by Owen Myles

November 6, 2011

Contributing Writer
from ActivistPost Website




On Wednesday, November 9 (2 days before 11.11.11), at 14:00 EST, FEMA will conduct an unprecedented nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System.


At this specified time, simultaneously across the entire United States a 30-second test will occur on all radio, television, cable, satellite, and wireline video service systems.


The FEMA notice (below images) states that landlines, mobile phones, and power grids will be excluded:




Perhaps cellphones are excluded because all cellphones will soon have a built-in presidential alert system? Ask the FCC.

In honor of the words of FEMA regarding this test event:

"We particularly request that you provide information to people who are deaf and hard of hearing, people with cognitive or intellectual disabilities or mental health concerns", I ask that you please read on.

The Activist community has indeed been diagnosed with cognitive and intellectual disorders, as explained in this Corbett Report radio show, where leading “scientific” American, Michael Shermer, has summarized the cognitive defect of alternative research, or “conspiracy think”.


FEMA (DHS) specifically wants us to be fully informed of this test.

Beyond FEMA, an agency of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), NOAA and the FCC will also be involved in this test.

Perhaps NOAA wants to protect us in the unfortunate event that one of their weather modification operations goes berserk? That pdf is a legal requirement compelling NOAA to notify the Department of Commerce before engaging in acts of weather modification...


But, but, weather modification: that’s conspiracy stuff!

Though this operation is expressly open, and of a seemingly practical purpose, it comes at a time when the DHS has not only accumulated quite a dubious history of conduct, but also faces public scrutiny for such things as Fast and Furious, as well as ridicule for attempts to spread unwarranted fear amongst civilians through strange propaganda videos, authoritarian street-lights, and other questionable efforts.

The value claimed by FEMA of this coming test is a more “effective and well-tested” emergency alert/warning system in the event of a national emergency.


Those remembering Katrina might be asking:

Why rush to make a bigger mess out of an already terrible catastrophe?

Certainly if we are to base our confidence on past performance and current ambitions, it should require no more than a twitch from FEMA (or the DHS) to start waves of dignified public skepticism (mental illness).

After all, the DHS has been exceedingly hostile to the FOIA and transparency; has initiated the NGI/IAFAS (DHS/FBI) super-database to contain biometric dossiers on nearly 1/3 of the American population; has engaged in abetting narco-terrorism; has used backscatter vans on the public, and aspires to implement pre-crime technology via FAST.


They have also criminalized Ron Paul supporters, and a host of other things clearly contrary to the betterment of our society.


The DHS shrugs off criminal involvement with narco-terrorists while it abuses the DMCA to take down websites for merely linking to other websites it has presumed disadvantageous to Hollywood - and we’re supposed to give them the benefit of the doubt?… Stockholm Syndrome?

Surely such a test is not entirely exempt from a now well-established and disturbing trend - one of deception, subterfuge, and pilfering of tax dollars in the name of protecting us from a hokey and extremely expensive theater of invisible bogeymen hellbent on leaving volatile backpacks everywhere and infiltrating our hotels and shopping centers to disrupt our economy.


The test is likely in itself nothing to be particularly concerned about; however, it is unprecedented, as well as orchestrated by those consistently exhibiting behaviors which demand serious attention. And the ubiquitous infestation of nearly all communication/media infrastructures by these agencies easily suggests such may eventually lead to a homogenized, universal DHS-style standard for anything with a magnetic field, or mind.

It is no secret that the DHS has been involved in crime. It would be nice if we could simply leave such attention to the drones and UAVs now circling the American public, but it might be a bit naive considering the owners.


One might also think their actions would be caught on CCTV, or their communications intercepted by the pervasive law enforcement infrastructures used to do the same to us (without probable cause or suspicion)... one might think.


Yet, in the rare situation that evidence actually exists, it is typically either destroyed or classified, leaving transparency up to vicious journalists and whistle-blowers.

So, at this time, when one of the most threatening bills (SOPA) in the history of the Internet is being proposed by those not far from the very agencies too eager to enforce it (DHS, etc.), I urge not only suspicion, but also action.

It is absolutely paramount that you first exert effort to halt SOPA, which you can do here: at the “Act Now” link below the EFF article. If you value the website you’re reading this article on, or the Internet itself, please DON'T hesitate.

Furthermore, we must place as much scrutiny as possible on those agencies operating in secrecy while severely taxing both our liberties and pockets with superfluous misrepresentation. Literally no significant action of theirs should escape public awareness and dialog.


They prod into every facet of our lives with such slop such as Vengeful Librarians, to perusing our digital akashic like a morning newspaper while denying our FOIAs. They want to keep us informed of “national emergencies” while censoring our only dependable source of preventing one.

If the time has come when they cannot more than stand completely still without being swarmed by seething citizens, then they left us no choice. Inquire at will!