The last decades of the twentieth century have witnessed an upsurge of human knowledge that boggles the mind. Our advances in every field of science and technology are no longer measured in centuries or even decades but in years and even months, and they seem to surpass in attainments and scope anything that Man has achieved in the past. But is it possible that Mankind has come out of the Dark Ages and the Middle Ages; reached the Age of Enlightenment; experienced the Industrial Revolution; and entered the era of high-tech, genetic engineering, and space flight—only to catch up with ancient knowledge?

For many generations the Bible and its teachings have served as an anchor for a searching Mankind, but modern science appeared to have cast us ail adrift, especially in the confrontation between Evolution and Creationism. In this volume it will be shown that the conflict is baseless; that the Book of Genesis and its sources reflect the highest levels of scientific knowledge.

Is it possible, then, that what our civilization is discovering today about our planet Earth and about our corner of the universe, the heavens, is only a drama that can be called “Genesis Revisited”—only a rediscovery of what had been known to a much earlier civilization, on Earth and on another planet? The question is not one of mere scientific curiosity; it goes to the core of Mankind’s existence, its origin, and its destiny. It involves the Earth’s future as a viable planet because it concerns events in Earth’s past; it deals with where we are going because it reveals where we have come from. And the answers, as we shall see, lead to inevitable conclusions that some consider too incredible to accept and others too awesome to face.

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