John Murray


According to UK astronomer, Dr. John Murray, there seems to be a huge, massive planet in the midst of the Oort Cloud, which is "shepherding" the comets. If he's right, the planet would be incredibly far from Earth, which would explain how it could have eluded most astronomers for so long.


Murray also says Planet X orbits in the opposite direction to the other planets, suggesting it was captured from outside the solar system at some time and could even be a brown dwarf star.





Catastrophes of global proportions, not witnessed in the two millennia of our own age, took place even in recorded history.


These were not isolated disasters in different parts of the world, but global geological events felt world wide. Many cultures describe the events, their sequence and outcome, in the same way.


The catastrophe is recorded in religious traditions, superstitions and the great works of almost every significant culture but remains mostly unacknowledged by the sciences of our own day. (See report on 3600 Year Pattern)