --- seems outrageously antiquated in the face of continuing global problems.


These interlocking supra-national elites - members of the Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Royal Institute of International Affairs, as well as the foundations and think tanks of the Global Plutocrats - would do well to reconsider their activities.

If global techno-feudalism, as posited by George Orwellís blueprint for world tyranny, "1984," and H. G. Wellsí "The Open Conspiracy" is the Groupís objective, then sovereign individuals of every nation will rise up with unprecedented fervor. An historical precedent, of course, is the collapse of the Tower of Babel, a case of seeming divine intervention which shattered the globalistsí plan for their precious One World Government.

Those who pride themselves as the descendants of Nimrod had better think twice. There will be no cushions for them when they fall the next time around.

Gov. Whitmanís choice is after all the Hobbesí choice. She is merely a pawn in the game, another contingency in the Groupís global ledger of assets and liabilities. And the Group --- covert global king-makers and king-breakers --- is known to hedge its bets. Walter Mondale and Dianne Feinstein were Bilderbergers once too, but their political stars rose only so high.

The significance of her choice? As the Group has chosen Gov. Whitman, so she can still choose to opt out.