by Mike Adams

the Health Ranger

February 01, 2011

from NaturalNews Website




"This report is an absolute must-read for parents everywhere. It contains the facts about vaccines, children and immune health that the vaccine manufacturers and government health authorities don't want circulated.

Whether or not you choose to vaccinate yourself or your children, you owe it to yourself to hear both side of the story before making a decision, and this report tells you the side of the story your doctor was never taught in medical school."




To hear it from proponents of the vaccine industry, vaccines are based on rock-solid science that proves them to be completely safe and widely effective.


These beliefs, however, are not factually based on real science but rather a persistent vaccine mythology that has been propagandized by the vaccine industry, medical practitioners and even governments which underwrite vaccine risks.

Today, the International Medical Council on Vaccination ( has released, a groundbreaking document containing the signatures of over 80 family physicians, brain surgeons and professors of pathology, chemistry and immunity, all of which have signed on to a document stating, on the record, that vaccines pose a significant risk of harm to the health of children and that there is no real science backing the "vaccine mythology" which claims that vaccines are somehow good for children.

This groundbreaking document is called
Vaccines - Get The Full Story.

You have permission to share this report. Please also share the download page with others so that moms and parents can get educated about the risks associated with vaccines and thereby protect their children from the risk of harm caused by vaccines.

The vaccine industry's message is like a broken record: Vaccines are "safe and effective," they say. But repeating a lie over and over again does not magically make it true.


Any such declaration of vaccine safety or effectiveness must be based on actual scientific inquiry, and the real science is utterly lacking on vaccines.

  • Did you know, for example, that MMR and seasonal flu vaccines have never been clinically tested against non-vaccinated individuals?

  • Did you also know that even though vaccines can cause long-term damage in children, with symptoms appearing months or even years later, they are typically only assessed for side effects for two or three weeks?



What you'll find in this free report

Here's some of what you'll find in this eye-opening report from the International Medical Council on Vaccination


  • A list of the many MDs, PhDs, NDs and other medical professionals who are signing onto this document and taking a stand to critically question the myth that vaccines are proven to be both safe and effective.

  • Why vaccines have NEVER been proven safe or effective.

  • A list of some of the serious health side effects caused by vaccines.

  • Why autism is associated with vaccines.

  • The profit motivation behind the pharmaceutical industry's persistent vaccine push.

  • A list of which institutions and organizations profit from your sickness.

  • The shocking truth about what's used to make vaccines (aborted fetal tissue, 59 different chemicals, DNA from diseased animals and more).

  • An overview of some of the most dangerous vaccine ingredients, including aluminum and formaldehyde.

  • The truth about conflicts of interest in the vaccine community and why doctors profit from vaccination policies.

  • Why vaccinated children have far worse health outcomes than unvaccinated children (and why the vaccine industry refuses to test vaccines against the long-term health outcomes of unvaccinated children).

  • How to opt out of "mandatory" vaccines.

  • Important advice for parents about how to protect the health of your children while saying NO to vaccines.

  • Online resources for learning more about the dangers of vaccines.

  • A list of recommended reading materials for further education.

Download this report right now by clicking the report cover image above.

NaturalNews is also featuring two interviews with two of the physicians who signed this report:

We will also be featuring an on-camera interview with Dr Andrew Wakefield, who talks with us about the symptoms of autism, why vaccines are potentially so dangerous to children, and what parents can do to protect their children from vaccine dangers.



Why this is a must-read report

This report by the International Medical Council on Vaccination is an absolute must-read for parents everywhere.


It describes little-known facts about vaccines, children and immune health that the vaccine manufacturers and government health authorities don't want circulated.


Whether or not you choose to vaccinate yourself or your children, you owe it to yourself to hear both side of the story before making a decision, and this report tells you the side of the story that your doctor probably doesn't know and your government absolutely does not want you to hear.

That's because governments underwrite vaccine risk through their government compensation programs.


Thus, it is in the interests of governments that vaccines never be shown to cause harm.



Why the vaccine industry is so desperate to silence dissent

Today, I believe the vaccine industry is crumbling.


As the truth is finally getting out about the link between MMR vaccines and autism, about the deaths associated with Gardasil, and about the horrifying ingredients used in vaccines, more and more parents are becoming well-informed and choosing to avoid vaccinating their children.

This is causing the vaccine industry to react with a sense of desperation.


That's why the British Medical Journal (BMJ) has resorted to using articles written by a blogger named Brian Deer to spread factually false accusations about some of the top medical specialists in the world who are legitimately questioning the safety of vaccines (such as Dr Andrew Wakefield).


Unquestioning obedience to conventional vaccine mythology is so central to the ongoing profitability of the pharmaceutical industry that vaccine manufacturers will resort to practically anything to protect their turf and try to silence anyone who questions what can only be called a dogmatic delusion of vaccine safety and effectiveness.

Vaccine advocates refuse to debate actual facts about vaccines. That's because the facts, if revealed, would reveal the vaccine industry to be based almost entirely on fraudulent science and profit motives.


Those facts include:

  • Vaccines are almost never scientifically tested in randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies using proper placebos such as saline solution. Instead, the industry uses other vaccines as "placebo" in order to try to hide the harm caused by those vaccines.

  • The viral ingredients that go into vaccines are absolutely horrifying, and they include stealth viruses that are not listed on the label, as well as DNA taken from diseased animals such as cows and monkeys.

  • The chemicals used in vaccines are known neurotoxins, and they include mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde. The use of these chemical toxins is not even denied by the vaccine industry. Even worse, these chemicals are injected into the body, bypassing the digestive / liver systems that normally help neutralize toxic substances that might be swallowed. This is why statements from vaccine pitchmen like Dr Oz who claim "there's more mercury in fish than vaccines" are intellectually dishonest and misleading. People don't inject their children with fish.

  • The mainstream media has huge conflicts of interest in reporting on vaccines because virtually all media outlets depend on pharmaceutical advertising money to stay financially afloat. This is why popular news personalities like Anderson Cooper and George Stephanopoulos wildly discredit themselves when they play the roles of on-air attack dogs targeting people like Dr Andrew Wakefield. Notice how they never disclose their own networks' financial ties to Big Pharma?

  • Even governments have huge motivations to make sure MMR vaccines (and other types of vaccines) are never shown to be harmful because they have underwritten vaccine risk through the creation of special funds that pay damages to vaccine victims. If the true risks of vaccines were widely known and acknowledged, the resulting claims from parents of children harmed by vaccines would total in the trillions of dollars.

  • Speaking of vaccine victims, the United States government routinely admits that vaccines cause autism and other harmful effects in children through its Vaccine Injury Compensation Trust Fund, which has paid out tens of millions of dollars in awards to parents whose children were proven to have been harmed by vaccines.

... this story gets much, much deeper.


The more you look at the facts, the more you realize the vaccine industry is steeped in conflicts of interest, quack science, profit motivations, corrupt individuals and the complete disregard for the safety of children.


The vaccine industry is, effectively, one of the most dangerous examples of modern organized crime. Its actions are profiteering and monopolistic, and it maintains its power through a persisted campaign of intimidation, censorship, financial influence and quack science.


This story is just beginning to unfold...



Why the vaccine industry does not want you to read this report

You will be absolutely stunned at what you learn about the risks and dangers of vaccines, including MMR vaccines, as revealed in this report.

This is the information the vaccine industry does not want you to read. They don't even want doctors learning this, because the more doctors begin to investigate this issue, the more they become convinced that they've been lied to about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines.

Many doctors, in fact, who used to be strong vaccine proponents are now some of the most outspoken experts warning about the dangers of vaccines. They are now raising critical questions about the lack of legitimate scientific testing of vaccines, and they are realizing that the vaccine industry is engaged in a massive smoke-and-mirrors ploy to sell dangerous medicine that poses serious, lifelong risks to both children and adults.

The doctors who are standing up to the vaccine industry are, of course, subjected to the most insidious and politicized attacks by vaccine proponents, but they are nevertheless being seen as heroes by an increasing number of parents (moms especially) who are now able to see through the lies of the vaccine industry.

Even parents of the children studied in the original Lancet paper by Dr Wakefield are strong supporters of his ethics and his research.

Here's what Julia Ahier said, on the record, about the attacks on Wakefield by the BMJ:

"I am absolutely convinced that the MMR triggered my son's condition, as the first problems with pain occurred on the first evening after the vaccination and the loss of skills happened after also he had been gaining weight at a good rate and after the MMR he only gained 1lb 7ozs in 9 months.

I think that Dr Wakefield has only tried to help these children he has not done anything which we as parents did not want him to do. The allegations were unjust because they did not arise from anyone who had medical investigations carried out on them or their parents.

Doctor Wakefield did not recruit anyone into the study group. In our case our son was given the original referral to Professor Walker-Smith by another hospital and I sought a referral with Dr Wakefield our local pediatrician requested the referral.

Dr Wakefield was the kindest most compassionate doctor who had ever taken an interest in our child's case. He did not perform any procedures on our child, these were done with our consent and agreement by other doctors. None of the tests which were performed on our child were against our wishes. There was no display of callous behavior.


I have never had any communication with Brian Deer nor do I ever intend to."


Where to learn more - important websites

I really want to urge you to become a fan of Dr Gary Null who is doing the very best investigative journalism on this topic anywhere in the world.


His four-hour "deconstruction" of the BMJ, Brian Deer and the barrage of false claims against Wakefield stands as perhaps the single most important investigative piece that has yet been produced on this topic.


It makes the BMJ's own report by Brian Deer look like a late-night tweet from a drunken blogger.

With his permission, we have made that audio file available:




You can follow Gary Null on and



Additional websites to check out










Are MMR Vaccines Dangerous for Children?

Dr Suzanne Humphries Urges Parents to Get Informed
February 02, 2011

Are routine vaccines dangerous for children?


Dr Suzanne Humphries, a practicing nephrologist (kidney physician) says the vaccine industry isn't giving people both sides of the story, and parents need to get informed before subjecting their children to vaccines that can potentially cause serious harm or even death.

It's all being revealed in a one-hour NaturalNews interview with Dr Suzanne Humphries.

In that interview, you'll hear Dr Humphries talk about:

  • Why she became concerned about vaccines after noticing kidney failure in patients who recently received vaccines.

  • Why vaccines are often contaminated with unknown viral strains, and why the vaccine industry has covered up known vaccine contamination (and knowingly sold contaminated vaccines to be used on the public).

  • Why the entire vaccine industry needs to be questioned, and why a new effort is needed to scientifically assess whether vaccines are really safe or effective.

  • Why the fairy tale that "vaccines eradicated polio" is a false mythology - here's what really happened.

  • Why the "smallpox" vaccine has never been proven to be effective against smallpox at all.

  • Why vaccine industry research is extremely flimsy and ignores rigorous standards of scientific evidence (using improper placebos designed to minimize the appearance of side effects, for example.)

  • Why the vaccine industry won't test vaccines versus unvaccinated children (they're terrified of the results).

  • Why children caught up in outbreaks of measles are often the very same children who were vaccinated against measles!

  • Why vaccines may actually suppress the immune system and cause increased vulnerability to future infections.

  • Why many childhood infections such as chicken pox are perfectly natural, normal and even HEALTHY.

  • Why the outlandish and unscientific behavior of the vaccine industry is causing an erosion of credibility across all "science."

  • Why many of the people engaged in pushing vaccines have financial ties to vaccine companies.

  • Why the vaccine industry is utterly unwilling to tolerate anyone asking intelligent questions about the safety of vaccines.

Hear all this and more in this exclusive interview with Dr Suzanne Humphries:





Dr Humphries is one of the signers of the groundbreaking new document just released by the International Medical Council on Vaccination, called
Vaccines - Get The Full Story.

Note: also, that nearly all those who push vaccines are also pushers of GMOs. Both poisons are being forced upon the world in the name of "science," but both are actually based on extreme distortions of science and driven by for-profit corporate agendas.













Sherri Tenpenny Warns Parents

...About Safety of Vaccines
February 03, 2011


Are vaccines really safe and effective?


More and more credentialed health professionals are beginning to question that assumption, and what they're finding out about the lack of real science behind the assumed safety and efficacy of vaccines is actually quite shocking.

Today, Dr Sherri Tenpenny speaks out in an interview with the Health Ranger.

In that interview, Dr Tenpenny says,

"It seems as though the pharmaceutical industry looks at children as nothing more than a repository of their products, whatever those products are... whether they are a vaccine, an artificial coloring from the food industry, something in a pill such as a medication, and we see these kids, they're not healthy, they're pale, they just don't look healthy.


And then the pharmaceutical industry paints these happy pictures that we have to keep vaccinating these kids to keep them healthy. And the pediatricians say because these kids are sick, we need to vaccinate them more!"

Dr Tenpenny also calls out the huge conflicts of interest across the vaccine industry and pushers of vaccination policies, saying:

"The money isn't really to be made in the vaccine industry. The money is made by Big Pharma with all of the drugs that are given to treat and address all the illnesses that are subsequent to the side effects of the vaccines."

"If we could cut vaccination by 90 percent and get everybody's vitamin D levels up between 60 and 80 [ng / dl], we wouldn't have this health care problem that we have to tax everybody to death to try to take care of people. People would be healthy."

About the underlying assumption that vaccines are a valid approach to health, Dr Tenpenny questions that, too, saying:

"True health cannot come from a needle. Injecting people with something to try to keep them well is a 200 year mistake."

Speaking on the executives of the vaccine companies who have knowingly released contaminated vaccines that harmed and killed innocent children, Dr Tenpenny says,

"Some of them will go to jail. Because I'm sure that some of them know absolutely what's going on."

She goes on to compare the behavior of the vaccine companies to ENRON.



Here's what else you'll hear about in this interview

  • Why parents are waking up to the truth about vaccine dangers.

  • Why vaccines are related to our epidemic of asthma and allergies.

  • Why "vaccines are the backbone of the entire pharmaceutical industry" because they create lifelong disease requiring expensive medical treatments.

  • How vaccines are made with 63 different chemicals that may pose a grave risk of harm to human health.

  • Why there's no profit to be made in keeping people healthy, leading to the drug companies actually working to keep people stuck in a cycle of degenerative disease.

  • Why infection and temporary illness is actually an important part of boosting long-term immunity and health.

  • Why psychiatric drugs can cause young males to grow "man boobs."

  • Why there have never been any legitimate randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies on vaccines.
















Dr Andrew Wakefield Answers Critics in Video Interview

Says BMJ Has Been Hijacked by False Journalism
February 04, 2011



In a video interview with NaturalNews, Dr Andrew Wakefield, the doctor accused by the British Medical Journal of falsifying the data in a study questioning the safety of MMR vaccines, asserts that the BMJ has been "hijacked" by a politically-motivated journalist making utterly false allegations.

Dr Wakefield has been grilled in the mainstream media in a series of interviews which largely consist of uninformed journalists like Anderson Cooper and George Stephanopoulos hurling rapid-fire accusations without giving Dr Wakefield an opportunity to answer any of them. The mainstream media interviews have taken on the resemblance of theatrical productions rather than serious journalism.

In an effort to give Dr Wakefield a fair opportunity to answer his critics, we invited him for an interview on NaturalNews.


He graciously accepted, and we filmed a series of three conversations (see below videos).



"An investigation will be forced upon them"

In the first video interview, Dr Wakefield says that BMJ is factually incorrect in accusing Wakefield of falsifying the study data in his 1998 paper published in The Lancet.

"[The data] were faithfully reproduced in the Lancet paper, and they were made in the most scrupulous, meticulous way. Those are the facts. Brian Deer knew those facts. When he made his allegations to the BMJ, he knew those facts.


Did he disclose them to the BMJ? More importantly, did the BMJ, as a peer reviewed scientific journal, did they check the facts? Because the facts were fully available to them in the book Callous Disregard."

Dr Wakefield also explains how this desperate move by the BMJ to attack him has eroded the credibility of the publication:

"They have been hijacked by a freelance journalist who is not expert in any of these fields. They have handed over their journal to this man and allowed him to publish knowingly false allegations, and they have gone along with it. In my opinion, they [the BMJ] have blown their scientific credibility.


In their desperation... their fundamental belief that vaccines must be safe, [they say] please don't tell me this terrible disease has been caused by the physician, don't tell me that.


Tell me anything but that, and we will take any information, even information from Brian Deer, that will convince us it's safe, and we will publish that, because that conforms with our belief system. That makes us feel more comfortable. That makes us feel that we, as a profession, are not culpable in this extraordinary disorder."

In this interview, Dr Wakefield also discusses the motivation for the BMJ to grasp at any effort to discredit those who question the safety of vaccines:

"They are so keen to prove me wrong, to prove the parents wrong, and to exonerate the medical profession, their political friends, their pharmaceutical friends, whoever it is, that they have gone ahead in this reckless way and done this.


And now, based upon the clear, unambiguous, historical factual records, then I can come out and talk to you like this and say this without any fear of retribution from the BMJ because they've got themselves into this mess. The facts are the facts."

He goes on to say about the BMJ,

"An investigation will be forced upon them."





Why the mainstream media won't conduct an honest, intelligent interview with Dr Wakefield

What struck me in this experience of interviewing Dr Wakefield is that this man has deeply-held compassion for the lives of children, and he combines that with rare courage and a commitment to real scientific thinking that dares to ask unpopular questions in the search for the truth.

A true scientist is one who pursues the evidence without regard to the political climate.


Facts are stubborn things, as John Adams famously said, and Dr Wakefield has been accused of falsifying them simply because the facts he discovered were not to the liking of those who run today's medical monopoly.

I see in Dr Wakefield the kind of thinker who has historically played a key role in scientific revolutions, when one era of outmoded "scientific thinking" was replaced with a new era of deeper human understanding.

Dr Wakefield was also very polite, thoughtful and kind in our interactions. Experiencing this myself, I find it astonishing that people like Anderson Cooper never had the journalistic honesty to give Dr Wakefield an opportunity to tell his story in a fair interview.


Then again, we all probably know why the mainstream media isn't interested in the actual scientific facts here:

All the major media outlets are funded in large part by the pharmaceutical interests!

Dr Wakefield speaks on this issue, saying:

"Will the mainstream media now take this real story, the real facts, and actually do their job as journalists and report the facts? Will they report the truth? I doubt it. Why? Because they're owned. Their salaries are paid, albeit indirectly, in large part by pharmaceutical revenues.


And the first thing that will happen when they try and do a story which deconstructs these arguments, the BMJ's arguments, and actually reconstructs them in light of the truth, [is that] there will be a call from their advertisers, saying [no]. So what will the mainstream media do? Will it live up to its job, its duty to the people to report the truth, or will it show complete disinterest?


Anderson Cooper has been presented with the same nine questions. What was your story based upon? Show us the facts. Did you do your homework? Now are you going to pay similar attention to these documented historical facts? We shall see."

Watch the full interview yourself at below video.

Remember, this is only the first in a series of three interviews with Dr Andrew Wakefield. We intend to publish the other two interviews (below videos.) There is much more to this story than is being dumbed down in the conventional press - this story may ultimately turn out to reveal the BMJ engaging in the most colossal mistake in the history of peer-reviewed "science" publications.


The editors of BMJ must be sitting in a room right now, reviewing the facts of the case, with their jaws dropping to the floor as they realize they've been had by Brian Deer.


There were duped - exploited by an individual with a political agenda - to engage in the printing of outright falsehoods in the name of the British Medical Journal.

As you will see in these three interviews, the BMJ has given us a milestone in the history of the end of the dark chapter of chemical-based medicine:

This "scientific" publication has revealed, for the whole world to see, that the Emperor of Vaccines wears no clothes, and that those who defend the Emperor will stoop to any level to defend their fictions, even at the cost of revealing their own lack of scientific credibility.

To debate with the conclusions of a physician is one thing; to outright destroy the career and reputation of a man engaged in what can only be called "unpopular" but important scientific investigation is the action of a dogmatic, unscientific institution which can tolerate no real questions at all.

That's not science. It's dogma.


And in its desperation to vilify Wakefield, the BMJ has proven to the whole world, once and for all, that the vaccine industry is so afraid of the weakness of its position that it must resort to publishing false accusations in the name of science in order to try to fend off real scientific skepticism.

In seeking to destroy Dr Wakefield, in other words, the British Medical Journal, we will shortly observe, has only succeeded in destroying its own credibility.


This story continues in the weeks and months ahead...







Video 1













Dr Andrew Wakefield speaks on...

The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

Vaccines, viruses and evolution
February 09, 2011


In this interview, Dr Wakefield speaks at length about the interaction between human beings and infectious disease.


This is perhaps the most in-depth discussion by Dr Wakefield that has ever been captured on camera about the long-term threat that vaccines pose to the future of humankind.


Here's some of what Dr Wakefield says about the importance of expanding our view of infectious disease beyond the stilted, dumbed-down conceptual framework of conventional medicine, the CDC, the WHO, etc.

I've grown to have a huge respect for [infectious bacteria and viruses] over the years. We are here on the Earth now because of infection. Not in spite of it, because of it.


Our immune system has been fashioned, shaped, designed over millions of years, since we first emerged from the primordial soup as single-celled organisms to evolve a hugely complex immune system that is a result of its interaction, its education with infectious agents.


They are the prime factor in developing our immune responsiveness.

By going from a respiratory route of infection of a natural virus to an injected form of infection... from going from a different strain, a different route, a different dose of infection and a different mean population age of exposure to infection, so kids used to get mumps at 7 to 10 years of age, now they get it at 18 months - when you change that subtle ecological balance which has evolved over such a long time, it is no wonder that you are going to have unexpected, unintended consequences.

The other thing, of course, is that we've now come to learn that so many infections or so many infectious agents are actually beneficial. We require them for education of our gut immune system. The exposure of the gut, the colonization of the gut, the gut flora very early on, is a major determiner of how our immune system [develops.]

I've become a great respecter of infectious agents and their ability to elude us, to cause problems that we did not expect, and if we believe in our exquisite arrogance that we can exploit them, manipulate them in a test tube, give them back to people and exploit them in a way we call attenuated, then the virus will laugh at us. It will simply laugh, because it has a collective intelligence that will not allow that to happen.

You're fighting mutations that are collectively more intelligent, more adaptable, and ultimately can cause what, we don't know. But you also create a population that now becomes dependent on vaccination. Not just the first vaccine, but the second, the third, the fourth... it never ends.


You create a population that is dependent on immunization.



The dogmatic intellectual brutality of modern medical science

In this interview, Dr Wakefield also speaks about the vaccine attack dogs who use fear tactics to terrorize scientists into conforming to "accepted" views on vaccines:

I talk to many scientists, many physicians whose children are affected by autism following vaccines who say I know there is a problem, but we don't dare step out of line.


We look at what happened to you, and we don't dare step out of line ...And I do meet these people all the time, and to me that's unacceptable. Because the future of the world depends upon the wellbeing of our children.

[Science] has sold out to the pharmaceutical industry, and to the pharma-government complex. Medical schools are dependent upon their funding in large part from the pharmaceutical industry, or pharmaceutical industry influences, and this is dancing with the Devil in respect to the way in which science should be conducted, and the influences placed upon it.

This is what happened to me, there were constraints placed upon my valid vaccine safety research, because in the UK, the government had done a deal with the pharmaceutical industry that meant the government had picked up their liability for a knowingly dangerous Measles, Mumps, Rubella vaccine.


They licensed a vaccine in July of 1997 which had, in that same month, been withdrawn in Canada for safety reasons. They knew it was not safe. It was cheaper. They put price before the wellbeing of children.

Now we've seen time and time again the corruption, the abuse of science, and it's happening largely on one side of this equation. You are told time and time again there are 14, 17, 20, millions of papers which exonerate the vaccine, saying there's no link between mercury thimerosal preservative and vaccinations.


In fact when the data are analyzed, when the studies are looked at comprehensively, 74 percent of those studies' published data support a link between mercury and autism.

And yet the public are being told, through this vast public relations machine, that the science is over, it's ruled it out.


And when you take the science that proposes it is ruled out and reanalyze it correctly, which Dr Desoto did from the University of Northern Iowa, it shows exactly the opposite effect, and the scientists who wrote the original papers had to change their findings and conclusions. They had not analyzed the data properly.

So science in the private interest, I'm afraid, is damaging for the people.


And that's what we're seeing at the moment.


The future of human civilization is threatened by modern vaccines

In this interview, Dr Wakefield also speaks out how vaccines may one day threaten the long-term survivability of the human race, even while forcing the world population to become dependent on vaccines in the mean time.

Here's what he says:

What happens to a population that becomes dependent for its very survival on vaccines? Who are we, and our children, and our grandchildren, then beholden to? And are the people we are beholden to, the pharmaceutical industry, are they actually capable of anticipating what that bacteria or virus is going to do next? No.


Because they've never thought about it in the first place. So we are creating a marketplace; we are creating a wonderful revenue model; and we are creating a potential time bomb for the population.

You cannot sterilize the world, nor should you.


This whole notion of the Germ Theory needs to be radically modified in light of what we now know, so that we have scientists who acknowledge that this fundamental and very essential ecological interaction between man and microbe, or plant and microbe, is vital... but you have a commercial imperative which pays no heed to that at all.




The dangers of vaccines are quite real

Are vaccine ingredients truly dangerous to human health?


Dr Wakefield addresses that question in great detail:

You're taking children and you're giving them ethyl mercury from day one... indeed now in pregnant women in the influenza vaccine, and you are potentially very likely biological, plausibly, poisoning the immune system of those individuals, biasing it towards an immune response that is not protective against viral infections, and then you're giving live viruses? What is the outcome of that going to be?

Aluminum is known to influence the immune system in the same way. Indeed, that's why it's there [in the vaccines]. It's there to promote an antibody response, a response which does not bias the immune system towards protection from intracellular organisms like viruses. You are deliberately doing it.


So when you then give a live viral vaccine, what is the compound effect of that? When you're giving them all at the same time, what is the compound effect? No one knows. Why? Because no one's looking. Why? Because no one cares enough, that's why.

Do not take these infectious agents, these known toxins for granted.


Do not make assumptions about them, particularly when you're using them in combination because they will produce untoward effects that you don't even expect, that you are not looking for, [that] you have not got on your list of adverse reactions that are known to be caused by this virus. You won't find them.


Because you have changed the whole interaction between the infectious agent... and the immune system.


That's what you've changed, something so fundamental.



Dedicated to scientific truth, regardless of the personal and political costs

Ultimately, Dr Wakefield is a truly dedicated scientist who persistently pursues the evidence without regard to any particular political agenda or corporate agenda.


Unfortunately for Dr Wakefield, this pursuit of scientific truth has put him in the crosshairs of the conventional medical system, the mainstream media and virtually the entire pseudoscientific vaccine-pushing attack dogs; but this has not deterred Dr Wakefield from continuing to pursue scientific answers to important questions.

And yet, Dr Wakefield has no illusions that his contributions to these scientific revolutions in the understanding of infectious disease and vaccines may not be recognized in his own lifetime:

If you're going to get involved in this kind of debate, then you as the scientist need to study the history of medicine, the history of science as well, and understand this is the fate of many people who go out on a limb, who make extraordinary claims. That's what's going to happen.


You mustn't expect to be exonerated in your lifetime... or ever.

But you must stick to the scientific principle and pursue the hypothesis until its natural conclusion, and not abandon it because you're put under political, financial or other pressures, if you can.


Now, there is an additional imperative for a physician to do it, who is looking at these children... As long as I don't suffer from the vainglorious belief that this is all going to be resolved in my lifetime - I hope it is for the sake of these children - but I'm so far beyond that notion that I need some kind of redemption from the American Academy of Pediatrics, or The Lancet, I don't.


These are instruments of a state that I don't really want to be associated with. I would like to stick to the principles of medical science, and that's my job.


And I won't be deterred from that.





Video 2