9 - Yugoslavia in Focus

That Serbia has always been a trouble-maker in the Balkans can be seen from the event that led to the First World War. That event was the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand on June 28,1914, while on a visit to Sarajevo. The assassin, Gavrilo Princip, who, together with his accomplices, acted for the Serbian secret society known as "Union or Death" (the Black Hand) was founded in 1911 by Serbia and was used to foment agitation against Austria on behalf of Serbian territorial claims.

The Serbian government knew all about the plot, and did nothing to prevent it. Europe was outraged by the crime, especially in the light of the years of intolerable activity by Serbia. On July 5, 1914, Count Alexander Hoyos was sent to Berlin and said "...I am here to settle for once and for all the problems of constant Serbian agitation and to demand justice for Austria." What was revealed by the Hoyos visit was that Serbia was a real problem, a troublemaker of the first waters, bent on acquiring territory and setting up a Serbian dynasty.

On July 23 1914, Austria delivered a written ultimatum to Serbia:

  1. Dissolution of publications and organizations engaged in hostile anti-Austrian propaganda.

  2. Dismissal of officials accused by Austria of anti-Austrian activities.

  3. Cessation of anti-Austrian propaganda in schools.

  4. Collaboration with the Austrian government in fixing responsibility for the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand.

  5. Judicial proceedings against those responsible for the plot

  6. The arrest of two Serbian officials known to be involved.

It becomes clear upon examining the history of the period that the Serbs were devious to a degree unknown before in the Balkans. Even before making its response, the Serbs mobilized for war against Austria. Their official response looked on the surface to be conciliatory, but upon close examination, was actually a rejection of Austrian demands.


Serbia had also secretly obtained assurances from Russia that it would not permit Serbia to be attacked, and privately, Serbia received the same promise from the British government.

On July 28, 1914, Austria declared war on Serbia, followed by a bombardment of Belgrade, with Germany urging occupation of Serbia. There followed declarations of war by scores of other nations:

  • August 1, Germany on Russia.

  • August 3, Germany on France.

  • August 4, Great Britain on Germany.

  • August 5, Montenegro on Austria.

  • August 6, Serbia on Germany.

  • August 6, Austria on Russia.

  • August 8, Montenegro on Germany.

Afterward, there was an explosion of declarations of war, Japan on Germany, Serbia on Turkey, Bulgaria on Serbia, culminating in 1918 with Guatemala on Germany, Nicaragua on Germany and Austria, Costa Rica on Germany, Haiti and Honduras on Germany. Russia was unfortunately not able to see the broader picture: that it was being set up by Great Britain for the coming Bolshevik Revolution, and Tsar Nicholas walked right into the trap which the devious Serbs and the even more dubious British had laid for him.

On May 7, 1915, at the instigation of Great Britain, the allies gave Serbia a guarantee of the eventual acquisition of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which included a guarantee of "wide access to the Adriatic." Herein lies the root cause of Serbian aggression against these states which, in 1993, is threatening to once again engulf Europe in a devastating war. Throughout the four decades of unrest, terrorism, war and Serbian territorial ambitions can be seen the hand of the British Black Nobility, personified by Sir Edward Grey, the man most responsible for dragging the United States into the First World War. Today the players are Lord David Owen, Lord Carrington, Cyrus Vance and Warren Christopher.

On Dec. 18, 1916, the so-called Wilson proposals were made public, among which was the British government's demand that Serbia and Montenegro be restored. In the light of U.S. intervention on the side of Great Britain in 1916, we should not be surprised at the present agitation to get the United States involved, through the dispatch of the Council on Foreign Relations Secretary of State Warren Christopher, to create a wider war in the Balkans. It has all been done before.

A short history of Yugoslavia reveals the presence of the British oligarchical machinations. On July 20,1917, under tremendous pressure from the League of Nations forerunner of the United Nations, and from Britain and Italy, the Fact of Corfu was signed by Croatians, Serbs and Montenegrans. To the Serbs, signing the pact meant the first step toward a Serbian dynasty in the Balkans, in which the Hapsburgs would play a crucial role. Croatians, backed by the Catholic Church, opposed the pact, but were powerless to prevent its implementation. Thus a single nation under a Serbian dynasty took a step closer to becoming a reality.

On Nov. 3, 1918, Germany was forced to accept defeat in the First World War, thanks to U.S. military intervention, as planned by Grey, Col. House (Mandel Huis) and President Wilson. At the instigation of the British government, a "Yugoslavian Conference" was held at Geneva, and the kingdom of Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia was pro claimed on Dec. 4, 1918. The Serbs immediately began acts of aggression against Croatia in attempts to assert their rights to Croatian territory, in spite of what they had signed in Geneva.


On Nov. 26, 1917, the Montenegrans proclaimed union with Serbia and Prince Alexander accepted the new state. The history of this region from this point on sets out rather clearly all the deceit, dissembling and outright lying which led to the present conflict, in which the British government played a leading role.


As I have so often stressed, the enemy of free people everywhere is not so much Communism, but the secret all-powerful upper-level parallel government in Washington, which, in fact, has always regarded Communists everywhere as allies, while never admitting that Communism and Socialism were created in Great Britain and the United States.

Nowhere is this more in evidence than in Yugoslavia and South Africa. The Babylonian monetary system, falsely called "capitalism," is a far greater threat to Western civilization than the doctrines of Karl Marx, since it creates global conditions and then manipulates them for their One World Government New World Order masters for the benefit of the international bankers.

This tyrannical oligarchical bloc was established decades ago to strip nations of their sovereignty, cultural heritage and natural resources. In the case of South Africa, the Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902), it took the form of mass genocide and was an attempt to crush the Dutch language and the Christian religion of the people. This was combined with wholesale theft of massive amounts of gold, diamonds, platinum, titanium, iron ore and other metals and minerals.

The wheel of misfortune has gone the full circle in South Africa, with "Judas Iscariot" Pieter Botha selling his soul to the One World Government and "Kerensky" Willem De Klerk, betraying his people in a manner that would have made Benedict Arnold blush. The excuse in the case of South Africa, was "apartheid", the Biblical doctrine which advocated separation of races, while in India, the far worse caste system of separation, instigated by British occupation, was allowed to flourish undisturbed, as it does to this day. "Apartheid" in India is far more rigorous than anything seen in South Africa.

Based on the laughable concern for the welfare of the black population, a convicted felon. Nelson Mandela, whose crimes included burglary, terrorism, making bombs and treason, was suddenly made over into a national hero by the jackals of the media, as was his collection of fellow criminals led by Indian lawyers and Communist Joe Slovo. This will be the new government of South Africa, once De Klerk has handed over power to Mandela. The people of South Africa are only now waking up to the fact, with shock and horror, that Moscow played only a very minor role in their betrayal. The major players are Washington and London.

The supranational government, under the direction of the Committee of 300, uses its agenda on the destruction of the sovereignty of nations directly in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzogovina, and in the United States, where it is busy making the U.S. Constitution subservient to the United Nations Charter, treacherously and treasonably introduced by the CFR and passed by the U.S. Senate in 1945, with only five Senators on record as actually having read the treaty document.

Croatia, a 10,000 year old nation, was a victim of the same conspirators who have so greatly damaged the world. Under the pretext that it had sided with Germany in WWII, Croatia began to feel the heat of the poison-pen writers of the media in the United States. Despite a democratically elected government, despite its accepted sovereignty by the United Nations, the European Economic Community, the secret government of America set out to smash Croatia, which had only very reluctantly accepted the unity forced upon it by the "Allies" on Dec. 4, 1918.

Fully backed by Great Britain and the United States, the Serb plan palled for grabbing as much territory as possible so that eventually when the Serbs had what they wanted, the United Nations would be railed in to "adjudicate." This would be on the basis of territory held and occupied by Serbian nationals; hence the need to drive out Croatians and Muslims to the fullest extent the Serbs could get away with. Herein is the origin of "ethnic cleansing."

President George Bush made it clear where he stood on Nov. 9,1991:

"We see in Yugoslavia how the proud name of nationalism can splinter a country into bloody civil war."

This was the "line" of the British government also; national sovereignty must be relegated to the background of history for the sake of the New World Order.

Of all the Christian leaders, only Pope John Paul II had the courage to speak out against the Serbs, less than four days after Bush gave President Milosevic the green light. Many Protestant church leaders remained conspicuously silent:

"An end must be put to this tragedy which dishonors Europe and the world. In the last few days there have been attacks of incredible violence all over Croatia, but especially on Dubrovnik and Vukovar. In Dubrovnik, a hotel and a hospital full of refugees and wounded has been hit, among others. If s aggression, and it must end. I beg the Yugoslavian Army to spare the lives of defenseless civilians."

The Belgrade government's response was to escalate the shelling of civilian housing, churches, schools and hospitals, knowing full well that the Bush administration would take no action to stop the violence.

In one of his most insidious moves, Slobodan Milosevic called upon the United Nations to send "peacekeeping forces" to divide the two sides. This was accepted by the United Nations, which, through the stationing of its troops, tacitly accepted the land seized by the Yugoslavian military as now belonging to Serbia. The same treachery was repeated in Bosnia Herzogovina. Lord Carrington, the betrayer of NATO and Rhodesia, obligingly had the United Nations deploy its soldiers in what he called crisis areas thereby neatly fulfilling the Yugoslavian objective.

Ably assisted by Lawrence Eagleburger, Cyrus Vance and the Bush administration, Germany was threatened with economic reprisals if it moved to recognize the independence of Croatia and Bosnia-Herzogovina. Eagleburger, who was castigated by Congressman Henry Gonzalez because of his extensive financial links to the Belgrade Government, said that the United States should never allow any European nation to recognize Croatia and Bosnia-Herzogovina's independence. Vance, fulfilling a role in the plan drawn up by the Inter-Religious Peace Colloquium held in Bellagio, Italy in 1972, announced that it was "too dangerous" to recognize the independence of Bosnia and Croatia, but Vance did not say what he really meant: that it was really "too dangerous" for the New World Order-One World Government.

Pope John Paul II put a spoke in the Bush plan by letting it be known that he would "send a message to the Republics recognizing their independence." The announcement sent Shockwaves through the Committee of 300 and the Washington and London establishments, helping persuade Germany to recognize Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Serbian leader Milosevic dropped "Yugoslavia" in favor of "Greater Serbia." All Serbian regular and irregular military units are now concentrated on taking over the maximum territory before the United States and Britain are forced by public pressure to make a feeble attempt to call a halt to his villainous actions. The model on which Milosevic based his territorial ambitions is the one formulated by the British during the 1923 Lausanne conference, where a plan for the mass expulsions of the civilian population of Greece and Turkey was accepted and caused thousands of deaths. It is also an almost carbon copy of how Lebanon was carved up.

The Bush administration, fully aware of the Serbian strategy, went along with it. Both Britain and the United States closed their eyes to the slaughter going on in the Balkans, where mass genocide and acquisition of territory is occurring so fast, that unless an immediate stop is put to Milosevic's advance, it will be too late. There have been some changes; whereas in Croatia, most of the population was driven out, now, in Bosnia, especially in the Muslim areas, citizens are being willfully slaughtered.

The refugee problem is being taken care of by death on a scale not seen since WWII. Entire villages and small towns have been destroyed, their inhabitants, old and young, shot down, or deliberately hit by shell and mortar fire.


French intelligence sources told me that,

"almost 68 percent of Bosnia is in danger of being eliminated, people, churches, schools and homes. This is the worst kind of terror we have experienced in the past seventy years."


''What about the U.N. troops" I asked, "what are they doing to protect the Bosnians? Isn't that what they are supposed to be there for?"


My source said "U.N. forces are actually working on the side of the Serbs, who are not supposed to be fighting inside captured Bosnian territory, patrolled by the U.N., but the Serbs simply uses U.N. troops as a shield. U.N. forces on the other hand, prevent the Bosnian forces from retaking territory lost to the Serbs; U.N. forces stand in their way, but do nothing to prevent Serbian forces from attacking from behind the blue helmets."

The Serbians used the so-called "demilitarized zones" to move in heavy artillery and tanks. Bosnian leaders are now sure that the U.N. forces are promoting Lord Carrington's Lausanne plan: while Lord Owen talks "peace", the Serbs brush past the U.N. forces.

Everything that the United States and Britain have done up to now, including the mockery of so-called "sanctions" against Serbia, has been a plus for Milosevic; he was able to tell Serbians that they are the victim of "British and U.S. aggression," while not suffering any deprivation from toothless sanctions. Even the "Washington Post" admitted that sanctions are not making any difference, and concluded that fighting will not stop until the Serbs have satisfied their territorial ambitions.

As always in the case of world political strategy, the British government leads the way when it comes to inflicting pain and suffering on other nations. Lord Carrington, a former "negotiator" whose black record of treason and treachery could fill two volumes, claims that "both sides are lying," the oldest trick in the book used to distort truth.


The London "Daily Telegraph" said that no aid of any kind should be given to Bosnia, not even food:

"It just makes it easier for them to go on fighting. They'd stop sooner if we left them to starve and die of their wounds or disease. You've got to be cruel to be kind. There are times when if s a rough decision to sit by and see others suffer, but it is the right one all the same."

The British government should know. During the Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902), when they were unable to defeat an insignificant irregular Boer force, Lord Kitchener rounded up all Boer women and children, put them in concentration camps, and left them to die of starvation and disease. Some 25,000 Boer women and children perished, which by comparison, would have meant that 17-18 percent of the U.S. population would have succumbed to the barbarity. Apparently, Lord Carrington and Lord Owen are repeating the Kitchener tactic in Bosnia and Croatia.

One thing is sure: a coward at heart like all bullies, Milosevic would never have dared to destroy human life and property unless he knew that he would not be stopped and suffer no reprisals from Britain and the United States. Milosevic has no intention of ending the fighting until he has captured 100 percent of Bosnia-Herzogovina. Unless he is stopped soon, the fighting is likely to spill over into Kosovo, which is an ethnic Albanian region.

Turkey has already pledged to come to the aid of Muslims if Kosovo is attacked. Turkey would use its pact with Albania as a justification of such an action. If this happens, the danger of war engulfing all of Europe will be that much greater, because refugees would flood into Macedonia, which has a substantial Albanian-Muslim population. If Turkey does come to the aid of Muslims, we can expect Greece to object, thus laying the groundwork for rapid escalation into a major war.

Right now, Macedonia is being treated to "Perfidious Albion" strategy, which means that everything that can be done is being done to undermine the Macedonian government, which was democratically elected on Sep. 1,1991, and received its new constitution on Nov. 17, 1991. From intelligence reports I have been receiving, it appears as though political isolation is being encouraged from London, which will make it easier for the Serbian population to call for help, opening the door for an attack by the Serbian Army on Macedonia. My intelligence source told me "this is almost certain to occur once Bosnia is finished off."

The Owen-Carrington-Vance peace plan for Bosnia is a grisly farce. It will accomplish for the Serbs what they set out to do, without further loss of life to them. The plan calls for the partitioning of Bosnia, giving the Serbs a greater share of Bosnia, without the slightest guarantee that once signed and peace is declared, the Serbs wont return to mop up what is left of the Bosnians and, especially, end its centuries old Muslim presence.

Lord Carrington expressed his disdain for the people of Bosnia Hezegovina in the "Times" of London on May 13,1992:

"If people want to fight, there are only two options. Either let them fight, or separate them forcefully. This implies that Bosnia and Croatia elected to fight Serbian aggression for no valid reason, with Serbia as the aggressor, and that this is a family quarrel, or, a civil war."

This is not a fight, it is an attempt by Croatia and Bosnia to prevent their land being taken from them and their people and culture obliterated.

We can fairly well deduce that Great Britain has been in charge of Balkans operations since before the First World War. It is said that MI6 actually runs many countries, and this is no exaggeration. How is this done? Mainly through deep cover intelligence work authorized by the British monarch, which at present, is Queen Elizabeth II.

MI6 answers only to the monarch, and Queen Elizabeth II has been far more active than most in the affairs of MI6. Of course she can do this, because the funding conies entirely from her purse. Queen Elizabeth gets briefed by "M" Section of MI6 on a daily basis, which makes her better-informed than the President of the United States. Her interest in the Balkans, as a British operation, is unquestionable.

In the present Yugoslavian operation which began in early 1984, British intelligence is in complete control. In preparation for coming events, large amounts of gunpowder were ordered for Yugoslavia from South Africa which, at that time, made the best quality gunpowder in the world. Much of South Africa's production went to Iran in 1984, but then, on orders from someone in London, Yugoslavia began siphoning off substantial quantities from these shipments for its own use. Intelligence reports to which I was privy revealed that the financial side was handled by Arbuthnot Latham Bank in London, for both the Iranian and Yugoslavian shipments. The build up in arms went on in the years leading up to the "constitutional crisis" in Yugoslavia.

The "constitutional crisis" arose at the instigation of MI6 on May 15, 1991, with Milosevic, his MI6-trained "Bolsheviks" and a militant faction in the Serbian Army blocking the system of collective State Presidents, rotated between Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia. This happened at at the time when it was the turn of Croatia's Stipe Mesic to take up the post.

This action also blocked the move for a constitutional agreement to be signed by all of the parties to make four separate republics, as demanded by popular elections. Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Macedonia had agreed to become a confederation of states. Had this happened, MI6 control would have been considerably weakened. The intention of Milosevic acting on MI6 instructions, was to start a war in which Serbia, with the strongest military, could grab territory which did not belong to it.

Mesic went on Belgrade Radio to denounce the inflammatory move by Milosevic:

"This is not an inter-ethnic conflict, but a crisis provoked by Bolshevik-Serbian expansionism."

These prophetic words went right over the heads of most Western leaders and the people of the world; to them it was just a storm in a teacup, and not the beginning of the Third World War. Even at that juncture, all was not hopeless; Serbia was isolated with only the support of Montenegro, and it looked as if MI6 might be thwarted.

As has been a Committee of 300 custom for years, the United States stepped into the conflict in order to do the dirty work for the British. Bush intervened in Yugoslavia just as he did in the Gulf War. On May 20, 1991, Bush announced that all U.S. aid to Yugoslavia would be suspended. Bush knew too well that his action would destabilize a delicate situation and bring on a shooting war, yet he persisted on the specious grounds that "Yugoslavia is conducting severe repression in Kosovo." Even the timing of the announcement was highly suspect - Serbia was then in its third year of violence against the non-Serbians in Kosovo - a pattern it was to follow in Croatia and Bosnia, and will soon follow in Macedonia.

What was the reason for the created crisis?


The British government wanted to prevent German trade expansion into the Danube Basin, as well as bring about a restructuring of the Balkans into small states that would be easy to control. As the crisis widened, Russia issued a warning that the Balkans could once again become the tinderbox that could spark a major war in Europe. Addressing its comments very pointedly toward London, Moscow said,

"there is a very fine line between good offices and interference in internal affairs."

By now seemingly of little import to the West, Serbian-backed guerrillas began attacking Croatia, with Moscow's blessing. Bluntly stating that Russia would oppose any moves to support independent states, Moscow warned that,

"to enter on one side of the conflict would mean coming into conflict with others inside and outside of Yugoslavia, a conflict which could grow into an all-European one."

Moscow went on supplying military backing for the Serbs.

Germany said that "attempts to change borders by force are totally unacceptable" and hinted that Britain, Russia and the United States were trying to help carve out a Greater Serbia, a very factual observation. Bush had met with Gorbachev just before the German statement was made in August. Yet in spite of every warning that a major war was in the making, the United States and Britain did nothing to so advise their people, nor did they take any action to halt Serbian expansionist acts of war.

On August 6, Dutch Foreign Minister Van den Broek issued a dire warning to his European colleagues:

"Our mission in Yugoslavia has failed. At the moment, there is nothing that we can do here, but we want the world to know that it was the Serbian side that has been responsible for the collapse of the talks. Yugoslavia now faces tragedy and catastrophe."

What Van den Broek did not say was that the Serbian intransigence was secretly backed by London, Washington and Moscow. The principal intriguer for the United States was Vance. The flames of the Third World War were rising higher and faster, yet no one seemed to be paying any attention to the danger.

Top secret intelligence information shown to me describes the Serbian-British expansionist plans more or less as follows:

The Serbians would launch an assault and carve out new borders with Croatia-Slovenia. The town of Vinkovci, an important rail center, would be the focal point of the attack. This would displace 170,000 Croatians and leave room to move in Serbians to expand the existing Serbian population of 29,000. This is what happened: the first "ethnic cleansing" had begun, without any real protest from London or Washington. How could there be any, after all it was done in conformity with U.S.-British strategy for the Balkans.

The British plan, designed by MI6, supports a "Greater Yugoslavia" which would seek a return to pre-1915 borders in the Balkans. I will say that 1915 was the optimum year in the Serbian war against Austria, a war which resulted in considerably expanded Serbian boundaries, and all MI6 is doing is picking up from where it left off in 1915.

British intelligence told Milosevic to drop the Communist label and immediately begin to push a Serbian homeland, which is what the media jackals in the United States also did. In the first step toward implementing the British plan, the towns of Karolbag, Karlovac and Virovitica were overrun by Serbian irregulars under the command of Vojslav Seselj, who committed all kinds of atrocities and then told a London newspaper,

"... the Croats must move or die... We don't want any other nationalities on our territories, and we will fight for our true borders."

In all of this, the CIA apparently closed its eyes, as did the Bush administration. Had resolute action been taken by the United States at that point, there would have been no further "ethnic cleansing." Can we imagine the CIA and the Clinton administration closing its eyes if White South Africa adopted Milosevic's tactics and drove the black tribes to their homelands with great violence and bloodshed?

No doubt there would be a world-wide outcry, and we would see the United Nations, Britain and the United States rush troops to South Africa, quicker than the blinking of an eye. The hypocrisy of these powers in their dealings with Serbia and South Africa is atrocious.

There is no doubt that there was no action to stop Serbian atrocities and land grabbing because of Zionist pressure. The Zionists hope to use mass population transfers to solve what they call "the Palestinian problem." Zionist writer Sholomo Tadmor had expressed such an opinion, and quoted as support for his views, the mass transfer of Hindus and Muslims at the time of the separation of Pakistan and India, overseen by Lord Louis Mountbatten. Mountbatten was assassinated, some say with the foreknowledge of MI5, because his alleged homosexual activities were becoming an embarrassment to Queen Elizabeth. "Uncle Dicky" it was alleged, was coming out of the closet a little too often, and refused to heed the advise of MI5 to be more circumspect about his private life.

Serbian ties with Zionism play an important role in the tragedy prophesied by Dutch Foreign Minister Van den Broek. The savage attacks on Germany and Croatia, specifically the "Nazi" epithets hurled at Croatian President Tudjman and German Chancellor Kohl speak volumes. According to my intelligence contact, European efforts to bring about a workable solution to the problem "were sabotaged from the inside by Britain and sources in Jerusalem." Apparently the British method of a balance of powers in France, Russia, Turkey and the United States is the predetermined course.

By September of 1991, it had become perfectly clear that the Serbs intended carving up Croatia and Bosnia-Herzogovina, which would be followed by an "ethnic cleansing" of Macedonia. British intelligence reports made it clear that the Balkans program was on track and proceeding according to plan. All demands to halt Serbian aggression by European Community foreign ministers in Brussels were studiously ignored by Milosevic, Whitehall and Washington.

My intelligence source said that not one of the European leaders dared to disclose that their hands were tied when James Baker III and British foreign secretary Douglas Hurd gave Milosevic the green light to launch a full-scale assault on Bosnia-Herzogovenia.

"The European ministers know very well that it is an exercise in futility to try and stop the Serbians, who know that they are backed by London and Washington, hoot at our proposals. Nothing can be done to stop the Serbian onslaught, unless British and American support is withdrawn."

No doubt this is an accurate statement: without British and U.S. tacit support, Milosevic would not have dared to commit the vile atrocities that have resulted in almost 250,000 dead, 2 million wounded and at least 4 million refugees. The Yugoslavian Serbian position is underpinned by American and British support.

History has proved that the secret government of Britain has an astonishing success record in achieving its goals through diplomacy by deception. I call to mind the negotiations over Palestine, which were fraudulent from beginning and controlled by the head of the Zionist Federation in Britain, Lord Rothschild.

In September of 1991, it was not Lord Rothschild, but his underling Lord Carrington, a confirmed Zionist, who stepped forward to negotiate in Yugoslavia. Carrington had gained excellent experience in wrecking Rhodesia, South Africa, NATO and Argentina. As master deceiver, Carrington's Sept. 7, 1991 European Community peace conference held at the Hague in Holland, was a loaded in favor of Serbia. What the conference achieved was a bolstering of Serbian aggression, allowing Serbia to redraw the boundaries of Yugoslavia to the advantage of a Greater Serbia.

By adopting an embargo in trade and economic affairs with Yugoslavia, the conference left it unstated that Croatia was being punished: the greater part of European trade with Yugoslavia is conducted by Croatia. Seeming to punish Milosevic, it was Croatia that felt the weight of the British-sponsored big stick. The peace conference for Yugoslavia was not supposed to be held unless the Serbs first stopped fighting, but when Milosevic thumbed his nose at the condition, the EC delegates went ahead with it anyway, a real political victory for the Butcher of Belgrade.

After the fraudulent conference, Italian Foreign Minister Gianni de Michelis who fervently supported the illegal Bush war against Iraq flagrantly backed Milosevic by posing the question:

"Would we really go to war in Yugoslavia? Would we die for Zagreb? Surely not"

On Sept 19, Lord Carrington, officially accepted that the conference was a failure. Of course, he did not say that it was planned to fail. How could it have been a success, when Carrington had refused to allow any preconditions to be set for the Serbs to meet with the other parties?

The British-American sponsored conference was designed to give the Serbian aggressors all the time needed to grab more land and kill more Croatians, Muslims and Bosnians. This is precisely what happened. Also, for the first time, the Yugoslavian Air Force launched air raids on civilian cities. Fighting continued throughout the conference without Lord Carrington once chiding Milosevic for his conduct. It was an almost exact replay of conditions in Rhodesia: while Carrington talked "peace" and the Rhodesian forces held their fire, Communist Robert Mugabe continued his murderous assaults on women and children in isolated communities, with never a word of criticism from Carrington.

My intelligence source told me that Carrington threatened Germany with "economic reprisals" if it stepped out of line and offered real support to the Croats and Bosnians. Lord Carrington laid down his own secret ruling for a U.N. "peacekeeping" force. After the conference, Chancellor Kohl requested a meeting with George Bush. His request was granted on the condition that talk of military intervention or financial sanctions against Belgrade not be brought up. The only thing Bush agreed to was that a peacekeeping force be placed along the lines between Croatia and Serbia, thus giving de facto recognition to Serbian occupation of Croatian territory.

Primed by the British, Milosevic rejected even such a meaningless gesture against Serbia, saying that he resented "any foreign military presence." Kohl was warned that if Germany made any waves, it could start a major war in the Balkans that could quickly spread to all of Europe. What Bush did not want to recognize, was that such a war was already well into its stride, and that nothing would be allowed to stop it from occurring.

Thus, as the diplomats jawboned, Croatians, Muslims and Bosnians continued to bleed. Adding his support to the farce, Bush dispatched long-time Illuminati member and top servant of the Committee of 300 Cyrus Vance to negotiate yet another round of peace talks. Arriving in Belgrade on October 9, Vance, an original member of the Inter Religious Peace Colloquium held in 1972 which laid down the basis for the current actions taking place in Yugoslavia got maximum peace coverage from the media.

All that transpired from Vance's visit was that the U.S. State Department told Americans in Yugoslavia to leave the country and reduced consular staff at its embassy in Zagreb. Vance's weapons embargo against the Serbs was again, a total fraud, because he knew that the Belgrade government had laid up big stocks of gunpowder for its artillery, and that its own flourishing weapons industry would not be dented by an American-sponsored embargo. As in the case of the economic embargo, it was the Croatians, Muslims and Bosnians who were severely hit by the arms embargo. A more cruel piece of diplomacy by deception would be hard to find.

On Nov. 6, 1991, German Chancellor Helmut Kohl could contain himself no longer. Defying the gag order placed on him by Lord Carrington and George Bush, Kohl told the Bundestag (Parliament) that it was necessary to immediately recognize the independent republics of Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzogovina. Kohl was spurred on by the third rejection of a European peace plan by Milosevic.

My intelligence source told me that Kohl was outraged by the tactics of Lord Carrington, whose pro-Serbian edicts got more and more brazen. Carrington had told Milosevic that there would be no demand for Serbia to respect the Albanian-dominated Kosovo region. Carrington there and then gave the green light for the Serbians forces to attack Kosovo, and then march into Macedonia.


Kohl had privately discussed with his intelligence chiefs the prospect of freezing all Yugoslavian assets in German banks, and forcing German investors to My intelligence source told me that when Kohl's secret discussions were "leaked" to Carrington, he flew into a rage and is reported to have warned Milosevic of what might be coining. Milosevic thereupon issued an urgent decree instructing the Yugoslavian Central Bank to deposit up to 95 percent of its foreign currency amounting to almost $5 billion in Swiss bank accounts. This was carried out within hours after the Carrington "tip" was received in Belgrade.

Unsatisfied with the damage he had already done to the independent republics of Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bush, most probably on the instructions of the Royal Institute for International Affairs, traveled to The Hague. On November 9, he addressed delegates from the European Community. Declaring "there is no place for these old animosities in the new Europe, and what we see now in Yugoslavia is how the proud name of nationalism can splinter a country into civil war." Bush then berated Croatia for wanting its independence.

Continuing his attack on Croatia, Bush declared,

"...while the urgent work of democracy-building and market reform moves forward, some see in freedom's triumph a bitter harvest. In this view the collapse of Communism has thrown open a Pandora's box of ancient ethnic hatreds, resentment and even revenge... All of Europe has been awakened to the dangers of an old enemy nationalism animated by hatred, unmoved by nobler ends. This nationalism feeds on old stale prejudice teaches intolerance and suspicion, and even racism and anti-Semitism."

The tail-end is the key to the Bush speech: striving for independence must be equated with anti-Semitism. How the connection is made will not be clear to those who are not familiar with code-words and intelligence jargon. What was behind the message? Intelligence contacts of mine who specialize in code-words told me that the message was aimed at Germany, as a warning not to come to the rescue of Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia, lest it be mistaken for a rise in nationalism which would equated German attempts to help with "Nazism."

In the Canadian Parliament, the government was also obliged to show its hand. On Nov. 18,1991, Foreign Minister Barbara McDougall was forced to announce that there would be no recognition of the independent republics of Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Amid roars of rage from both sides of the house, McDougall said that she had been convinced by Carrington and Vance that recognition of the republics would be a wrong move. There were angry exchanges as the truly evil, deceptive, backstabbing role of both false "negotiators" was revealed.


Incredibly McDougall said,

"...recognition of Croatia, Bosnia and Slovenia at this time would signal the end of the negotiated process and would leave force and violence to settle the issue."

This is precisely the policy of the Serbians, and what they have always desired.

Meanwhile, the arms embargo against Yugoslavia continued to be a joke, as the Serbians kept receiving gun powder from Swedish merchants, and other arms not produced in Yugoslavia. There was no end to the weapons train. The Muslims received no arms and Bosnians received only small amount of rifles and grenades via Iran. These weapons are no match for Serbian artillery and tanks. The heavily armed Serbian Army proceeded with its campaign of "dead refugees." Croatia and Bosnia who had received 7,000 rifles and enough ammunition to last for 3 months, were pitted against Serbian 155mm artillery, mortars, heavy machine guns, grenade launchers, tanks and APCs.

The Geneva Convention was totally flouted by the Serbians, but then the United States cannot really complain on this score, for we did the very same thing in Iraq, if not worse. I do not know-of any incident to match the barbarous brutality of burying 12,000 Iraqi soldiers alive. Serbian heavy artillery has rained down a deadly barrage on churches (probably the number one target), hospitals, schools and even nursery schools. There was no doubt about the intention of the Serbians to terrorize, murder and maim as many civilians as possible.

The future of Bosnia-Herzegovina is undoubtedly very bleak; already the Serbian aggressors occupy 78 percent of the land mass and are daily driving all before them in a fearsome onslaught, while the United Nations dashes up and down side roads and does nothing to prevent the wholesale terror and slaughter of innocent people.


My intelligence source told me,

"[the United Nations is] totally discredited, they do nothing to help the civilian population, less still protect them from Serbian atrocities. The U.N. mission in Bosnia in particular is a sham and a disgrace."

Not satisfied with the havoc it has already wrought in Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Slovenia, the Council of Ministers of the Europeans Community met in Portugal on May 2, 1992 and immediately issued a statement declining to recognize the independence of the Republic of Macedonia. It was, in effect, the third time that destabilization forces from outside of Yugoslavia had stepped into the arena to ensure that Macedonia is the next target for Serbian aggression.

Macedonia is entitled to independence, as are all the Balkan states. It has territory, a sovereign people, a sovereign parliament, and the overwhelming support for independence expressed by the people in a referendum held on Sep. 18, 1991. The Assembly (parliament) was elected in November of 1990, and a new constitution was promulgated and accepted a year later.

So why is the European Council unwilling to recognize Macedonia's independence? The reason given is that Greece does not like the name "Macedonia," and this could be a cause for future conflict In the interim, the door is left wide open for Serbian aggression on the grounds that Macedonia is not a republic, but an integral part of Yugoslavia. I expect Macedonia to suffer the fate of Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, with the tacit approval of the United States, Britain and France. President Mitterand of France is determined to play a major role in Yugoslavia, even though he is a lame-duck president.

Thus the stage is set for ethnic cleansing in Macedonia, but this time it will escalate and spread to Albania and Hungary, invoking a strong possibility that Russia might step in which would mean the start of a major European war into which the United States will be dragged. Our forces will carry the main burden in men, equipment and financial costs.

This must not be allowed to happen. The American people must somehow be awakened to the diplomacy by deception which is going on, in spite of which the deception of the media, has given their full voice of support. There are many other alternatives that can be used to stop the war. Such measures were used successfully to topple the Shah of Iran, put severe pressure on South Africa, and destroy Iraq after the shooting had ended.

One principal weapon in the hands of the United States and Britain is financial control. Within a matter of days the Serbians could be forced to halt their aggression by placing a ban on trading in Yugoslavian currency, by freezing all Yugoslavian funds, wherever they are found and by imposing severe penalties (with teeth in them) for any nation trading with Serbian Yugoslavia. These measures, stringently applied, will do far more than any ground forces can do, and can be quickly implemented. Under no circumstances should the United States commit ground forces to the Balkans, as this would herald the start of a major European war.

Coupled with these financial and economic measures, the United States should give Serbia a three day period to remove its heavy artillery and mortars, after which time the United States, upon approval of Congress, should send in fighter-bombers, or retro-fitted cruise missiles to knock out Serbian gun emplacements.


The lame excuse that our pilots will not be able to find their targets does our armed services a great disservice. Given the high state of technological advances, especially in infra-red and laser imagery, there is no doubt that our pilots could find their targets in almost any kind of weather, day or night. The only thing that is stopping this kind of action is the unwillingness of Washington to act against the interests of Great Britain. The use of retro-fitted cruise missiles would also eliminate the possibilities of any U.S. casualties in the air.

defense intelligence experts say that it would take a force of 35,000 to 40,000 soldiers to end Serbian aggression. This is an absolute understatement designed to deceive the American people, who might be willing to consent to such a number of troops, but would balk at a larger force. The grand plan is to get our ground troops involved, either in Bosnia or (most likely) in Macedonia.


When the timing is right, we will be told that our ground forces are in danger of being overrun, and that another 50,000 troops are needed. On the face of it, who among us would say "no more troops, enough is enough." In this manner will the war be escalated. Now is the time to say "NO" to ground forces, and "YES" to air or cruise missile strikes to take out Serbian heavy artillery and mortars.

Such action will foil the grand design of British strategists who have long planned to keep Europe in subjugation economic and militarily using the political and military wings of NATO. There is no longer any need for deception once the game plan is known. It is a matter of putting a bold face on what has to be done. The clear intent of Washington and London is to force the New World Order on Europe, using the Serbians as surrogate terrorists to show other nations that NATO protection is still a vital necessity.

What the New World Order proponents are trying to establish is that there is a long-term trend toward anarchy when nationalist interests dominate. The continuing fragmentation of Europe, according to the IRPC 1972-Bellagio plan, was to show that peoples living together, whether in a majority or a minority, will always have differences and seek to end their differences in violent conflict Thus it is reasoned, the protection of a non-nationalist New World Order government is absolutely necessary, and indeed desirable.

A balance of power between nations, say the NWO strategists, won't solve the problem, because nations will always be suspicious of each other, fearing the one is trying to secure an advantage over the other. An example of this can be seen in relations between Japan and the United States which have deteriorated sharply over the past five years. A New World Order-One World Government will take care of the tensions and make them vanish, because the root cause of the problem is nationalist rivalry which would be removed.

This idealistic sham proposed by the New World Order will of involve mass transfers of large population groups, which, we are told will not he accompanied by bloodshed.

"You have seen what happened in Yugoslavia," the NWO strategists will say, "surely it is better to accomplish such transfers peacefully?"

They might point to the peaceful transfers of Hindus and Moslems and the Greeks and Turks; the latter at the end of the First World War. The truth is very different; millions of Hindus and Muslims died as did thousands of Greeks and Turks in these "peaceful" transfers.

"Perhaps" the NWO planners will say, "but the real benefit will come from a turning away from global politics."

In support of their theory, they point to the horrors of Yugoslavia, which they will promise, could never be repeated in a New World Order-One World Government They point to Europe's inability to bring about a cessation of hostilities in Yugoslavia, promising that under a One World Government, such conflicts would not begin. If by some chance they did, they would be quickly smothered. Europe's gross failure to prevent the Yugoslavian conflict will be held up as a model of how the world should not be allowed to run its affairs in the future.

Under these circumstances, the collapse of Europe into a major war would be a big plus for the New World Order-One World Government. The French rushed to embrace Woodrow Wilson as a peacemaker and a savior when he arrived in Paris with his peace plan, and the deception is about to be duplicated. European nations and America will probably rush to embrace the New World Order-One World Government as the only hope for eternal peace.

Like Wilson's 14-point peace plan, what each of the nations will get is everlasting slavery and barbarity never before seen on earth. The Yugoslavian tragedy is a created tragedy, with much wider goals in the overall strategy. The brutality of the Serbians is all to the good, since daily it causes fear among the nations of Europe that they might be next, and when the moment arrives, they will have been sufficiently "softened up" to embrace their future slave-masters with open arms.

After vacillating for months, President Clinton promised to arm Bosnian Muslims. There were cries of outrage from London. With a single voice, the plan was denounced by Lord Owen, Lord Carrington and Cyrus Vance.


My intelligence source said the message received by Clinton from these worthies was that it,

"would be unwise to arm the Bosnian Muslims, as this would only tend to increase the level of violence that would block a peaceful settlement on which we are working."

As a result of this unseemly pressure on U.S. foreign policy, Clinton delayed the plan to help the Muslims defend themselves, a delay which will make it easier for the Serbian aggressors to go on murdering and land-grabbing. This is what "our" sovereign independent nation has come down to; we bow the knee to every demand that comes from the Committee of 300.

We do not know as yet which of the Black Nobility is controlling the Serbians, but it is a foregone conclusion that there is involvement by some of their top members. Lebanon is a good example of things to come in Bosnia, Croatia and Slovenia. The "civil war" in Lebanon was set in motion and controlled by Black Nobility members Prince Johannes von Thurn und Taxis, Lord Harlech (David Ormsby Gore) and Lord Carrington, acting in conjunction with Alexander Haig, Julian Amery, Henry Kissinger, Sir Edmund Peck, Nicholas Elliot, (MI6 station chief for the Middle East), Rupert Murdoch and Charles Douglas Home, among others.

This crime against Lebanon was characterized by the news media as civil war when it was nothing of the kind. The murderous Serbian onslaught against its neighbors is portrayed in the same way. Only this time the conspirators are being considerably more careful in covering their tracks in view of the way they were followed in Lebanon, which led to their exposure by myself and one other writer. Once I have the names of the behind-the-scenes controllers in Serbia, I will not hesitate to expose them.

As in Lebanon, the plan is to carve up the Balkans into a number of small, weak autonomous states which will not be able to offer any resistance to the plans of the New World Order-One World Government. If American and allied ground troops are sent to Bosnia and Macedonia, they will perform in the manner of the Allied Expeditionary Force which landed in Murmansk during the closing days of the First World War.

The deviousness of Lawrence Eagleburger and Brent Scowcroft companion in Yugoslavian business enterprises must be exposed, and the importance of Milosevic's Washington connections cannot be over stated.


The people of Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia will not receive any help from the world's only superpower, con trolled like a wimp by the Committee of 300 and its foreign affairs department, the Royal Institute of International Affairs.

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