by Maurice Joly


translated from the French by NOT BORED!

January 2008

from NotBored Website





First Part

  1. First Dialogue

  2. Second Dialogue

  3. Third Dialogue

  4. Fourth Dialogue

  5. Fifth Dialogue

  6. Sixth Dialogue

  7. Seventh Dialogue

Second Part

  1. Eighth Dialogue: The Politics of Machiavelli in Action

  2. Ninth Dialogue: The Constitution

  3. Tenth Dialogue: The Constitution, continued

  4. Eleventh Dialogue: The Laws

  5. Twelfth Dialogue: The Press

  6. Thirteenth Dialogue: Conspiracies

  7. Fourteenth Dialogue: Previously Existing Institutions

  8. Fifteenth Dialogue: Suffrage

  9. Sixteenth Dialogue: Certain Guilds

  10. Seventeenth Dialogue: The Police

Third Part

  1. Eighteenth Dialogue: Finances and Their Spirit

  2. Nineteenth Dialogue: The Budgetary System

  3. Twentieth Dialogue: Continuation of the Same Subject

  4. Twenty-First Dialogue: Loans

Fourth Part

  1. Twenty-Second Dialogue: Grandeur of the Reign

  2. Twenty-Third Dialogue: The Diverse means that Machiavelli would employ to Consolidate his Empire and Perpetuate his Dynasty

  3. Twenty-Fourth Dialogue: Particularities of the Physiognomy of the Prince as Machiavelli Conceives It

  4. Twenty-Fifth Dialogue: The Last Word



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