by Val Valerian
20 May 1999

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Electromagnetic radiation is now recognized by scientists and the public as a frequency pollution of the environment -- yet another health hazard everyone has to deal with. Recent research indicates that regular or chronic exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) can adversely impact your health, well-being and that of other biological systems in the environment.


Electromagnetic radiation can impact physiology and create/aggravate chronic conditions that yield symptoms which include fatigue, headache, dizziness, concentration and vision problems, short term memory loss, sleep disturbances, confusion, ringing in the ears and irritability.


These and other symptoms of exposure to electromagnetic radiation have been identified in an ever-growing body of scientific research, including research done by eminent scientists like Dr. Robert Beck, Prof. Robert Becker, M.D, (in his book Cross Currents), Andreas Puharich and others.


In 1993, Ellen Sugarman wrote the popular introduction to the problem in her Electricity Around You May Be Dangerous To Your Health. Other researchers have contributed major articles which have broken new ground, informing the general public that there is a problem. One such researcher is Paul Brodeur, who wrote a seminal piece on EMR published in 1992 in New Yorker Magazine.


Environmental Electromagnetic Radiation Pollution

Electromagnetic radiation in the environment originates from both commercial (industrial, power lines, etc) and domestic (60Hz wiring and equipment) sources. We are inundated with radiation from television and radio, microwaves (and cellular phones), heaters, dryers, clocks, appliances and the wiring in the walls.


In some locations additional frequencies are generated by video Display Terminals (VDT, computer monitors, televisions, etc). With all of this, it's hard not to feel trapped and totally defenseless as far as protecting your biological systems from a lot of potential damage.

Adding to the electromagnetic "fog" we experience from day to day is the intentional emission of electromagnetic frequencies using special manipulative technologies that fall within mind and behavior control modalities, designed to shape/effect individual and public thought and behavior patterns to force harmony with the current control-based paradigm.


Coupled with the already existing EMR, the plight of the human being becomes rather tenuous.


What Specifically Can We Do To Protect Ourselves?

First, know that it is happening. Keep informed by reading books and scientific reports, and know the how, when, why, and where of electromagnetic radiation. Much data on this has been released by Leading Edge Research Group, including data in the Matrix books, especially Matrix III Vol I, chapters 1-7, and Leading Edge Journal #63, 64 and 78. In fact, it is in the Leading Edge International Research Journal where UTC technical papers (Unified Field, Consciousness and Takyon-Delton Physics) have been exclusively published over a period of almost five years.


Remember that the brain, central nervous system, cellular processes, the immune system and the human psychic infrastructure are the most vulnerable to electromagnetic radiation.


Electrical systems, especially ones in which phases or other components alternate or shift in time have two main components: the real physically measurable component and the hyperspatial (subtle, scalar/orthogonal) component, which is unfortunately termed (from the orthodox material perceptive viewpoint) the imaginary component, which is only measurable with specialized equipment which is not available to mainstream control science.


This subtle, hyperspatial component has psycho-active effects on the infrastructure of the human psyche. It affects human beings and their behavior in sutble, sometimes strange ways.


Protective Devices

and the Development of the Takyon Capsule Unified Field Device

In the past few years, a few protective devices which can retard, attenuate (weaken) or change the character of electromagnetic radiation have emerged. The most popular early device was the Teslar Watch originally developed by Dr. Andreas Puharich.


It was effective against most electromagnetic fields, but not against tactical or psychoactive electromagnetic signals, the "imaginary", "etheric" component of alternating (time, phase) electrical systems. The drawback with the Teslar Watch was that it had to be sent to the factory for battery replacement.


Other products which emerged on to the market were somewhat effective, but they all needed batteries - the drawback was that the protective effect which resulted from projection of a field of specific pulsing EMF wavered or weakened proportionally to the state of the battery.

Recently, the so-called "tachyon" glass beads and jewelry appeared on the market -- none of them claimed to relate to our relationship with the mind and behavior altering fields that surround us. They were not designed for that purpose. Furthermore, these glass beads could not have produced tachyonic energy, because tachyonic energy can only exist within a Unified Field, because only within a Unified Field can superluminal (faster than light) particles exist.


These glass beads probably radiated so-called "soft electrons" for a period of time - they were advertised as relating to strength and vitality of the wearer. The production of takyons (the original Greek spelling) occurs as a result of precise processes using both pulsing EMF and controlled atmospheric vacuum heat treatments in regard to the components forming the Unified Field Devices, as well as magnetic annealing and precipitation hardening treatments of special alloys (which are also used in the aircraft industry).

Without these critical processes and parameters relative to the construction of these devices, there is no way to produce unified field processes and takyonic radiation of specific frequencies and hyperspatial components designed to counteract much of the psychoactive and mind altering electromagnetic environment.


We categorically state that takyons can only exist in a Unified Field, and/or a Bio-Field, for otherwise, per Einstein, no real-mass particles or signals can travel faster than 186,000 miles per second. Without unified field takyons (not Tachyons), there is no protective field against these frequencies.

"I have to tell you what Dorothy and I discovered on our last trip to Brisbane . This time I took Takyon capsule with a cap on it with me in my car and placed it between me and Dorothy ( apart from Takyon capsules on our necks ) .


Dorothy is very psychic and suffered a lot from mobile and microwave towers . But as soon as the Takyon capsule with the cap was near her or in her hand her suffering has disappeared so she decided to order 2 of them as soon as she returns to Italy ( if the Takyon capsules are still available ) .


When I , for the first time , was driving home from Brisbane ( 400 km ) on 12th of March with the Takyon capsule with the cap in the car standing upright + one on my neck I was astonished with the result . All 400 km I made without a single stop for anything like toilet , food , petrol or water , rest or exercise and in a record time : exactly 4 hours . There was no need for any of it and I was still full of energy hours after my arrival .


Now I don't leave the house without Takyon capsule with a cap on it and always upright . And another thing I don't understand . My energy achieved 6 and 9 , my documents are the proof of it , but a week ago I got a new passport and the number has changed ( means my energy changed )"


13 March 2007, Australia.

What is a Unified Field? How Does the Device Work?

A unified field is a field in which all energies are in a state of unification. It is a field in which magnetic, electrical, gravitational, strong/weak nuclear, thermal, acoustical and other radiative attributes are in a state of mathematical, geometric and harmonic unification.

They are not de-coupled, separate or broken down into radiative attributes. It is based on Einstein's modified equation E = mc2 * Oc2, based on E = mc2, where O is the consciousness constant.


It means a shift from Special Relativity to General Relativity by accelerating energy to reach the Bohm Superquantum-Relativistic Potential otherwise known as the holographic infinite information continuum, also known as the intelligent field that interpenetrates the universe, the source, or what humans anthromorphically refer to as "God".


The overall frequency of the unified takyon field which vibrates from the Takyon Capsule is estimated to be in the range between 1068 - 1098 cycles per second (or chaotic, non-linear oscillations, not Hertz, or symmetrical sine-wave oscillations).


The field output contains multiple hyperspatial harmonic phase-modulated frequency overlay patterns which create a phased pulsed interference with psychoactive mind affecting frequencies, molding the generalized natural field structure around the human body into a "barrel" shape (see figure) with specific protective characteristics. Because of the process of the generation of the unified field within the device, it is self-powering and requires no external power source, not even batteries.

The device essentially creates a five-dimensional (x,y,z, time, gravity) hyperbolic tensor field which manifests as a bi-directional hyperspacial Einstein-Rosen bridge.


The T-1 Takyon Capsule

The T-1 Takyon Capsule has remained a key defense against many frequency impingements since around its completion around 1990.


It creates a protective force-field approximately 3 feet in diameter when worn around the neck. In terms of field function, it is composed of two (2) counter-rotating Takyon Tensor Fields of very high frequency that functionally "suck up", deflect or attenuate (mute) electromagnetic field photons present in ambient electromagnetic frequencies, especially in the psychoactive mind affecting regions, by disorganizing the photonic information-carrying matrix.


The capsule on the right has the Radial Amplifier Device (RAD) on top. Actual Size: 1.5 inches long x 0.5 inches diameter (without RAD device). See RAD device below.


The R-1 Radial Amplifier Deflector

With the R-1 attached to the top of a stationary (not worn) T-1 device placed on the floor (zero potential) it restructures the force field emanated by the T-1, increasing its diameter to about 100 feet, which is large enough to protect an entire home or office.


This protective force field dome, which is an oblate spheroid (egg-shaped) , is activated through the employment of a protocol implemented through the focused consciousness of the user, using a very simple tensor formula, properly visualized, and directed with will, accompanied by a specific breathing pattern.


Bingo! It works!

Martial artists are quite adept at this process. This unified field device, previously available to few people, is now available to the general public with a much simpler activating protocol.

Projects and Developments

Over the past several years, work has continued in field analysis, computations and experimentation with designs starting with the T-1 device, and great strides have been made toward the development of devices with further advancements.


Some of these devices may be made available in the near future, in response to a growing need, due to the complexity and further developments in frequency control technology.




Latest DATA including Thought Intrusion Devices

5 February 2003