by Kenny Valenzuela
April 4, 2013
from ExperimentalVaccines Website


Existing in this man-made medication matrix filled with monopolizing eugenicists the path of obstacles placed in front of our freedoms is illuminated with yet another travesty being committed on generation-next.


The propagators of pestilence with their childhood immunization program have been able to covertly subject the youth of America to a constant flow of formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, leading to an epidemic of childhood related cancers.


With the pharmaceutical industry being the elitistís cash register it not hard to imagine that they have turned our children into a commodity:







The CDC - Center for Disease Creation and Proliferation - admits that formaldehyde is used in the manufacturing process of vaccines in order to kill any bacteria or viruses that may contaminate the noxious concoction.


Claiming that formaldehyde has been 'removed' from the final product but remains only in trace amounts makes you question the intent behind this doublespeak.


When examining the list of vaccine ingredients you will become nauseas and hyper-aware to the realization that most of these vaccines contain formaldehyde especially the ones administered to infants and preteens.



The EPA - Environmental Pollution Agency - has determined that formaldehyde is a developmental neurotoxicants making the list of chemicals that have been shown to cause problems with the way our brain develops.


The National Cancer Institute lists formaldehyde as a known carcinogen linking it to multiple forms of cancer mainly leukemia.


The majority of these risks come from long-term exposure which the childhood immunization schedule facilitates by injecting kids with multiple doses of these toxic formaldehyde filled inoculations.

The system of control has become so corrupt that it has turned a profession of healers into a group of pacifiers of public opinion and pushers of prescribed poisons.


This Orwellian world has been put into overdrive with The Island of Dr. Moreauís medication maniacs leading the charge towards the mutilation and mutation of the human condition.


The pharmacratical dictatorship have set a course of population reduction with no holds barred they have begun to capitalize on the children turning them into cattle, profit for the machine.


Transforming people into patients and being alive into a diagnosis we truly are living in a brave new world.