Prince Nannarís Plot
Jesus Christ and Planet X Nibiru

by Robertino Solàrion



The following information was taken primarily from the books The Stellar Man by John Baines (in Santiago de Chile aka Darío Salas Sommer) and The Gods of Eden by William Bramley.

As we all know, the ancient Israelites were taken into captivity by the Egyptians around the year 2000 BCE. Eventually Moses was born. By that time, Mosesí Israelite heritage had almost been forgotten. He was, for all practical purposes, considered an Egyptian. He was found in a craft on the River Nile by an Egyptian Princess who reared him as her own son.

When he grew up, Moses became a student of the Egyptian Hermetic Mysteries. This "Hermetic" tradition was the "science" that was being fed to early Cro-Magnon intellectuals by Nibiruan Prince Nannar, the prince of magic and sorcery, known in Greek mythology as Hermes, in Egypt as Thoth.

The year was around 1587 BCE. Moses was grown and fully adept with the secret mysteries of the Pyramids. The Planet Nibiru returned to Tiamatís local environment. When Planet Nibiru returns to its perihelion, it positions itself directly above our North Pole in line with the polar star Polaris. It "sits there" for approximately 900 years, its summertime. Then it leaves, heading far back out towards the Oort Cloud where it "winters," and where the locals go into a prolonged period of hibernation, their being reptiles and all.

A series of cataclysms befell Tiamat, as a direct result of Nibiruís close proximity during Mosesí lifetime. This cyclical series of events always repeats itself every time that Nibiru comes near for "summertime." Moses saw an opportunity to free his people from Egyptian domination during this series of cataclysms.

Being an "adept" at the secrets of the galaxy, he sought assistance from an "Archon of Destiny."

Please free my people," he implored the Archon.

The Archon made a deal with Moses. If Moses would swear allegiance to this Archon, this Archon promised to help the Israelites escape from Egypt, in connection with the series of cataclysms that was already underway. Moses agreed.

A polar axis shift occurred. During the displacement, the waters of the Red Sea sloshed about, providing an opportunity for the Israelites to run across the temporarily dry seabed. The pursuing Egyptian army was swamped and drowned when the floodwaters reversed themselves. For further details, you are referred to the books of the late Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky of Princeton University.

However, when the Israelites arrived safely in the Sinai, Moses realized that heíd made a deal with the "wrong" Archon. As a result of his agreement, this particular Archon had taken control of Earth/Tiamat by entering into the very nucleus of this planet and ousting the previously reigning Archon. Earth entered a long period of dark ages.

By about the year 100 BCE, the Nibiruans realized that Moses had caused an untenable situation on Tiamat. They had to rectify the damage. Since Prince Nannar was their master magician and leader of the Hermetic philosophy that Moses had been privy to, Emperor Anu selected Prince Nannar to head to Tiamat and get on top of the situation. Prince Nannar agreed wholeheartedly, because he, too, realized the gravity of the dilemma on Tiamat.

He returned and mobilized the Hermetic forces in Egypt. They agreed upon the following plan. They decided to impregnate a Tiamatian Cro-Magnon female with the sperm of Prince Nannar and create a hybrid Tiamatian/Nibiruan female who would be capable of giving birth to a second-generation male hybrid. Mary was born. These circumstances of Maryís birth are mysterious even to modern researchers, but nonetheless Mary was half-Tiamatian and half-Nibiruan. As soon as Mary reached puberty, she was whisked off to Giza in Egypt and spent her teenage years being indoctrinated into Hermetic Mysteries at the Great Pyramid area. She was informed that her "duty" in life was to bear a male child would be 3/4 Nibiruan and 1/4 Tiamatian. Prince Nannar found her an old man named Joseph to be her "husband," to legitimize the future offspring of this experiment.

Mary and Joseph were married, but Joseph didnít know anything about Maryís background in the Hermetic/Nibiruan traditions. When Mary was around 20 years old, Prince Nannar "materialized" here on Tiamat as a Roman soldier. He met Mary at a pre-arranged time and location and impregnated her with his sperm. Jesus was conceived. When Jesus reached puberty, he was taken to India where he was fully indoctrinated into the rest of the plot by revolutionary Nibiruan Princess-Royal Inanna/Lakshmi, the ruler of what is now India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Indochina. At about the age of 30, Jesus returned to Jerusalem.

There were valid reasons for this "maneuver" by Prince Nannar. He had to have a second-generation hybrid; he couldnít just use any old Tiamatian for his "plot." For his scheme to succeed, his Tiamatian infiltrator, in this case Jesus, had to be able to impress other Tiamatians with a power to "work miracles." If Jesus had not been a second-generation hybrid, his nerve circuits would have blown up his brain when he attempted to access higher mental levels in his performance of these "miracles."

The purpose for this plot by Prince Nannar and Emperor Anu was to free the Planet Tiamat from our domination by this particular "Archon." Jesus was supposed to be the vehicle by which this goal was to be accomplished.

Well, Jesus built a coterie of supporters (the 12 Apostles) and went to work. But, as luck would have it, the Romans got wind of a "conspiracy" against the state. They arrested Jesus, crucified him - and that was that. Prince Nannarís scheme had failed. The Archon in question is still in control of Tiamat, and I feel sure that the Nibiruan ruling "Council of Twelve" are NOT amused!

We shall see what happens next. And, of course, as we now know after this was first written, "the Jesus Christ" was, in fact, none other than Apollonius of Tyana.