Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

A correspondent writes:

"you mention the Bilderberg entity as having a strong guiding role in western politics...and also covertly the UFO/ET scenario. I note with interest that the American chapter of Bilderberg was initiated by Walter Bedell Smith ( then head of CIA) and also mentioned I believe in Truman's Majestic or M-12 debriefing documents... Is it possible that Bilderberg are acting in the role of benevolence??... Perhaps they feel it necessary to subdue the globe under one system of law and government before releasing potential ET non poll[u]ting technologies...

Richard Boylan, Ph.D. replies:

It is my assessment that division exists within the Bilderberg Council, as in the U.S. Administration and elsewhere, over disclosure versus continued cover-up of extraterrestrial contact. The "progressives" within Bilderberg and within the National Security apparatus of the U.S. have as their objective that the world's conflicts be ended, and that thus, there be no temptation to weaponize ET technology, before ET high-tech such as zero-point energy devices are allowed to go into public circulation.

In fact, in a May 17 conversation with Dr. Michael Wolf, consultant to the UFO policy management division of the National Security Council, Dr. Wolf explicitly stated that a principal concern, blocking official disclosure of ET contact, is over worries that ET technology will be harnessed by megalomaniacs like those in Iraq, Serbia and elsewhere to serve their ambitions to extend their dictatorial rule. These agents of conflict must be stopped, hopefully by repudiation of their rule by the people of their own countries.

Thus, we see the efforts to move Israel into a position of negotiation with the Palestinians to fashion an autonomous, self-governing Palestinian Authority within the region Israel now claims. This would end the longstanding conflict between Israelis and Palestinians over territory and right-to-exist. Similar efforts are under way in other regions.

Correspondent continues:

"Also what do you make of current Balkans situation...( ie NATO's illegal bombing of Serbia, threat of ground troops, Bombing of Chinese embassy, Bilderberg meeting in June in Sintra etc..

Richard Boylan replies:

NATO is essentially evolved into the military arm of Bilderberg. Bilderberg progressives wants peace in the Balkans, and Milosevich's ethnic cleansing is being responded to by a novel form of police action that deliberately stops short of full war. The progressives realize that you shouldn't stop warmongers by conducting war. Firm international sanctions which make the price of unjust incursions into the villages of the innocent too high too pay is the strategy now under way. It is a grand experiment; whether it will succeed is for us to watch between now and Fall. While it technically violates the UN Charter, the UN is tacitly allowing this experiment room to demonstrate itself, before the UN steps in to take over the role of supplying peacekeeping troops in Kosovo once the Experiment succeeds.

I think the Chinese embassy was a genuine snafu of the spy agencies, which have a spotty record of accuracy. The Bilderberg Council generally meets about the time of year of the meeting you cite. The real interest item would be to see their full agenda. As noted above, Bilderberg was conceived in response to the 1952 ET repeated overflights of Washington, DC and the following year's meeting between President Eisenhower and ET representatives at what is now Edwards Air Force Base, CA. It is no coincidence that Walter Bedell Smith, President Eisenhower's CIA Director, was also his designee to the 1954 inaugural meeting of the Bilderberg Council.

Bilderberg is an attempt for world leaders to draw together in concerted action to create a unified policy in world matters of peace, democracy, and coordinated preparation of world institutions and the populace for the massive changes which public disclosure of extraterrestrial presence will bring.

Of course, as everywhere else, the reactionaries within Bilderberg want to harness this powerful institution to feather their nests in terms of power, profits and prestige. Such is the "human factor".

We must pray that the progressives at every level of society prevail. And we must BE those progressives, and speak out and act boldly for global peace, economic justice, self-determination, and collective mutual concern.