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Just as the Extraterrestrial Disclosure Project is receiving its full public airing, so a series of anomalies are appearing concurrent to the WTC event. Whilst the "unknown" object may still receive a regular explanation, as of yet, the "missile" sequence is more than intriguing...

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Damian Barna sent an e-mail stating,

"In the shots of the plane crash on the World Trade Center I spotted a UFO. It is in the PAX version of the shot. For a few seconds the camera focuses on the UFO while searching the skies for planes. I think, that I have it on tape, but need to check my file. Watch the footage closely, there is a cigar shaped ship off to the right when the second plane crashes from the left to the right. There is a shot from ground level.

The footage shows what appears to be a cigar shaped cloud, but I know better I have learned to recognize the dimensions of the cloud covered ships.

I will locate the footage on the tapes."

Thanks to Damian Barna

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Concurrent to this are what also appear

to be signs of a missile or some other possible anomaly.

(see below sequence of images)