Conclusion 1:

I highly doubt that local firefighters would be involved in any sort of a coverup. I highly doubt that local police officers would be involved in any sort of a government cover up. Cops and firemen are just average Joes like you and me, who go home to the wife and kids, and just try to make a living and have a good life for their families (I have many friends in both professions - of course the firemen are usually more stable marriage-wise because of their job but that doesn't make the cops any less human than you or I).


The men and women who pulled over a hundred people (dead and alive) out of that building would more likely than not have noticed somebody carrying over 60 bodies into the middle of the fire they were fighting. To say that the plane that hit the Pentagon was not filled with every single person who died in this terrorist attack (not counting the unfortunate people inside the building) is one thing and one thing only - ignorant.

Oh, LORD! Not the dreaded "malignant pseudo-identification" again! You know, the process by which a COINTELPRO agent consciously imitates or simulates certain behaviors or beliefs in order to foster "identification" with him/her, thus increasing the vulnerability to exploitation. Yes indeed, CatHerder is just an "average Joe" like "you and me." And just to make it hit home, the emotional hooks of "family," a "good life," "making a living," and "stable marriages" are tossed in there followed by the final tear jerker, an outrageous reference to the people who died that day. It is outrageous because it is finally clear that CatHerder is, indeed, an agent of disinformation and using such emotional ploys, as this is truly malignant pseudo-identification.


Having said that, let's return to the fact that the point is not that firefighters or police officers were involved in the cover up as CatHerder slickly suggests is the claim of anyone who says that Flight 77 did not hit the Pentagon, but rather that any of them that saw something they were not meant to, could have been easily silenced. The most obvious way to silence the "average Joe" who is honest, hard-working and normally patriotic, is to impress on such a person that they must not talk about something due to "national security".


If they were to persist in wanting to talk about what they saw, more persuasive methods can be used like threats to their livelihood etc., up to and including murder. But murder is seldom required. A simple letter with details of family and friends and an order to "keep your mouth shut" is more than enough for most people. As CatHerder says: "cops and firemen are just average Joes like you and me, who go home to the wife and kids, and just try to make a living and have a good life for their families."


They are not likely to risk their livelihood, or the lives of their children for 5 minutes of fame on national TV. They keep their mouths shut. And that's a tragedy that CatHerder doesn't seem to be able to understand.


As regards the "carrying of 60 bodies into the middle of the fire". This is simply more evidence of CatHerder's attempts to confuse and manipulate the reader. I know of no site that suggests that the bodies of the passengers on Flight 77 were carried into or out of the Pentagon after the attack. The identification of the bodies was carried out off site by the state pathologist. We were never shown footage nor did we hear reports about anyone picking up pieces of passengers from Flight 77 from the attack site, we were simply told that all passengers were identified from their DNA from body parts that were in the possession of the state pathologist.


It is simply assumed that the state pathologist got the bodies parts from the Pentagon site, because of course, the government told us that Flight 77 crashed there - where else would the body parts come from!? But as I have shown, it is extremely unlikely that Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon, which makes the question of how the state pathologist got hold of body parts from the passengers a very interesting question.


Of course, we have not even touched on that most bizarre aspect of the Pentagon strike - the alleged final approach of Flight 77. Think about this:

The hijackers are a few thousand feet up in the air, they spot the distinctive shape of the Pentagon and decide, "that's our target". What do they do next?

Well, logic would suggest that they take the easy and most effective option and nose-dive the plane towards the center of the Pentagon, thereby maximizing the chances of actually hitting the building at such high speed and also causing the most damage.


But no, our intrepid "Arab terrorists" have a much more complicated plan:

They are going to fly the airliner at maximum speed just a few feet off the ground into the facade of the Pentagon; but not just any part of the facade. No indeed, these guys have a plan. Their specifically chosen "bull's eye" is the section of the facade of the Pentagon that had recently been reinforced and, due to the ongoing internal work, had a significantly reduced number of people in it. These nutty hijackers, consumed with rage and anger at America, its government, its military and its citizens, and determined to inflict as much carnage as possible, had somehow chosen the strongest part of the Pentagon which at the same time had the lowest concentration of people!

Now how's that for bad luck!

To carry out their bizarre plan, which appears designed to minimize death and destruction at the Pentagon rather than maximise it, and given that they realize that they are
very poor pilots, failing to possess the skills to master the controls of a single-engined cessna, our intrepid "terrorists" decide that they will execute a difficult fast descent from 7,000 feet combined with a 270 degree turn.

This done, they are now at a few hundred feet and in "line of sight" of the Pentagon up ahead of them. The only problem is that they are now confronted with a veritable obstacle course of cars, roads, bridges, buildings, trees etc between them and their target. Not to worry - they have Allah on their side after all.


By some miracle they manage to navigate the massive hulk of the 757 through down town Washington while flying at 500 mph and just a few dozen feet off the ground, getting lower all the time. They make just a little booboo and clip a couple of light poles on the way in, but despite this and the fact that their massive manual missile is just feet of the ground, they politely avoid messing up the Pentagon lawn and finally slam into their target at ground floor level.


Now that is one fantastical magical mystery of a story, worthy of inclusion in any children's fairy tale.


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Review the facts

Size of 757 matches the initial size of hole in the building - somewhere between 13 and 16 feet (757 is 13 feet wide/high)

Initial hole only fits the size of a 757 if you subtract the wings, twin 6 TON engines, and tail fin which somehow did not hit the building. Even then the fuselage would have had to slip into the building leaving a round hole that exactly conformed to the diameter and height of the cylindrical tube. In short, highly unlikely, not to mention the fact that the two 50 feet long wings with twin 6 TON steel engines somehow disappeared and could not be found in the wreckage outside the building.

Rims found in building match those of a 757

Rims - IF they were 757 rims - were quite possibly planted or were the rims from another type of aircraft.

Small turbine engine outside is an APU

Indeed, it may well be an APU. But as noted previously, a Boeing spokesman has confirmed that the APU was NOT the APU from a 757.

Same engine has been clearly stated to not match a Global Hawk engine

This is simply not true. No one has come forward to confirm or deny that the disk seen in photos from outside the Pentagon could have come from a Global Hawk. Given the small size of the disk, it is likely that it did not come from a large 757 engine but rather a smaller-engined aircraft. Like a Global Hawk.

Blue seats from 757 laying on ground in photos

The mangled blue debris could be anything and is inadmissible as conclusive "evidence" of any part of any aircraft.

Part of "American" fuselage logo visible in more than 1 photo

The only piece of debris showing part of lettering that appears similar to lettering on American airlines craft is pristine, no smoke or explosion damage and has not been accepted by US government as coming from Flight 77. It seems that CatHerder is not only pushing the government line but is going so far as to accept evidence that even the US government wont touch due to its obviously suspect nature.

Engine parts photographed inside match a Rolls-Royce RB211

Our author is a self-proclaimed non-expert in such matters yet sees fit to pronounce conclusively that mangled pieces of aircraft material are definitely parts of a specific aircraft engine. This alone should make any reader of this fine piece of disinformation wary.

Structural components photographed in wreckage match Boeing paint primer schemes

The primer is used on many aircraft.

Large deisel (sic) generator in front of building hit by a large heavy object

Diesel generator was probably moved by initial explosion as reported in early news releases.

Large deisel (sic) engine outside is spun towards the building - could not be result of bomb blast or missile explosion

Nonsense. See previous comment.

Multiple eye witnesses say they saw an airliner

Multiple eyewitnesses say they saw a private jet sized aircraft, others said it sounded like a missile.

Multiple eye witnesses say they saw an airliner hit the Pentagon

Multiple eye witnesses who announced that they saw an American airliners passenger jet were also government and mainstream media employees and their testimonies are therefore unacceptable.

60+ bodies, matching the passenger list and flight crew roster identified and returned to families from Pentagon wreckage

60+ bodies were not identified. DNA from all of the passengers was identified, which is actually an interesting point. How can it be that the impact and fire were allegedly so intense that they shredded into tiny pieces and disintegrated much of the plane, although not all of it, yet body parts from all passengers were recovered and identified?


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