by Dawn Abel, Director
Maya Mystery School of Northern California

from MayaMysterySchool Website

And the people bowed and prayed, to the neon god they made. And the sign flashed out its warning, in the words that it was forming. And the sign said, “The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls and tenement halls.” And whispered in the sounds of silence.

(The Sound of Silence, Paul Simon, 1964)



Part I - The Writing On the Wall

February 2000


The information age is upon us full force. It allows us to disseminate information in seconds, rather than in years and decades, which is about the time it took our churches and forefathers to selectively write and publish documents for an even more select public.


With the Internet, and with global access to computers, thousands and even millions of people can read and publish information at the click of a button. The bad news is that some of the information continues to be biased and in favor of the disseminator rather than based on factual evidence. The good news is that information can be questioned and challenged more quickly than ever before.

When monks and historians wrote our cultural stories, it was based on who, ultimately, was the power broker at the time. The victors scored high and the victims were obliterated into historical anonymity with only enough reported to substantiate the victor’s story. The victor’s story has always been HIS story. However, history, as taught in the 20th century, was challenged more times during that century than in any other in the last 2000 years.

The civil rights and equal rights movements brought about a recognition of our diverse cultural and gender legacies at the dismay of our historians and religious institutions. Until then, information was solely disseminated through the selective publishing and power brokering of a small set of institutions and media gods that maintained HIStorical control.

Throughout the years, many organizations—some altruistic and some far more insidious with dark ulterior motives—have sought to understand the “writing on the wall”. Many seekers have wanted to destroy the ancient petroglyphic and hieroglyphic writings or find a way to control them for personal or historical gain. The controlled release of this information has resulted in the dissemination of information so biased that it has erased some very basic cultural and universal truths. The most tragic example was during the Spanish Inquisition.

At that time the Vatican condoned the destruction of Mesoamerican and European cultures for religious and historical control, as well as for personal greed.


As a result, they also destroyed all they could that substantiated living, breathing, and vibrant civilizations. These included monuments, and most of the writings that proved the existence of these civilizations.

The destruction has not always been through burnings, wars, and desecrations, however. Some has been through the controlled analysis, translation, and redistribution of information to substantiate a different belief system sponsored by that institution. This has definitely been evidenced by the very controlled release of the Dead Sea Scrolls by the Vatican, over a 50-year period. In the last decade, the cover was blown thanks to some very brave researchers and reporters. However, the coverup is far from over.

The Vatican is not the only institution that has a vested interest in recreating history. So do governments, corporations, and associated educational institutions. In concert with religious organizations, our way of life is being dictated by institutions that feed money into defining our belief systems for us. Even in such areas as higher education, where objectivity is supposed to be the thermostat in our search for truth, there are still guidelines and parameters that subjugate honest research.

The biggest challenges to the last decade—those that began heralding the new millennium and creating an information war—came from the purveyors of alternative history and alternative archaeology; in other words those who would dare to challenge the Ph.Ds of our western society with new science and alternative guidelines for finding the truth, feeding a public starving for better answers.

The battle has never been greater than in the fields of the world’s archaeological zones. The battle for truth, in the Giza plateau alone, has led to the sponsorship of archaeological digs by private institutions and even educational institutions that are supported by stealth organizations interested in promoting specific end results.


As a result, findings are not being disclosed in a timely or objective manner, and if you follow the alternative sources for your news, you learn of the battles, the egos, and the power plays between the brokers, the writers, and the publishers for complete authority over “the truth”. Now that information is available on the Internet, you can find everyone’s version of the truth, but in truth, the truth is not always out there.


To find the truth, it is important to get the whole picture, not only from the Ph.Ds and corporate sponsors, but from the indigenous groups with their stories, and from the alternative researchers who have proven that there are other sound methods of recording and analyzing the same cultural data. Currently there are many sites that are not yet controlled by corporations but may very well be in the near future.


For instance, the archaeological zone at Chichen Itza is up for sale by the Mexican Government. I saw the signs posted at the site over the new year holiday. Supposedly, the government can no longer afford the upkeep and is looking for a savior. Saviors, however, do not always come in the form of angels and saints. Sometimes they come in dark coats and red ties, under the guise of religious institutions, governments, and even educational systems.


If Chichen Itza is purchased or subsidized by any of these organizations, beware of the information that is disseminated to the public, as well as the access allowed to this site. While some information might be objective enough, much may be manipulated to change or control our view of HIS story. In fact, the closest we can get to a real story comes from the original “writings on the walls” of the tombs and monument corridors, and from the descendants of these writers and storytellers, and not necessarily the media giants and institutions that have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.

We are at the brink of publishing a new story, one that incorporates everyone’s cultural truths, and not just the short-term victor’s. We need these truths to understand the mistakes of our past and to build a world that honors the diversity of its cultures and their stories.


As we herald the new millennium and attempt to become an active part of a galactic federation—one that all of our indigenous ancestors have tried, throughout time, to teach us about—we must continue to discerningly question the validity of all sources of information. You can hear the words of the ancestors, through the suppressed voices of the indigenous cultures, if you listen. But you must break through the institutional code of silence.

You must lobby governments for access to controlled archaeological sites, findings, and archived information; and support the new sciences, the alternative history researchers, and the groups that have emerged to free us from HIStorical bondage.


Only then will we have enough information to discern basic universal truths from the HIStorical brainwashing that has kept us from recognizing our true humanity.

Part 2 - Vatican Disclosure
May-June 2000

Zecharia Sitchin is a Sumerian and Hebrew scholar who has translated key writings from Sumerian tablets and has published a series of books known as the Earth Chronicles.

These books deal with the birth of our most recent civilization, starting in the Nile region, about 12,800 years ago, which is highly disputed by the historians and universities who have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. The chronicles talk about the inhabitants of a twelfth planet known as Nibiru, who were responsible for the creation of humans, or the Adam Kadmon, of whom we are descendents.


This information fills in the gaps of our Hebrew bible, and allows us to understand the battles between two brothers, Enlil and Enki (in our bible these brothers are considered as one; benevolent and malevolent), and the continuing battles between their sons and daughters for dominion on Earth. These battles are responsible for many of the current conflicts in the middle east and even with our modern-day religions.

According to Sitchin, Thoth - the god of science, writing, mathematics, calendars and architecture - was the brother of Ra and was banished from Egypt due to a power conflict that included power-brokering, jealousy, sacred numbers and calendars (some of which are still a source of contention, even between the Maya). He supposedly resettled in Central America, building a new civilization similar to that in Egypt.


He has been called Quetzalcoatl and Kulkulkan by those in Central America, and according to Sitchin, the Mayans may well be one of the Lost Tribes of Israel.

During the Spanish Inquisition, the Vatican-supported Spanish army swept through the region, killed many indigenous tribes, burned sacred books, and destroyed structures and temples that held information pertinent to the origins and sacred teachings of these tribes. They forced the remaining tribes into indoctrinated submission, and replaced indigenous religion and practices with Catholicism and the Julian calendar, which was later replaced by the Gregorian calendar.

For hundreds of years Catholics, and later Baptists, imposed Christianity on Central and South America, and on Mexico. As a result, many of the indigenous tribes forgot their teachings, with the exception of such Mayan activists as Hunbatz Men and Jose Arguelles among a small group of others. They have fought to re-establish Mayan science, religion, culture, and the Mayan calendar system despite their own dispute over the start date of the Haab calendar (associated with Thoth).

In addition to burning sacred books in Central America, the Vatican was also responsible for the burning of texts in Alexandria, in the Northern part of Egypt, as well as those found in the Pyrenees at Rennes le Chateau, the home of the Knights of Templar. For years, the Vatican withheld many, more recently found sacred texts, and for fifty years would not release anything but very biased information on the Dead Sea Scrolls, interpreted only by Vatican scholars.

In the last five years, due to pressure from the outside and possibly pressure from those "above", the Vatican has started to "come clean" about some of their more notable black deeds. First they admitted that Galileo was right about the Sun not being the center of the universe (my, my, it only took them 375 years!).

Then they finally apologized for their role (or lack thereof) in the Spanish Inquisition, the Crusades, the Holocaust, as well as their violent treatment of indigenous people and women (remember the witch burnings!).

In the last two to four years, an even more remarkable occurrence has begun to manifest; the slow but sure leaking of an acknowledgment that "we are not alone". This has also coincided with the admittance to Jose Arguelles, who had a visit with the Pope, that the Mayan calendar is definitely a time table that is, if not more important, equally as important as the Gregorian calendar. I, personally have found no redeeming value for the Gregorian calendar other than its use to enslave society to a clock that controls our economy and western holidays, rather than the natural cycles of the earth, solar system and galaxy.


Also, the entire history of Christ revolves around bogus dates. Additionally, with the added leap day, especially this year - which the Vatican ruled must be used to correct the Gregorian calendar due to the precession of the equinoxes - many people who showed up for important and Mayan-specific equinox events in the Yucatan were disappointed to find out that by following the dates on the Gregorian calendar, they missed the one-day solar event!

So, some of the more recent releases of information, though they should come as no surprise to many, are certainly outstanding acknowledgments by the Vatican that we may, indeed, be kin to extraterrestrials (While they have not quite gotten around to saying that, if you follow the rest of my thesis, you will understand what I mean). This is in consideration of the Vatican claiming for years that ETs were demons. Here is the lowdown on the more recent acknowledgments.

Some of you know my friend, Lena Jacobson. She is an engineer and technical writer who lives and works in the Silicon Valley. Recently, she was invited by Sitchin to be part of a small group to accompany him to Italy the end of March/early April of this year, where he was invited to speak at the International Convention on the Mystery of Human Existence in Bellaria (near Rimini). The convention was covered by local, national, and international news, and Zecharia Sitchin was interviewed by Italian national radio and television. The group was present at the interviews.

Another prominent part of this trip was the group’s meetings with Monsignor Corrado Balducci, who works in the Papal offices of the Vatican and who was also a presenter at the convention. The Monsignor met with the group twice for lunch and discussions, at which time he answered questions about the Vatican’s views on extraterrestrials. This was also the subject of his convention presentation!

The gist of the presentation to the group on these private occasions is remarkable and the details are expressed here. The presentation at the conference was shorter and less detailed and the Monsignor spent most of his time talking about demonology. He did acknowledge Sitchin as his friend as well as acknowledge his research. He almost completed his presentation without mentioning extraterrestrials, when the audience started hissing and booing. At that point he brought up the issue of extraterrestrials, with a quick speech acknowledging their presence and Sitchin’s findings.

The Monsignor stated the Vatican’s OFFICIAL position on extraterrestrials, which included the following.


Some of the positions were stated in more detail during the group meetings with Sitchin as a result of the group asking for clarification.

  1. First, extraterrestrials have been taken off the Vatican’s list of demons.

  2. Second, he IMPLICITLY (according to Lena) admitted that the Vatican is in agreement with Sitchin’s findings (Note: if you have not read Sitchin, these findings are in regard to the twelfth planet called Nibiru, which NASA detected about fifteen years ago and calls Planet X, and to the regular extraterrestrial visitations on Earth by the Nibiruan inhabitants).

  3. Third, the Monsignor stated that these beings, who look like us (Note: who according to Sitchin’s findings are our creators) have not only been on this planet since historical times, but have been here in recent times; that is, in our lifetime. (Note: You may recall some of the rumors that have circulated over the years about the Pope’s extraterrestrial visitors).

  4. And last, but certainly not least, the Nibiruans will also be returning here VERY SOON, and thus, the Vatican needs to find a way to prepare the Christian community around the world if the Catholic Church wants to preserve its role in the life of the people. (Note: seems to me the preparation has little to do with preserving the church’s role and more to do with how the Vatican can undo years of lies, as well as lessen the shock that will accompany a world-wide announcement).

In regard to getting a full disclosure of the truth behind ET visitations both in our biblical past and now, if you are Catholic I encourage you to confront your local Bishops for a full disclosure. This may be exactly the excuse the church is waiting for to allow their clergy to speak on the issue or more likely get versed on an issue that they have closeted for years.

In regard to visitations from ETs, the Mayans do not have special words to define UFOs and extraterrestrials as we define them, or as the Vatican now defines them. According to Hunbatz Men, the beings who we call extraterrestrials have always been part of Mayan consciousness, but are known as the Muxuls, or the ancient ones from LeMUria with knowledge of the end times. The word Xul is synonymous with the Hebrew word schul or school, which is a house where sacred knowledge is taught.

According to Hunbatz Men, a migration of ancient peoples with ancient knowledge occurred from Lemuria to Atlantis, to Egypt, to the Yucatan, and then to India. Of course the migration from Egypt may well have coincided with the ancient one, known as Thoth, immigrating to Central America after yet another religious war and consequential banishment, along with a group of his followers.

However, in regard to visitations, we face a problem here in the states that has encouraged equal censorship over the centuries. In the US, we view ourselves as the "most advanced" country in the world; thus, we have the most to lose in terms of our economic, religious, and scientific beliefs if our major institutions are to make similar disclosures. Of course, first our institutions must "come clean" themselves.

Any acknowledgments, let alone confirmation of ET activity, will raise CAIN within these communities. Obviously the creationists and Darwinists will have a hell-of-a-time dealing with this when they realize we were most likely genetically cloned, ruling out or actually combining both creationism and evolution! Maybe that’s why ETs were on the Vatican’s demonology list to begin with. They have been controlling us and we can’t control them! While this has been theory all along, a disclosure by the Vatican makes if far more interesting!

Since the time that I sent out my email notification last week regarding the posting of this information for this Director’s Page, I’ve received some very nasty mail. There are UFO debunkers out there who are screaming over this disclosure and of course, now will have to fight both the UFO and religious communities. Interestingly enough, while the religious community is trying to prepare for these visitations and fit them into a schema that can be understood by religious and spiritual people, there are hard-core Darwinists and Atheists who received my email and who were so outraged that they got very, very nasty.


They won’t acknowledge the existence of a "Monsignor Balducci" and believe he’s a phony priest created by the Christian and UFO communities to try and indoctrinate more people into buying yet more religious and spiritual dogma.


Of course, I too am skeptical of cut and dry, black and white information, and always believe that there is limitless gray matter to be explored, so I encourage you to use common sense in exploring the validity of this startling message if you were not already aware of it, starting first with your Bishops and local priests. Believing any information without question or analysis is dangerous, as many Christians have found out over the last five years (cult suicides, Vatican lies, etc.).

Regarding the response by creationists, I have not yet heard from any but they may not be the sort of people who would be interested in this website, or this information, unless someone purposely sent my email to them. However, as part of the religious community, maybe they’ll be the first to come to terms with this issue to try to heal the wounds surrounding this breach in their faith.


Of course, many in the mainstream scientific community will have problems dealing with this as well because they still haven’t accepted the reality of quantum physics nor the scientific findings that time travel is plausible to bridge great distances. Thus, Newtonian physicists will have a hard time changing their thinking and humbling their huge egos. Regarding the Monsignor’s briefing to the Sitchin group about preparing for a visitation very soon, there are many timetables that are available over the next twelve to twenty-four years in which this could possibly happen.

The Mayan Long Count Calendar end date (12/ 21/2012) points to the birth of a new age and the rebirth of Father Sun (Son), or Hunab Ku.


Adrian Gilbert, co-author of both The Mayan Prophecies and The Orion Mystery, has written a new book called Signs in the Sky, in which he has found information that astronomically calculates two succinct portal openings that coincide with the summer and winter solstices this year.


The astronomical degrees of these solstice dates place both events on the Galactic plane in our heavens (which will be the case for many years to come), as well as places the winter solstice in conjunction with the galactic center (birth of the galaxy). He is preparing a tour to Egypt and Israel to visit special sites that, during this solstice period, will align with the portal opening.


For additional information on this pilgrimage, contact Adrian Gilbert.