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April 4, 2010

Updated May 9, 2010

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Dimitri Khalezov, a former officer of the Soviet nuclear intelligence, expressed his knowledge about the September 11, 2001 so-called terrorist attack on the United States.


In what appears to have been a 'revenge attack', which was organized by an elite man with grievances against some of the things the United States has done. What Americans saw on their televisions as the 911 reporting unfolds were attacks contrived by U.S. officials in high places when the plan became known to them so that the 'revenge attack' that the elite man had organized could to be masked and explained away by a scripted televised show.


The footage that everyone saw showing the plane crashing into the World Trade Center (WTC) was digitally put together by the team working for the elite man and fed to the U.S. television stations on September 11.


No planes crashed into the WTC; the terrorist attack was all make-believe. And that the U.S. officials were the ones who used the situation to begin launching fake wars in the Middle-East.


Read transcription excerpts below for more information regarding Dimitri's revelation interviews.



The Third Truth, by Dimitri Khalezov

"I seem to be the only person on this Planet who was able to provide satisfactorily explanation in regard to the WTC-1, 2 and 7 pulverizations, plus satisfactorily explanations regarding the Pentagon attack, anthrax letters, doomsday plane, the true nature of the 9/11 cover-up, and the rest of strange things that happened on that day.





My explanations have no flaws and I can answer any and every question about 9/11 that no other 'conspiracy theorist' could ever answer. I know the entire truth about 9/11 whether you like it or not.


To answer the second part of your questions:

Yes, I know the Chief Organizer (of 9/11) personally. Also before the 9/11. Moreover, I was so close to him that he did not invite anyone else but me alone to his early breakfast on the 12th of September 2001 (in Bangkok, while in the United States it was still the 11th of September) and there he shared a bottle from his collection of wines with me to celebrate the 9/11 event.

The chief organizer of 911 invites YOU and YOU only to a breakfast to celebrate the 911 attacks?

To continue answering your questions. Yes, it was only me alone who was invited and no one else, but it is not the main point of my story at all. The main point is that I know why the WTC was pulverized during its collapse and I can explain the process in precise detail, as well as explain in exact details any other parts of the 9/11 attack, including all seeming 'inconsistencies' which no one else could satisfactorily explain so far.

To be honest, I could tell you that a larger half of the Arab and Pakistani communities in Bangkok, not to mention Russian, Serbian, Iranian and others were openly celebrating the 9/11 event because it was love from first sight. The 9/11 attack was ugly judging from the point of view of the American people and from their obedient allies, but when it comes to the rest of the bipeds the 9/11 attack seems a bit beautiful in performance.

The US officials knew perfectly well who did the 9/11 and they even know WHY they were punished in such a manner. But they can not do anything against the real culprits, because it was them - the US officials, who did the most of the actual crimes related to the 9/11 event.


So, there is nothing to complain about.

What the chief organizer (Mike Harari) thinks about you now? I think he does not give a ####, neither do I. As I have told you the Americans can not even bring him (Mike Harari) to the court, because he did not do much in reality.

All he did was this: He rented offices on the necessary floors of the WTC twin towers and had explosives installed to imitate plane impacts and holes, plus he arranged for cameramen to film the 'planes' (he means the scenes with stand-in actors where the planes would then be digitally inserted into the video later, TBFWS Editor), plus he arranged for a missile with broken detonators to be fired into the Pentagon. Nothing more than that.

The US officials did the rest.

  • they shoot down two planes (with people onboard to publicly account for the WTC two explosions)

  • they brought remains of one plane to the Pentagon site

  • they demolished the twin towers (with human beings still inside and around)

  • moreover, they demolished the WTC-7 building

  • they sent unprotected workers to clean up 'ground zero'

  • they sent anthrax letters implying that they were sent by Saddam Hussein emissaries, etc, etc, etc...

Just compare the amount of guilt of the real 9/11 organizers and that of the US officials.


So, the real 9/11 organizer does not give a #### really. Because all the high-ranking US officials know who did it anyway and my book would not add to their knowledge. It would only add to the knowledge of the general public.

If you think I know the entire 9/11 story, of course I do not know the entire chain of events in precise details (such as, for example, the exact details of the plane 'hijackings' or the names of the low-ranking Freemasons involved in the setup, or the exact details of how exactly they pressed the red buttons and who exactly convinced them to do so and on which minute and second of the day)."

(TBFWS Editor: The 'red button' is a reference to the trigger device built into the World Trade Center foundation just incase the building had to be demolished at a future date. After the chief planner of 911 gave the orders to set off the explosives in both of the WTC top floors, orders were later given by U.S. officials to press the red button to bring down the buildings.)



Who Did 911?

"I also would like to remind you that I am a specialist in nuclear weapons, unlike many of you. It was my profession for several years. (Who did 911?) It is not so simple as you might think.


Because the Mossad did it firstly, but not alone, and secondly not in its entirety. It was only certain individuals from the Mossad, not the entire Mossad. And it is quite complicated, indeed, so it is not so easy to explain it in a few lines.


Besides, the Mossad did only the minor part of the job. French secret service, for example, did much more than the Mossad.


Besides, all those 'cameramen' and 'witnesses' who 'saw' planes were not Mossad operatives, they were members of the Freemasonic sect. As well as 'passengers', pilots, stewardesses and many other actors involved. (TBFWS Editor: He is referring to people who were part of the script during the 9/11 operation.)


It is really a very complicated operation and I don't know even 5% of its details.


Though I know some people from the Mossad and from the French secret services who were involved. I don't know for sure who exactly fired the missile and from what kind of ship it was fired from.


But I can assure you that this was done by the Freemasons."

The man who planned 9/11, his name is Mike Harari (now 82 or 83 years old) who is a retired counterintelligence specialist and former Deputy Chief of the Mossad; a former friend of the U.S. President Bush Senior and the former Deputy General Manuel Noriega - the Dictator of Panama.


A rare photo is posted below.






Nuclear Device For Building Demolition

Many years ago Rayelan Allen of RumorMillNews was told by her former husband Gunther Russbacher a CIA agent that a nuclear device was built into the United Nations foundation for its eventual demolition.


(And here we have Dimitri Khalezov of Russia revealing that it is standard policy in the United States to use such a device when constructing very large buildings.)

Dimitri replied:

"About the nuclear device under the U.N. building, I did not know that before, but it sounds reasonable to me. Because since the Controlled Demolition Inc. has patented nuclear technique for demolition, it would be reasonable to expect that they would promote it to get more contracts to secure more work for the future. This is capitalism, after all and everyone is after profits...


It should be noted that the nuclear weapons manufacturers are not 'commercialized' and to use nuclear devices on some commercial projects is a rare opportunity for them to get into some commerce too. So, why not use such an opportunity? So, I would not be surprised at all if this is true as reported by Russbacher.


Moreover, since the publication of my 9/11 movie, I've read even stranger news on the Internet regarding a Japanese architect who claimed that at least two skyscrapers in Japan also have nuclear devices installed under them by the Controlled Demolition Inc. (not surprising, considering that the initial architect of the WTC was a Japanese guy and he understandably brought this kind of idea back to Japan).


It looks awful, to be honest... I do remember that the U.N. building was promptly evacuated on 9/11 and it was also reported on television as a piece of important news."

An alternative for the 'Dimitri Khalezov Telephone Interview' in below video:





911 Nuclear Demolition

Telephone interview to Dimitri Khalezov





Something mysterious has happened to Dimitri's original Youtube channel.


Video links disabled by Israeli agent Owen Mark Le Winton:

All his videos were flagged to the 'private' setting and are no longer available to the public.


An imposter and obstructionist by the name of 'Owen Mark Le Winton' is claiming copyright on behalf of the Israeli government and Youtube believes him. Dimitri said that 'Big Brother' is extremely unhappy with his movie, and that hopefully the problem with the Israeli agent imposter Owen will be settled soon.


(Anyone can declare another person's work as their own on Youtube. And in this case they are helping an imposter to suppress and steal another person's original work).

"The Third Truth" by Dimitri Khalezov, Publisher:, ISBN: 1409288536; Edition: Paperback; 2009-11-25. (His book is not yet published. If you're interested in a copy, email us and your contact information will be sent to an agent of the publisher.)





Note: Is there a connection between the Somali pirates hijacking the Russian oil tanker, the Israeli Mossad and the Russian government? Rumor has it that the Israelis are involved in the Somali pirate setup. Are members of the Mossad sending a warning to the Russian government regarding the Dimitri Khalezov revelation videos?

Manuel Noriega Extradited To France

May 10, 2010


The U.S. extradited former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega to France on Monday, clearing the way for him to stand trial there on money laundering charges.


The former strongman, who had been held in a federal prison just outside Miami, was placed on an overnight Air France flight to Paris, according to a Justice Department official who spoke anonymously because he was not authorized to comment on the case.


Noriega was ousted as Panama's leader and put on trial following a 1989 U.S. military invasion ordered by President George H.W. Bush Sr. Noriega was brought to Miami and was convicted of drug racketeering and related charges in 1992.





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911 Nuclear Demolition

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