by Cheryl Welsh

Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse
February 2001

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* CAHRA [now Mind Justice], Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse was formed by a group of victims of alleged nonconsensual human experimentation involving electromagnetic and neurological weapons, in order to stop the abuse.

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Endorsement of this paper by Dr. Rosalie Bertell, who has a doctorate degree in Biometry, the design of epidemiological research and the mathematical analysis of bio-medical problems.


Dr. Bertell documented military microwave zapping of Greenham Commons women nuclear protesters in the 1980s as reported in London Guardian March 10, 1987. She authored UN reports on the Chernobyl disaster, has five honorary doctorates, numerous peace prizes and more.


In an email dated 3-12-01, Dr. Bertell stated,

Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001

18:27:42 -0500

Dear Cheryl,

I have received your document and I think you have enough information for a documentary report or an article by an investigative reporter. It may raise concern about the issues, but does not prove anything. [Dr. Bertell is referring to the document, EMR Weapons: As Powerful as the Atomic Bomb]. ...There is some confusion about weapon use and harassment or experimental use, with the latter being harder to document.


The health effects which can be attributed to EMR weapons is also, as you know, not established. Your problems are quite similar to that of the atomic bomb victims, including the military, the Japanese and those living downwind of a nuclear test site. Very few of the experienced health effects have ever been admitted. We also deal with the same denial and secrecy with the Gulf War, Bosnia and Kosovo vets exposed to ceramic DU...

Fifty years of an East/West scientific controversy reveals a still classified cold war secret; non-thermal  EMR weapon effects are the basis for massive East/West mind control projects

The 1989 Breakup of the Soviet Union leads to US admission of classified mind control technology and exposes massive Russian mind control arsenal

US government takes extreme measures to keep this powerful weapon under wraps; refuse to acknowledge alleged weapon testing on US citizens, while Russian government admits to mind control weapons and experiment victims take their case to the Russian government, the Duma and Soviet press

After fifty years, the truth is now out: Control of your mind is a military capability

What follows are the supporting facts from several independent and reputable mainstream publications and experts.

As a result, the horrific human rights abuses of illegal and classified experiments in the US and Russia continuing to this day are becoming public knowledge.



Electromagnetic Weapons - As Powerful As The Atomic Bomb
A fifty year electromagnetic arms race between Russia and the U.S.


Russia & East Block say non-thermal  electromagnetic biological effects used for new weapons. U.S. says non-thermal  EMR effects are not proven.


  • 10 July 1979 Committee on Disarmament 1-52, V.L. Issraelyan, Representative of the USSR to the Committee on Disarmament. "Assessments quoted in international literature of the potential danger of the development of a new weapon of mass destruction are based on the results of research into the so-called "non-thermal" effects of electromagnetic radiation on biological targets.


    These effects may take the form of damage to or disruption of the functioning of the internal organs and systems of the human organism or of changes in its functioning."


  • H.P. Schwan was a German scientist who came to the US under a military 'recruitment program' after the war. He has worked at the University of Pennsylvania on numerous government contracts and set the first health and safety standards for electromagnetic radiation, adopted by the US government.


    In Physical Properties of Biological Matter: Some History, Principles, and Applications by Herman P. Schwan, 1982.


    • "...Rajewsky and I had published a paper on the conductivity of erythrocytes, reporting, for the first time, dielectric measurements on biological materials extending up to 1,000 MHz. ...I mention all of these things to indicate the decisive role that the Navy and NIH played. Navy support has been available to me, in one form or another, ever since 1947, and NIH support since 1952."


    The book continues,

    • "..While a young physics student, financial problems forced me to interrupt my studies until I found employment as an electronics technician at the Oswalt Institute for Physics in Medicine, now the Max Planck Institute for Biophysics....cell membranes are not likely to be affected directly by microwaves since fields of interest can only apply potentials across the membranes that are vanishingly small in comparison with potentials needed to yield significant membrane responses. And significant responses of biopolymers require field strength levels very much higher than those causing undue heating."


    Schwan has worked extensively in the biomedical engineering field. He has claimed up to the 1990s that the non-thermal  effects of electromagnetic radiation have not been proven.


  • H.P. Schwan's March 22, 2000 email response to the issue of classified electromagnetic, neurological weapons stated.

    • "I am not aware of military antipersonnel weapons using EM radiation. There was alot of talk about it some years ago. I believe the potential for such weaponry is small since EM radiation field strength decreases inversely with the distance square in the 'distant' field."


  • Washington AP, May 22, 1988, Barton Reppert Associated Press Writer

    Looking at the Moscow Signal, the Zapping of an Embassy 35 years later, The Mystery Lingers.


    Reppert stated,

    • "Since the early 1980s, however, federal government support for non-ionizing radiation bioeffects research has declined markedly. W. Ross Adey, a leading researcher based at the Veteran's Administration Medical Center in Loma Linda, Calif., told a House subcommittee last Oct. 6 that current levels of government funding - now about $7 million a year- are 'disastrously low.'


      There is reason to believe that this situation has arisen in part through a well-organized activity on the part of major corporate entities from the consumer and military electronic industries to discredit all research into athermal biological and biomedical effects," Adey said.


  • Neurological Research, Vol. 4, No 1/2, 1982, Dr. Ross Adey,

    • "It is now well established that intrinsic electromagnetic fields play a key role in a broad range of tissue functions including... information transmission in the nervous system."


  • Dr. Stefan Possony was a Hoover Institute fellow and was called "the intellectual father of 'Star Wars' and "one of the most influential civilian strategic planners in the Pentagon" ( Guardian,1995,17).


    Dr. Possony wrote about "messaging directly into a target mind" with low frequency waves.


    Defense & Foreign Affairs. P.34(1983,July), "Scientific Advances Hold Dramatic Prospects for Psy-Strat", Possony, Stefan

    • "Associate Editor Dr. Stefan Possony discusses how scientists are facing the prospect of messaging directly into a target mind. Whither psy-war?


      Suppose it becomes feasible to affect brain cells by low frequency waves or beams, thereby altering psychological states, and making it possible to transmit suggestions and commands directly into the brain. Who is so rash as to doubt that technological breakthroughs of this general type would not be put promptly to psyops use?


      More importantly who would seriously assume that such a technology would not be deployed to accomplish political and military surprise? A few years ago there was much excitement about the Soviet microwave "bombardment" of the US Embassy in Moscow.


      Why did the KGB, then under Yuri Andropov's leadership, embark on this seemingly scurrilous - and very prolonged - effort? There was no answer to this question, except that the KGB must have wished to harass US diplomats and cause them to worry about their health. This theory was never convincing.


      The question was raised whether the Soviets had discovered a technique of using microwaves for psychological purposes, and whether they were experimenting with this technique on US specialists on the USSR, unwittingly pressed into Soviet service as guinea pigs. Impossible, replied the State Department, the waves cannot break through the blood-brain barrier, and thermal effects are so negligible that the body would not be affected.


      Nevertheless, embassy personnel were indemnified for health damage. By 1979, at the latest, it was known that electromagnetic fields raising body temperatures less than 0.1 degrees Celsius may result in somatic changes. It was most surprising that such a trivial temperature rise was having any effects, and even more astonishing that those effects were significant. Chemical, physiological and behavioral changes can occur within "windows" of frequency and energy continua.


      Another is at the level of the human electroencephalogram (EEG), which is in the range of extremely low radio and sound waves, around 20 Hertz. Let us cut the story to the minimum. The original model, according to which the blood-brain barrier cannot be broken, was derived from the axiom that electromagnetic waves interact with tissue in a linear manner.


      However, it turned out that the molecular vibrations caused by a stimulating extracellular electromagnetic field are non-linear. In the US, the pioneering work seems to have been done by Albert F. Lawrence and w. Ross Adey, writing in Neurological Research, Volume 4, 1982."


  • Defense & Foreign Affairs Daily", June 7, 1983.

    • "On April 29, 1983, Associate Editor Dr. Stefan Possony, addressing the Defense 83 meeting sponsored by Defense & Foreign Affairs, reported on Dr. Adey's work and on the work by Dr. A.S. Davydov of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. Davydov discovered how the blood-brain barrier can be penetrated by low frequency beams and directly affect cells in the brain. Possony's remarks were delivered to a panel studying psychological warfare. [Part of that paper is printed above - Ed.]


      In the US research on direct brain waves has scarcely begun, and the USSR has a lead of approximately 25 years. Once it is matured the new technology will be extraordinarily significant in medicine. It also may have major impacts on communications, intelligence, and psychological operations, and permit deliberate physiological impairment.


      The KGB is known to be interested in the program. It is not known whether the US and other Governments are trying to determine whether their countries have become targets of clandestine brain waves beamed from the USSR.


Suppression of non-thermal  EMR research by US government and EMR industry for fifty years is documented

  • Microwave Debate by Nicholas Steneck

    1984, MIT Press, page 84.

    Following the UCLA conference, the military, which controlled the RF bioeffects purse-strings and therefore made the major policy decisions, decided both to fish and cut bait. Publicly talk of athermal effects was downplayed.


    Open contracts were not awarded for athermal or central nervous system studies, and in fact efforts were even made to keep information about central nervous system research from circulating too widely. Privately, however, the military and the State Department began work to try to determine whether there was any factual basis for a belief in the direct effect of RF radiation on human behavior and whether perhaps the Soviets had gotten the jump in exploiting such effects for espionage and military purposes.


    The primary motivation for the work was a desire to find out the purpose of a beam of microwave radiation that was being directed at the U.S. embassy in Moscow.


    This and all subsequent information on the UCLA meeting is taken from the unpublished minutes:

    • "Neurological Responses to External Electromagnetic Energy (A Critique of Currently Available Data and Hypotheses)," co-sponsored by the Brain Research Institute, UCLA and the Air Force Systems Command, July 11, 1963, USAF Contract 18(600)-2057.


  • Zapping of America by Paul Brodeur, 1977.

    [The following comments are by Milton Zaret, an opthmalogist who was paid by the Air Force to examine the eyes of military radar technicians in 1959. Zaret has documented that the posterior capsular cataract was a "marker disease", " a medical indication", of sustained exposure to low-level microwaves.


    This finding was hotly disputed by the military. After Zaret published these findings, the Air Force announced it had no intention of pursuing the matter. Dr. Zaret is now bitterly suspicious of the military's motives in this whole business. Zaret believes that the military is eager to suppress studies of low-level microwave hazards.]


    • "By this time, I had been approached on a number of occasions by the Central Intelligence Agency. The contacts were innocuous to begin with.


      At first, the CIA people wanted to know about research I had performed on the ophthalmological effects of microwave and laser radiation. They also wanted me to analyze some of the foreign and American literature on the subject of radiation for them. In 1964, however, they started asking me about the possible behavioral effects of microwaves. They wanted to know, for example, whether I thought that electromagnetic radiation beamed at the brain from a distance could affect the way a person might act.


      I said that from what I had read primarily in Soviet literature on the subject it seemed conceivable. During 1964 and 1965, I had a number of visits from a medical doctor who worked for the agency. He wanted to know if a device that took pictures at night with an invisible laser beam instead of a conventional flashbulb was safe to use.


      When I exposed the eye of a rabbit to the beam I found that it produced an immediate retinal hemorrhage, so I told him that in my opinion the device was not safe. He also wanted answers to a number of theoretical questions. For instance, would a laser beam directed at a listening device planted on a windowsill be liable to injure anyone inside the room that was being bugged?


      And could microwaves be used to facilitate brainwashing or to break down prisoners under interrogation?"


  • Trial 8-90 page 32, Bruce H. DeBoskey, "Non-Ionizing Radiation: Hidden Hazards".

    It summarizes the litigation surrounding prolonged exposure to NIEMR or non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation. This is a good reference article and it demonstrates the difficulty involved in court cases filed by victims.


    The article stated,

    • "the potential for hazards from NIEMR has long been known to the industries involved."

    • "...Some industries have been funding research designed to show the absence of harm to workers or the general public."


Fifty years later, non-thermal  effects of EMR are the scientific basis for weapons and biological basis of brain function, human rights professionals, military, civilian and top government science advisor say

  • International Review of the Red Cross 279, 1, Nov. 1990 entitled "The Development of New Antipersonnel Weapons by Louise Doswald-Beck and Gerald C. Cauderay."


    • "Directed Energy Weapons... Research work in this field has been carried out in almost all industrialized countries, and especially by the great powers, with a view to using these phenomena for anti-materiel or anti-personnel purposes. ...It is possible today to generate a very powerful microwave pulse (e.g., between 150 and 3,000 megahertz), with an energy level of several hundreds of megawatts.


      Using specially adapted antenna systems, these generators could in principle transmit over hundreds of meters sufficient energy to cook a meal. However, it is important to mention that the lethal of incapacitating effects which can be expected from weapons systems using this technology can be produced with much lower energy levels. Using the principle of magnetic field concentration, which permits the control of the geometry on the target, by means of antenna systems especially designed for the purpose, the radiated energy can be concentrated on very small surfaces of the human body, for example the base of the brain where relatively low energy can produce lethal effects....


      In spite of the rarity of publications on this subject, and the fact that it is usually strictly classified information, research undertaken in this field seems to have demonstrated that very small amounts of electromagnetic radiation could appreciably alter the functions of living cells. Research work has also revealed that pathological effects close to those induced by highly toxic substances could be produced by electromagnetic radiation even at very low power, especially those using a pulse shape containing a large number of different frequencies...


      Some research seem to have confirmed that lo-level electromagnetic fields, modulated to be similar to normal brainwaves, could seriously affect brain function. Experiments with pulsed magnetic fields carried out in animals have reportedly produced specific effects such as inducing sleep and triggering anxiety or aggressiveness, depending on the modulation of the frequency used.


      It is, on the other hand, well known that lethal effects can also be produced by using higher power levels than those used for the experiments on behavior modification. An anti-personnel weapon based on such biophysical principles could produce similar effects to those of a nerve gas, but would have no secondary effects and leave no lasting trace."


  • US News & World Report, 7-7-97, "Wonder Weapons", an article on EMR weapons by Douglas Pasternak, page 40.

    • "In fact, the military routinely has approached the national Institutes of Health for research information.


      "DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) has come to use every few years to see if there are ways to incapacitate the central nervous system remotely," Dr. F. Terry Hambrecht, head of the Neural Prosthesis Program at NIH, told U.S. News.


      "But nothing has ever come of it," he said, "That is too science fiction and far-fetched."


  • US News & World Report, Jan3/Jan 10 2000, Page 67,"Reading your mind and injecting smart thoughts", John Norseen


    • "The Lockheed Martin neuro-engineer hopes to turn the "electrohypnomentalophone," a mind reading machine... into science fact. Norseen's interest in the brain stems from a Soviet book he read in the mid-1980s, claiming that research on the mind would revolutionize the military and society at large.


      The former Navy pilot coined the term "BioFusion" to cover his plans to map and manipulate gray matter, leading (he hopes) to advances in medicine, national security, and entertainment. BioFusion would be able to convert thoughts into computer commands, predicts Norseen, by deciphering the brain's electrical activity. electromagnetic pulsations would trigger the release of the brain's own neurotransmitters to fight off disease, enhance learning, or alter the mind's visual images, creating what Norseen has dubbed "synthetic reality." ...


      The key is finding "brain prints."

      • "Think of your hand touching a mirror," explains Norseen. "It leaves a fingerprint."


      BioFusion would reveal the fingerprints of the brain by using mathematical models.

      • "Just like you can find one person in a million through fingertips," he says, "you can find one thought in a million. "It sounds crazy, but Uncle Sam is listening."


      The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and the Army's National ground Intelligence center have all awarded small basic research contracts to Norseen, who works for Lockheed Martin's Intelligent Systems Division. Norseen is waiting to hear if the second stage of these contracts - portions of them classified - comes through. Norseen's theories are grounded in current science. ...


      By viewing a brain scan recorded by a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine, scientists can tell what the person was doing at the time of the recording - say, reading or writing.


      Emotions from love to hate can be recognized from the brain's electrical activity.

      • "It this research pans out," says Norseen, "you can begin to manipulate what someone is thinking even before they know it."


      Thought police. He has submitted a research-and -development plan to the Pentagon, at its request, to identify a terrorist's mental profile. A miniaturized brain-mapping device inside an airport metal detector would screen passengers' brain patterns against a dictionary of brain prints.


      Norseen predicts profiling by brain print will be in place by 2005... Norseen would like to draw upon Russian brain-mimicking software and American brain-mapping break-through to allow that communication to take place in a less invasive way.

      • "A modified helmet could record a pilot's brain waves. ...If the pilot misheard instructions to turn 090 degrees and was thinking 080 degrees," the helmet would detect the error, then inject the right number via electromagnetic waves.


      If this research pans out, say Norseen,

      • "you can begin to manipulate what someone is thinking even before they know it."


  • US News & World Report, Jan 3-10, 2000, Page 68, Rodolfo Llinas.

    • "A grand unification theory of the brain"


      "...Using a Meg - a technology Llinas helped develop - he has been studying the brain's electromagnetic waves. What he has found in broad paraphrase is that the thalamus is in constant dialogue with the brain's higher processing centers: An electromagnetic loop sends pulses from the thalamus to the cortex, but the different sensory centers of the brain also message the thalamus in return.


      Consciousness exists when these oscillations are in sync - pulsing at the same rate - so smells, sounds, and so forth assemble in a kind of electromagnetic symphony."


  • Freeman Dyson of the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton is a physicist and was quoted in the Bill Joy article in April 2000 Wired Magazine on the dangers of technology.


    Dr. Dyson coined the word "radiotelepathy", i.e.

    • "something like a cordless phone inside your head" Dyson wrote this comment. "After the organization of the central nervous system has been explored and understood, the way will be open to develop and use the technology of electromagnetic brain signals."


    This quote was from International Herald Tribune, Rudy Rucker, April 25, 1997 page 4, book review of Imagined Worlds


  • Freeman Dyson was a member of the elite Jason Division, the 40-odd leading scientists-including some Nobel laureates, - who in 1959 and 1960 banded together to work on national security matters in the summertime under the aegis of the Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA).


    Jason originated as an enabling mechanism to keep younger physicists in touch with defense problems, but it rapidly evolved into a club.

    • "We were all bright young men together; we were all precocious 30 years ago," recalled Dyson. (Excerpt from Science, February 1973 page 460.)


  • In reply to a question by email from Cheryl Welsh, concerning classified brain research on March 18, 2000, Freeman Dyson wrote,

    • "Nothing important in science stays secret for long...The Russians had hundreds of secret projects... Luckily we are not so good as the Russians at hiding stupid stuff. So stop worrying about imaginary scares. ..One of my friends... cures his patients with magnets. ...But this had nothing to do with science."


  • Wired magazine, April 2000, article on the peril of technology.

    Nearly 20 years ago, in the documentary "The Day after Trinity", Freeman Dyson summarized the scientific attitudes that brought us to the nuclear precipice:

    • "I have felt it myself. The glitter of nuclear weapons. It is irresistible if you come to them as a scientist. To feel it's there in your hands, to release this energy that fuels the stars, to let it do your bidding.


      To perform these miracles, to lift a million tons of rock into the sky. It is something that gives people an illusion of illimitable power, and it is, in some ways, responsible for all our troubles-this, what you might call technical arrogance, that overcomes people when they see what they can do with their minds."


  • Dyson, Freeman, 1997, Imagined Worlds President and Fellows of Harvard College.


    • "This book grew out of a set of lectures given in May 1995 at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem... The idea of radiotelepathy first appeared, so far as I know, in the science-fiction novel Last and First Men, written by Olaf Stapledon, in 1931, which the cells of a multicellular creature communicate with each other by means of electric and magnetic fields...


      The chief barrier to progress in neurophysiology is the lack of observational tools. To understand in depth what is going on in the brain, we need tools that can fit inside or between the neurons and transmit reports of neural events to receivers outside... observing instruments... with rapid response, high band-width and high spacial resolution... There is no law of physics that declares that such an observational tool to be impossible.


      We know that high-frequency electromagnetic signals can be propagated through brain tissue for distances of the order of centimeters. We know that microscopic generators and receivers of electromagnetic radiation are possible. We know that modern digital data-handling technology is capable of recording and analyzing the signals emerging from millions of tiny transmitters simultaneously.


      All that is lacking in order to transform these possibilities into an effective observational tool is the neurological equivalent of integrated-circuit technology. We need a technology that allows us to build and deploy large arrays of small transmitters inside a living brain, just as integrated-circuit technology allows us to build large arrays of small transistors on a chip of silicon...


      Radioneurology is in principle only an extension of the existing technology of magnetic resonance imaging, which also used radio-frequency magnetic fields to observe neural structures. A rough estimate based on the available band-width indicates that a million transmitters could be monitored through each patch of brain surface with size equal to the radio wave-length.


      The factor of a million is the ratio between the radio band-width, of the order of hundreds of millions of cycles per second, and the band-width of a neuron, of the order of hundred of cycles..."

US says Russians have mind control EMR capabilities

  • Los Angeles Herald-Examiner, The Associated Press, "Mind-Altering Microwaves, Soviets Studying Invisible Ray," 22 Nov. 1976, Sec A.

    • "A newly declassified U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency report says- extensive Soviet research into microwaves might lead to methods of causing disoriented human behavior, nerve disorders or even heart attacks... A copy of the study was provided by the agency to The Associated Press in response to a request under the Freedom of Information Act. The Pentagon agency refused to release some portions of the study, saying they remain classified on national security grounds."


  • NBC Magazine with David Brinkley, July 16, 1981 No. 47592.

    DB (David Brinkley):

    • "It is known the Russians are working hard on controlling the human mind by remote electronic means... As I say I find it hard to believe, it is crazy and none of us here know what to make of it: the Russian Government is known to be trying to change human behavior by external electronic influences. We do know that much. and we know that some kind of Russian transmitter is bombarding this country with extreme low frequency radiowaves. "


    Garrick Utley:

    • ...The theory is the fact that the brain does emit electronic energy energy which can be harnessed and used. And, by the same token, the electronic field of the brain can be interfered with in order to change-affect human behavior, attitudes, opinions... To what extent can you disrupt the mental process, the brain through the use of electronic fields, microwaves?


    William Bise, radio engineer,

    • "Well I would think that the easiest way to do it would be with microwaves. "


  • Military Review (official publication of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College), "The New Mental Battlefield", Lt. Col. John B. Alexander, U.S. Army, Ph.D.

    [He is a leading proponent of and spokesman for nonlethal weapons. Col. Alexander worked at Los Alamos Lab on nonlethal weapons.]

    • "(Soviet) mind-altering techniques, designed to impact on an opponent are well-advanced. The procedures employed include manipulation of human behavior through the use of psychological weapons effecting sight, sound, smell, temperature, electromagnetic energy, or sensory deprivation."


      He further stated, "Soviet researchers, studying controlled behavior, have also examined the effects of electromagnetic radiation on humans and have applied these techniques against the U.S. Embassy in Moscow."


      Also, "Researchers suggest that certain low-frequency (ELF) emissions possess psychoactive characteristics. These transmissions can be used to induce depression or irritability in a target population. The application of large-scale ELF behavior modification could have horrendous impact."

US government claims EMR mind control weapons are classified

  • U.S. News and World Report July 7, 1997, "Wonder Weapons", page 38

    • "Scores of new contracts have been let, and scientists, aided by government research on the "bioeffects" of beamed energy, are searching the electromagnetic and sonic spectrums for wavelengths that can affect human behavior."


      "...Louis Slesin, editor of the trade journal Microwave News stated "That's because the human body is essentially an electrochemical system, and devices that disrupt the electrical impulses of the nervous system can affect behavior and body functions. But these programs-particularly those involving antipersonnel research-are so well guarded that details are scarce."


      "People [in the military] go silent on this issue," says Slesin, "more than any other issue. People just do not want to talk about this."


  • Bulletin of Atomic Scientist, Sept/Oct 1994, "The Soft-Kill Fallacy" by Steven Aftergood

    • "Details about programs to develop so called "non-lethal "weapons are slowly emerging from the U.S. government's secret "black budget".


      "...The concept of non-lethal weapons is not new; the term appears in heavily censored CIA documents dating from the 1960s."

Why the public is in the dark about electromagnetic weapons

  • The Washington Post article by George Lardner, 4-27, 5-3-92, page 34, reported on a 1992 CIA report on Greater CIA Openness

    • "Director Joseph DeTrani stated "PAO [CIA's Public Affairs Office] now has relationships with reporters from every major wire service, newspaper, news weekly and television network in the nation, " the report said.


      "This has helped us turn some 'intelligence failure' stories into 'intelligence success stories, and it has contributed to the accuracy of countless others.


      "In many instances," the report continued, "we have persuaded reporters to postpone, change, hold or even scrap stories that could have adversely affected national security interests or jeopardized sources and methods"


  • In The Bulletin of Atomic Scientist article entitled, The Soft-Kill Fallacy, Sept/Oct 94 page 43

    Steve Aftergood wrote:

    • "The government secrecy system as a whole is among the most poisonous legacies of the Cold War. ..the Cold war secrecy system also mandates ACTIVE DECEPTION."


    The article continues,

    • "A security manual for special access programs authorizes contractors to employ "cover stories" to disguise their activities. The only conditions is that "cover stories must be believable."


    Even the government is starting to recognize that official cover and deception programs are getting out of hand and need to be curtailed. A Joint Security Commission established by the secretary of defense and the director of central intelligence reported in March that,

    • "the use of cover to conceal the existence of a government facility or the fact of government research and development interest in a particular technology is broader than necessary and significantly increases costs."


    One cover story for electromagnetic nonconsensual experimentation is mental illness.


  • Boston Globe, 7-7-89, Larry Collins,

    • "Can we influence human emotions and behavior? Are there or were such experiments now going on?" William Casey, Director, CIA, "This is not a subject we're going to discuss with you or anyone else."


  • Open Verdict - An account of 25 mysterious deaths in the defense industry, Tony Collins, Sphere Books Ltd., a division of MacDonald & Co. Publishers London, 1990.

    Twenty five Star Wars Marconi defense workers mysteriously died by suicide and strange accidents in the early 1980s in England.


    Collins wrote,

    • "This book is about a new type of war, electronic war. ...It is fought by ...research students in universities and electronics engineers working for defense contractors. ...It is a war that must be waged constantly during peacetime to maintain the upper hand. It is a war that must be waged in secrecy."


    Tony Collins is executive editor of Computer Weekly. He worked for the BBC and national newspapers, such as Sunday Mirror.


    The editor of the Collins book, Stephen Arkell described the discrepancies found during his investigation and problems such as the following.

    • "The companies and establishments where they worked are reluctant to give out details of any projects, even those already in the public domain. In addition, there are many other project, so called 'black' projects, which these organizations cannot even officially admit to.


      The secrecy surrounding the peacetime preparations for a future electronic war ensures that any attempt to prove or disprove a definite work link can be not more than a calculated stab in the dark. ...In May 1989, for example, eleven Russians and four Czechs were expelled from the UK for allegedly trying to obtain highly sensitive information about powerful microchips, radar, laser technology and advanced materials such as titanium and carbon fibres.


      These agents were reported to have approached the executive of defense contractors in a series of 'cash for secrets' deals. ...Another theory ...concerns the investigation into alleged fraud at Marconi. ...This investigation [by the Ministry of Defense Police] has since resulted in charges being brought, ...


      However there is not one scrap of evidence to suggest that any of the scientists named in the book were involved in fraud. ...the deaths and disappearances of 28 defense workers is one of the most bizarre and enigmatic stories of the past decade."


  • Hustler Magazine, June 1989, "Who's Killing the Star Wars Scientists", suggests that,

    • "the Russians are using a death ray to drive the scientists to suicide. The British press blames stress. This wave of suspicious fatalities in the ultrasecret world of sophisticated weaponry has not gone unnoticed by the US government. Late last fall, the American embassy in London publicly requested a full investigation by the British Ministry of Defense. (MoD). ...The Pentagon refuses comment on the deaths. But according to Reagan administration sources, "We cannot ignore it anymore."


With the break up of the Soviet Union in 1989, US declassify and promote non-lethal EMR weapons which have been classified since the 1960s. Several mainstream Soviet press articles claim Russian top secret and massive mind control technology program in chaos.

Electromagnetic weapons: more powerful than the atomic bomb, scientists say

  • Washington AP, May 22, 1988 by Barton Reppert Associated Press Writer, entitled, "Looking at the Moscow Signal, the Zapping of an Embassy 35 years later, The Mystery Lingers"

    • Richard S. Cesaro, deputy director for advanced sensors at the Pentagon's Advanced Research Projects Agency, in an interview prior to his death two years ago, contended that "in our experiments we did some remarkable things. And there was no question in my mind that you can get into the brain with microwaves. ...If you really make the breakthrough, you've got something better than any bomb ever built, because when you finally come down the line you're talking about controlling people's minds."


  • New York Times, Dec. 29, 1965 p.28 covered speakers at an American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting. Entitled "Controlling the Mind", Professor David Krech of the University of California suggested that probable future capabilities for controlling human minds contain more serious implications than even the successes of the nuclear physicists."


  • Defense Electronics, July 1993, "DOD, Intel Agencies Look at Russian Mind Control Technology, Claims FBI considered Testing on Koresh", by Mark Tapscott

    • "In a series of closed meetings beginning March 17 in suburban Northern Virginia with Dr. Igor Smirnov of the Moscow Medical Academy, FBI officials were briefed on the Russian's decade-long research on a computerized acoustic device allegedly capable of implanting thoughts in a person's mind without that person being aware of the source of the thought.


      ...Officials from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) were also present, according to the source.


      ...The memo went on to note that meeting attendees were also interested in whether "psycho-correction detection, decoding and counter-measures programs should be undertaken by the U.S."


  • The Guardian "The Future Art of War", May 25, 1995. Nic Lewer, peace researcher at the University of Bradford, in the latest issue of Medicine and War, lists,

    • "more than 30 different lines of research into 'new age weapons'..." the article further states, "Some of the research sounds even less rational.


      There are, according to Lewer, plans for 'pulsed microwave beams' to destroy enemy electronics, and separate plans for very-low-frequency sound beams to induce vomiting, bowel spasm, epileptic seizures and also crumble masonry."


      Further the article states, "There are plans for 'mind control' with the use of 'psycho-correction messages' transmitted by subliminal audio and visual stimuli. There is also a plan for 'psychotronic weapons' - apparently the projection of consciousness to other locations- and another to use holographic projection to disseminate propaganda and misinformation."



Several mainstream Soviet press articles claim Russian top secret and massive mind control technology program in chaos.

  • The Herald (Glasgow) No reporter listed. "Brainwash killers 'still in use'". , 26 May 1995

    • "A TOP-SECRET project in the former Soviet Union in the 1970s turned soldiers and security agents into programmable 'human weapons' and is now being exploited by mobsters and private firms, it was claimed today. The psychological weapons project relied on hypnosis and high-frequency radio waves to turn members of the Soviet security forces and military into fearless, conscienceless fighting machines, said a program on German television.


      The Psychotronic Influence System relied on passwords and numbered to activate its subjects. After the KBG project's existence was made public hundreds of former Soviet soldiers, police, and KGB members have sought health damages.


      However the program said some special Russian police units still use the system today and it has found its way on to the free market, where mobs and private security firms are using it, the program reported."


  • Stolitsa, Myasnikov, Alexei. "MC-Ultra Program, Use of mind-control equipment by armed forces not ruled out by Moscow-based Foreign Policy Institute." , No.43, 2 Nov. 1992, 40. Also, Copyright 1992 RUSSICA Information Inc. RusData DiaLine Russian Press Digest.

    • "'A certain Human Rights Union demands that the development of mind-control weapons be banned,' writes the STOLITSA weekly. The Union refers to various foreign and local sources and personal evidence to prove that the development of such weapons does take place....


      A group of researchers claim that a MC-Ultra (mind-control) program was carried out in the Soviet Union and, possibly, by far outpaced a similar U.S. program.... There is reliable information, the MFPI review says, that the CIA offered to the KGB to jointly control the development of 'psychotronics' in the United States and the Soviet Union.


  • TV program, ZDF, Geheimes Russland ,TV-Tagestip, Der Dienstag im ZDF: Dec, 22, 1998, entitled Secret Russia.

    • "Since the years of Soviet rule people have spoken furtively in Russia of secret research and experiments, which the Army and the KGB sponsor.


      ... Rumors are making the rounds, the talk is about victims [of government mind control experiments]. Anatolij Iwanyttsch, a 47 year-old former boxer and dissident... His organization has in the meantime grown to about a thousand members from all over Russia.


  • The Moscow Times July 11, 1995,

    • "Report: Soviets Used Top-Secret ' Psychotronic' Weapons", Owen Matthews. There may be a scientific explanation for the rigid-faced inflexibility of Soviet-era boarder guards and soldiers, after all. Reports have emerged of a top secret program of "psychotronic" brainwashing techniques developed by the KGB and the Ministry.


      The techniques, which include debilitating high frequency radio waves, hypnotic computer-scrambled sounds and mind-bending electromagnetic fields, as well as an ultrasound gun capable of killing a cat at fifty meters, were originally developed for medical purposes and adapted into weapons, said journalist Yury Vorobyovsky, who has been investigating the program for three years.


      Ecology and Living Environment, "an environmental and civil liberties group which claims a membership of 500 people in Moscow, has set up an association of "Victims of Psychotronic Experimentation," who have filed damages claims against the Federal Security Service, or FSB, and the government. Unfortunately, since by definition many of the victims are psychologically disturbed, there is a problem of verification.


      "The Health Ministry and the FSB are doing medical experiments on over a million innocent people," said Ecology and Living Environment President Yemilia Cherkova, an ex-member of Zelenograd's local council. Cherkova wears a lead helmet in bed to protect herself against the rays she says the government beams into her flat.


      "They put chemicals in the water and use magnets to alter your mind. We are fighting to prove to the authorities that we are not mad."


    Despite these somewhat far-fetched testimonies, there is strong evidence that some kind of psychotronic warfare program did exist in the Soviet period, and that the technology may be falling into the wrong hands.


    Official confirmation was first hinted at in the 1991 Soviet budget, which mentioned that 500 million rubles of the state security budget had been spent on "psychological warfare technology" over an unspecified period of years, said Vorobyovsky.


    Former state security and interior minister General Viktor Barannikov, sacked for supporting the 1993 coup attempt, warned in an Interior Ministry memorandum earlier that year that he had information that the Mafia had got hold of the technology, though little concrete evidence has been found by police.

    • "We have no evidence that our local Mafia has psychotronic weapons; they have enough ordinary ones," said Gennady Melnik of the Moscow Police Department. "They are not the most technologically advanced Mafia in the world. It must be cheaper just to use guns."


    Nevertheless, the State Duma is taking the matter seriously enough to draft a law on "security of the individual," which will include regulation of subliminal advertising and pseudo-religious sects, as well as imposing state controls on all equipment in private hands which can be used as "psychotronic weaponry."


    The legislation brings Russia into line with Bulgaria, the only other country to outlaw such equipment specifically.

    • "The law is pre-emptive," said Vladimir Lopatkin, chairman of the drafting committee.


      "The equipment that now exists in laboratories must be very strictly controlled to prevent it from being sold to the private sector."


      "One could call this 'Black Science.' Research scientists whose funding has been cut have resorted to putting equipment costing millions of rubles to any use that will pay," said Vorobyovsky.


      "Of course this project is surrounded with a lot of hysteria and conjecture," said Lopatkin, of the Duma committee. "Something that was secret for so many years is the perfect breeding ground for conspiracy theories."


Gorbachev concerns never reach U.S. mainstream press

  • BBC Summary of World Broadcasts, 1986, January 21. Press Conference on Gorbachev's Nuclear Arms Elimination Proposals. Tass for abroad.

    Part1 - The USSR

    A. International Affairs

    1.General and Western Affairs



    • "Weapons based on new physical principles would include, amongst others, means in which physical principles which have not been used hitherto are used to strike at personnel, military equipment and objectives.


      Amongst weapons of this kind one might include beam, radio-wave, infrasonic, geophysical and genetic weapons. In their strike characteristics these types of weapons might be no less dangerous than mass strike weapons. The Soviet Union considers it necessary to establish a ban on the development of arms of this kind."


U.S. wins electromagnetic arms race

  • The Defense News, Jan.11-17, 1993 article U.S. Explores Russian Mind-Control Technology by Barbara Opall stated,

    • "Known as acoustic psycho-correction, the capability to control minds and alter behavior of civilians and soldiers may soon be shared with U.S. military, medical and political officials, according to U.S. and Russian sources... Therefore, the Russian authors have proposed a bilateral Center for Psycho-technologies where U.S. and Russian authorities could monitor and restrict the emerging capabilities."


A serious public issue: control of your mind is a classified military capability - Electromagnetic weapons: concerns and warnings by human rights experts

  • British Medical Journal Vol. 315, 7-12-97 page 78.

    Robin M. Coupland, Surgeon, International Committee of the Red Cross stated:

    • "...will the soldiers who have survived battlefields of the future return home with psychosis, epilepsy, and blindness inflicted by weapons designed to do exactly that?"


  • Dr. Barbara Hatch Rosenberg wrote in Sept/Oct 1994 Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, page 45,

    • "Many of the non-lethal weapons under consideration utilize infrasound or electromagnetic energy (including lasers, microwave, or radio-frequency radiation, or visible light pulsed at brain-wave frequency) for their effects. These weapons are said to cause temporary or permanent blinding, interference with mental processes, modification of behavior and emotional response, seizures, severe pain, dizziness, nausea and diarrhea, or disruption of internal organ functions in various other ways."


  • International Review of the Red Cross 279, 1, Nov. 1990 entitled The Development of New Antipersonnel Weapons by Louise Doswald-Beck and Gerald C. Cauderay.

    • "Research work in this field [electromagnetic weapons] has been carried out in almost all industrialized countries, and especially by the great powers, with a view to using these phenomena for anti-materiel or anti-personnel purposes"


  • Aviation Week & Space Technology, 144 (25) 1996, June 17, Mann, Paul, "Mass Weapons Threat Deepens Worldwide"

    • "A Harvard molecular geneticist and biological/chemical warfare specialist, Matthew S. Meselson warned: 'We're going to learn how to manipulate every life process, genetic ones, mental ones, the emotional ones, ...If our inevitably increasing knowledge of life process is also harnessed to hostile purposes, that will completely change the nature of the expression of human hostility."


Allegations of nonconsensual experimentation, illegal foreign and domestic intelligence operations and illegal military use of new weapons of mass destruction

  • World Organization Against Torture, 1998 report entitled "Torture in the United States", included a section on involuntary human scientific experimentation involving new forms of classified research and testing of high technology military weaponry, including microwave and laser equipment. The report called for a "thorough impartial investigation."


  • The European Parliament Resolution A4-005/99, Environment, Security and Foreign policy passed on Jan 29, 1999.


    It included the following:

    • "Calls for international convention introducing a global ban on all developments and deployments of weapons which might enable any form of manipulation of human beings."


  • A preliminary Dr. Bertell Study of medical claims of victims is now underway. Dr. Rosalie Bertell has a doctorate degree in Biometry, the design of epidemiological research and the mathematical analysis of bio-medical problems. She has documented military microwave zapping of Greenham Commons women nuclear protesters in 1980s. See London Guardian, March 10, 198? page 3, entitled "Peace Women fear electronic zapping at base".


  • Dr. Alan Scheflin, law professor at Santa Clara Law School and author of the 1978 Paddington Press book, "Mind Manipulators" and Dr. Colin Ross, psychiatrist appeared on the History Channel, Fall, 2000 on "Mind Control: America's Secret War" (800 708-1776 to order). Both Dr. Scheflin and Dr. Ross commented that it is plausible that electromagnetic and nonlethal weapons on being used in experiments on US citizens without their consent today.


  • Please see CAHRA [now Mind Justice website - updated February-2004], for further examples.

Nonconsensual experimentation and electromagnetic weapons, no codification of the Nuremberg Code or penalties under U.S. law. Few laws or treaties to control the use of electromagnetic weapons.

  • Ethicist, Jonathan Moreno wrote Undue Risk Secret State Experiments on Humans, 1999, W.H. Freeman and Co., a book on radiation and other unethical experiments.


    Moreno named,

    • "...microwave weapons as a source of future illegal experimentation." Moreno stated; "in the next century, as in the past, military-medical research involving human subjects will be dictated by the limits of information available from other sources."


  • Lawyer-ethicist, George Annas, Boston University author of Nazi Doctors and the Nuremberg Code that not one of the Nazi doctors on trial at Nuremberg expressed remorse, forgiveness or regret.


    Eileen Welsome, author of the 1999 book, The Plutonium Files, reached the same conclusion about the radiation scientists. They have not admitted guilt, wrongdoing or immoral behavior. It is likely that electromagnetic weapons are being developed by the same cold war mentality today.


Recognizing victims

  • New York Times Magazine, 8-31-97, page 38, stated;

    • "For decades, those who claimed to be victims of clandestine radiation experiments conducted by the United States government were dismissed as paranoid." Recognition of the growing numbers of worldwide human rights abuse cases is important, especially in light of the fact that electromagnetic weapons target the brain and nervous system.


  • Such Things are Known, a book by victim Dorothy Burdick, 1981.

    Burdick was a college professor in a northern California community college. She was targeted with 'microwave hearing, see below, unclassified technology.


    Author of Mass Mind Control and several other self published books, Betsy Russell-Manning, describes several California victims with average backgrounds. Cheryl Welsh, a college student believes she was targeted when she signed papers for entering the military in 1986. She believes she is a baseline study for brain studies on stress, or for military purposes such as psychological operations.


  • Kansas City Pitch Weekly, April 13-19, 1995, Ex-engineer Against Adverse Energy by Mike Taylor.

    • "He, [Paul Schaefer, engineer] cites numerous examples of occasions when "adverse energies," 'beams' or 'substances' have been 'shot' at him. "A neighbor called me over to her porch one day, to tell me she'd seen a beam of light come out of the sky and shoot into one of my windows," said Schaefer. "I could see the path through the garden where the leaves turned yellow... when asked why they want to attack him, he said it was because of his radical activities and writings."


  • Carole Sterling committed suicide in order to escape the torture of electromagnetic technology.


    Here is an article in The Star Beacon, October 1996 page 2 by Carole.

    • "It totally scrambled my brain, leaving me unable to think properly, simply functioning on sheer shock and horror, with total incomprehension of what was going on. It actually was debilitating. The room felt like a torture chamber. This forced me out of my home. I believe that the technology used, be it some type of a frequency assault, some sort of directed energy, in addition to whatever was injected in me, has caused damage to my brain. [I have] been living with this debilitating and excruciating pain for the last eight months so far."


  • Pennsylvania Inquirer, 199?,

    • "According to the affidavit, the letter tells Clinton to "tell the Philadelphia Naval Base to stop trying to brainwash me into killing people with covert E.L.F. electronic weaponry and asks for "compensation for being a research test victim."


  • Los Angeles Times, 3-28-88.

    Government officials estimate that [Rex] Niles had handed over millions in under-the-table payments to employees of leading contractors in exchange for lucrative subcontracts before he secretly turned government witness and began an undercover campaign with the FBI to sting the crooked buyers who had depended on his largess.


    Niles' work as an informant led to the conviction of 19 industry buyers and supervisors on fraud, tax evasion and kickback charges, and Niles retired in triumph in April of 1987, lauded for his "unprecedented cooperation," into the Federal Witness Protection Program.


    But in the way stories have of not ending the way they are supposed to... Instead, he is living in a suburban home outside Los Angeles, sleeping under a makeshift foil tent fashioned to block the microwaves he believes are killing him.

    • "His aluminum foil hat has tiny holes in it, says Rex Niles, proof that the government is bombarding him with microwaves in an attempt to kill him. ...He has produced testimony from his sister, a Simi Valley woman who swears that helicopters have repeatedly circled over her home. An engineer measured 250 watts of microwaves in the atmosphere inside Niles' house and found a radioactive disc underneath the dash of his car. ...The noises started again," he said.


      "You know, in the middle of the night at 2 in the morning, when they wouldn't allow me to sleep; when they were aggravating my conscious as well as my subconscious mind, I would hear what sounded like large groups of people ...that sounded like a bottle breaking in the street.


      "So I would go to the window, or one time I was dressed because I couldn't sleep, so I went down, and the street was absolutely empty." Niles became convinced that the marshals had set up an elaborate speaker system around his room to confuse him with artificial sounds. In intricate detail, he has worked out his theory of what happened. The marshals, he said, were attempting to make it appear as though he were crazy, setting him up in order to make off with his money. They kept him awake at night to minimize his resistance, he theorized.


      "...This has been a very tough story to tell people," Niles admitted. They have a hard time believing me and wonder how could I have this much audacity and this much vanity, to think that I'm worth this kind of a push, this much manpower, equipment, airplanes, helicopters, at one point 14 lasers. "It isn't that I'm worth it. It's because they've got so much to protect. ..."


  • Featured on 1997 CNN TV program, American Edge, a U.S. group, CAHRA [now Mind Justice], now networks with over 500 alleged victims. Other U.S. groups declare thousands are targeted."


Unclassified information supports victim claims including mind reading, manipulation of emotions and memory, forced dreams and visual hallucinations, microwave hearing, post hypnotic suggestions implanted subliminally and very sophisticated technology such as seeing through the eyes of the victim, as a camera can see.

  • Los Angeles Times, March 29th 1976 "Mind Reading Machine Tells Secrets of the Brain Sci-Fi Comes True" by Norman Kempster, Washington-In a program out of science fiction, the government is developing mind-reading machines that can show, among other things, whether a person is fatigued, puzzled or daydreaming. Since 1973, a little-known Pentagon agency has been studying ways to plug a computer into an individual's bran waves or electroencephalograph (EEG) signals in the scientist's lexicon.


    The Advanced Research Projects Agency says the $1 million-a-year program has passed its initial laboratory tests and is ready for determination of its military uses. Scientist working under agency contracts at the University of Illinois, UCLA, Stanford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Rochester and in laboratories other facilities have been able to determine an individual's alertness from his brain waves.


    They can tell also how he perceives colors and shapes. But there may come a day when the EEG will be used to perform more bizarre tasks. It may be only a matter of time before the machines will be able to read a person's brain waves to determine just what he is thinking. Within two to five years, the Advanced Research Projects Agency hope to test the EEG-computer hookups in a wide range of military uses ranging from pilot training to interpretation of satellite photos of earth.


    George H. Heilmeier, director of the research agency, dropped tantalizing hints about the EEG program in his annual report to Congress. Although he has provided few details, enough has been said about the program to raise some questions. For example, could these systems be used to read the minds of prisoners of war or to pick the brains of unsuspecting American citizens.


    Highly unlikely, agency scientists say.


  • New York Times Magazine, Sept 29, 1996, on magnetic therapy.

    • "scientists realized the key was rapidly pulsing the current on and off... Here's how it might work: A hand-held computer programs the pattern at which the fields will fluctuate. The impulses move through the temporal lobe and penetrate deep into the brain, where they interfere and interact with the complex electrical patterns of the subject's neural fields."


  • World News Tonight with Peter Jennings

    March 19, 1998 "A Closer Look, Magnetic Therapy for Depression" with Forrest Sawyer, John McKenzie


    An ABC News transcript described magnetic therapy for depression,

    • "technology that can be used to manipulate people's thought processes, their mood, their memories and possibly even their will, if it is developed sufficiently."


  • CNN news broadcast, Special Assignment, Nov.-1985, by Chuck DeCaro "Weapons of War, Is there an RF Gap?"

    This program features Dr. Robert O. Becker, two time Nobel prize nominee, scientist and researcher of electromagnetic radiation effects on the body and author of Body Electric, summarized,

    • "The government has never disproved the psychological effects of electromagnetic radiation."


    Dr. Jose Delgado and his Yale University experiments of brain implants to control a charging bull. Dr. Ross Adey discussed a demonstration of the 1950s Russian lida machine, which used electromagnetic energy to put Russian psychiatric patients to sleep.


    A demonstration by Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher and Dr. William van Bise, directed magnetic signals into the brain of reporter Chuck DeCaro and created visual images as in a hallucination, and more. For a 55$ copy of this tape call CNN at 404 827 2712 and ask for R2501 #13, R2747 #33, R2501 #15, R2501-#17. It runs about 20 minutes.


  • Ultrascience, "Weapons of War", Learning Channel, 1997, Featured Dr. Michael Persinger, Laurentian University. He described weapons using "psycho or influence technology" and electromagnetic radiation frequencies to control what people think, for psychological warfare purposes.


  • Ultrascience, "War 2020", Beyond Productions, Learning Channel, 1998

    Dr. Michael Persinger, Laurentian University demonstrated a helmut with solenoids which induce magnetic fields into the brain and cause panic, fear, God and UFO experiences. He stated that with current technology it is possible to use mind control on the mass populations.


  • Ultrascience III, Spies are us" Featured Dr. James C. Lin, PhD. biomedical and electrical engineer, educator, author of Microwave Auditory Effects and Applications, 1978. Lin demonstrated microwave hearing, a symptom of many of the victims, hearing voices. Also featured Cheryl Welsh on the issue of mind control experimentation.


  • International Defense Review, 3-1-93, "Special Operations Survives Pentagon budget Constraints", Ramon Lopez.

    • "JASORS, Joint Advanced Special Operations Radio System is being developed by Harris Corporation... is a very ambitious, leading-edge technology program, ...Whiles JASORS is a near-term SOF, (Special Operations Forces) enhancement, SORDAC,(Special Operations Research Development and Acquisition Center), is also investigating long-range (1998-2010) and "far-future" (2011 and beyond) weaponry and support equipment. [SORDAC's director, Army Colonel Douglas J.]


      Richardson said one far-future communications system being investigated is "synthetic telepathy." One day, SOF commandos may be capable of communicating through thought processes."


  • Margo Cherney FOIA request for complete NASA abstract Report Number: AD-A090426., June 1, 1980.

    Brooks Air Force Base, Jan.25, 2000.

    The requested information is fully denied under 5 U.S.C. 552(b)(1)...

    • " NASA abstract in part stated, "A decoy and deception concept presently being considered is to remotely create the perception of noise in the heads of personnel by exposing them to low power, pulsed microwave. When people are illuminated with properly modulated low power microwaves the sensation is reported as a buzzing, clicking, or hissing which seems to originate (regardless of the person's position in the field) within or just behind the head.


      The phenomena occurs at average power densities as low as microwatts per square centimeter with carrier frequencies from 0.4 to 3.0 GHz. By proper choice of pulse characteristics, intelligible speech may be created. Before this technique may be extended and used for military applications, an understanding of the basic principles must be developed.


      Such an understanding is not only required to optimize the use of the concept for camouflage, decoy and deception operations but is required to properly assess safety factors of such microwave exposure."


  • Microwave News, editor, Louis Slesin, Jan/Feb 1997 p 14. "U.S. Air Force Looks to the Battlefields of the Future: Electromagnetic Fields That Might "Boggle the Mind"

    • "It would also appear possible to create high fidelity speech in the human body, raising the possibility of covert suggestion and psychological direction. When a high power microwave pulse in the GHz range strikes the human body, a very small temperature perturbation occurs.


      This is associated with a sudden expansion of the slightly heated tissue. This expansion is fast enough to produce an acoustic wave. If a pulse stream is used, it should be possible to create an internal acoustic field in the 5-15 kHz range, which is audible. Thus it may be possible to "talk" to selected adversaries in a fashion that would be most disturbing to them."


  • Federal Times, Dec. 13, 1976 "Microwave Weapons Study by Soviets Cited."

    The Defense Intelligence Agency has released a report on heavy Communist research on microwaves, including their use as weapons. Microwaves are used in radar, television and microwave ovens. They can cause disorientation and possibly heart attacks in humans.


    Another biological effect with possible anti-personnel uses is "microwave hearing."

    • "Sounds and possibly even words which appear to be originating intracranially (within the head) can be induced by signal modulation at very low average power densities," the report said.


    According to the study, Communist work in this area,

    • "has great potential for development into a system for disorienting or disrupting the behavior patterns of military or diplomatic personnel."


    No mention was made of the still-unexplained microwave bombardment of the American Embassy in Moscow. The study dealt largely with long-term exposure of days or weeks in industrial situations, which usually produce mild effects. Short exposure to intense radiation can cause heart seizure and a wide range of physical disorders.


  • CIA FOIA search for documents on 'Auditory' listed the following document."F80-0547, 1974-12-02 untitled (Discusses A Highlight of the Conference on Auditory or Noise-In-The-Head Effect)"


  • BBC News Online Oct 11, 1999, "Looking Through Cats' Eyes Fuzzy But Recognizable", Dr. David Whitehouse

    • A BBC News article reported on the first pictures from an experiment to see through the eyes of a cat.


A serious public concern: Control of your mind is a classified military capability

  • Excerpts from CAHRA [now Mind Justice] website military journals and government document quotes:

    • " control the will and perception of adversaries... by applying a regime of shock and awe...It is about effecting behavior."


      "A decoy and deception concept [using microwaves] to 'create intelligible speech' in the head, 'raising the possibility of covert suggestion and psychological direction'."

      "tools that could... make potential enemies see, hear and believe things that don't exist."

      "...crowd control and urban warfare devices that temporarily could paralyze an entire village."




The Soviet government's admission to mind control programs comparable to the atomic bomb and to a lesser extent, the US government's admission, became public knowledge because of the break up of the Soviet Union.


In addition, the US government declassified some of their 40 year old classified EMR non-lethal weapons and began to promote them to the public.


This information coupled with the fifty year history of the East/West scientific dispute over non-thermal  bioeffects is evidence of an East/West mind control arms race. The US and Russian governments admit that mind control technology is classified. The Russian and US victims of illegal mind control programs have clear proof of government involvement and motive.


The growing and already massive program of alleged, illegal experimentation and the use of mind control on the unsuspecting public is a serious human rights issue in need of a thorough and impartial investigation.