Zecharia Sitchinís Spaceport?

from SatelliteDiscoveries Website


The image above is an animation of one side of the Sinai Peninsula with the Gulf of Suez shown in black to the left of the image. According to Zecharia Sitchinís book "The Stairway to Heaven", p.306 (soft copy):

"The Spaceport (SP) and the Landing Place at Baalbek (BK) lay on the perimeter of an inner circle..."

Sitchin also notes in Fig. 168 in íThe Stairway to Heavení, that the Spaceport lay along the 30th parallel lining up almost perfectly with the tip of the Gulf of Suez.


Below is a close-up of the area outlined in the red square above.

(click image to enlarge)

The first obvious correlation to Sitchinís details described above is the fact that there is a large circle encompassing this strange looking area compared to the surrounding terrain that can be seen in the small thumbnail above.

Also quite noticeable is the large dark spot in the upper right of the image. If Zecharia Sitchin is right, this dark spot lines up perfectly with the 30th parallel and could possibly be the ancient Spaceport he refers to in his book.

On left is a close-up of the dark area that is believed to be the Spaceport that Zecharia Sitchin refers to in his book "The Stairway to Heaven"

Is it just a coincidence that this anomalous dark feature is at the exact coordinates of Sitchinís proposed Spaceport, or are we seeing evidence to support Sitchinís research in the images above?