"In the annals of Europe the discovery of the New World bears the imprint of El Dorado - the relentless search for gold. But little did the conquistadores realize that they were only replaying a search, on Earth and in these new lands, that had taken place eons earlier!

"Buried under the records and tales of avarice, plunder, and wanton destruction that the newly found riches had triggered, there is also evidence in the chronicles of that time of how bewildered the Europeans had been to come upon civilizations that were so akin to those of the Old World: kingdoms and royal courts, cities and sacred precincts, art and poetry, sky-high temples, priests - and the symbol of the cross and a belief in a Creator of All. Last but not least, there were the legends of white and bearded gods who had left but did promise to return.

"The mysteries and enigmas of the Maya, the Aztecs, the Incas, and their predecessors that puzzled the conquistadores still baffle scholar and layman alike five centuries later.

"How, then, and why did such great civilizations arise in the New World, and is it mere coincidence that the more that is known about them, the more they appear to have been molded after the civilizations of the ancient Near East?

"It is our contention that the answers can be found only by accepting as fact, not as myth, the presence on Earth of the Anunnaki, "Those Who From Heaven to Earth Came."

"This book offers the evidence."