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The U.S. National Research Council has advised that researchers should study children and pregnant women in order to determine if cell phones or other wireless devices could be causing health damage.

The U.S. FDA had asked the National Research Council, which advises the federal government on scientific matters, to recommend some future lines of study. Most studies of cell phones to date have looked only at short-term effects on healthy adults.

The Council noted that,

"Although it is unknown whether children are more susceptible to RF (Radio Frequency) exposure, they may be at increased risk because of their developing organ and tissue systems."

The Council also identified a number of other overarching issues that merit further study, such as differences between long- and short-term exposure, and possible biological mechanisms, other than simple heating, by which wireless radiation could affect cells.



Dr. Mercola's Comments

Children today will experience previously unimaginable exposure to information-carrying radio waves from mobile phones because they start out using them at a very early age.

I am absolutely convinced that the explosion of cell phone usage around the world is a health disaster in waiting, and contributing to the rapid rise in several neurological epidemics, such as autism and early-onset of Alzheimer’s.

One reason for this is that the information-carrying radio waves from cell phone base stations and cell phones make children’s exposure to vaccines and heavy metals much more dangerous than they typically are. EMR (electromagnetic radiation) can actually trap heavy metals inside your cells, causing cellular damage and hindering your body from detoxifying. For this reason - while I realize that most people will not get rid of their cell phones because of their convenience - I would still urge you to not let your kids use them.

I am so convinced this danger is real, on par with the dangers of tobacco, which all the “experts” claimed was safe, that I’m writing an entire book on the subject, due out in 2009.

And, I’m not alone in trying to educate the public. In fact, some European countries are already working on public health campaigns designed to warn school-age children of the dangers, by putting up posters in schools and community halls.

Will Europe Ban Cell Phones for “Under-age” Use?

The Vienna Medical Association is demanding the removal of zero tariffs and the banning of mobile phone advertising targeting children and adolescents. Says Erik Huber, environment advisor for the association:

“Children under the age of 16 should never use a mobile phone.”

Many scientists and government agencies in Europe have already accepted that EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) from cell phones does pose health risks, reflected in Huber’s statement,

“Scientists do not argue anymore whether mobile phones are harmful, but how harmful they are.”

Don’t be Deceived – SAR is Not an Indication of Safety

Although the National Research Council’s report states that Specific Absorption Rates (SAR) for children are likely to be higher than for adults, let’s not get confused.

Because the danger from most land-based portable phones, cell phones and WiFi routers is NOT from the magnetic radiation or the microwave carrier wave for which typical SAR ratings are given on phones. Unless you have massive exposures like you might expect in a microwave oven, these thermal effects are insignificant.

So simply lowering the allowable SAR will NOT make cell phones safer.

Instead, nearly all the biological damage comes from the modulated signals that are carried ON the carrier microwave. These modulated information carrying radio waves resonate in biological frequencies of a few to a few hundred cycles per second, and can stimulate your cellular receptors causing a whole cascade of pathological consequences that can culminate in fatigue, anxiety, neurological decline, and ultimately cancers.

The density of your child’s skull is also far less than yours, and therefore their brain is far more susceptible to these information-carrying radio waves.

This Deserves Your SERIOUS Attention

The studies showing the long-term risks of cell phone use are just beginning to come in because cell phone use didn’t become widespread until the late 1990s. It typically takes at least 10 to 20 years for cancers to show up, so now is the time when these risks will become apparent.

It is almost as if NO ONE was smoking and then all of a sudden nearly 90 percent of the planet started. Of course, we would not see any spectacular increase in major damage for more than 10 years. It takes time for this damage to accumulate and be noticed.

Unfortunately, most people fail to correlate common symptoms and health problems to their exposure to cell phones and other radio frequencies, perhaps because these conditions can so easily be attributed to other causes (including so-called “unknown” causes) as well.

Take a look at these common illnesses and ailments, which have all been scientifically linked to cell phone information carrying radio waves:

  • Alzheimer’s, senility and dementia

  • Parkinson’s

  • Autism

  • Fatigue

  • Headaches

  • Sleep disruptions

  • Altered memory function, poor concentration and spatial awareness

  • Although cancer and brain tumors are most often cited as the potential health risks from cell phone radiation, as you can see, cancer is not the only, or most common danger that you and your children face.

Protecting Yourself and Your Children From Dangerous RF

The best way to protect yourself would be to simply not use a cell phone and revert back to a corded phone. At the very least I would urge you to not let your kids use them or severely limit their use. Their developing nervous systems and thinner skulls are simply too vulnerable to cell phone damage.

If you choose to keep your cell phone, make sure you use a non-Blue Tooth headset. Also remember, even when you’re not using your phone, keep it as far away from your body as possible. Do not keep it on your belt or in your pocket as the radiation WILL penetrate your body wherever the phone is attached.


According to a scientific study published in Fertility and Sterility in May 2007, statistically significant changes were found in men’s sperm count and health of the sperm, based on cell phone use.

Their conclusion?

“Use of cell phones decreases the semen quality in men by decreasing the sperm count, motility, viability and normal morphology. The decrease in sperm parameters was dependent on the duration of daily exposure to cell phones, and independent of the initial semen quality.”

So, make sure you stow your cell phone in a bag, briefcase, or your car’s glove compartment.