If Flight 77 did not hit the Pentagon what did, and how?

Two emails received by Signs of the Times about one year ago, (identities concealed to protect the correspondents) are quite informative:

Email #1

Greetings, I have stayed out of this arena for a reason, but can no longer. I am a Maintenence Mechanic here in the assembly plant in [XXX] where we build these great aircraft. 747's-757's and 767's.

Lets do some math for a minute, because those who believe a 757 hit the pentagon, must also believe in the tooth fairy.


The melting temp for brake shoes on a 757 is about 3000 degs., the landing gear struts are solid cast aluminum; the center shafts for the engines are solid titanium. The flame temp for low grade kerosene, (jet fuel) is around 800 degs.


If the 757 was full of fuel, thats 14 pounds of aircraft per one gallon of fuel. Its impossible to "completely incinerate" a 757 at that fuel-to-material ratio. It would be the first time in history it did, and would defy the laws of physics, period.


No 757 hit the pentagon. Where's the engines, landing gears, APU's, stringers, fuel cell walls, wing join assemblies? These are impervious to fire, and, all have survived the worst fires ever seen on aircraft, and I've seen them all.


Oh by the way, if the 757 was "completely incinerated" as the gov't would have the lemming masses believe, how did they come up with DNA from the ashes for every passenger on board. DNA from ASHES!!!?? What a crock of shit. Once you do the math, you'll quickly know that no 757 hit that building, those who say one did, are liars, or have been told to be liars lest they end up like Vince Foster and a few hundred others like him.


Email #2

[...] I am probably one of the most qualified people that you will meet to judge some of the info about the Pentagon attack. I have served in the U.S. Army for a number of years now, I have not only dealt with weapons of every type you can imagine, I have also had a great deal of experience with aircraft, not to mention my brother is an analyst for the military who deals with a great many things.


First of all I can guarantee that no missile did this (damage to the Pentagon), none of the patterns add up for such a thing to work, damage ratio is wrong, flight path is wrong, style of impact is wrong. Also think of the item it was hitting, a hardened building made of concrete and steal, all reinforced. Also I can tell you no large aircraft did this [...]


I'm starting to think that maybe it was a TL AM type 2 block 4, better known as a tomahawk type 2 bunker buster with booster and hardened warhead.


While most would say this is absurd because a weapon like that would have completely leveled the Pentagon and a good deal around it, I am however still inclined to believe that this might possibly be what did it. This is my thinking on the matter: the new TLAMs are programmable to pick entry point and detonation point, the hardened warhead on them allows them to penetrate the hardest of buildings and they hit going much faster than the old type 1s that are commonly seen in war footage and test footage.


I think that somehow one of our new type 2s found itself set on a guided path to the Pentagon with a side impact and center detonation programming, but for some reason the warhead didn't go off. That would give it the energy to do the damage and drive through the walls like it did, but by never exploding, it would still leave most of the building perfectly intact like what was seen at the pentagon. The only problem I can see with this scenario is there would have been no fire had this happened, unless something inside the building started burning.


Now they could have just mounted a much weaker warhead on the thing for the sole purpose of starting the fire. If this is what happened though, then someone wanted it to happen like this, to mount a type 2 with a weak warhead not to mention set it on a path with the parameters that would be needed for this. For no one to use the "safety" and blow it up mid flight, it would have to be pretty damn deliberate.


Also the type 2 matches closer to the size proportions of the object that was captured on video. I'm still only going on speculation here as are most of the people who know that they are being lied to.


To tell you the truth, I don't even think that the fire was at the low burning temp of 800 degrees, a fire that hot would have gone farther to bursting the windows and distorting the structure of the building. The more I look into and use my knowledge of missiles, the more I'm starting to think that maybe it was something we haven't seen before and to not take the risk of disclosing to the public that a test project went wrong or that someone did this with something new of ours. They made up the entire pentagon part of 911, at the very least, and went through a whole lot of trouble doing it.

From the evidence presented, we can propose that, due to its suitability for the task in hand, it was a global hawk-type craft complete with a payload of one missile with a shaped charge hardened war head and secondary war head that struck the Pentagon on September 11th 2001. The first shaped charge war head opened the main hole in the Pentagon facade, the second war head detonated inside doing the rest of the damage and creating the 'T bar' of the final inverted T shape in the facade. The global hawk was swallowed by the hole and the war head explosion. The hardened war head continued on through the other 5 walls coming to rest in Ring C, leaving that neat 8ft wide hole. The war head was then confiscated, much like the various tapes that were witness to the event.


For its part, Flight 77 landed, probably at a military airfield in Ohio around the same time that the Global Hawk and missile struck the Pentagon. All passengers and crew on board Flight 77 were dead by that time, except for one, two or three people. The bodies were "disposed of", and some of the remains were used for identification by the state pathologist.


Shocked? Outraged? You have every right to be, but not at us, or anyone else that points out the logical explanation of the problem. There exists overwhelming evidence to show that, as a general rule, corrupt people in positions of great power do not flinch at murdering their own citizens if it serves their purposes to do so. In some cases, they will murder their citizens - and others - because it gives them pleasure. Such people also, historically, are advocates and practitioners of torture. If you disagree then you disagree with historical fact. Welcome to the real world.


As Laura Knight-Jadczyk notes in her book 9/11:The Ultimate Secret, the attack on the Pentagon is the Achilles Heel of the entire 9/11 coverup, and for one very good reason: while we all saw repeated footage of Flight 11 and Flight 175 crash into the WTC towers, and we all saw the wreckage of Flight 93 and have hundreds of eyewitness testimonies that a commercial airliner did indeed crash in Pennsylvania, there is no reliable evidence that a Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon on September 11th 2001. No one has seen any footage that shows Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon, and the tapes that actually exist that could easily and immediately prove what did hit that day, have been confiscated by the FBI and the U.S. government studiously refuses to release them.


The US government claims that a Boeing 757 impacted the Pentagon on 9/11, many people dispute this, yet the same American government refuses to release video tapes that would put the matter to rest and show once and for all what hit the Pentagon. Use your head and ask yourself, "why?"


There is one very obvious answer.


I realize that this theory presents more questions than answers. But since the complete answers to what really happened on 9/11 (and much more) are contained in the book "9/11: The Ultimate Truth", it would be remiss of me to present them here. Suffice to say that Truth is much stranger than fiction.


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