11 - Apartheid And India's Caste System

Much has been made by the Committee of 300 about the "evils" of South Africa's separation of races policy. Yet, little or nothing has been said about India's rigid separation of classes in Indian society. Could it be that South Africa is attacked because it has the richest gold fields in the world, while India has only a few natural resources of any real worth?

Actively assisted by master deceiver Cecil John Rhodes, a servant of the Rothschild, began an agitation for "rights" was raised by the carpetbaggers and hordes of foreigners who flocked to the Transvaal when the discovery of gold was announced. What these vagabonds and fortune hunters demanded was the right to vote, the first of the "one man one vote" scams used to separate the Boer people and their descendants from their national sovereignty. The agitation was or chestrated by the Rothschild-Rhodes political machine in Johannesburg and carefully controlled by Lord Alfred Milner out of London.

It was obvious to the Boer leaders that by allowing the newcomers to vote, their government would be swept aside by the hordes of foreign adventurers who had descended upon them. When it became clear that the Boer leaders were not going to meekly allow their people to become disenfranchised by the political demands for "one man one vote, plans for war, which had been a year in the making while Queen Victoria's ministers and emissaries talked peace, burst on the scene.

Queen Victoria sent the mightiest army ever assembled up to that time to do battle with the tiny Boer Republics. It would take the most vivid imagination to believe that the Queen of England was concerned about non-voting rights for the fortune hunters and carpet-baggers swarming over the Boer republics. After three years of the most brutal conflict during which the British showed no mercy for Boer women and children, 25,000 of whom perished in the first concentration camps ever to be established.


The Boers, largely undefeated on the battlefield were obliged to come to the conference table. At Vereeniging, where the conference was held, in an elaborate piece of deception, the Boers were stripped of everything that they stood for, including the vast riches that lay beneath the barren soil of their republics.

It is important to remember that the Boers were a devout Christian nation. Queen Victoria's Illuminati-Gnostic-Cathari-Bogomil ministers and counselors were determined not only to defeat the Boers militarily, and take over the mineral wealth of their republics, but to crush them and wipe out their language and culture. Chief architect of this criminal enterprise was the haughty, aristocratic Lord Alfred Milner, who in 1915 financed the Bolsheviks and made possible the "Russian" revolution. The British banished Paul Kruger, the venerable State President of the Transvaal along with most of his ministers and those who had led the armed struggle against British imperialism. This was the first recorded instance of such barbaric treatment carried out by a supposedly civilized nation.

The reason why blatant, rampant apartheid was, and still is, allowed to flourish in India, is because India is the home of the New Age religion, which is favored by the Black Nobility of Venice and the oligarchists of Britain. The New Age religion is squarely based on the Hindu religion. Theosophist high-priestess Annie Besant, is credited with having adapted the Hindu religion to New Age ideas after going to India in 1898.

The idea of "one man, one vote," in which apartheid is cast as the villain, has no place in United States history. It was merely a ruse to convince the world that the United Nations was concerned about the welfare of the South African black tribes. (The blacks are divided into 17 tribes and are not a homogeneous nation of united people.) The anti-apartheid clamor was raised to cover the real goal, that being to seize full control of South Africa's vast mineral riches, which will now pass to the Committee of 300. Mandela will be cast aside as a worn out tool which has served its purpose, when this has been accomplished.

The U.S. Constitution does not provide for "one man, one vote" an observation that may be lost in the shouting over the "evil of South Africa's apartheid" as Mandela likes to call it Representation in the U.S. Congress is determined by population counts taken by the Census Bureau in given areas once every ten years, and not on the basis of "one man one vote." That is why there is widespread gerrymandering of boundaries every four years. It is the number of people within these boundaries who then choose their representative.

It may be that liberal politicians desire a black or Hispanic representative for a given area; one they hope will vote with them on their liberal agenda. But their may not be enough black or Hispanic voters in the area to make the necessary change, so liberal politicians will try to get boundaries altered, even by the ridiculous subterfuge of linking two areas separated by as much as 100 miles through a narrow corridor between the two areas. The idea is that if blacks or Hispanics in the targeted area are in a minority, then create a majority by linking two areas, who will elect a black or Hispanic representative beholden to the liberals in the House and Senate.

All during the clamor over apartheid the British press took good care to conceal a far greater apartheid which preceded South Africa by hundreds of years: the Indian caste system which remains in place to this very day and is still rigidly enforced.

Beginning with the British incursion into India in 1582, the Sufis were used to split the Moslems and Sikhs and set them against each other. In 1603, John Mildenhall arrived in Agra seeking concessions for the English East India Company, founded in London on Dec. 31,1600. The company changed its name to the British East India Company, and used its agents to break the power of the Sikhs, who opposed the caste system, In 1717, BEIC bribery and deceptive diplomacy and gifts of medical supplies were enough to secure vast concessions from the Moguls, who also exempted the BEIC from taxation on revenues derived from poppy-growing and raw opium making.

By 1765, Clive of India, a legendary figure in the British occupation of India had taken full control of the richest poppy fields in the world in Bengal, Benares and Bihar, exercising control of the collection of revenues from the Moguls. By 1785, the opium trade was firmly in the grip of the BEIC under Sir Warren Hastings. One of Hastings's Indian "reforms" was to secure all poppy-growing lands and bring them under his control. This included the making of raw opium.

The British crown extended the BEIC charter for another 30 years after representations were made in Parliament in 1813. In 1833 Parliament again extended BEIC's charter for another 20 years. Seeing power slipping from their grasp, the Indian upper caste began to rebel against British rule through the BEIC. To forestall this, the British prime minister deceived Indian leaders by having the Government of India Act passed on August 2,1856. The Act ostensibly transferred all BEIC assets and lands in India to the British crown. This diplomatic move was pure diplomacy by deception, because in essence, nothing had changed. BEIC was the Crown.

Prime Minister Disraeli carried the deception a step further when in 1896, athis instigation, parliament declared Queen Victoria "Empress of India." In the same year, famine killed more than 2 million lowercaste Indians. Altogether, during British (BEIC) rule, more than 6 million lower-caste Indians died of famine. Nothing remotely resembling this disaster ever occurred in South Africa. In the CIA-instigated "Sharpeville" riots, there was world-wide uproar and condemnation of South Africa, when less than 80 black rioters were killed by security forces. The blacks were incited to riot by outside forces, not realizing that they were being used.

The "Jati" caste system operating in India is based 100 percent on race. At the top of the pyramid are the Aryans (white with blue eyes, believed to be the descendants of Alexander the Greaf s occupation of the country.) Directly under them are the Brahmins in varying shades of white to light brown. Brahmin priests are drawn from this caste. Below the Brahmins come the warriors and rulers, called Kshatriyas, who are also very light-skinned. Below the Kshatriyas are the Vaisyas class, consisting of minor officials, merchants, traders, craftsmen and skilled workers. They have darker skins.

Then come the Sudras or unskilled workers, those who don't have a plumbing, electrical, auto mechanic or other trade. Then, at the very broad base of the power pyramid come the "Harijans," literally meaning "outcasts," collectively known as "Pariahs." They are also known as "untouchables", and they have very dark to black skins.


The blacker their skins, the less "touchable" they are. In 1946 Lord Louis Mountbatten (Battenburg) directly representing the Committee of 300, offered India full independence, a subterfuge to quell serious rioting over continued famine that took the livers of hundreds of thousands of Harijans. This was largely ignored by the Western press. As a further empty gesture, "untouchability" was declared illegal one year later, but the practice continued as though the law had never been passed.

"Untouchability" was the most cruel of all of India's rigid caste system. It meant that the Harijans were not allowed to ever touch those in other castes above them, even by accident Should this happen, then the upper class person so offended, had the right to have the Harijan offender killed. The system of rigid separation was not only a class measure, but was also to prevent the spread of diseases rampant among the Harijans.

The Harijans are the largest racial group in India, and for centuries they have been shockingly mistreated and abused. When political changes are desired, this group provides the canon fodder, their lives considered of little or no value. We saw a demonstration of this when the Harijans were used to destroy an ancient Moslem mosque in India to bring about political changes in the Indian government This evil is seldom if ever mentioned in the Western press or any television programming.

Unfortunately for the blacks, they are but pawns in a game. Their importance will end once the Committee of 300 has achieved its goal and Mandela is cast aside like a worn out tool that has served its purpose. The Global 2000 population reduction program will then be applied to them in earnest.


They deserve a better fate than the one planned for them by Mandela's controllers; the Oppenheimers and the Committee of 300.


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