"Orders of the Temple of Set"

Reprinted from: "The Crystal Tablet of Set"

(c) Temple of Set, January 1, 1990 CE

Weirdbase file version by TS permission

by Michael A. Aquino, Ipsissimus VI* Temple of Set

Within the Temple of Set there exist a number of specialized Orders, each supervised by a IV*+ Initiate as Grand Master of that Order. Perhaps the best way to visualize the Temple of Set's concept of Orders is to think of the Temple as a university, with the Orders as the various academic departments. Students at the university, in the course of their general education, may sample subjects at appropriate introductory levels in various departments.

Upon completing their general education, students with an interest in or aptitude for a particular department may "major" in that department and possibly go on to graduate work in that field. Nonetheless all the departments cooperate in the operation of the university as a whole, and its general academic environment lends a sense of perspective to the various departments - so that their faculty and students can relate to a world beyond their field of specialization.

General guidelines concerning the Temple of Set's Orders are as follows:

1. Only a IV* Initiate may establish an Order within the Temple. This has been the traditional prerogative of this degree since the time of the G.'.D.'. and the A.'.A.'.

2. An Order is characterized by special interests and emphases, which may be formalized by special introductory and ritual procedures within that Order. Such interests and emphases may not clash with those of the Temple of Set as a whole, and an Order's initiatory system must be subordinate to and supportive of the system of the Temple as a whole.

3. The Grand Master (presiding IV*+) of each Order exercises complete authority over that Order, subject to the review of the High Priest of Set.

4. Subject to exemption approved by the High Priest, Orders will accept only II*+ Setians as Initiates. This is based on the premise that I* Setians should concentrate on their "general magical education" prior to specializing within a particular Order.

5. While an Adept II* may specialize indefinitely, a Priest or Priestess of Set III* must possess a high level of general knowledge. IV*+s who are Grand Masters of Orders will not Recognize new III*s solely on the basis of their competence within a particular Order, but rather according to their broader skills and State of Being within the Temple of Set and the AEon.

6. The fruits of an Order's work must actively extend beyond the Initiates of that Order to the Tmple of Set as a whole. The only exception to this is that initiatory ceremonies within an Order may be private to that Order, per the magical principle that uninvolved observers at such ceremonies can impair their effectiveness.

7. A Setian may belong to only one Order [in addition to the Order of the Trapezoid] within the Temple of Set, on the premise that personal efforts would otherwise be diluted. On the same premise, personal movement between various Orders will be discouraged. Aspirants are advised to interview and correspond with various Orders before making a personal commitment to any one in particular.

8. It is not necessary for a Setian to affiliate with any Order. Setians of all degrees may freely visit activities of all Orders, except as noted in #6 above.

9. There is no required or standard internal design for an Order, save that each be headed by a IV*+ with the formal title of Grand Master.

10. Order insignia may be worn either together with Temple of Set insignia or alone. When it is worn with Temple insignia, it must not conflict with, cover, or displace it.

11. The Order of the Trapezoid (O.Tr.) will be accorded the distinction of "first among equals" as an Order, due to its legacy in the Church of Satan and Temple of Set. This is an honorary distinction alone and infers no "rank above" any other Order. The O.Tr. incurs a special responsibility to "set the example" for other Orders, and to creditably represent the institution of Orders within the Temple of Set.

12. Priests and Priestesses of Set III* will be encouraged to involve themselves with specialized concerns of an Order only after their Priestly affairs are amply in hand. In all cases this means active involvement with potential Setians and I*/II* Setians who are working to become fully Adept at the Black Arts at a personal level. In many cases it further means the establishment and leadership of a Pylon of the Temple. [The effect of this provision is that an enthusiastic II* member of a particular Order will have to resolve to put Order-specific interests on the back burner should he or she be Recognized to the Priesthood of Set. Active work within Orders will be done mostly by II* and IV* Initiates, with III*s contributing only after their more general responsibilities within the Temple are fulfilled. Hence II*s who are intensely interested in a particular Order should consider this provision before aspiring to the III*.]

13. Orders' areas of focus may be historic, philosophical, geographic, psychological, or almost anything else that does not conflict with the Temple of Set's basic ethical guidelines.

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