by John Weigel

29 June 2013

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Part 1


Barrie Trower, former Cold War spy debriefer and academic, warned members of the Irish Doctors Environmental Association (IDEA) at its Annual General Meeting on 20 April 2013 in Dublin about the dangers of microwave based communications systems.







Expert tells doctors of impending tragedy from EMF radiation as health of nations laid waste by technology

Barrie Trower lives in a world different to the rest of us. His world is every bit as dangerous as anything Tolkien could have dreamed up and with each passing day inches closer to engulf us. Very occasionally he surfaces to warn us but returns back to his world largely ignored.

While his words are reasoned and motivational - much like Tolkein's wizard, Gandalf - Trower is stoically centered.


He sat alone for more than an hour waiting to address the annual general meeting of the Irish Doctors Environmental Association (IDEA) amid stacked chairs against the stark white walls between two tall Georgian windows with only a glass of water molecules to bring clarity before speaking to the group.

A lecturer in Advanced Physics at South Dartmoor College and living in a village in rural Devon - not unlike Tolkein's beloved Shires - Trower has travelled to 27 countries around the world explaining the unseen wonders of physics and the perilous ways mankind is commercially exploiting the invisible for profit and political power.

From the outset, Trower is courageous.


Here is a truth-teller, not just an ordinary whistleblower, but a man who came out of retirement with a warning for all humanity.

"I'll tell you very briefly where I'm coming from very before I start," began Trower,


"In 1959 I studied my first paper on microwaves for my entry examination into the military. I studied all aspects of microwaves in the military - radar, health issues.


Microwaves then were being used, as they are today, as stealth weapons. Stealth weapons specifically to cause severe neurological and physiological damage. There never, ever was any safe level of microwave radiation."

Trower began his career with the British Royal Navy before his peacetime duties with the Secret Service.


In addition to his experience he is uniquely qualified to discuss microwaves due to education with a degree in physics, a second degree in research, as well as a teaching diploma in physiology.

Common sense tells us electricity is dangerous. Less generally known are the principles surrounding magnetism which, according to experts like Davis and Rawls in their book Magnetism on Its Effects on the Living System, can be equally dangerous.


Combine the two principles, electricity and magnetism, into electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF) and there is a recipe for untold misery, pain, death and destruction.


Electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) are the signals used in modern communications systems, from the billions of cell phones and masts that service them to the pulsed signals of WiMAX and Tetra which are stronger still.

Although Trower came to the subject late, the Russians had been studying microwaves from as early as 1920, according to Czech writer Mojmir Babacek, founder of the International Movement Against Manipulation of Central Nervous System.


Babacek told El Spectador that Russia was well advanced in the 50's investigating phenomena such as telepathy, telekinesis and clairvoyance, and that during the 60's and 70's there existed a real arms race between Russia and the U.S. in this area which supports Trower's explanation of debriefing victims for the British military - cold war spies - following their microwave radiation exposure.


And as recently as April 2013, Russian President Vladimir Putin admitted that Russia plans to ramp up its arsenal with the development of "psychotronic" weapons.1

"Following my time in the military - we're into the cold war here - and those of you who remember the Cold War it was a very, very tense time for the world, I can specifically remember two occasions when we were within one second of total global nuclear war.


A part of my job when I left the military because I had microwave knowledge, and they were being used as weapons, was to question captured spies or agents which I did for eleven years and in my defense and, might I please say, that the program, run by Sir William Melville, I never used pain, humiliation embarrassment, drugs, hypnosis, nothing.


I treated the ladies and gentlemen as I would talk to you. It was nothing more than a conversation over a cup of coffee."

William Melville is the real 'M', founding father of MI-5 and the inspiration for Ian Fleming's character in James Bond books and films.

Trower explained that during the Cold War, less than 20 years after the death of Nikola Tesla, the genius of electricity, and less than 15 years after the end of WWII, governments were already researching the effects of pulsed microwave signals in the 1960's.

"I gathered the information," he said, "because different pulsed systems were being used to cause different neurological and physiological damage."

As a former insider Trower is giving first hand fact-based evidence that microwave signals and radiation cause damage to living organisms and the built environment. Furthermore he is living testimony that governments have used that evidence to inflict pain and suffering on their opponents.

Trower claims that there is no defense against a microwave assault and that by alternating pleasure and pain frequencies broadcast from a van parked nearby,

"anyone can be broken in 30 hours."

His statement is backed up by Drs. P.D. Whissell and M.A. Persinger of Laurentian University, Ontario, who said in a 2007 paper, that,

"experiments showed a role of opiates in simple and pulsed EL-EMF response, but opiate-like effects induced by VHF-MF and microwave (MW) field also exist and have been characterized for more than a decade."2

Trower's testimony flies in the face of "Product Defense Consultant" Dr. William H. Bailey, advisor to the Irish government, power companies in Nevada and British Columbia as well as companies like Toyota that experience electromagnetic interference with their services or manufactured goods.

Shortly after embarking on a career in education, Trower explained that he was contacted by a police authority in the U.K. to review the literature and explain the implications of the proposed switch to a new communications system using Tetra technology - a microwave signal developed by the Motorola Corporation, a major U.S. military contractor based outside of Chicago, Illinois.

"That resulted in me being commissioned to write the first safety report on the Tetra system for the emergency services which I condemned," said Trower.


"Nine years later I was approached by another police union with the increased cancers and other neurological problems, saying would I update my report which I did."

Before launching into proof that low level microwave radiation causes disease and death, Trower said that he has never charged for his public engagements because once you accept money you can be told what to say and, secondly, even the poorest can afford to hear his message.


The idealism of Trower's position is growing around the world against what is becoming increasingly the most powerful industry on the planet.


While her husband has endorsed the electromagnetic Smart Meter, Michelle Obama, quietly contacted Trower for information through an agent in New York. After all, she has two daughters to protect.


The hand that rocks the cradle may, yet again, rule...

"Let's deal with the most important question first," he said as he stood behind a pile of documents neatly grouped and tied with string.


"With low level microwaves, and lower level is actually more dangerous than a high level, with low level microwaves is there any proof? Let's deal with the proof argument first.


More than you would probably imagine - there are 8,300 military papers proving microwaves cause severe neurological and physiological damage.


There are seven high court cases now against the industry showing that they will cause this. There are 12 epidemiological studies. There are another 19 legal judgments around the world - by mayors, magistrates or people who have the ability to make a legal judgment.


The industry themselves, this is what they say about the microwaves that children are walking around using."

Trower quoted a document prepared by the German Ecolog Institut on behalf of the TMobile holding company for Deutsche Telecom with its estimated 150 million customers world-wide.


Reading from Section 7 of the document, Trower bridged direct quotes from the Ecolog study with his own links,

"These are their actual words.

'It can be concluded that electromagnetic fields used in the mobile telecoms range do play a role in the development of cancer'...

On the cellular level, a multitude of studies found these waves can induce the cancer initiation, cancer promotion agents to act in the body.

'DNA synthesis and repair mechanisms' for continuous or pulsed fields can influence or directly damage the DNA.'" 3

Trower referenced the ruling of an Italian court against the microwave industry.

"I had to read this a few times just to believe it... it was in the transcript of the judgment against the industry for cancer, and it actually states that if you use a cell phone five to six hours a day for 10-12 years you are more likely to develop ipsilateral cancer, that is from the direction of the source of the radiation, you are more likely to develop ipsilateral cancer than the survivors of the atomic bomb in Japan in 1945.


There is no doubt microwaves are causing cancer, neurological and physiological damage. No doubt." said Trower.

If microwave radiation is causing so much damage, why is the public so unaware of the dangers?


Before answering the question, Trower again lists the effects from still more sources - some top secret:

  • TOP SECRET: From a U.S. conference, 1986.

"Concerning low level microwaves, we can change behavior of cells, tissue... Whole organisms have a six times higher fetal mortality rate, birth defects and induce malignant tumors in human cells."

  • TOP SECRET: Course No. 11, 2001-07.

"Students (scientists) will be familiar with current knowledge, ie. cancer, memory, brain function damage to the eye, skin, birth defects from low level microwave radiation."

  • TOP SECRET: Naval Medical Research Institute: Biological and Clinical Manifestations Attributed to Microwave Radiation (Low-Level) which lists 2,000 medical references with the main paper, Altered Menstrual and Fetal Development.

  • TOP SECRET: World Health Organization (W.H.O.), 1973. Biological Effects: Health and Excess Mortality from Artificial Irradiation of Radio Frequency, Microwave Radiation. The paper was the result of a symposium held in Warsaw and has been referred to by experts such as Dr. Magda Havas, Trent University, Canada, Henry Lai, of the University of Washington and by the Seletun Declaration signed by Prof. Olle Johansson, of the Karolinska Institute, among others.

"The damage caused by microwave radiation is irrefutable," says Trower, "There never is any doubt. There never was."

In reference to the Warsaw document, Trower held it high, telling the audience,

"Again, top secret paper. This is a surprise. This is actually from the World Health Organization and it says Biological Effects: Health and Excess Mortality from Artificial Irradiation of Radio Frequency, Microwave Radiation.


They list pages upon pages of ill effects and when the W.H.O published this it was stamped Top Secret and hasn't seen the light of day since."

As it emerges from the shadows of secrecy, the document is becoming a cornerstone of the global reaction to microwave radiation, giving credence to the fact that dangers to human and animal health were established more than 40 years ago and that the evidence has been suppressed.


In a sworn affidavit to the State of Oregon, Trower told the court that health effects from microwave radiation had been noted as early as 1932 when it was called "radiowave sickness".

A 2006 Freedom of Information request by Donald Friedman of Napa, California 4 supports Trower implicitly.


The buried document revealed both the theory and practice behind inducing neurological events from subjects "hearing things" - the Frey Effect - to suffering epileptic seizures of varying severity.5


The U.S. Army document, Bioeffects of Selected Non Lethal Weapons, which notes that human beings have been used as guinea pigs and the physical effects are a reality, states:

"Human subjects listened to very high levels of low-frequency noise and infrasound...


Two minute duration as high as 140 to 155 dB produced a range of effects from mild discomfort to severe pressure sensations, nausea, gagging, and giddiness. Effects also included blurred vision and visual field distortions in some exposure exposure conditions..."

Naturally, by virtue of the fact that Friedman had to officially request the document and that it was originally labeled "Secret Noforn" until it was stamped unclassified clearly indicates that information is being suppressed and kept well away from public scrutiny.


The label "SECRET NOFORN" means documents are designed to never be shown to non-US citizens.

According to Trower the reason is simple.

"The question is, 'Why?' Why has all of this damage which is known to be caused to children, why is it being suppressed? And the answer is here," said Trower, holding before him yet another document.

"And I have said this was incredibly top secret. It is from the United States Defense Intelligence Agency.


It's dated 1971 and basically they list all of the illnesses which you can expect at this time from low level radiation including blood-brain barrier damage but it is the first three lines which I think are the most dangerous lines since the declaration of war and it's certainly going to cause more casualties...


Those three lines of text from the U.S. Naval Centre are telling indeed: 'If the governments of the more advanced nations of the West are strict in enforcement of stringent exposure standards, there could be unfavorable effects on industrial output and military effects.'"6

The possibility/probability of costly law suits moved Swiss Re to refuse insurance to companies using microwave technology.


The risk-averse insurance sector bases its assessment on risk, the concept explored by Australian Don Maish in his book, 'The Procrustean Approach - Setting Exposure Standards for Telecommunications Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation.'


Maisch was savaged by the legal team representing FortisBC during hearings in British Columbia in March 2013 to consider deployment of the contentious Smart Meter. The contentious William Bailey, naturally enough, testified on behalf of the industry.

Blame for the paucity of public safety standards rests with the U.S. government, claims Trower.

"The United States government are advising Western governments, namely us, to have such a relaxed safety level that the industry can never be taken to court," he said.


"They also say that if we don't it will have a disastrous effect on industrial profit and, of course, line them up for law suits. Following this, if the American government says 'Jump', the English government says, 'How high?'"

Trower explained that the English government adopted a six-minute heating effect as the official standard and the rest of the world followed suit. There is, however, ample evidence of global financial interests bringing enormous pressure to bear. Names like Motorola.


Westinghouse, JPMorgan and Rockefeller litter the resume of Nikola Tesla, the undisputed pioneering genius in the application of electricity and magnetism.


Indeed, it was Tesla himself who alerted President Franklin Roosevelt of the theory behind creation of a death ray to end WWII and all wars while a friend petitioned Eleanor Roosevelt for financial help for the inventor who died penniless in January 1943.

Trower's assertion regarding the arbitrary adoption of the heating or so-called "Thermal Effect" caused by microwaves was expressed as early as 1981 by the World Health Organization.


Titled Environmental Health Criteria 16, Radiofrequency and Microwaves, the report notes,

"Thermal mechanisms seem wholly inadequate to account for the results of studies indicating that cerebral tissue, exposed to weak electromagnetic fields, responds only over a limited range of intensities and modulation frequencies of the RF carrier field.


There appears to be evidence for both amplitude and modulation frequency windows, outside which effects are not observed."7

"And that is still the only standard today," said Trower, "six minutes of heating. In other words, providing you don't feel too warm, after six minutes of being near a transmitter or on the phone or whatever, it is deemed safe, that is it.


That is the only safety level and today in the U.K. and the United States they'll have got away with that."

In Canada, Dr. Magda Havas,8 of Trent University, Ontario, forced admission from health authorities that while they say they are using standards below the Thermal Effect, they are at wide variance with practice.


In February 2013, Havas reported:

"I just returned from a hearing in Montreal in front of the Superior Court of Quebec where Health Canada scientist, James McNamee, admitted that the Safety Code 6 guideline for microwave radiation (which includes radiation from most of the devices we are concerned about like mobile phones, cell phone antennas, Wi-Fi, wireless toys and baby monitors, smart meters etc.) is based ONLY on preventing a heating effect!


Let me state that again. Health Canada admits that Safety Code 6 for frequencies between 100 kHz and 300 GHz are based ONLY on heating."

Trower is right again and Dr. Havas proved it.





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2 - Whissell, P.D. and Persinger, M.A., Emerging Sunergisms between Drugs and Physiologically-Patterned Weak Management Fiels: Implications for Neuropharmacology and the Human Population in the Twenty- First Century. Current Neuropharmacology. 2007. P. 279.


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4 - Bioeffects of Selected NonlethalWeapons. 1998. "Application of electromagnetic pulses is also a conceptual nonlethal technology Uiat uses electromagnetic energy to induce neural synchrony and disruption of voluntary muscle control. The effectiveness of this concept has not been demonstrated. However, from past work in evaluating the potential for electromagnetic pulse generators to affect humans, it is estimated that sufficiently strong internal fields can be generated within the brain to trigger neurons. Estimates are that 50 to 100 kV/m free field of very sharp pulses (~ 1 nS) are required to produce a cell membranic potential of approximately 2 V; this would probably be sufficient to trigger neurons or make them more susceptible to firing. The electromagnetic pulse concept is one in which a very fast (nanosecond timeframe) high voltage (approximately 100 kV/m or greater) electromagnetic pulse is repeated at the alpha brain wave frequency (about 15 Hz), It is known that a similar frequency of pulsing light can trigger sensitive individuals (those with some degree of light-sensitivity epilepsy) into a seizure and it is thought that by using a method that could actually trigger nerve synapses directly with an electrical field, essentially 100% of individuals would be susceptible to seizure induction."

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 Part 2

Barrie Trower's presentation to the Irish Doctors Environmental Association (IDEA) at its Annual General Meeting on 20 April 2013 in Dublin about the dangers of microwave

based communications systems.

This part of his presentation mentions the risks of Wi-Fi to children and the disappearance of bees.
Expert tells doctors of impending tragedy from EMF radiation as health of nations laid waste by technology


Limits don't protect children

The problem with heating standards, if they can be called standards at all - except in a microwave oven - is the vulnerability of children.


Tolerance is a more appropriate term.

"Children are much more vulnerable than adults," says Trower, "for two reasons: one, they have a higher water content in the body which means they absorb around 10 times more radiation than adults and the other is that the mitochondrial DNA suffers 10 times more stress than other bodily DNA.


If you look at the child, the child is taking a 20-fold increase in danger than adults. This is also before we get onto their size. They also absorb more radiation because they are nearer the size of the wavelength and they act as aerials."

In a court deposition presented in Portland, Oregon in 2011, Trower explained the phenomenon of children as aerials.

"Children act like antennas and absorb more radiation than adults because they are smaller, and their very dimensions approximate the deployment's wavelength." 9

As Trower explained it in Oregon,

"A basic receiving antenna can be thought of as an apparatus that converts electromagnetic waves into electrical current. It turns out that the human body is also a very effective antenna over a broad frequency range.


As an electrical conductor, when exposed to electromagnetic fields, it behaves as an antenna with a frequency resonance determined by various factors including height, posture, etc.

Children are not merely small adults. They are physiologically and neurologically immature; their systems have not yet formed. Microwave radiation alters the blood-brain barrier so that toxins leak into the brain.


This can cause neurologic and psychological amongst many other problems more easily in children. A child's immune system, which fights off infection, takes 18 years to develop.


Additionally, 122 layers of protein - myelin - insulate the electrically generated signals used by the nervous system to control muscles and organs. These layers of protein take 22 years to develop. MW radiation has been shown to affect protein synthesis.


This could lead to muscular dystrophy-like symptoms in later life."

Trower's greatest concern about children is the fact that the blood-brain barrier in the human brain does not completely develop until the age of 18 months.

"The blood brain barrier has been known to enlarge and let toxins in and out of the brain," he claims.


"That takes 18 months before it is even made. Similarly the myelin sheet protein synthesis is known to be interfered with as well as the marrow within the bone which has a high water content."



Protect your daughters

"I want to talk at length about one particular problem which I believe is very, very important," said Trower, asking the audience to imagine themselves as young girls sitting at their school desks being irradiated by Wi-Fi, laptops and electronic tablet textbooks.


"The problem with children and I think it is the most important question or topic now to deal with microwaves," he explained "With all of the research papers, the first thing that springs to mind (and I've already read them) is birth defects and we're looking, not just in humans, but right across the mammalian species, right across the planet.


To explain this I need to keep it simple for myself. I would like you to imagine, please, that you are all five years old and you are all girls and you're sitting in a classroom and a Wi-Fi is plunked in front of you...

"The Wi-Fi is transmitting as is the router on the wall. Now the Wi-Fi is transmitting generally through your ovaries and you have around 400,000 ovarian follicles - not fully developed - sitting there.


They are being irradiated. Let's move the clock forward to the point where you are now 18. You have been through many years of having your ovaries irradiated. And let's say now you are 18 and you are pregnant and I have taught many pregnant students.

In the first 100 days of your embryo the embryo is developing its own ovarian follicles. By 100 days, as you will probably know, they are virtually formed" said Trower.

The ovarian follicles of the 18-year-old have been damaged and this damage is passed down to her daughter and her daughter.


In short, the stage is being set for a catastrophe unseen before in human history.

"They have no defense mechanism at all against microwaves," said Trower.


"There is no Protein 53 which are four protein structures. There is no nuclear core complex. Those are defense structures we have developed through evolution to protect us against electric storms when we were living in caves.


They have nothing. So the ovarian follicles of the embryo and the mother may not even know she's pregnant at this stage - the ovarian follicles have no defense mechanism - and what we are looking at is when your child is born, which may or may not have genetic damage, it is that child's birth where the real problem is going to come out.


And we are already seeing this with other mammalian species and if you're wondering how many people are going to be involved - there is only one paper I know of in the world written by a professor, oddly enough, by an advisor with the W.H.O. and he found when women were being deliberately microwaved the rate of stillbirth, miscarriage, genetically damaged children was 57.7 percent and this was at a level of radiation lower than a child would get in a classroom with 20 wi-fis (desktop units).

We know a minimum of 57 percent. Now that's the good news."

The mitochondrial cells are where the cell takes in nutrients, breaks it down to create energy at the cellular level.


Thus, if the mitochondrial cells are damaged, the cell cannot function properly. Logically, when this occurs in the cells of ovarian follicles, eggs will not be healthy or even produced. At a personal level, infertility is unfortunate. At a social level, where a country needs healthy workers to prosper, damaged embryos can lead to widespread social problems.


On a global scale, the consequences can be catastrophic.

Trower is an academic who shies away from politics. He deals in theory.

Trower's assertions are, however, supported by sound science from researchers such as Prof. Olle Johansson at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm who posits that after five generations, laboratory animals became infertile.


As for DNA damage, Dr. Dimitris Panagopoulos at the University of Athens proved DNA damage to annoying creatures such as fruit flies. In a recent paper, Panagopoulos reported:

... external EMFs of varying/alternating nature, modulated and pulsed fields such as those associated with modern wireless telecommunications or produced by power lines, would not be expected to have beneficial action.

Rather as demonstrated in the present chapter, these can be expected to be detrimental even at intensities thousands or even millions of times smaller than those of the current exposure limits.


Ways of direct and indirect electromagnetic interaction between environmental fields and living systems are described in the present chapter.

"The bad news, as most of you will know," said Trower, "is that the mitochondrial DNA is irreparable. So what we're saying to your children is if we damage your mitochondrial DNA it is their children and their children and their children.


As long as there is a female line you will have this genetic damage. So, by putting Wi-Fi in school classrooms, what you're actually doing is sentencing 57 percent of your children to some form of birth defect forever.


This is where the joke stops. It isn't a decision we have the right to make."

Ireland's Minister for Education and Skills, Ruairi Quinn, T.D., disagrees.


An architect and town planner, Quinn was quoted in February, 2013 by Breakingnews, i.e., saying,

"All of our (European Union) classrooms, right across the 27, soon to be 28 member states, have to embrace that technology because the rest of the world is doing so and we have to do so as well. It won't change education per se, but it will change the way in which we do education."

Mr. Quinn was proved wrong a month later when the French Assemblée Nationale voted to keep radiofrequency electromagnetic fields away from schools.


As part of an amendment to the bill for the 'rebuilding the schools of the Republic', MPs voted to promote wired Ethernet connections in schools and not Wi-Fi, supporting the precautionary principle and protecting children's health.10

In addition to France, the Public Health Department of Salzburg has warned that Wi-Fi should not be put in schools or nurseries.


The Austrian Medical Association is lobbying against the deployment of Wi-Fi in schools. In a letter to the parents of Salzburg, Dr. Gerd Oberfeld, who addressed the Irish Doctors Environmental Association two years ago, said,

"Based on first empirical evidence from sensitive people, the signal seems to be 'very biologically active' The symptoms seen so far are the same seen in base station studies:

headaches, concentration difficulty, restlessness, memory problems etc.

The official advice of the Public Health Department of the Salzburg Region is not to use WLAN and DECT in School or Kindergardens."

WLAN is an acronym for Wireless Local Area Network or the ubiquitous Wi-Fi proposed for Irish schools and DECT stands for Digital European Cordless Telecommunications, the wireless phones found in homes and offices.


In Germany, too, the Bavarian Parliament has recommended that no schools in the province use wireless LAN (Local Area Network) networks. The Frankfurt City government said that it would not install Wi-Fi in its schools until it had been shown to be harmless.

From Russia, Prof. Yury Grigoriev, a member of the WHO International Advisory Committee on EMF and Health, said,

"The short-term and long-term potential consequences for society from exposing children to microwave radiation from cellular communication devices must be immediately acknowledged globally, and responsibly addressed."11

In North America, David Morrison took court action to block wireless in schools in Oregon, he explained,

"I brought a federal law suit against the school board of Portland OR. for installing Wi-Fi in the schools.


The suit was based on 14th amendment rights to a safe environment for my daughter's education. My research led me to Barrie and he generously agreed to be a witness in our action.


As a result we traveled to London to meet him for depositions and at another time spent three days interviewing him. The suit has been defined by the judge as a complaint against the FCC and not suitable for the courts. Of course it was an easy out for the judge.

We are now preparing an action to reignite the case."

Support for Trower and a growing number of experts is growing around the world.



Trower's unmet challenge

It is at this point that Trower issues his first challenge - one that has never been taken up anywhere he has spoken, whether on television or at public meetings.

"Now I have been right around the world lecturing and in every country in the last however many years," he said.


"When I appear on television or radio I make a challenge and I say what I want. I want this country's top scientists, government scientists, industry scientists, I don't care how many there are... I want them to humiliate me live, on air, and would they please come and do it. I have one question, just one question.


What is the safe level of microwave irradiation for the ovarian follicles of an embryo?


Drug companies can tell you if they have produced a drug for a child but to date in all of the years in every country not one person will meet me live on television and tell me, not one And the reason is there isn't one. I know there isn't one because there cannot be. There isn't one.


My reaction is, well, Why are we putting Wi-Fi in schools? Simple as that."




Trower relentlessly throws out statistics. When transmitters went up there were 200 cancer clusters in schools. The Council of Europe is recommending wired systems in schools.


Eight other countries are negotiating or taking Wi-Fi out of schools.

"Unicef, a charity, the children's charity that I think is beyond reproach," noted Trower, "they did their own survey research for children and they found there was an 85 percent increase in central nervous system disorders, a 36 percent increase in epilepsy, 11 percent in psychiatric problems, 82 percent in blood/immune disorders in children and risk to the fetus," he said.


"Recent news came in within the last few days, how big a part I played in this I don't know, but I have been in touch with various people over there, but 60,000 pediatricians in the U.S. have petitioned Congress to take Wi-Fi out of schools. 60,000.


That is not a small body of knowledge. If you add that to the 40,000 similar bodies who signed the Freiberger agreement - hospital consultants and people like yourselves - we have 100,000 of the most educated professionals in the world - probably the most educated professionals in the world - 100,000 saying, 'Protect our children and get Wi-Fi out of schools'."

"In China, parotid cancer from the cell phone - up 3,000 percent. Other countries are now listing huge increases in childhood brain tumours," said Trower.


"They are actually saying it is down to cell phones. Neurologically, and it is published here in the Journal of Neurological Science, on tens of thousands of children explaining why low level microwaves are causing all of the neurological problems they are in children.


If you think of some of the chemicals, just a few of them, whizzing around the brain, anandimide, encephalin, orexin, the balance between the frontal cortex and the amygdala, the frontal cortex and the ventral paradigm if you look at those and I'm going down from the morphine substitutes, the marijuanas, the severe hunger, the severe hopelessness and the severe anger just with those alone...

"The current used by that part of the brain to release those chemicals into the brain is around 2 milliamps.


Under certain conditions, ordinary everyday conditions, that can be increased 17-fold by microwaves. 17-fold. It's not surprising when you have neurological papers saying it's causing this or it's causing this or this or this. We know it's going to because it's been used in stealth warfare to do this.


So we know it but it can be increased 17-fold under normal, everyday household conditions." he said.

Trower displays photographs of a woman who carried her cell phone in her bra. He admitted that one woman suffering a breast tumor does not prove the cause of her tumor was where she placed her cell phone.

"But," noted Trower, "I have on a disc in here, I have 45 peer reviewed research studies showing that the breast tissue is particularly sensitive to microwave radiation.


Women suffer more than men because they have 13 circadian rhythms/frequencies in their bodies in which microwaves interact with that men don't have.


They have much more complex hormones, again which are more susceptible to women so women do suffer more than men and obviously girls more more than boys."

It is relevant to note that University College in Dublin hosted a series of seminars supported by the Irish Cancer Society to address the issue of female breast cancer in October, 2012.


The issue of microwave radiation was not included in the the group's focus, however, psychotherapy was.


It is also relevant that the Irish Cancer Society is heavily supported by the microwave industry.




In addition to the intentional suppression of evidence, there is the contentious issue posed by recognition of the Thermal Effect and standards issued by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP).


It is a high-sounding title which wreaks of Orwellian Newspeak.

"Some of the countries I have been to have asked where can we go from here? Can we actually fight the industry? The answer is, 'Yes'," said Trower.


"Generally what I find when I talk to the people involved in the countries, generally they have been lied to.


And if you have been lied to, you have obviously, through barristers and people, a recourse and one of the things that have been thrown in my face right around the world is what they call call the ICNIRP certificate..."

ICNIRP was ostensibly established to set standards for public protection under the voluntary Precautionary Principle.

"When we go to these countries they say, 'Ha' six minutes of heating, but that is not true and this is where the lie comes in. Generally the industry goes to a school or a body and say the levels are up here and we're down here and everything is okay.


That is actually not true and I have fought two international cases on this. My first question when I have this thrown in my face is, 'Have you read it?' (ICNIRP guidelines) and to date, again around the world, I have never met a single person who's read the guidelines they are throwing in my face.


Well, I have," said Trower.

Again citing official documentation, Trower chokes them with their own admissions.

"Here," he said, "on page 545 it says, for example, some children, the elderly and chronically ill people might have a lower tolerance for the radiation than the rest of the population.


They need separate guidelines and they go on to say, even under those guidelines, there will be other people which they call sensitive individuals who need, again, separate guidelines. In other words, the electro-sensitive.


And it goes on... Page 546... this is the bit they don't like, it says that decision-makers should read current scientific literature and set an exposure level at a tolerance lower than what is known to be causing illness and that is not the ICNIRP level which is up there. In other words you should set a safety level lower than what is known to be causing illness and they don't do that."

The international battle between the Thermal Effect advocates and those pressing for stricter guidelines and regulations has become heated in Canada where Health Canada proposed that Canadians are protected by vaunted and violated Safety Code 6 Guidelines.

The debate exploded when it was learned that those guideline are also based on the Thermal Effect.


Jerry Flynn, a former military man like Trower, offers parallel evidence. Flynn, too, is challenging the Canadian government and Dr. David Butler-Jones, chief Public Health Officer of Canada's Public Health Agency.

Flynn, a retired Canadian Armed Forces captain, spent 22 of his 26-years-and-a-day years service in Electronic (EW) and Radio Warfare..


He spent two years as Executive Officer & Operations Officer at an ultra-sensitive radio station directly employing 200-plus specially-trained radio operators and technicians and another two years' National Defense Headquarters, in the Directorate of Electronic Warfare, as the Staff Officer EW for Canada's only Army EW Squadron.


He has conducted Electronic Warfare at sea with the Royal Canadian Navy and on land with NATO army units.

Trower, Flynn and the former SAS member Victor Nixon who died last year, age 59, in Idaho, are just three military men to step forward and challenge government.


Like Trower and Nixon - each working from separate perspectives and unknown to each other, they challenge authority.


Flynn is challenging the health authorities in Canada.

"I would like Dr. Butler-Jones to answer for me, please - in unambiguous language - how Health Canada can continue telling the public that they are protected by Safety Code 6 when Canada's own internationally respected and independent National Research Council (who are also based in Ottawa but report to Industry Canada), the Council of Europe (47 countries, 800 million people) and the Russian Federation all say Canada's Exposure Limits - being based solely on thermal effects of EMR/RFR - are amongst the highest, i.e., most dangerous in the world!


I would appreciate an acknowledgement of receipt from Dr. Butler- Jones, please," said Flynn.

For military men to step forward to defend themselves and their people against the actions of the governments they served is a remarkable act of courage.

Trower, Flynn and Nixon - all military men - raise the Roman poet, Juvenal's question,

"Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" - "Who will guard the guards themselves?"

Indeed, who is protecting the military and the police who are using Tetra.




Why Bees Can't Survive

Nearly imperceptively, Trower is building a case.


From his personal history to scientific evidence of experimentation on humans - forbidden by international agreement in the post-WWII Nuremberg Code, he moves to the complex - perhaps purposely so - issue of the disappearance of bees.

"Obviously, it's not just people," explained Trower, "there are papers here we are looking at - birth problems and deformities researched by government veterinary clinics and we have something called the Glastonbury Festival in England.


Twice I've been the guest speaker for the Glastonbury Festival and I spoke to university professors who are beekeepers and I cited 14 references as to why the bee cannot survive in microwaves - or any other flying insects. We have birds are affected and it has appeared in Nature for the scientists here it's the cryptochrome mechanism in the brain.


There have been further state government studies in cattle with birth defects - horses are particularly vulnerable to everything I've spoken of, whales, and there is a list here, cats, dogs, hamsters and they cite immune system birth problems, just about every animal there is on the planet is going to be affected which isn't surprising because, if you think about it, at the cellular level when you get down to the DNA and the four bases, we are really all the same.


And if you're going to affect human cells you're going to affect tree cells, buttercup cells, even germ cells," he said.

"Unfortunately, the situation with the bees is a page out of the playbook that we deal with all the time with the mobile phone industry," said George Carlo12, an epidemiologist and head of the Science and Public Policy Institute in Washington, D.C.


"When the bee story first broke, it was based on a German study that showed information carrying radio waves disrupted the ability of bees to make it back to their hives.


Most people in the public don't know the back story, so they do not see the manipulation coming or have the necessary bases for skepticism to see through it."

Carlo attributes the disappearance of bees (or CCD, Colony Collapse Disorder) to five factors:

  1. timing, the speed at which the phenomenon has spread

  2. the absence of adequate scientific research to support chemical or biological causes

  3. the fact that microwaves interfere with intercellular communications

  4. the suggestion we are near a saturation point of these waves in the ambient environment with bees as the likely the harbinger or the proverbial 'canaries in the coal mine'

  5. although there is at least one peer-reviewed study that supports it, the pattern is global which suggests a cause that is globally present


"Taken together," said Carlo, "EMR is the only explanation that makes sense regarding the disappearing bees: the timing is correct - the problem has occurred primarily within the past two years... when we have nearly tripled the background level of information carrying radio waves; the pattern is global so that suggests a cause that is globally present; there is at least one peer-reviewed study that supports it, and there is a mechanism documented that lends biological plausibility."

"In our view, this is a serious 'red flag' of risk that should be heeded. This is yet another example of mobile phone industry orchestration aimed at distracting the public from data that can save lives," said Carlo.

In the winter of 2006-2007, CCD killed 32 percent of America's honeybees. The next winter, another 36 percent - more than a million hives - died.


In 2009 Rowan Jacobson, editor of the Art of Eating reported from Vermont:

"At first I was in denial," Olson recalled. "Then I just felt weak and had to lean against my truck. A year's hard work for naught!"

Olson wound up losing all 50 hives that had overwintered in one particular bee yard.


That's bad enough, but it pales next to some operations. Adee Honey Farms of South Dakota, the largest beekeeping business in the country, lost 28,000 of its 70,000 hives.


That's about a billion bees gone missing.

"It's off the charts," said Bret Adee. "It's not a sustainable thing, what's happening now."

At first it looked as though the United States was the sole sufferer of CCD, but the rest of the world quickly reported losses also.

"The situation for bees in Europe is no better than for bees in North America," says Bernard Vaissière, a pollination specialist with the French National Institute for Agricultural Research.

A report issued last August by the European Food Safety Authority estimates that the UK lost about 30 percent of its honeybees in 2007, while Italy lost 40 to 50 percent.


Whatever is taking down bees has gone global. And it isn't only bees that are disappearing.


In the British Isles the ubiquitous Busy Lizzie or Impatiens beloved by millions of gardeners has disappeared from D.I.Y. shops and garden centers - ostensibly due to a 'fungal attack.'


Unofficial trials in unaffected areas are proving the plant does not want to germinate. A group of 9th grade school children found the same phenomenon in Denmark.


Cress seeds placed next to a Wi-Fi router did not grow and some of those that did were mutated or died.14

"Now again," noted Trower, "very, very recently Scientific American published an article of the 27 greatest risks to the planet, I can link low level microwaves to 18 of them direct. 18 of the 27, 67 percent."


Sinister Course

Although Trower makes a concerted effort to avoid politics, he makes what is, perhaps, the most political statement of all - and it is of Biblical proportions.

"Now, just to finish off," perhaps literally and figuratively, Trower says, "microwaves are taking a very, very sinister course at the moment.


They are used in global weather warfare. A few years ago three papers were published showing that that the greatest contributor to carbon dioxide in the atmosphere now is the communications industry.


They put more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than any other industry even more than the aviation industry. 110 million tonnes, 29 million cars - that was a few years ago before all your iPods and iPods came along."

Trower finds himself at the epicenter of conflict between the 'Global Warming' crowd and the Deniers.

"Now you may or may not believe in global warming, I'm not going into that here," he said, "but one thing cannot be disputed. When you have carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and it mixes with rainwater, you have carbolic acid.


And the carbolic acid comes down into the oceans. And again, Scientific American or Nature, have published that the acidity of the oceans has reached critical levels for the photosynthesizers in the ocean and they produce about 50 percent of the world's oxygen.


A lot of people don't realize that."

…for the punch-line he adds,

"We are really running the risk of losing our planet."




Trower - The King and I

Were it not so serious, it would be laughable.


Trower's observation that if half of the world's scientists are employed by the military, then the scientific world is nearly evenly divided between those who want to help humanity and those who want to harm us.

"Microwaves are used in microbiological warfare, atmospheric warfare, environmental warfare," said Trower.


"It seems that when you have half the world's scientists engaged by the military, who have nothing else to do but to dream up 'how can I harm someone else' it's not surprising that we have all of these things now.


And to finish off, I'm not boasting when I say this, I have probably met around 40 royals, leaders of governments, leaders of peoples, other important people around the world and they started to tell me as I was going around.


I was picking up a familiar theme."

A true English academic in a much-photographed green tweed sports jacket and matching everything else in green, Trower is not given to the playfulness of British whimsy or wishful thinking, however he does admit that he had a crystal ball.

"And I always wished I was the one who was clever enough to think this up but I wasn't. It was a king who had an Oxbridge (Oxford-Cambridge) law degree and we were having lunch in his garden.


He leaned forward and he said,

'I can tell you one thing, Barrie,' he said, 'I am losing the viability of my country.'

And then the pieces started to fall in.


He said,

'Since the mobile industry moved in I lost a vast number of my insects which means I have to start importing fruits or we get scurvy. We grow vitamin C plants. I'm losing my cattle which means I'll have to start importing other cattle.


I'm losing my trees and all my other plants. My people are becoming sick and I have a paper that shows it could be as much as another 40 percent on your health bill. My people are becoming sick which means I'll have to start importing medicines.'

He said,

'Now if you think - let's assume you have 10 million cell phone users in my country and the daily bill one euro a day, I'm losing the best part of 10 million Euros a day going out. Admittedly tax comes off and they run shops and things but the majority of the money goes out.'

And he said,

'Any child who knows how a money box works can tell you that I as a country am going to go bankrupt. Sooner or later I've got to go bankrupt.'

"He said,

'when it gets worse, he said, the very countries that bring the cell towers in and cause the damage are the very countries - namely the Americans and the Indonesians - He said they are the very countries, the first in, to offer aid, a very generous package.'

He said,

'but there is a price for aid.'

He said they want mining rights, they want mineral rights, they want land rights and they want immigration rights.


It's a trickle but it's a non-stop trickle.

'So I have all of this going out and all of this coming in and,' he said, 'I'm going to lose the viability of my country. I might still be king but I will not be king of my country and my people and really that sums it up.'"

Trower's prediction (for Ireland and other countries) is not far removed from the experience the king outlined.

"So, if you were to say to me," said Trower, "what's going to happen to Ireland? It's simple, you are going to see an epidemic of birth defects, with livestock and children that will put Thalidomide way into the shade.


That is going to happen without a shadow of a doubt. You are also going to lose the viability of your country, that can't be helped as well - unless you do something."

There is a parallel to the king's story in Ireland where the cell phone industry with 5.5 million subscribers is worth €1.65 billion15 according to the Central Statistics Office.


In a country "bailed out" by the so-called Troika of financial interests and where the government pledged to save failed banks to the tune of €70 billion there is ample evidence of the king's saga being repeated.


At present, Shared Access, a North American Company founded with backing from financial powerhouses GoldmanSachs and JPMorgan, is attempting to buy the income stream from farmers who earn an income from having masts on their lands.


For a once-off payment to the farmer, Shared Access will acquire all the income and the earnings will be lost to the Irish economy.

The issue is compounded by a relationship with the Irish Farmers Association which has agreed to a confidential arrangement.


As a not-for-profit Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) the organization is beyond the reach of government and any business arrangements a completely legal in site of the fact that individual farmers, fee-paying members of the group, are not allowed to ask questions,

"What can you do?" asked Trower perhaps optimistically hanging onto an old fashioned concept of democracy.


"One suggestion - you may have better suggestions - one suggestion is you get me back here to talk to your full Parliament for one hour.


It sounds absurd but other than e-mails and you approaching people.


If I could talk to them and I could make them realize the proof. If I could talk to your Parliament it may work. It may not but at least they know what is coming and their children and it is their country and it won't cost them a penny because I work for free.


They can't say 'We can't afford it'. I'll even pay out of my own old age pension if that's what they want but it will cost them one hour of their time and that is all."

It all boils down to timing and money. In a time of austerity, money speaks louder than the health and well-being of the population.


While Trower's advice may, in the long term be priceless, talk, they say, is cheap - even on a Tetra radio, a cell phone or a wireless network in a classroom.



While Trower was talking in Dublin...

While Trower was speaking in Dublin, a group of the world's top scientists16 simultaneously came to a similar explanation and conclusion called the Potenza Picena Resolution during a conference in Italy.

The resolution underscores Trower's warnings with scientists issuing the following conclusions:

  • stricter safety standards for EMF needs to be adopted by governments and public health agencies because the existing ones are obsolete and they are not based on recent literature about biological effects.

  • RF sources should be reduced as low as possible because at now it is not possible to establish a safe limit under which no biological effects can be observed.

  • RF sources should be kept far from residential areas. For pulsed RF sources, such radars and Wi-Max antennas, the distance from the EMF source should be even greater because they cause more biologically effects than non pulsed signals.

  • Wi-Fi should not be placed in schools and in public areas since they have characteristics of pulsed signals.

Five days after Trower gave his testimony to the audience in Dublin, the Federal Communications Commission in the United States waived objections to the use of Tetra in the United States.

Yet another young man, age 23, died in his bed of a heart attack in Ireland. The only country in the world that is monitoring the emergence of a "new" disease, Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS).

It was less than a month after the Sepura company in the U.K. announced plans to deploy Tetra for the first time in North America in Washington State.




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