by David Morehouse, Ph. D.

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For many years, I have instructed our Remote Viewing classes on how to create the optimum learning and training environment; one in which you can have the absolute best Remote Viewing result. I have also reinforced the significance of learning how to manage your bio-physiology to enhance your stamina and accuracy in Remote Viewing. Most of you have been seriously pursuing this art and science of Remote Viewing, working carefully to improve every aspect of your life-style, your environment, and your use of technology.


I have mentioned frequently the use of cellular phones and their effect on the human brain—warning that “common sense” dictates prolonged use is detrimental to you physically and mentally. In early classes, I showed you a thermo-graphic photo of the heat energy produced by a cell phone held to the callers head penetrating halfway through the skull and brain. Thus, I began the delivery of information that was to some, controversial and unsubstantiated, yet through the years, study after study has indicated that unprotected cell phone use is a bad thing.


Now several Swedish, British and other researchers (not relying on funding by cell phone manufacturers) have made significant scientific findings to make cell phone users think twice about unprotected use. While I am not proposing that you throw your cell phone away, I am suggesting that you take some simple precautions. A research team from the University of Szeged in Hungary studied 221 men for 13 months and compared the sperm of those who used their cell phones heavily with those who did not. Men who carried a phone with them on stand-by throughout the day had significantly lower sperm concentration. Those who had the phone in use had sperm counts lowered by up to 30 percent.


A study at Temple University in London indicated that a 20-minute cell phone call could disrupt and degrade cognitive functioning in a human brain for up to 3 hours after the call. The Swedish Institute of Environmental Medicine produced the results of a long term study looking at the potential increases in the risk of brain tumors in cell phone users. I find the study highly credible since it was produced in a part of the world that is a major producer of cell phone technology; one can only imagine the negative press they received upon publishing their findings.


The study, released in September 2004, concluded that long-term mobile phone use increases the risk of benign tumors. More specifically, the study concluded ten or more years of mobile phone use almost doubles the risk of acoustic neuroma, or benign tumors on the auditory nerve, according to the study.

“The risk of acoustic neuroma was almost doubled for persons who started to use their mobile phone at least 10 years prior to diagnosis,” IMM said in a statement. “When the side of the head on which the phone was usually held was taken into consideration, we found that the risk of acoustic neuroma was almost four times higher on the same side as the phone was held, and virtually normal on the other side,” the institute added.

Some 150 acoustic neuroma patients and 600 healthy control subjects participated in the study, which was the first Swedish report within the so-called






INTERPHONE study, an international collaboration coordinated by the World Health Organization (news - web sites) (WHO)'s cancer research institute IARC. While non-cancerous, acoustic neuroma tumors that are not removed can grow to sizes where they put pressure on the brain and become life threatening. These studies are coming to the forefront at an ever increasing rate—what is listed here is only is only the beginning, and clearly, where there is scientific smoke, there is usually a growing flame.


As you increase in skill and awareness as Remote Viewers, you will begin to notice subtle differences in your environment, for instance, how you feel when standing too close to a microwave oven when in use, or the electromagnetic effect of a computer monitor or television screen. Remember years ago, when you were told never to let your children sit too close to the television screen, that it “was bad for them”? Well?


The reason was due to the electromagnetic effect of the screens. The builders of the technology suspected this was not a good thing for humans, particularly young, developing ones. Being radiated by the electromagnetic effect of a computer monitor was not even an issue then, as most homes barely had a television set. However, now virtually every home has a computer monitor or two, along with televisions in many rooms, and now cell phones glued to the sides of everyone’s head.


What I am saying is that the cell phone is worse, and yet you position it closer to your head than you would ever sit next to a computer monitor or television screen. You are choosing to be radiated by this powerful element, and you need to reconsider your choice. You cannot claim ignorance of the scientific fact any more—the facts and the information are present. As you increase in awareness and sensitivity, you will also notice the effect of talking on a cell phone, holding this relatively powerful transmitter up to the side of your head hours at a time.


Here are a few tips to minimize the detrimental effect of what for some of us has become an unavoidable evil.





  1. Do not hold your cell phone up to you head without a headset, if you do, you are simply baking your brain with electromagnetic radiation. The solution is to purchase a quality headset and use it all of the time. For years, you have been asking me which headset to purchase, and I can now make a recommendation: Use the WAVESHIELD Radiation Free, 4001 Headset, or its equivalent.


  2. The lower your battery becomes on the phone the harder the phone is working to interrogate the microwave towers it communicates with, thus, the more electromagnetic radiation it produces and the more detrimental the consequence to you. Therefore, keep your phone charged, carry a spare battery; better yet, use a landline if you must communicate when your battery is low.


  3. Signal strength is also an issue. This has to do with the number of bars your phone is showing, indicating that you have a strong connect signal. Your cell phone has to pump out more radiation when the signal strength is low; again increasing the detrimental effect to you. Try not to use the phone unless the signal strength is near 100%, or use a landline.


  4. Use a headset on your cordless phones at home; they too are culprits of a different sort. If you do not want to use a headset at home, then purchase a shielding device such as the “WAVESHIELD” and install it on each of your cordless phones. The cost is minor compared to the positive benefits. You will simply feel better at the end of a call, you will notice the positive effect immediately, and it will get better through constant use.


  5. If you carry your phone in your pocket, purchase a shielding device that will keep it from radiating your private parts. If cell phone radiation is able to penetrate the human skull, the effects may be even more dramatic on the body’s soft tissue, such as reproductive organs. You are carrying a transmitter than can reach for miles with electromagnetic energy and you are wearing it, or carrying it while it is working, continuously exposing your precious body to the radiation produced by the phone. All future family intentions aside, male or female, who needs the electromagnetic intrusion on your body—shield the phone.


  6. Placing a cell phone call in your car is like sitting inside of a microwave oven. When you use the phone in the car, the shielding and tinting on newer automobiles causes the electromagnetic waves to bounce back and forth inside the cabin of the vehicle. Therefore, you are exposed yourself and your passengers to increased levels of electromagnetic radiation. Purchase an external antenna and plug in your phone if you must make a call while driving. I would be much happier, as would other drivers, if you just waited until you were not steering a ton and a half of metal down the road to place the call, but it not illegal (for the moment) to do so; therefore, be courteous, pay attention and protect your brain and body.


  7. If you have one of those cool little phones with a built in antenna, the whole phone is an antenna, and thus, you are getting a heavier dose of radiation. GET A “WAVESHIELD” HEADSET or A DIFFERENT PHONE


  8. Clinical studies based on elaborate human, animal, and laboratory experiments that examine the effects of cell phone radiation, show:


    1. Cell phone radiation penetrates deep into the developing brains of children.

    2. Cell phone radiation results in chromosomal damage to blood exposed to wireless phone radio waves. There is a link between chromosome damage and brain cancer.

    3. Cell phone radiation breaks down the blood brain barrier. Think of the blood brain barrier as an immune system for the brain. As it breaks down, other environmental toxins more easily enter the brain and cause damage.

    4. A number of studies showed a statistically significant correlation between brain cancer deaths and cell phone use.

    5. Cell phone radiation can cause pacemakers to malfunction as they (pacemakers) are not properly insulated from cell phones that are within 6 inches of the pacemaker.

    6. Other effects of cell phone radiation observed in research studies indicate the following:

      1. Effects due to thermal/warming of the brain from cell phones.

      2. Abnormal readings in EEG for heavy cell phone users.

      3. Change in Cognitive Ability, e.g., disrupted cognitive functioning .

      4. Nerve Cell Damage: * Neuronal damage—cortex, hippocampus, basal ganglia

      5. Blood brain barrier—leakage of albumin and other molecules smaller in size, * Including toxic ones

      6. Increase in Headaches

      7. Change in Cutaneous blood flow to lower volumes.

      8. Increased cancer risk associated with cp use:

        • Acoustic neuroma

        • Uveal melanoma

        • Ipsilateral use of analogue cell phones and malignant brain tumors.


  9. Heat shock proteins and cancer


  10. Pacemakers and mechanical ventilation.


  11. Increased automobile accidents

For more information, I suggest that you read this book, and visit our web page link to purchase these simple but potentially health saving devices. In the next 10 to 20 years, the effects will become apparent with the general public serving as the test subjects. Tread carefully on those wireless stocks over the long term, and take precautions today so you do not become a statistic.


Many thanks to Dr. Carlo and Martin Schram for a timely well-written book packed with critical info for all wireless customers: Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age - An Insider's Alarming Discoveries about Cancer and Genetic Damage, by George Carlo, Martin Schram





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