Audio Letter #17

Hello, my friends, this is Dr. Beter. Today is October 26, 1976, and this is my monthly AUDIO LETTER® No. 17. Four months ago in monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 13 I reported the presence of a Soviet nuclear weapon at Seal Harbor, Maine, placed where it could destroy the summer homes of David and Nelson Rockefeller. The rulers of the Soviet Union were embarking on an all-out double-cross of their long time allies, the four Rockefeller Brothers; and for the past four months we have been in the grip of the “Soviet Missile Crisis of 1976”—a fact of which most Americans are still unaware. The month before this crisis began, in May 1976, I had revealed the rapidly mounting fears of certain Trustees of the key Rockefeller-controlled foundations that such a Soviet double-cross was imminent. More than half a century ago a commitment was formed for the creation of a One-World collectivist government to be ruled by a mere handful of wealthy, immensely powerful individuals. This drive, which long ago crystallized into the Rockefeller-Soviet alliance, had been aided and abetted by the Trustees of the Rockefeller-controlled group of foundations; but they have opened Pandora’s box, unleashing forces they can no longer control. Certain of the Trustees realized this even before the actual Soviet double-cross began. But the Gang of Four, the four Rockefeller Brothers, could not bring themselves to believe it until the Seal Harbor H-bomb was found by the United States Navy.

Now they know beyond any doubt that a Soviet double-cross has been in progress against them—as well as against the rest of us. But still the Rockefeller Brothers have not learned their lesson. They still think that they can get back to business as usual with their Soviet allies in their joint program for world domination. And for the moment, the Soviet Union is doing everything possible to encourage this false impression strictly as a tactic. The Soviet Union was robbed of the element of surprise by my disclosures in monthly AUDIO LETTERS Nos. 14 and 15, and they are trying to lull the Rockefeller Brothers back to sleep so that they can be successfully disposed of a little later on. Beyond that, the Soviets did not expect to be caught in their program of planting underwater missiles for a surprise attack; and because they were caught and their missiles were removed during August and September, they are proceeding with extra caution right now. And so for the moment the alliance between the four Rockefeller Brothers and the Soviet Union is functioning, but it is now a false alliance. The Soviet rulers are just biding their time, watching and preparing for another chance to eliminate the Rockefellers and seize the whole world for themselves.

Meanwhile you and I are again under attack jointly by the Rockefellers and the Soviet Union. In a vain attempt to save their own lives, the Brothers are bargaining away millions of ours. At this moment the United States and Canada are once again encircled by Soviet underwater missiles and prowling submarines; but now, since Friday, October 1, 1976, the missiles are no longer being removed!

Here are my topics for today:



  • Topic #3 - THE PHANTOM ELECTION OF 1976.


Topic #1


- Last month in monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 16 I reviewed for you the events that had taken place in the Soviet Underwater Missile Crisis since recording AUDIO LETTER No. 15 in early August. As I pointed out, Air Force General George S. Brown, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, had so far played a crucial role in preventing a Soviet surprise attack on the United States, thanks to the actions taken by American Armed Forces under his command. In August he had obtained the go-ahead from President Ford, as Commander in Chief, to seek out and remove the Soviet underwater missiles in our coastal waters. A remarkable achievement, because Ford had to overrule Rockefeller agent Henry Kissinger in giving this order!
Using the navigational coordinates I revealed in my August tape, the United States Navy was able to remove all the Soviet missiles in our territorial waters during the latter part of August. On September 1, 1976, with the threat presumed to be over, General Brown wrote me a letter, which was widely publicized, seemingly dismissing my charges, but actually opening the door for communication between us.

On September 7 I had information about a new round of missiles that were being planted by the Soviets. I wrote General Brown to request a meeting, and on September 16, 1976, I met with him at the Pentagon in his office for well over an hour. During that meeting I gave him the navigational coordinates for 48 new Soviet missiles threatening the United States and Canada from locations in our territorial waters—and again he ordered prompt action by the United States Navy to start removing them. But as I warned last month, the Soviet Union is not giving up; and on top of that, General Brown confronts terrible opposition WITHIN the federal government! So I asked you to express your support for General Brown to strengthen his hand for our country’s benefit. Now you can begin to see why.


On October 17, 1976, selected excerpts from an interview with General Brown were leaked to the press a week prior to publication. These comments, taken out of context, made it appear that General Brown was disparaging certain of our allies; and instantly General Brown was at the center of a storm of controversy. General Brown is being criticized now for remarks in a six-month-old interview which was rejected for publication then, yet has magically surfaced now! Certain individuals have arranged for the story to be made public at this time as an indirect means of attack that obscures the facts. The real reason for efforts to get rid of him is his dedication to our country’s defense.

What is happening now to General Brown is standard practice in Washington today. The idea is to get something on someone, anything, that can be made to look bad by the media, and put it in his dossier for future use. Thus a dark cloud is always handy later on in case it is needed to blackmail, or destroy, or intimidate someone.
In General Brown’s case, he was set up with this particular cloud by none other than his boss, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, who was the CIA contact man in the White House and is still a CIA operative now.
Last spring a political writer and cartoonist drew a cartoon of Rumsfeld, and Rumsfeld called him to ask if he could have the original. The political writer agreed, and it was also agreed between them that Rumsfeld would get Brown to give the political writer an interview.


The interview was not used at that time, six months ago. Even when General Brown was questioned intensively by the Senate two months later when his confirmation for a second two-year term as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was being decided upon, the interview still did not emerge. But now, after helping prevent thermonuclear war for over two months, by doing his duty Brown is in hot water. The Rockefeller Brothers are making a desperate effort to put things right back on track with the Soviet Union, and they have decided that Brown must go as part of the price of reinstating so-called detente. The controversy now surrounding Brown is intended to build up until he resigns, is dismissed, or loses his influence and credibility. This is totally unrelated to the election, contrary to appearances.

In this situation, it is more important than ever that you show your support for General Brown. His enemies are trying to
bring him down by means of a battle he must fight with both hands tied behind his back. If he were to publicly reveal one word about the Soviet missile crisis and his role in combatting it—in other words, the real reasons for his present troubles—General Brown could be instantly dismissed, court-martialed, and imprisoned! And speaking out, he would be rewarded with personal disaster; and the major media, under the thumb of the gang of the Four Brothers, would then pull out all the stops in a campaign to discredit whatever he said so that no one would believe it. By the same token, if Senate Bill No. 1 promoted by Attorney General Levi had passed earlier this year, I, too, could be imprisoned for telling you the truth about the Soviet missiles aimed at you because, my friends, this information is classified “Top Secret”, not because the Government wants to keep anything from the Soviets, they know all about their own offensive weapons planted in our waters—it is YOU that the Government wants to keep in the dark for their own protection, not yours!

Even if you have already written to General Brown to express your support, I urge you to do so again by letter, telegram, or Mailgram. My good friend Mr. Edward Durell, an industrialist who lives in Berryville, Virginia, is urging his associates to write their Congressmen showing their support for General Brown, and to send a copy of each letter to:

General George S. Brown
Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
Grant Avenue, Fort Myer
Arlington, Virginia 22211.

I think this is an excellent suggestion, and I urge you to do the same. You may want to write to both of your Senators too, and send copies to General Brown as well. Just address your letter to:

Congressman (or Senator) so-and-so
House (or Senate) Office Building
Washington, D.C. ... The zip is:
20515 for the House Office Bldg.
20510 for the Senate Office Bldg.

The controversy over General Brown, my friends, is only the most visible part of a terrible reversal in our country’s fortunes that has occurred this month. The turning point came on October 1, 1976, a “RED Friday” for the United States of America. That was the day that President Gerald Ford caved in to pressure from the Rockefeller-Soviet-Kissinger team.

Two closely related events took place on October 1, 1976:

One was the appearance in the Washington Post of a story by Woodward and Bernstein, no less, that the Watergate Special Prosecutor’s investigation of President Ford was (quote) “serious.” The story, complete with big headlines, shook the Stock Market where rumors circulated that Ford was about to step down. But, most importantly, Ford himself was given a clear signal that swift political destruction awaited him if he did not play ball with the Rockefellers. Originally, Nelson Rockefeller had arranged for the Watergate-related investigation of Ford as a means of forcing Ford from office and in putting himself in position as “Acting President” under the 25th Amendment to the Constitution; but due to the Soviet Missile Crisis, that scenario has been scrapped because the Watergate Prosecutor’s investigation was used instead to apply pressure for a different purpose.

That different purpose had to do with the second major event that took place on Red Friday, October 1 - the visit to the White House by Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko! It was reported that Gromyko’s reception at the White House was the coolest it had ever been since Ford became President—and no wonder. When Gromyko told reporters afterward that he and Ford, quote: “spoke of the most cardinal issues” he was deadly serious. He was referring not to SALT talks or the Middle East but to the threat of war between the Soviet Union and the United States.

When I recorded monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 16 last month on September 25, the second round of Soviet underwater missiles, whose locations I had given to General Brown during our meeting on September 16, had practically all been removed by our Navy. But the Soviets were already beginning to plant a third round of these missiles, using the missile-laying mini-subs I described last month, which are specially designed to elude detection by our coastal sonar defenses.
As of September 25, one of these Soviet mini-subs was resting on the bottom of Chesapeake Bay near Norfolk, Virginia. A mishap had killed the crew, so the mini-sub was resting there like a giant nuclear mine in American waters waiting for the Navy to recover it. Meanwhile over 142 Soviet submarines were deployed in attack positions along the East, West, and Gulf coasts of the United States. During those last few days of September there were growing indications that the Soviet missile crisis might actually break out into the open for all to see, just as it must do if the Soviet plans for nuclear attack world-wide are to be stopped.

For example, a speech which I mentioned last month delivered on September 24 by Navy Secretary William Middendorf used the word “emergency” three times to describe our present naval plight, and concluded his speech in the words, and I quote:
“Our concern today is the future. The ominous words of Admiral Gorshkov and the cold steel of his ships tell us that we are in an emergency situation right now. Something must be done. The threat is real, and the choice is ours. We must make the right decisions now while we have these few precious moments of freedom left, or be willing to suffer the consequences.” Then on September 27, 1976, the Norfolk, Virginia Ledger-Star newspaper published an article by reporters Garland Bradshaw and Jack Kestner who had flown to Washington on September 23 to interview me about my charges of Soviet underwater missiles. The article did exactly what honest journalism is supposed to do. It exposed the readers of the Ledger-Star to the fact that I have charged the Soviet Union with planting offensive nuclear weapons in our territorial waters, and did so in a fair, objective way. They did not try to convince their readers either to believe or disbelieve my charges, but included background information on both sides as available from their own sources. The important thing is that the Ledger-Star reported fairly about my charges to a readership that can be considered an expert audience about such things, since the Norfolk area is the biggest naval concentration in the United States.

Yes, things were beginning to break into the open—but then came Red Friday October 1. President Ford and White House aide William Hyland met with Gromyko, Henry Kissinger, and Kissinger’s State Department Counselor, Helmut Sonnenfeldt. Gromyko demanded that the Soviet Union be permitted to sneak into Chesapeake Bay to recover their dead missile-laying mini-sub near Norfolk. In return for that, Gromyko said the Soviet submarines deployed at battle stations along our coasts would disperse. Kissinger and Sonnenfeldt counseled Ford to agree to this offer by Gromyko as a reasonable and sound compromise. As always, Ford was confronted with the standard Kissinger option: “Do you want peace? Or war?” And on top of that, Ford knew that the Watergate-related political time bomb was all set to go off if he resisted, and so he caved in and agreed. Blackmail and threats won the day for the Soviet Union!

The same day, Henry Kissinger pressed his advantage and also induced Ford to issue a secret Presidential Order to the Military from that day onward to flatly deny all my charges when asked about them. In other words, they are now under presidential orders to lie in order to keep the truth about the Soviet missiles from the public. This blackout on the Soviet missile story is not for the purpose of avoiding a confrontation with the Soviets, because that has already occurred; and it is not for the purpose of buying time while we get into a better military posture. Since Red Friday, October 1, the third round of Soviet missiles, which have been newly planted around our country, are still there! The blackout, my friends, is only to keep YOU in the dark.

This situation here stands out even more boldly when compared with the behavior of some of our allies who are now alerted to Soviet plans. Ironically October 1, 1976, the day President Ford caved in to the Soviet Union, was the same day that the Irish Navy successfully concluded a naval confrontation with the Soviets on the high seas. A huge Soviet fishing trawler, so called, was caught operating illegally inside the Irish 12-mile limit near Cork Harbor the previous day, and the Irish fishery protection vessel, L. E. Grenay, went after the trawler to make an arrest. The trawler fled into international waters, but the Irish vessel gave chase, brought the trawler to a halt by firing warning shots across her bow, and sent a boarding party aboard. The Soviet Captain was totally uncooperative, but the Irish sent reinforcements, and ultimately had more than 50 men aboard the Soviet ship. The Soviet trawler entered Cork Harbor under arrest with the Irish boarding party still aboard and accompanied by two Irish naval vessels. It was correctly reported by the Cork Examiner newspaper for Friday October 1, 1976, that, quote:

“The confrontation was regarded as the biggest and potentially most dangerous that the naval service has faced in its history of fishery protection.”

The Irish were prepared to apply whatever force proved to be necessary to arrest the intruding Soviet ship. And why? Because Cork Harbor itself is one of the locations from which a Soviet underwater nuclear weapon was removed by the Royal Navy in August, using information in my monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 15. The Irish now know quite simply that no intruding Soviet ship is to be trusted.

But here in the United States the Soviet Navy was allowed to intrude into our waters Monday night, October 4, under the RED FRIDAY AGREEMENT reached between Ford and Gromyko in the White House. At approximately 10:00 PM local time the Soviets retrieved the dead mini-sub from its position on the bottom of Chesapeake Bay outside Norfolk, operating under cover of darkness. The missile-laying mini-sub left the Norfolk area that night in Soviet hands—and with it went what may have been our only chance to learn the details of the technology of the mini-subs and their sonar-defeating system so that we could begin defending ourselves against them. At the same time we lost a golden opportunity to galvanize the whole world into standing with us against an all-out common foe, the Soviet Union, by announcing the capture of the mini-sub, displaying it on television, and revealing what the Soviets had been doing with these subs.

If our country were run today by civilians of integrity, honor, and courage who were trying to serve the people of the United States of America instead of trying to merge our lives with that of the Soviet Union, such a thing could have been done.
Swift action could have been taken to do this after I first notified the Pentagon of the presence of the mini-sub near Norfolk on Monday, September 20; but NO, that’s not the way it works today. All opportunities for the United States to act sensibly for the good of its people must be suppressed, sabotaged, thrown away. Only in this way can we be ground down to such a low level of life that the goal of the White House Merge Directive can finally be achieved. That Directive, in existence for decades, is to the effect that our lives are to be so altered that they can be comfortably merged with life in the Soviet Union.

By the following day, the Soviet submarines at battle stations along our shores had dispersed, as agreed; but within a few more days they were back again—and they are there now. They are not at this time deployed in the precise patterns that they were in a month ago, which indicated readiness for an immediate attack, but they are present in international waters just off our shores in great numbers. As of October 11, 1976, 164 Soviet submarines were on station in the waters near Canada and the United States, including Hawaii; and the situation has not changed significantly since then.

Since Red Friday, October 1, I have been cut off from contact with General Brown, and none of the Soviet underwater missiles in Canadian and American waters have been removed since that day. As of now, 50 Soviet nuclear missiles and bombs are planted in American territorial waters plus the three (3) missiles in the Gulf of Panama whose coordinates I gave last month. ln addition, seven (7) missiles are now planted in Canadian waters, whose coordinates I have already given to Canadian Intelligence. My friends, there will be no effort by the United States Navy to remove the nuclear missiles in our waters unless it is forced by a new surge of public awareness and demand for action, because Nelson Rockefeller’s wife arrived in Moscow and on October 12 delivered a personal letter from Nelson Rockefeller to the Kremlin. In this hand-delivered letter Nelson Rockefeller made the following pledges to the Kremlin on behalf of the “Gang of Four”, quote:

“There will be no further harassment of your submarines, nor will your underwater missiles and bombs be taken up. The credit squeeze by banking circles will be lifted. You will not be required to sell gold. We will send gold for products delivered. American know-how, grains, and food stuffs will continue to be provided. You must reinstate the ‘NUCLEAR SAFE ZONE’ agreement.”

The coordinates of all the Soviet weapons now in American territorial waters have been transmitted to a number of reliable men in the United States Intelligence Community, except for the newest missile, which was planted three days ago in Delaware Bay at:

39 39’ 35” North 75 32’ 20” West.

Action will therefore be possible if the Military can once again be free to do its job.

At least Great Britain, which had 29 new Soviet nuclear weapons in her waters as of October 11, 1976, is taking action once again to get rid of them. By October 22, four days ago, the Royal Navy had removed all but 10 of them, and is still fast at work. As for Latin America, all the missiles I revealed last month are still there with two exceptions—British Honduras and Guatemala were targeted by one missile each, but these have now been removed.

Our controlled major media tell us nothing at all about the Soviet missile threat that is ready to engulf us in thermonuclear war, but instead divert our attention to the case of the Navy F-14 fighter that plunged off a carrier deck into the North Sea six weeks ago on September 14, 1976. Great attention is being given to the F-14, and we are being fed all sorts of lies that the Soviet MiG-25 Foxbat flown to Japan by a defecting pilot is hopelessly inferior to the F-14. But the Soviet Navy hasn’t even bothered to try to retrieve the plane. They already know all about the F-14, and it doesn’t worry them.

As for the Phoenix Missile which separated from the F-14 when it hit the water, the Soviets know where it is too, but have not yet picked it up. The Phoenix Missile is resting on an underwater plateau far to the south-southeast of the point where the F-14 was found. The coordinates of the Phoenix Missile are:

61 - 26 - 6 North, 1 - 23 - 16 West.

And so, my friends, the great war game continues. Our Armed Services are allowed to participate in NATO and other training exercises, but are forbidden by Rockefeller hired hands from doing anything about the real life-and-death threat now lurking within our own territorial waters. We are being made sitting ducks for attack; and, in fact, we have already been attacked by the Soviet Navy because on October 3, two days after Red Friday, the Soviet submarines along our East, West, and Gulf coast performed an experiment in radioactive chemical warfare with all of us as the guinea pigs.

Topic #2 - On October 5, 1976, just as the so-called “SWINE FLU” inoculation program was getting under way, news reports suddenly told us that we were experiencing fallout from an alleged Chinese atmospheric nuclear blast on September 26. Oddly enough, the initial reports about this came from the East Coast, especially Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Connecticut; but certain areas of the Pacific Northwest were soon mentioned as being affected too. We were told that radioactive iodine-131 was showing up in milk at various locations; but we were also assured, as we invariably are whenever any radioactive hazard appears, that there was really no danger.

In the days that followed we continued to hear about the supposed Chinese fallout, but other things probably seemed even more worrisome. For example, elderly people began dying of heart attacks shortly after taking swine flu shots, causing widespread alarm at first. But the Government quickly assured us that their deaths didn’t really matter at all, that they would have died anyway; and the swine flu inoculation program went right back into high gear.

And then there were the strange outbreaks of an unknown “mystery illness” at electronics plants in western Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Oregon. The employees, most of them women, experienced headaches, nausea, stomach pains, difficulty in breathing, a feeling of being intoxicated in some cases, and even fainting spells. This time the swine flu vaccine could not be the culprit because the victims had not received it. Instead, some were worried that the swine flu itself had struck. Others remembered, with a shiver, the equally mysterious “Legionnaires Disease” that had sickened nearly 200 people in Philadelphia and killed more than two dozen of them two months earlier.

My friends, there is actually no mystery at all behind these developments and more like them that you can expect to see. All
of these cases I have mentioned are man-made and deliberate, but those who are responsible for them are neither telling you about them nor leaving clues that will be found in normal medical investigations of these episodes. We in the United States are now under attack in a campaign of experimental testing of chemical warfare weapons so that they can be employed later on with precision and devastating effect against us in full scale war—that is, if we let it happen.

For years all the major countries of the world have been in a continuing race against time to discover ever more sophisticated forms of bacterial and chemical weapons, some of them amounting to doomsday weapons capable of destroying all life on this planet. Only mad men would even consider using such weapons, but only mad men deliberately cause wars for their own greedy purposes, too—and war is very near at hand right now. A few years ago a nerve gas called sarin was perfected in a facility in Colorado. A tiny amount escaped, and two shepherds and their 7000 sheep were killed. In response to the public outcry that resulted, a statement was issued that the Chemical Warfare Service had destroyed the sarin gas and was no longer doing such research—but that was a lie. Experimentation still continues today on all kinds of such poisons, and at a furious pace.

As of right now, many hideous lethal ailments can be inflicted on whole populations as operational weapons. These include black plague, smallpox, meningitis, dysentery, gangrene, yellow fever, tetanus, botulism, typhus, hepatitis, Bang’s disease, and Q fever. Thirty grams of Q fever is sufficient to infect over 150-million people, and it is considered especially convenient since any individuals who are to be saved in such an attack can first be immunized against it! Such selective immunization could easily be done, for example, under the cover of a mass inoculation program like the swine flu program. Q fever, though, is mild by comparison to a nuclear gas called AP-7 which is being manufactured in Uruguay and Argentina by American and European subsidiaries of Rockefeller-controlled conglomerate corporations. Two thimblefuls properly distributed could kill 180-million people; and one pound, all life on the face of the earth. Unless and until these hideous weapons are unleashed on the earth, they remain in a condition in which they can be destroyed and neutralized; and it is essential that they be destroyed instead of just being handed around from one agency to another, as Senator Frank Church permitted last year in his shellfish toxin shell game. But other types of chemical and biological weapons are also of great interest to weapons researchers which can be used in more selective ways or to produce lower-order effects than the poisons I have just described.

The Soviet KGB, which works hand in hand with the Rockefeller-controlled CIA, now has access to whole families of such chemical weapons which can be adjusted in exact dosage and formula to produce a variety of effects on victims. These were and are intended for use as part of the program to eliminate effective opposition by the people of the United States to the planned Rockefeller dictatorship here in America and our conversion into the most valuable of all slave nations for the Soviet Union.

Before these new weapons can be used with confidence though, they must be tested, and that testing is going on now. As a
cover for the periodic episodes of strange illnesses that will occur here and there around the United States while this testing
is going on, the trumped-up swine flu threat was developed. On March 24, 1976, President Ford announced his proposal for the unprecedented nation-wide inoculation program supposedly to fend off the strange swine flu virus. To this very day not a single case of swine flu has been confirmed anywhere in the United States since President Ford’s announcement. Last February in monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 9 I revealed that the Government had panicked because of my disclosure that the Fort Knox Bullion Depository contained leaking canisters of deadly plutonium superpoison, and in January 1976 dumped part of the poison into underground streams beneath Fort Knox. Later when the swine flu charade was announced, I was able to tell you of the Government’s plan to use this device to cover up the real cause when and if the poison from Fort Knox began surfacing at various points in the southeastern United States and causing sickness and death.


But it wasn’t until July of this year 1976 that I received information about the rest of the swine flu story, and at that time the far more imminent threat of the Soviet missile crisis involving a Soviet double-cross of the four Rockefeller Brothers had to take precedence. The reason that the Government concluded last January 1976 that they could get away with dumping the plutonium poison from Fort Knox into underground streams, which would surely carry the poison elsewhere, was that the swine flu campaign had already been planned for another purpose. That purpose was to serve as a cover to explain the effects that would be caused when chemical warfare experimentation began, as planned, in July 1976 in our country. So when I revealed the presence of the leaking plutonium superpoison in the Central Core Vault of the Fort Knox Bullion Depository, they concluded that they could just dump some of it underground and cover up that, too, with the swine flu swindle.

In late July 1976 the joint KGB-CIA chemical warfare experimentation program began in Philadelphia at the American Legion Convention. A convenient test group was assembled, and it was exploited. Data was desired for the effects of a formulation of the new family of poisons on older men in particular, and the American Legion Convention was chosen as the perfect target. Aerosol spray cans containing poisoned room freshener were used to selectively saturate the atmosphere of the Legionnaires. Afterwards the special spray cans were taken from the hotel, leaving the city by airplane from a small airport on the northwest side of Philadelphia. Two of the active ingredients in the poison that produced the Legionnaires Disease were plutonium and zirconium.

The next experiment occurred late in August 1976 about a month after the Legionnaire episode, and had quite a different purpose; and so a different poison formula was used. Plutonium was again an ingredient, as it is in the entire line of chemical warfare agents now being tested; but this time the formula was designed for very rapid effect with the victims receiving a massive dose. On a day late in August two Air Force C-141 Starlifter transport aircraft that were preparing to leave McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey on flights over the Atlantic were sabotaged by the placement in their cockpits of concealed canisters of poison gas, rigged so that the gas would be released in flights without being detected. The two planes left McGuire at nearly the same time, and crashed within hours of one another when approaching separate destinations in Greenland and England. The very next day, with the wreckage of the aircraft hardly cooled, a Pentagon spokesman said, quote:

“Sabotage does not appear to be a factor. It’s not even being considered as a factor.”

Officials also said there was no apparent connection between the crashes. Apparently leaving the same Air Base at practically the same time and then crashing almost simultaneously without warning is not supposed to suggest the possibility of anything but coincidence. No doubt it is also coincidence that McGuire Air Force Base, the origin of these two strange fatal flights, is right next door to Fort Dix where the whole swine flu cover-up scare originated!

The successful experimental sabotage of the two C-141s provided valuable data to the Soviets, since it gave them some measure of the operational reliability of the formula used for that purpose. Now, when they are ready to wage war, they have another weapon tested and proven—the placement of canisters of poison gas in the cockpits of numerous Allied aircraft to make a shambles of our air power just when we need it most. Next came the mystery disease in the electronics factories. This time more data on women was wanted, especially since the Legionnaires Disease did not kill many women. The ideal target would be some assembly plants containing a high proportion of female employees. To avoid too strong a public uproar, sublethal doses were used; but again a key active ingredient was plutonium, and many of the classic symptoms of radiation sickness were produced.

Finally in early October, this month, the first chemical warfare experiment was performed against the entire population of the United States. On October 3, while the huge fleet of Soviet submarines I told you about last month were still deployed at precise intervals very close to our shores, the submarines released a very fine dispersion of plutonium into the atmosphere along the Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf coasts of the United States. Unlike normal fallout produced by nuclear weapons, the invisible clouds of plutonium from the Soviet submarines were released at relatively low altitudes. The theory was that the plutonium clouds released in this way would diffuse inward over land from all of our shorelines and ultimately settle mainly on North America with very little of it reaching high enough altitudes to be swept around the globe to the Soviet Union. But, my friends, this time they miscalculated and the nation-wide plutonium cloud experiment backfired.

Here is what happened: The early progress of the plutonium cloud was just as planned. The invisible clouds of plutonium diffused inward onto the East Coast and onto the Gulf Coast, and along the West Coast moved inland much more rapidly due to the assistance of prevailing westerly winds. By October 5 the expanding plutonium cloud had penetrated a hundred miles or so inland from the East and Gulf coasts and as far as the Rockies, where it entered from the Pacific Northwest. That was the day that the cover story about Chinese nuclear fallout suddenly appeared, pinpointing areas along the East coast and Pacific Northwest as being most heavily affected so far. Thus in case the Soviet plutonium cloud turned out to have unexpectedly strong effects, Red China had already been identified as the scapegoat.

Over the next two days, the plutonium cloud gradually grew together over the midwestern United States, forming finally a
continuous blanket over practically all of our land area. At the same time, the plutonium cloud had also been expanding outward as well as inward from our coastlines, and by October 8 large areas of Canada and Mexico were also affected. Prevailing winds were also tending to move the expanding plutonium cloud eastward out over the Atlantic; and at this point things began departing from Soviet calculations.

In recent days there has been an extremely unusual shift in the position of the high altitude jet stream to a position much further south than normal. The jet stream has a lot to do with our weather; and in the case of the Soviet experimental plutonium cloud, it did enough by causing the plutonium cloud released by the Soviet subs to drift away from the United States sooner than expected and to settle all over the Soviet Union itself—definitely not according to plan. As of now, it has largely dissipated and does not continue to be a threat. The main problem that is left is that practically everyone in the United States plus much of Mexico, Canada, the British Isles, and Europe have suffered some exposure to this plutonium, though fortunately it was at a relatively low experimental level this time.

The best protective measure against radioactivity is, of course, to avoid it; and that is exactly what Nelson Rockefeller did, forewarned about the plutonium cloud to be released by the Soviet subs. When the plutonium drifted inward from our shores, Nelson and Happy Rockefeller just happened to be elsewhere, in London. After all, Nelson wants to stay as healthy as possible so that he can relish his planned elevation to the position he has craved for decades—President of the United States and of the World.



Topic #3


- Nelson Rockefeller keeps saying, “I’m relaxed. I haven’t got a worry”, and seems from the generous media coverage he is now receiving to be almost a wistful, nostalgic figure fading from the public scene before our own eyes. Meanwhile, he is made to appear a refreshing point of interest against the background of a presidential campaign that has turned off millions of voters. But what is not being reported in the national press is the strenuous campaign Nelson Rockefeller is carrying on right now all over the country, currying the favor of members of Congress. What is actually going on now is that Nelson Rockefeller is down to his ninth and final scenario to become President. Barring some unforeseen development, he is now counting on his final backup plan to make him Chief Executive of the United States. All of his previous scenarios have been disrupted, one after another, and this is his last hurrah; and yet when he says “I’m relaxed”, he means it because this time he is confident that he has it “in the bag.”

The Rockefeller-controlled major media have from the start turned the presidential election 1976 into a media event, disfranchising the American electorate in the process. Now the media are making both Carter and Ford look unappetizing to vast numbers of voters, trying to insure both a low turn-out and a very close election. In addition, the Rockefellers have a spoiler in the race, Eugene McCarthy, for the young voters. Everything possible is being done to make sure that the outcome of the election on November 2 is very close and that no one gets a mandate. The plan is to create doubt as to the outcome, possibly even triggering demands for recounts. This situation will be used to focus public attention on the electoral college.

As you know, when you vote on Election Day you don’t vote directly for a presidential candidate but for his elector; but
unknown to the American people, certain key electors have already been reached by Rockefeller agents. On December 13, 1976, the electors will do their voting. The results will then be sent for safekeeping to the president of the Senate, who just happens to be Nelson Rockefeller, and they will remain in his possession for over three weeks until January 6, 1977. On that day, acting in his official capacity, Rockefeller will open the envelopes containing the votes of the electors, and the votes will be tallied; and if all goes according to Nelson Rockefeller’s plan, he will announce that no candidate has received the required 270 electoral votes and therefore that no one has been elected. Therefore, under the Constitution, Congress will then be required to select a President and Vice-President from among the leading candidates in the election.


But things not being normal, Congress may not be able within the short space of two weeks to choose either a President or a Vice-President, so that as of noon, January 20, 1977, the United States of America will no longer have either a President or a Vice-President. This plan, my friends, is the real reason why the usual elaborate preparation of inaugural facilities is not taking place this year. Instead, we are told folding chairs will be used—folding chairs for a folding election. Nelson Rockefeller spent over 25-million dollars to get himself confirmed almost two years ago as Vice-President, so he still has a residue of good will in Congress. In addition, he is quietly courting Congressmen all over the country because he plans to be the likely choice of Congress to become Acting President with an open-ended term that carries no specific time limit. This will be according to Section 3 of the 20th Amendment of the United States Constitution. Once in that position, Nelson Rockefeller will begin consolidating his power with all possible speed. His goal: The declaration of a “National Emergency” invoking Executive Order 11921 signed very quietly by President Ford on June 11, 1976.

As I have explained in earlier tapes, our freedoms under the Constitution will be suspended if this Executive Order is used, and Nelson Rockefeller may well be on his way to making his dictatorship permanent. But should any candidate win by a landslide on Election Day, Rockefeller’s plan will be rendered unworkable.

Until next month, God willing, this is Dr. Beter. Thank you, and may God bless each and every one of you.