Chapter 4
Broadcast Technology - A Short History

"At the dawn of the scientific-technical progress, dictators and rulers of totalitarian governments dreamt about how to embody the most ancient occult sciences and hidden potentials of mankind's psyche in technical weapons in order to, with their help, make their own populations obediently conformist, blindly fulfilling the wishes of the dictator and his associates.


They even cherished monstrous ideas, after the creation of super-weapons, of using these for the enslavement of other governments and of becoming rulers of the world... Psychotronic weapons are a complex of unique electronic-irradiating apparatuses capable, over a large distance, of controlling the psycho-physical activities of a person, purposefully destroying his health. Psychotronic weapons are lofty, rational weapons which are applied in combination with other types of non-lethal weapons and psycho-technological weapons.


Usually people who become victims are gifted people not loyal to the regime, servicemen from military subdivisions, athletes, those held in prisons and concentration camps, people who make up the ranks of dispensaries, without exception prisoners of psychiatric hospitals, and also the population in free behavior. With the realization of the psycho-programming and terror, the criminals strictly adhere to the basic principle of psycho-com-fascism which consists of the gradual suppression and destruction of the person in a psycho-physical plan, as with the personality and the destruction of his I.


In connection with this, the conclusion suggests itself : that governmental departments, called upon to stand as the guardian of the health of the people, appear to be direct participants in these abominable crimes."
N.I. Anisimov, 1999, from: Psychotronic Golgotha

“The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values.”
Zbigniew Brzezinski - Between Two Ages

The Avatar
Though it is beyond the scope of this book to delve too deeply into the life and genius of Nikola Tesla, it would be impossible to address our subject matter without covering at least the basics, because a lot of what has been deployed since 911 are actually forms of Tesla technology which have been willfully hidden for many years.


According to Tesla's FBI file (1), upon his death the personal items belonging to him, including most of his documentation, were impounded by the office of Alien Property, Department of Justice. Many Freedom of information Act requests have been made to the FBI concerning these personal goods of Nikola Tesla, especially concerning the notes and books, and these requests, numbering in the hundreds or even thousands - have come up empty.


There are some of Tesla's private communications and publications among the public though, and most of these papers are extremely collectible and valuable.

The United States Navy is mentioned several times within the heavily redacted FBI records of Nikola Tesla, as well as among many other references to Tesla's work, up to and including the modern HAARP program, which will be covered in some depth later.

The overall conclusion most researchers have drawn is that Tesla’s work was first buried, then developed clandestinely by secret groups within the government of the United States. There is a lot of evidence for this proposal; judging from other cases concerning government experimentation in mind control and behavior modification, a reader/researcher may at least begin to see that this is the way the United States government generally operates, while spouting a creed of DENY DENY DENY, even when faced with proof positive of their activities.


Because this is the same government which writes the laws, they naturally exempt themselves from any kind of accountability that way as well. A police state cannot occur without a secrecy regime happening first.

Fortunately for us, Nikola Tesla did a pretty good job of making most of his work publicly known in books, magazines and patents before his death, in spite of the fact that most people found his work incomprehensible while he was alive. It is now possible to do a little reading, and get a decent picture of what has happened, and what is just beginning to happen after all these years again.

Tesla was born in Smiljan, Croatia in 1865, and he showed intellectual restlessness, some say precociousness, at an early age. Tesla's father was a clergyman, and had planned a life in the priesthood for his son, though Nikola prevailed upon him for advanced schooling in what he loved: machinery and electricity; eventually he was allowed to pursue an engineering degree at the Technical University at Graz Austria, and the University of Prague.


In 1882 Tesla traveled to Paris France, where he found work with the Continental Edison Company. It was there Tesla began visualizing motors powered with alternating current (AC).


At that time direct current (DC) was all the rage, being used by the world entire to power experiments and new inventions, even though DC was dangerous and inefficient compared to alternating current. Nobody wanted to hear about improvements from a young super-unknown such as Nikola Tesla, so the young scientist did what any good maverick would do: he split the scene for better opportunities elsewhere.

Tesla came to America in 1884, and for a short time he worked with Thomas Edison himself, but the two did not see things eye to eye at all, and Tesla quickly left the Edison Labs. He soon proved his superiority in certain aspects of the electrical sciences though, and went on to develop patents in his own name, which later became a large part of the Westinghouse Corporation, and more.


Many of Tesla's patents went without development in his later years, and Nikola Tesla died in 1943 with some of his later inventions never being realized, except on paper. Some of the inventions by Nikola Tesla that were developed are the polyphase induction (Electric) motor, neon and fluorescent lights, the automobile ignition system, and 2 & 3 phase alternating current.

Nikola Tesla was also responsible for almost all wireless technologies. Though Marconi is given credit for the radio, it was Tesla who actually developed the science and patented it, along with other novel and powerful wireless technologies. From The Journal of The International Tesla Society, Power and Resonance, vol. 6, no. 4:

"Tesla's most important work at the end of the nineteenth century was his original system of transmission of energy by wireless antenna. In 1900 Tesla obtained two fundamental patents (#’s 645,576 and 649,6212) on the transmission of true wireless energy covering both methods and apparatus and involving the use of four tuned circuits.


In 1943 (3 months after Tesla's death - Ed.), the Supreme Court of the United States granted full patent rights to Nikola Tesla for the invention of the radio, superseding and nullifying any prior claim by Marconi and others in regards to the "Fundamental Radio Patent"..."

A dream of Nikola Tesla was free wireless power for the world.


This was the main reason behind the construction of his various and well known (Wardenclyffe/Colorado Springs) antennae, but it was also to be his ultimate undoing, because it discouraged his two main financiers, George Westinghouse, of the Westinghouse Electric Company, and J.P. Morgan; both were heavily vested in metered electricity-for-money schemes.


These same people then invited him to invent military weapons technologies as a means to further financing, although this went against the scientists basic ideals. Later he became so strapped for money that he began thinking along these lines, but by then he had scared the moguls of finance so badly they wanted nothing to do with him.

One of the Tesla inventions (Patent 1,119,732) designed to create wireless power resulted in what he called his Magnifying Transmitter, which has since come to be called the Tesla Magnifying Transmitter, or TMT.

Tesla historian and energy specialist Lt. Colonel Tom Bearden of described the energy of TMT thus:

"...What you do is set up a standing wave through the Earth and the molten core of the Earth begins to feed that wave...when you have that standing wave, you have set up a triode. What you've done is that the molten core of the earth is feeding the energy and its like your signal - that you are putting in - is gating the gate of a triode... then what you do is you change the frequency.


If you change the frequency one way (dephase it) you dump the energy up in the atmosphere beyond the point on the other side of the earth that you focused upon. You start ionizing the air, you can change the weather flow patterns (Jet streams etc.) - you can change all that - if you dump it gradually - real gradually - you influence the heck out of the weather...its a great weather machine.


If you dump it sharply, you don't get a little ionization like that... you will get fireballs and flashes (Plasma & Earthquakes) that will come down on the surface of the can cause enormous weather changes over entire regions by playing that thing back and forth..."(2)

Some people believe the Tunguska event was a test of the TMT to convince Tesla's wealthy financiers that there were indeed military applications to some of his inventions.


The timing of a test later referred to by Tesla, and the Tunguska event itself, along with physical evidence and written/verbal accounts of the event, seem to indicate that this is at least a possibility, no matter how well it has been buried by governments version of history. (3)

Upon his death Tesla's New York laboratory burned down mysteriously and was bulldozed. Much of his original work was sequestered and has not seen the light of day since. Some of Tesla's drawings and other ephemera had been sent to a museum in Belgrade as a donation in 1933. It is believed this early material became available to Russian Scientists via that conduit. There is also evidence that Hitler's Nazi Germany had some knowledge of Tesla's work, and attempted to further develop it.


The museum in Belgrade is the most likely source for both those happenstance. (4)

Tesla had also stored about 30 barrels and bundles with an Alien Property custodian in New York (Manhattan Warehouse and Storage Company, rooms 5J and 5L.) prior to his death. After his death various people attempted to abscond with some of his written material stored in a safe within his room, though most was eventually seized by Alien Property Control, and sequestered along with the above mentioned personal goods already in storage. (5)

As noted in the Tesla FBI files, one person, Sava Kosanovich, a Tesla nephew, actually succeeded in getting a small amount of material from the safe in Tesla's room the night after his death. Mr. Kosanovich admired his uncle greatly, though they differed politically; Sava was involved with the communist party of his homeland.

Among those also vying for a peek at Tesla's notes was a representative from RCA and a writer for Popular Mechanics. One invention was noted as being locked in a box in the Governor Clinton Hotel and would not be relinquished by the hotel until a past due bill was paid. (6)

Finally, according to the Chicago Tribune, Sunday August 10th 1986 (James Coates):

“Following the war (World War II), Tesla's relatives in Yugoslavia petitioned Washington to retrieve 17 trunks of papers and laboratory equipment that he had stored in a New York garage. In 1952 these items were sent to Belgrade where they are housed in a Tesla museum.

"But", said [ ]Grotz, "What do you suppose are the chances that everything was first copied by the KGB?"

"In the USA we don't even give him credit for inventing the radio and the Soviet bloc is building Tesla Museums..." (7)

Tesla's last years in America were relatively nonproductive, and unhappy.


He claimed his only friends were some pigeons he kept in his apartment. In spite of his alienation due to a lack funding and a denial of his genius, he is considered a national hero in his homeland.

Some other Tesla inventions:

  • Electric Generator, Patent 511,916

  • The Bladeless Tesla Turbine Motor, said to be 20 times more efficient than any motor used today! Patent 1,329,559

  • Tesla's Ozone Generator patent 568,177, issued in 1896.

  • Methods and Apparatus for producing currents of high frequency, patents 568,176; 568,178; 568,179; 568,180; 577,670; 583,953. (8)

Entertain Me
After World War II wireless energy applications became publicly commonplace, but within Communications only.


Television (very high frequency-vhf, ultra high frequency-uhf - later, a lot of wireless went satellite); Radio AM/FM (Amplitude modulation/frequency modulation), which also included private wireless operators called HAM (Amateur Radio Via Morse Code Or Voice) and later CB (Citizens Band).


The United States government regulated the airwaves from early on, in an attempt to gain what Woodrow Wilson called "Radio Supremacy", and though this might have alerted some people to what was going on behind the scenes concerning the wireless technologies of Nikola Tesla, no one seemed to notice.

There were military applications of course, but they were esoteric and secret.


Only today are we beginning to see how some of Tesla's technology has been developed. The fact that it has been deployed as other things, cleverly covered up with Benefit and Necessity, and sold as varying programs to various people, depending on their class in society, or their basic knowledge, was enough to alert some observers to the fact that the government run by the appointed president was bringing their long term attack on us to fruit. (8)

In spite of recent revelations, it still took quite awhile for researchers to tie things together concerning said attack; to put blame where blame belonged, on the invisible but insidious wireless grid which had been steadily deployed during the 1980's and on, picking up pace in the 1990's, becoming a full blown project since 911.


That is all just a measure of how well the plan was hidden, how many layers of misinformation covered the core purpose of the slow and quiet deployment of the high power wireless grid.

The above is important information, and it helps to exhibit the gradual but unceasing entrainment of human minds within this new wireless grid, as their attentions were steered away from reality via electronic coercion, and OTE (Other Than Electronic) mind control tactics including socio-economic terror, among other things.


Phoenix Falling
Some wireless technologies also became employed by the dark, that is, black, forces within the United States Military as handheld, drive by, and fly over directed energy weapons; there will be much more about this in the following chapters.


One illustration of the covert but unending criminal behavior of the U.S. military and directed energy weaponry (DEW) during and after the 1980s includes the use of broadcast weaponry in an attempt to cull the population by inducing cancer, stroke, heart attack and more, all the while fine tuning these weapons via this horrible testing.


One observer has noted the similarities between a vietnam operation called Project Phoenix, and the targeting here of dissidents and others who were not capitulating to the new group which had taken control of the USA via banking and paper currency. Project Phoenix has been called a systematic assassination program targeting sympathizers of the perceived enemy using various techniques that can only be called unconventional. (9)


Today this program, or a program very much like it, also offers the added advantage of being useful as human experimentation in the development of directed energy weapons. The perfect invisible weaponry.

This author has even noted telltale symptoms in the late President Ronald Reagan, after the assassination attempt by bush crony and suspected cia mind control subject John Hinckley. It appears that Reagan himself, the president of the United States, along with his family members and entourage were test subjects of these diabolical assassins.


Some of the indicating traits are the facts that while in the White House, in the proximity of certain people there, Reagan's convalescence was continuously hindered to the point of backsliding, but when he left the vicinity of these same people, he recovered quickly by leaps and bounds.


This is a major indicator of directed energy weapons:

the exacerbation or acceleration of illness or injuries - this is also why a lot of biotech is used in conjunction with the radiant arsenals directed energy weaponry.

Invisibility and deniability are powerful attributes of this weapons system, and were always considered to be well worth developing.

This and much much more has been hidden by the relatively innocuous entertainment aspects of wireless energy, which is what the public has become familiar with since Tesla's death. Any weaponry aspects have been buried, denied, denigrated to conspiracy theory, or worse.


In the words of the authors at

" The Phoenix Program, assassinating suspected VC sympathizers in a systematic manner worked well and is the blueprint for the current black op targeting thousands of loyal Americans using state of the art microwave (MW) and radio frequency radiation (RFR) weapons.


The motivation to suppress domestic dissidents and to assassinate loyal American opposition stems from the perception of dissent against the war as treason.


This philosophy is stated very clearly in the MindWar paper written by NSA General Aquino. The DOD has a huge stake in futuristic technology that kills by ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, leaving little or no trace. The indiscriminate killing of the Phoenix Program continues on American soil.


The terms soft kill, slow kill and silent kill refer to the new way of killing the enemy in conflicts short of war and the small wars of the future.


The counterinsurgency doctrine has now been applied to the home front, so that the perceived betrayal of the military in Vietnam will not be repeated. The generation of CIA and military intelligence led by Shackley, Helms, Casey, Abrams, Singlaub, Secord, John B. Alexander, Michael Aquino, Paul Vallely, and others have built the perfect beast, using selective assassination that leaves no trace.


The ability to cull the human herd with Silent Kill technology allows a few personalities to remake the entire society in their own image..."

There seem to be some fanatic religious connections to this program of culling, incorporating a crusade of destruction, and elimination of non-believers in radical fundamental christianity, or mormonism.


These were the main forces behind the institution of the Fourth Reich, as evidenced by the support of the above named religio-fanatic forces for the appointed president, and his crimes. The cruelty and ignorance of these religions is manifest as communist/fascist behavior, and a glaring lack of regard for basic American ideals of freedom, tolerance, and respect.

Many within these religious cults practice the art of deception by employing the dichotomy of opposites, a well known mind control/intelligence practice. Religion has been used to cover up clandestine harassment programs, poisonings, illegal wiretappings and much more.


This illegal homogenization of fundamental zionism, christianity, and the U.S. intelligence apparatus, indicates many radical religious forces are perpetrators of the electronic extermination and harassment programs of this New Reich.

Are we entertained yet?

During the latter half of 1958, Project Argus of the United States Navy exploded 3 fission type nuclear bombs about 300 miles in altitude somewhere over the south atlantic ocean, in the part of the Van Allen Radiation Belt closest to Earth.


In the same project and timeframe, two hydrogen bombs underwent aerial detonation about 100 miles up, over a place called Johnston Island which is located in the Pacific ocean. The Department of Defense and their fellows at the Atomic Energy Commission stated this effort was the largest Scientific experiment ever performed to that date.


This giant experiment not only created new, inner radiation belts around the whole Earth, but actually augmented the present Radiation belts in radical ways. Auroras became the norm versus the exception in some places, and a lot of the particles released began accumulating around the planets natural flux lines of electromagnetic force.

One of the consequences of Project Argus which has been quietly swept under the rug, or at least not generally talked about, pertains to the fact that due to this supercharging of the radiation belts, exits and entries through the atmosphere, into and back from space, became very hazardous to biological organisms and even some electronics.


Many rocket trajectories into space became unusable to the future space programs of the world, especially programs that are manned, or carry biology experiments, because Project Argus and some later experiments literally hamstrung humankinds space capabilities. Granted, this point was not really at the forefront back in 1958, when Argus was accomplished, but it would be laughable to say that space travel had not been anticipated, and one can only wonder at the overall motives of this irresponsible and unthinking behavior in the name of experimentation.

One major goal of Argus was the never ending attempt to increase the militaries long range broadcast capabilities, some of which were for communications, some for other things, like early ENMOD (Environmental Modification) experiments.


There was another project where a huge cloud of minute copper needles were injected into the upper atmosphere via airborne ascent, and these also formed an aurora of sorts, but that experiment was rather a failure, as the needles did not hold cohesiveness, quickly succumbing to gravity and falling to earth.


These auroras of energy and particles were in actuality Gigantic Antennae, and some of the earliest experiments in global broadcast capabilities even used the Aurora Borealis to transmit signals for communications, radar, earth penetrating experiments, and more. (11)

The Aurora Borealis experiments proved successful enough to justify the later, more elaborate experiments in creating artificial auroras on demand with sprayed particulate powders. The above technology has become so refined that it is now possible for the military to create miniature active auroral antennae anywhere, at anytime, utilizing low level particulate that lends itself to manipulation via its ionizing properties as an electrical plasma.


These new active auroral military antennae are capable of things most people would not believe, as far as targeting individual spots on the ground with a great degree of accuracy, and drawing imagery and sound from the target in endothermic operations of interferometry and tomography. (12)


Some of these antennae are called AIM, which stands for Artificial Ionospheric Mirror. (13)

It is believed that the earliest behavior modifying properties of these technologies were observed after Argus. For the first time ever, the natural resonance of the shell that has existed between the ionosphere and the earths surface was being altered. And the life below could not help but react to this.


This alteration of the local human environment has not ended since then, only become more frenetic and controlled.


During some of this Navy Experimentation it was discovered that the resonance mentioned above maintained itself at a primary frequency of 7.83 hertz, which just so happens to be rather near the frequency of the Human Brain.


No Coincidence that, it is something that has developed for as long as humankind has lived here.


This frequency is maintained by lightning, whose waveform continually reverberates after each bolt, at that same frequency, in standing waves, which means the energy travels outward in lines parallel to the energy bolt, perpendicular to the surface of the planet. Instead of the waves traveling up and down from our surface to the ionosphere and back, standing waves perpetuate continually side to side, as it were, throughout the ionospheric shell.


To our reference the waves stand on end, and are generally unobstructed as they reverberate through the atmosphere. This is an important factor in large scale electronic broadcasting and other wireless energy transmission. Until recently the main source of standing waves was lightning. That has all changed now, and due to reasons we will soon see, natural lightning has pretty well gone the way of the horse and buggy.

The man who rediscovered the natural/normal, lightning-created resonance within the ionospheric shell was Winfried Otto Schumann.


While working on ways to communicate with deep water submarines for the U.S. Navy in 1957, Schumann was able to identify and measure this Earth tune, and the resonance of the ionospheric shell has since been named for him: it is today known as the Schumann resonance. Calculating the Earth/ionosphere cavity resonance frequencies, Schumann fixed the most prominent standing wave at about 7.83 Hertz (Hz). Other resonance peaks appear around 6.5 Hz intervals, and are attributed to the Earth’s spherical form. (14)

It is also understood by most Tesla researchers that Schumann in fact only Rediscovered this resonance; some of Nikola Tesla's experiments indicate that not only was he aware of it, he actually employed it, harnessing it for his own use during high power wireless experiments.


The lightning energies produced at the Colorado laboratory are just one indication of this.

Because this resonance has been constantly altered by the many atmospheric experiments involving nuclear explosions etc., there is no doubt that it has effected all life on the planet below, and also no doubt that this was observed by the experimenters, at least over periods of time, through statistics of disease, mental illness, increased crime, crop failures, drought, etc. etc.. (15)


Today we have to come to grips with the fact that overexposure to Electromagnetic Radiation causes a great number of the ills within our society, especially among children.


One example just coming to light: many science groups have issued stark warnings against children using cell phones, and in certain places in Asia cell towers are restricted from being anywhere near schools. Microwave overexposure has been indicated in the ever increasing cases of autism among children and bipolar disorder has almost exactly the same symptoms as over exposure to EM energy as well.


Scalar electromagnetic processes, which utilize interfering energy zones and fields on vast scales, are becoming a well known cause of gastric disorders, fractured thought, untreatable biological disruption at the molecular level, and much more. It should be noted and Highlighted that the Russians began a lot of these experimentations before America did.

The early wireless broadcasting experiments like Argus, and the twenty or thirty other unclassified tests during the 50's 60's and 70's (11), literally caused the government to speed up its efforts to act even more irresponsibly, for some reason. Perhaps the government agencies became enthused with the mind control aspects of these experiments, the virtual stunning of the life below with invisible but gigantic energies, and/or the manipulation of a resonant frequency humans had evolved to over many millennia.


Disrupted quickly as it has been, in the last two decades especially, its a wonder anyone can still think, let alone act, for the betterment of the overall situation here.

These foolish experimenters in our government may just be a bunch of diabolical ghouls, or they may just be stupid as hell. Or both. One way or another, the early experiments in broadcasting electromagnetic energy seemed only to whet the appetites of these maniacs, and we are now in the fifth or sixth generation of this planetary alteration program.

It continues at an ever increasing pace.

There is much more concerning the military’s interest in broadcast technology for environmental modification, communication, and silent invisible weaponry in the following chapters.


The above is mentioned to illustrate the fact that even though there appears to be an hiatus between Nikola Tesla's work, and later experiments beginning in the 1950’s, broadcast technology was not forgotten, and just became larger in scope and use, though hidden as top secret technologies of control.

This natural progression of Nikola Tesla's work was in fact the development of much more powerful antennae, even unconventional antennae: the perpetuation of Tesla's work in the conventional arena have taken place as what are known as phased arrays, where many antennae are used in concert, for various purposes, not least of which is called Ionospheric Heating.


Later, antennae technologies went really macro once plasma sciences were employed, so that broadcast and satellite enabled active-auroras could augment the more conventional antennae systems via reflection, redirection, and amplification of signals.

All that comes later though. For now we are still studying the earliest types of broadcast technologies, and that is rather limited to the type of antenna most people are familiar with, meaning the dishes or myriad other configurations mounted on poles or towers. The type of antennae that are fairly permanent, and rigid in the their physical aspects.


Many are receivers (Monopoles), some are used to both broadcast and receive (Dipole).


One of the latest incarnations of conventional broadcast antennae systems is known as HAARP, which is an acronym for High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program.


These latter day conventional antennae types are known mostly for their ability to act together, many parts as one single entity, in what is known as a phased array. These arrays are sometimes found in close proximity to one another; that configuration is known as an Antennae Farm. That means many antennae in a small area, perhaps even in the same enclosure.


These antennae in phased array will be computer controlled and synchronized to create certain conditions within the environment. Many researchers now believe, by simple virtue of prudence and past actions, that a large number of the antennae strewn throughout all the cities of the world are actually phased array, on a very large scale. Computer control of these emitters is very easy to achieve, and the operators would actually be remiss if they had not accomplished this, if for no other reason than to create backup systems in case of failures of one or more component.


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, which are becoming very popular as law enforcement devices, are directed with broadcast energy from antennae.


They too are a very large part of the overall surveillance/behavior modification system.

To some people, the HAARP antennae technology is a logical extension of another, earlier antennae network devised and deployed by the U.S. Government during the 1980's, known as the GWEN Network.


GWEN stands for Ground Wave Emergency Network, and it consists of a system of towers with extensive radiate forms copper wire, each wire 100 feet long, extending outward from the base of each tower below the ground.


These GWEN towers are spaced 200 miles apart across the northern areas of America. These are part of a plan called Continuance of Government, a program to keep government in place in the event of a nuclear attack or natural disaster. Like the HAARP project there is more here than meets the eye, though. One of the main bloopers in the explanation given by the government concerning GWEN is that the towers would surely be destroyed in any protracted nuclear conflict.


This was noted by the director of the program itself. GWEN towers are also subject to damage by Electromagnetic pulse; those two factors illustrate graphically that the Government Continuance scenario of GWEN lacks plausibility in the extreme. (16)

Many researchers have stated openly that GWEN serves one purpose and one purpose only, which is the entrainment of a subject populations thought processes. Some very heavy hitters in the electro-medical field, such as Robert O. Becker M.D., Author of The Body Electric, made the statement below:

"GWEN is a superb system, in combination with Cyclotron Resonance (HAARP) for producing behavioral alterations in the civilian population."

More than a few researchers think that Gwen and HAARP are closely related, in that they are just two parts of one program.


This remains to be seen, but many details and known information does point to just that. The real goal of the combined programs seems to be a single nefarious weapon used clandestinely against the entire population of the United States, and even the world.

The first unclassified HAARP installation took place in the wilds of Alaska, very near the same place Tesla had formulated as being best for pumping the world full of usable energy in a wireless grid.


Operated by various corporate entities like Phillips Laboratory and Atlantic Richfield Corporations subsidiaries for the United States Air Force and Navy, the program has always been labeled experimental, in spite of overt statements and missions to the contrary, and also in spite of the fact that the initial patent by Bernard Eastlund was classified by the U.S. Government for the first three (Or More) years of its existence.


According to the article in Popular Science Magazine, September 1995 "Mystery In Alaska", by Mark Farmer:

“...but that's just the publicly announced part of the program. HAARP also has a secret agenda: pursuing more exotic military goals, such as locating deeply buried weapons factories thousands of miles away - and even altering the local weather above an enemies territory.


A 1990 internal document obtained by Popular Science says the programs overall goal is to,

"Control ionospheric processes in such a way as to greatly improve performance of military command, control, and communications systems."

It provides a description of the following applications: Injecting high frequency radio energy into the ionosphere to create huge, extremely low frequency (ELF) virtual antennas used for earth penetrating tomography - peering deep beneath the surface of the ground by collecting an analyzing reflected ELF waves beamed down from above... Heating Regions of the lower and upper ionosphere to form virtual "Lenses" and "Mirrors" that can reflect a broad range of radio frequencies far over the horizon to detect stealthy cruise missiles and aircraft...


Generating ELF radio waves in the ionosphere to communicate across large distances with deeply submerged submarines... Patent documents filed during an earlier research effort that evolved into the HAARP program outline further military applications of ionospheric-heating technology: Creating a "Full Global Shield" that would destroy ballistic missiles by overheating their electronic guidance systems as they fly through a powerful radio-energy field...

Distinguishing nuclear warheads from decoys by sensing their elemental composition....Manipulating local weather. When the HAARP facility is fully constructed (Done-Ed.), it will include several sensing and analysis systems...At its heart is the antenna field, which now (1995) is a demonstration version of a larger planned array named the Ionospheric Research Instrument (IRI) which will include 360 antennas.


The IRI is designed to temporarily modify 30 mile diameter patches of the upper atmosphere by exciting, or heating their constituent electrons and ions with focused beams of powerful radio energy...A household analogy would be a microwave oven, which heats food by exciting its water molecules with microwave energy.

Virtual lenses and mirrors will be generated in the ionosphere, if the IRI works as intended (1995). By precisely warming a patch of the lower ionosphere, the IRI reduces its density relative to the surrounding atmosphere. An "Ionospheric Lense" thus formed can in turn focus a radio beam into the upper ionosphere. Normally, most high frequency radio waves broadcast from the ground are absorbed or scattered in the lower ionosphere, and few of them reach such high altitudes.


Next the focused radio beam excites a patch of the upper ionosphere to form a virtual mirror. Finally, a radio communication signal broadcast by the IRI, focused through the lens and reflected from the mirror can be directed far over the horizon. Proprietary phased-array (Local Arrays) transmitting, steering, and pulsing techniques built into the IRI will permit rapid aiming of the radio frequency beam in any direction, and at angles as low as 30 degrees above the horizon. This "Oblique Heating" ability enables HAARP to form virtual lenses and mirrors at distances of more than 1000 miles from the transmitter...


A "Soft Kill" weapon system using ELF waves produced by HAARP heating could be used to overload power distribution grids and destroy unshielded microelectronics using electromagnetic pulse energy similar to that produced by a high altitude nuclear explosion...Weather manipulation may be possible by building an ionospheric heater a thousand fold more powerful than HAARP. Differential heating of areas of the atmosphere could induce local (And even national) weather conditions such as floods or droughts, useful to the military.


Smooth seas might suddenly be raked by treacherous squalls, creating or denying tactical advantage...Initial work on HAARP began in the mid 1980's (SDI?) by Atlantic Richfield Corporations subsidiary ARCO Production Technologies Corp., and its then president, physicist Bernard Eastlund. ARCO wanted to find an onsite demand for the enormous amounts of Alaskan Natural Gas it owns.


So it cooked up an energy intensive idea. Eastlund worked under contract for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Now called ARPA) and was awarded three patents--one which was classified until 1991---for inventions dealing with ionospheric modification.


One of the most grandiose systems described in his patents is a 40 mile square, HAARP-like radio transmitter that would use huge amounts of electrical power generated by turbines burning natural gas drawn from the vast North Slope Reserves.

"I founded and led the ARCO program until 1987," Eastlund says.


"About that time Edward Teller visited Robert Hirsch, the ARCO vice president who hired me. I don't know the direct results of that discussion, but shortly thereafter new and secret initiatives were begun which I was not privy to, and I declined further involvement."

Teller is co-designer of the hydrogen bomb and was the arch proponent of the x-ray laser, the centerpiece of Reagans Star Wars Missile Defense program.


Asked about his involvement in the beginnings of HAARP, Teller responded "I have no idea about that. I don't remember anything about it." Although it is much smaller than a "Full Global Shield" system, Eastlund says,

"HAARP is the perfect step toward a plan like mine. Advances in phased array transmitter technology and power generation can produce the field strength required. The government says it isn't so, but if it quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck, there's a good chance it is a duck."

The above excerpts and statements are even further evidenced when one reviews portions of the actual patent by Bernard Eastlund, Inventor of HAARP (High Frequency Active AURORAL Research program), from his Patent # 4,686,605 “...


This invention relates to a method and apparatus for altering at least one selected region normally existing above the Earth’s initially transmitting electromagnetic radiation from the Earth’s surface...


By altering solar absorption weather modification is possible... for example, altering upper atmosphere wind patterns by constructing one or more plumes of atmospheric particles which will act as a lens or focusing device... A moving plume could also serve as a means for focusing a vast amount of sunlight on selected portions of the Earth...


High intensity, well controlled electrical fields can be provided in selected locations for various purposes...


Disclosure of the Invention

Sufficient energy is employed to cause ionization of neutral particles (molecules of oxygen, nitrogen, and the like, particulates, etc.) which then become part of the (plasma) region, thereby increasing the charged particle density of the region.


This effect can also be enhanced by providing artificial particles, e.g. electrons, ions, etc., directly into the region to be affected from a rocket, satellite, or the like, to supplement the particles in the naturally occurring plasma.


The artificial particles are also ionized by the transmitted electromagnetic radiation (And solar exposure - Ed.) thereby increasing charged particle density of the resulting plasma of the region...In another embodiment of the invention, electron cyclotron resonance heating is carried out in the selected region or regions at sufficient power levels to allow a plasma present to generate a Mirror force which forces the charged electrons of the altered plasma UPWARD along the force line to an altitude which is higher than the original altitude...


Sufficient power, e.g. 10 to the 15th joules, can be applied so that altered plasma can be trapped on the field line between mirror points and will oscillate in space for prolonged periods of time. By this embodiment, a plume of altered plasma can be established at selected locations for communications modifications or other purposes...

(Active Aurora Surveillance Keyholes via novel tomographies and interferometry advanced imaging methods-- Ed.)

...Thus, this invention provides the ability to put unprecedented amounts of power in the Earths Atmosphere at strategic locations, and maintain the power injection level, particularly if random pulsing is employed, in a manner far more precise than heretofore accomplished by prior art, particularly by the detonation of nuclear devices of various yields at various altitudes...


Disruption of communications can be employed by one knowledgeable of this invention as a communications network at the same time (Disruption is caused to other parties)... knowledge of the various EM waves being employed and how they will vary in frequency and magnitude can be used to an advantage for positive communication, and eavesdropping purposes at the same time...

When asked about the similarities between his work, and the work of Nikola Tesla, Bernard Eastlund said something to the effect that,

"Mr. Tesla would be proud..."


One argument always resurrected by misinformation operatives, or the other detractors of the active auroral behavior-modification/ broadcast-law-enforcement, is that it would be impossible to hide such super weapons technology of such broad scope and application.

Wouldn't it?

To the Contrary: Russia successfully hid this technology from the entire world for at least 3 and maybe 4 decades using an adroit program of disinformation based on:

  1. American arrogance and dogma, which suppresses most innovation, and still believes Russian science is inferior

  2. Open, unclassified science was coordinated with disinformation as its #1 purpose, meaning the results of the novel experimentations were made to be indistinguishable from so-called acts of God or other, conventional technologies - Super Weapons Tests were embedded in other science, scalar weapons tests could be covered in demolition experiments

  3. Americas wealthy and their media had long ago let their fear and ignorance cause them high disregard for anything having to do with Tesla's work, and therefore the complacent arrogant type of Americans and their idiot leaders had no real foundation from which to understand this new weaponry of energetics and psychotronics.(17)

As well, once some behavior modifying technology is installed it becomes easier and easier to hide further additions, to hide its further growth, because as power is increased people become more and more entrained, more and more conditioned, more and more Electrosensitive to the weaponry whose real purpose is coercion by subliminal electronic programming (Entrainment) which causes the subject population to act in predictable ways without out even knowing they are being manipulated!

The New York Times, October 30th 1976, reported that in recent months a mysterious broadband, short wave radio signal had been broadcast intermittently fro the Soviet Union.


The signal was so powerful that it disrupted radio and telecommunications throughout the world... some [were] concerned about the signal, because of its potential hazard to human beings... it was very clear that an encoding impressed onto carrier wavelengths could have a central nervous system effect..."

And According to Jerry. E. Smith, in his book HAARP: the Ultimate Weapon Of The Conspiracy:

"Entrainment is the result of external stimulation of the brain by electromagnetic means. An external signal generator... can entrain brain patterns, overriding the normal frequencies of the brains operations... This causes changes in brain wave patterns, which [in turn] cause changes in brain chemistry... [thereby] changing thoughts, emotions, and [overall] physical condition.

These induced mental states are untreatable by conventional means, and can eventually lead to disease, and even death.

In Australia 2007, passive exposure to tobacco smoke became illegal, while passive exposure to microwave radiation became mandatory.




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