by Amitakh Stanford
November 20, 2005

from XeeaTwelve Website

A long, long time ago, the Earth was used as a dumping ground by many different alien races. Spacecraft-loads of toxic waste were strewn about the planet. Aluminium was one of the main waste products that was dumped on the Earth.

While it was detrimental to the Earth to be loaded with aluminium, hazards increased dramatically when humans began refining the metal. Fluoride is an extremely toxic by-product of aluminium refining. Since industrialists were unable to safely dispose of fluoride, they called upon the ruling elite's assistance to set their propaganda machine into motion.


Before long, university professors, dentists, health officers and many others were espousing the "marvel" of fluoride in reducing dental caries (tooth decay).


The propaganda is so effectively spread that it is difficult to find a non-fluoridated tube of toothpaste in most supermarkets. Due to the mass propaganda campaign in support of fluoride, a huge number of communities have fluoridated their water supplies and a vast amount of drinking water now contains the toxin.

Fluoride is no ordinary toxin - it is a highly protected medication (poison). Many who know the truth realize that it would be unlikely for a coroner to report a suspicious death from fluoride poisoning because the ruling elite would not want to alert the public to the fact that fluoride is highly toxic. In fact, fluoride is a very effective rat poison. Hence, it can also kill people.


However, non-lethal doses, such as those found in ordinary toothpaste tubes, are often responsible for dental fluorosis or bone fluorosis.

The dental professionals have been targeted for maximum programming to advance the "beneficial" properties of fluoride. They have the propaganda forced upon them during their university training, and they parrot back the "benefits" of fluoride to their patients, who blindly accept that their family dentists would certainly have researched the issue thoroughly before recommending fluoride to them.


Those who have seriously examined the "benefits" of fluoride realize that the studies supporting the use of the toxin are at best inconclusive regarding prevention of tooth decay. When pressured, some dentists will admit that fluoride is toxic, but follow this up with a parroted response that while it is poisonous, there is an optimum amount of the poison that is "beneficial" as long as one does not overdose on it.

One concern that dentists do voice is that because children often swallow toothpaste, they should be given small doses for brushing their teeth. Dentists know that if a child swallows too much toothpaste, it can be very dangerous, or even fatal. Surprisingly, this knowledge and these warnings are insufficient to break through the Reptilian propaganda supporting rat poison (sodium fluoride) in water and toothpaste.

One ought to remember that dentists also recommend the use of amalgam fillings to seal dental cavities.


Amalgam fillings contain mercury, which is also a deadly poison. Consumers have enough knowledge to realize they should not eat fish that contains mercury, but again, they blindly accept their neighborhood dentists' recommendations to put the poison into their mouths.

Dentists have become so indoctrinated by the ruling elite's propaganda that they ardently believe and support the "benefits" of fluoride for healthy teeth. The main reason that the malicious propaganda on fluoride is so widely accepted and promoted is the subtle programming behind it. This is not so much a physical programming as it is subliminal. The culprits behind the fluoride conspiracy are the Anunnaki Reptilians.

The Reptilians are a horrible race of aliens that sit atop the Dark hierarchy in the Virtual Reality. One should realize that among Reptilians there is also a hierarchy - they have rulers and subjects amongst them.


It is primarily the Anunnaki Elites' agenda to bring in the New World Order and to take total control of the Earth.

The Reptilian programming runs through the occult and other fields to brainwash people in many ways. So, too, it is with the fluoride issue. The ruling elite want people to believe that sodium fluoride is beneficial. This lie is intended to be 100 percent effective. That means that the programming is directed at everyone to accept the benefits of fluoride.

Once a person accepts any form of programming, he or she is subjected to the programming. Since the Reptilians are striving for 100 percent acceptance of fluoride, there is little conflict over the issue. While a small group of people resist the programming, they are not allowed to present their cases to the public.


The media has sealed the issue "drum tight" and anti-fluoridationists are not given an opportunity to present their cases. There is no open debate on the issue because to do so would expose the ruling elite's long-standing poisoning plan.


The propaganda is so powerful that anti-fluoridationists are scorned, ridiculed, rejected and abused for taking a stance against fluoride.

In contrast to sodium-fluoride programming, consider how the theory of evolution has been presented and widely accepted by academics, who in turn indoctrinate their students in universities throughout the world. Acceptance of the theory of evolution was never intended to be 100 percent effective. The ruling elite has other simultaneous programming that is in total conflict with the acceptance of the theory of evolution.


One such programming is the fundamentalist doctrine of creation as it is presented in the Bible.


The programmed fundamentalists and the programmed evolutionists were programmed to have conflict and strife, which suits the ruling elite's plans quite nicely. The ruling elite also programs denominations of religions to be in conflict with one another, and for independent religions to be in conflict with one another. This also allows the ruling elite to manipulate and control by imposing strife upon the people of the Earth.

As many of you might have suspected, the ruling elite have infiltrated and/or taken over the esoteric and occult, including the,

  • Freemasons

  • Rosicrucians

  • theosophy

  • metaphysics

  • astrology

  • all the major religions of all cultures including Gnosticism etc.

Likewise, the ruling elite have sponsored the New Age movement.


These seemingly divided groups are headed by those with a single purpose - to control all the inhabitants of the Earth. Sadly, many sincere people in the movements have no idea that they are supporting the ruling elite's plan for a One World Order!

So critical is the acceptance of the brainwashing of fluoride that it is aimed at 100 percent of the population.


This unusual type of programming should sound many alarms.

  • Firstly, it shows how effective Reptilian programming is.

  • Secondly, it demonstrates that there can be no free speech on issues that the ruling elite want to seal off.

  • Thirdly, it shows how evil the ruling elite are.

  • Finally, it demonstrates how few people on the planet can think for themselves and resist Reptilian programming.

The recent calls from various governments to impose draconian laws, supposedly to fight terrorism, means that in future anyone who dares speak the truth on important issues such as fluoridation will simply disappear without a trace. This is frightening!


When people are totally under the control of draconian regimes, they will be even more robotic than they are now in this robot farm of Virtual Reality.

The Reptilians have only relatively recently (a few hundred years ago) decided to eliminate the human race. To bring this about, they called upon the co-operation of the Greys, who were promised by the Reptilians that their race would be used as the main hominid race on the planet.


However, this promise to the Greys was never a genuine one.

Believing that they would become a major force on the Earth, the Greys began performing DNA and genetic manipulation, trying to form hybrids using human and Grey DNA. The Greys are busily perfecting these hybrids, which explains many of the human abductions for experimental purposes.


Greys are doing this brutal, surreptitious, unethical work without the consent of their victims. The result is even cruel to the hybrids, who do not really fit in to either the alien or the human societies.


However, some hybrids, when they encounter their human or their alien parents, will sometimes be drawn to them, and vice versa. In performing these horrific genetic manipulations, Greys are relying on the false promise from the Reptilians, but the Reptilians will never allow the hybrids to dominate the planet.

Many skeptics mockingly ask,

"Where are the aliens?"

Little do they know that many aliens are now in human, animal and hybrid bodies.

Now, the Greys on Earth are in great numbers and they are scattered all over the world. Unlike most Reptilians, who live in spacecrafts or on high ground where they employ invisibility techniques, the Greys who are still in alien bodies live under ground.

Owing to living underground over a long period of time, the Greys have developed a peculiar deficiency that mainly affects their sight. Even the hybrids that use Grey DNA are afflicted with this visual malady. Thus, the Greys needed to develop a medication that was readily available throughout the world.


The optimum medication they found is sodium fluoride, which is most effective when diluted in minute quantities in drinking water.

"One person's tonic is another's poison."

So it is with sodium fluoride. It is extremely harmful to humans, but necessary for the Greys.


The effects of long-term consumption of fluoridated water by rats has resulted in structural changes in the neurons of their brains and in their blood vessels. Fluoride has been shown to effectively reduce IQ and is also tied to certain memory disorders. If users of fluoride are malnourished, they age prematurely. Fluoride is also detrimental to spiritual awareness.


Interestingly, high concentrations of Greys are found in or near many places where fluoride "naturally" occurs in water.

One dramatic piece of government propaganda states:

Since 1950, opponents of water fluoridation have claimed it increased the risk for cancer, Down syndrome, heart disease, osteoporosis and bone fracture, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, low intelligence, Alzheimer disease, allergic reactions, and other health conditions.


The safety and effectiveness of water fluoridation have been re-evaluated frequently, and no credible evidence supports an association between fluoridation and any of these conditions.

(Div of Oral Health, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, CDC; 22 Oct. 99).

The above proclamations are typical of fluoridation proponents.


Why do the ruling elite scoff, threaten and ridicule anti-fluoridationists who present real evidence concerning the dangers of fluoride? The medication (sodium fluoride) is forced upon an unsuspecting public under the guise that it reduces tooth decay. Are they really concerned about public health or do they have another agenda?

Perhaps the worst aspect of the fluoride conspiracy is that it is practically permanent pollution. Once clean water is contaminated with sodium fluoride, almost nothing short of distillation will remove it. Distillation is time-consuming, expensive and it leaves water tasteless and lacking in nutrition. So, it is a losing proposition to fight off fluoridation by distilling water.

Even when people avoid the fluoride invasion in their water at home, they face the poison everywhere they turn. It is in cosmetics, soft drinks, prepared foods and just about any food product imaginable.

The Reptilians have an elaborate scheme to convince the Greys by maintaining the illusion of their promise to them through actively programming the world to accept sodium fluoride in drinking water. In reality, the Reptilians are more interested in re-establishing a super race of Reptilians than allowing another alien race like the Greys to have any kind of foothold anywhere.

Since the Reptilians are worried about the mess on Earth and about the proliferation of the Greys, they have come to the conclusion that the Earth must be destroyed to eliminate the huge base of Greys on the planet and hopefully to resolve the many serious problems concerning the Earth.


For a long time, the Greys have been subjected to the rule of the Reptilians. But this will not continue much longer.


Already, friction has occurred between them because many Greys are suspecting that the Reptilian promise is an empty one. It will not be long before many, if not all, Greys will change sides and support the Vulturites. This will manifest as a shift in politics amongst nations of the world.

As I have discussed in some of my other postings, the Reptilians currently possess the Atu-waa (the device for re-starting time), but the Atu-waa is inoperable and irreparable.


For many reasons, the Atu-waa cannot be removed from the Earth at this time. Even though the Earth is an ideal planet for the location of the Atu-waa, the Reptilians are worried about the growing numbers of Greys through the hybrids. No wonder the Reptilians now plan to destroy the Earth and re-locate the Atu-waa if they can re-start time.

The Reptilians have new plans for a new world that can safely house the Atu-waa without the threats from other alien races. These plans will not succeed because the Reptilians will not be able to re-start time.

To break away from any of the enslaving programming in this Virtual Reality, one has to consciously reject the programming.


This can be difficult if one is not remotely suspicious of such programming. One has to employ the will of one's True Self to reject the programming. This will enable a person to automatically break any pre-set pattern or programming. To do this, a person needs to keep his or her emotions at a reasonable level so that one can bypass them.

One's will to resist Darkness and Its Dark programming is one's strongest tool to remain in the True Light.