by jerijerilynnlynn

Apr 2, 2008

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Many people may not be aware that the BILL that will mandate water fluoridation on almost all of Queensland's public water supplies was passed through the Queensland Parliament late Thursday night 13th March.


The BILL as passed, additionally removes any liability from the government, politicians, Councils and water authorities. The Queensland mainstream media has barely reported on the passing of the BILL, an article in the early edition of the Courier Mail was replaced with an article of an unrelated issue in the later edition.


The Queensland Media has also not reported that it will be impossible for anyone to be able to sue for any harm caused by water fluoridation, even harm resulting from accidents.


On the 12th February a delegation which included a Medical Doctor, a Doctor of Biology and a Medical Scientist presented to the Premier, Health Minister, Chief Health Officer and Chief Dental Officer, evidence that Qld Health had doctored data on tooth decay that Qld Health used to promote water fluoridation and also showed how Qld Health had illegitimately dismissed a study showing a robust link between water fluoridation and Osteosarcoma in boys.


The delegation also informed the government representatives of a recently re-confirmed link between the use of Silicofluorides (the Qld government intending using these chemicals to fluoridate the water) and increased blood lead levels in children and several other health concerns associated with water fluoridation. The issue that water fluoridation was unethical mass medication that no doctor would be allowed to force on patients was also raised with Premier Bligh.


Additionally, it was pointed out that people of limited means would be not be able to afford water tanks or Reverse Osmosis Units or bottled water and would be trapped and have no choice in consuming and bathing in fluoridated water. Despite this delegation and despite most politicians receiving copious quantities of information showing that water fluoridation made little difference to decreasing tooth decay and that there are many legitimate concerns for adverse health effects and that the NHMRC or Qld government has never conducted a single Health and Safety on any human organ other than teeth, most Queensland Politicians voted to pass the BILL.


Only 2 independents Dorothy Pratt and Liz Cunningham voted against the Bill, with another Independent, Rosa Lee Long who had also spoken out against, not able to be present for the vote. In the last 3 years there have been several developments that should have seen any government be cautious about introducing water fluoridation, yet the increasing developments to cease or at least urge caution, has apparently made the Qld Government even more determined to introduce it.


In an apparently political move to show unity with the Liberal Party in a prelude to forming a new combined Coalition Party, all the National Party MPs voted for the BILL, despite all voting against mandated fluoridation in 2005. All the members of the Labor Party, had voted against mandated fluoridation in 2005, but under Premier Anna Bligh in 2008, all voted for it.


Anna Maria Bligh was sworn in as Premier of Queensland on 13 September 2007, precisely 6 Month later to the day This bill was pasted on the 13th March 2008. 6 months to the day.


Anna Bligh's time table with her set agenda's for which she is a puppet to seem to have a rigid symmetry about it. Its not that Anna Bligh is stupid and ignores the logical evidence of fluoridation out of ignorance. It's that she is a slave to the system, the system that put her into power in the first place they own her. Therefore she has no credibility and does what ever she is told, she is no more than a fu*ken slave.


When she was appointed Deputy Premier of Queensland in July 2005 - the same month she celebrated 10 years as Member for South Brisbane. As Deputy Premier she was also Treasurer and Minister for Infrastructure, running the $33 billion Queensland State Budget and leading construction of the $9 billion South-East Queensland Water Grid. I have often argued against that during this time developers brought her or NGO's may have secretly allied them selves with her, in exchange for future favors vice versa.


Is Anna controlled by the global elite? Perhaps...


I know this much Anna is forgetting that she is our public servant and is subservient to us, yet she is treated the people like were stupid, She not acting in Queensland best interest and has, coved up information on the truth of fluoridation, not listing to the people, or the facts, and has been quite deceitful and sneaky about passing this bill, without any media scrutiny. Without any debate, or public opinion. Then she has written out the fact that anyone in her government is libel for this fluoridation bill.


This is treachery. People have to rise up to such blatant tyranny.


Keep the Bastards Honest.



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