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- Only six days after almost every major newspaper around the world announced the results of a scientific review undertaken by the NHS Center for Reviews and Dissemination at the University of York - reporting the fluoridation of public water supplies to be a safe public health measure - shocking evidence was presented Thursday, 10-12-00, during an interview aired on Vancouver radio station CKST AM 1040 which revealed that the review thought to be the "final word on fluoridation" might well turn out be the greatest scientific fraud ever undertaken by a center in charge of evaluating scientific information in the interest of public health.

In an interview conducted with Andreas Schuld, head of a global organization of parents of children poisoned by excessive fluoride intake, evidence was presented showing that the York Review falsified vital information in their report and deliberately mis-informed the public on the adverse health effects of fluoride.

The interview was conducted by Croft Woodruff, host of one of Canada's longest running health radio talk shows, past president of the Canadian Health Food Association and founding member of the 25,000 member-strong Canadian Health Action Network Society (HANS).

Schuld arrived for the interview with the York Report and numerous studies which had supposedly been reviewed in-depth by the esteemed center.

He briefly recounted how the York Center had changed the wording in the study protocol to avoid inclusion of specific information on fluoride and thyroid effects, as well as data concerning the high amounts of fluoride in tea - an issue of obvious concern for the people in the UK.

Schuld's group had supplied the York team with evidence showing that symptoms described in the literature on fluoride's adverse health effects were identical to those observed in thyroid dysfunction, and that the condition known as "dental fluorosis" - now proclaimed by the York Review to be merely an issue of "aesthetic concern" - was actually to be seen as a direct result of fluoride-induced iodine deficiency during the time of enamel formation.

The field of dentistry claims that the biochemical factors leading to the enamel defects observed in dental fluorosis are still unknown.

Schuld then cited specific examples as how the York Review had falsified results.

First on the agenda was the issue of thyroid cancer. Schuld read an excerpt from the York Report which claims that no association was found between thyroid cancer and fluoridated water supplies in a study conducted in Britain.

Schuld then asked Woodruff to read from the actual data of the study. It showed an increase of 18% in observed thyroid cancers in the fluoridated areas when compared to non-fluoridated areas. "No association?", Schuld asked, and then proceeded to read from newspaper articles from China, where entire villages are being re-located due to fluoride contamination and where fluoride is being openly acknowledged as the cause of thyroid cancer, Kaschin-Beck disease and iodine deficiency.

Next Schuld presented a paper which had investigated whether fluoridation had a protective effect on slipped epiphysis, one of the most-common hip disorders observed in older children and adolescents. Schuld said that this paper was especially close to his heart as the condition has been strongly linked to hypothyroidism since the 1920s. Schuld added that this was acknowledged by the study authors themselves who had provided more than 16 references in the paper's first paragraph. The York team which had been informed of fluoride's effects on thyroid hormones should have woken up here, Schuld said.

Schuld then read excerpts from the York Report which had found "the direction of association to be positive (a protective effect) in girls and negative (increased risk) in boys", but that neither of these was statistically significant.

Schuld again asked Woodruff to look at the actual data in the paper. Woodruff saw an 18 per cent increase of the disease in males in fluoridated areas.

"Would you consider an 18% increase here significant?" Schuld asked Woodruff, who at this time joined Schuld in declaring the Review a total scientific fraud and called it an example of severe and gross scientific misconduct. Schuld then read further excerpts from the paper in question, citing how the authors of the study had found that more cases had come from rural areas, and "that, in general, the rural areas had higher fluoride levels than suburban or urban regions".

"In other words, the higher the fluoride levels, the more slipped epiphysis", said Schuld, "another obvious sign showing the anti-thyroid activity of fluoride".

Schuld ridiculed the claim by York that fluoridation showed protective effects in girls.

"It is known that the disease almost NEVER occurs in girls once menses have begun, so walking around with a toilet bowl on your head would show so-called protective effects in this group", exclaimed Schuld.

Schuld emphasized the issue of delayed eruption of teeth, explaining how it has been established since the 1930s that thyroid hormones control tooth eruption.

As Schuld read from the York Report,

"It has been suggested that fluoridation may delay the eruption of teeth and thus caries incidence could be delayed as teeth would be exposed to decay for a shorter period of time. Only one study compared the number of erupted teeth per child. The difference was very small and in opposite directions in the two age groups examined."

"This is total fraud", Schuld said, "I have 50 papers right here showing the delayed eruption of teeth in fluoridated areas, including the Newburgh-Kingston data and the papers by Kunzel which were included in the York Review and which they supposedly reviewed. The very same data which they use to prove fluoride's benefits shows this delayed eruption. There are even papers included here which explain how fluorosis gets more severe the later a tooth erupts!"

"Delayed eruption is the single most important factor to consider in evaluating data on fluoridation", explained Schuld, "This delay will produce a delay in the onset of caries which is then interpreted as a benefit. There is no benefit. Caries is just delayed. Delayed eruption occurs because you have made the child hypothyroid."

Schuld then reported on studies done in the 1930s by Floyd DeEds which reported clear results that dental fluorosis is a sign of thyroid dysfunction. According to Schuld, any anti-thyroid administered during the time of enamel formation will produce the effects seen in dental fluorosis, again citing DeEds and his work which shows how cadmium also caused mottled teeth.

Woodruff read from two separate studies by German dental researcher Kunzel (who is represented with 4 papers in the York Report) which showed how caries occurrence had dropped sharply after the cessation of water fluoridation, including a study done in Cuba as well as one from East Germany, where children enjoyed the greatest caries reduction in 40 years after the practice of fluoridation was halted.

"Data from these cities are also in the York Report" said Schuld, "but this time misinterpreted to show a fluoridation benefit! This is an outrageous fraud."

"Fluorides actually cause cavities", said Schuld. "There are countless papers, some of them - again - also found in the York Report, which clearly state that the dental defects seen in fluorosis predispose to caries. Is this also a cosmetic concern only?"

Schuld explained how hyperthyroidism caused by adding iodine to public water supplies in the early 1920s led to the use of fluorides as anti-thyroid medication. He explained the biochemical activity of fluoride as a mimick of TSH (thyroid-stimulating-hormone) on G protein activation, molecular on/off switches by which all thyroid hormone activity is regulated.

"Fluorides are the worst endocrine disruptor imaginable" he said. "What was once known as the fluoride-iodine antagonism can now be explained in detail by thousands of papers showing the fluoride power on G protein activation."

"While the experts claim that the amounts of fluorides used in G protein investigations are a thousand times higher than those found in the human organism, experiments with rats clearly show that the amounts required to cause thyroid disturbance are identical to the levels which have been identified to cause dental fluorosis."

Schuld talked briefly about the findings by Professor Anna Strunecka in Prague who has found that aluminum fluoride compounds can affect all the pathological hallmarks of Alzheimer's disease. Woodruff added the disturbing news that this disease is now observed in 30- to 40-year-olds. Schuld further spoke about research done by his group on Autism after parents reported of great improvements in their children's conditions after fluorides were eliminated from the diet, and how their research found a strong association with a particular group of G proteins (Gq/11) which are also highly implicated in Alzheimer's disease, Down Syndrome and thyroid dysfunction.

Schuld then spoke about his group's efforts to help the children of Sosnivka, Ukraine, where mothers of 3000 sick children have been trying for 5 years to get their children's ill health properly addressed by the authorities after fluorides suddenly showed up in the water supplies. Other appeals for help have also been received from regions in Pakistan where similar industry contamination is occurring. Schuld informed how UNICEF has now identified more than 25 countries where fluorides pose a great health concern. Conservative estimates by UNICEF of the people affected number in the tens of millions.


Woodruff commented on the severe fluorosis observed in regions of China due to breathing airborne fluoride.

"Health care providers in those areas need to be properly informed as how to deal with the effects of this fluoride poisoning. This is an urgent global concern. That the York Review and the British Medical Journal have issued press releases world-wide saying fluorides are safe while these people are suffering incredibly is simply a crime."

He added that a third of the world's population is suffering from iodine deficiency in areas which are identical to endemic fluorosis areas.

Schuld further commented,

"Here we have the York Review and its lead researchers running around telling the public that people in fluoridated areas would not be consuming more than 4 mgs a day from all sources, while our September analysis of the top selling tea brands in the UK has shown fluoride content up to 11mg per liter in tea prepared from one teabag alone."

Meanwhile any studies showing adverse health effects from areas with levels above 5ppm in the water were excluded from the Review.

"We urge the people in the UK to ask for an immediate public inquiry into the scientific misconduct clearly prevalent at the York Center".

Schuld also announced that a major global fundraiser will begin within months. A CD of traditional children's songs from around the world is currently being produced involving many well-known Canadian artists. The CD will be available for sale world-wide and all net proceeds used to immediately assist communities worldwide such as in Sosnivka. Schuld's group will also use the funds to commission a proper international scientific review on fluoride and related compounds, so that true toxicity may finally be properly assessed. It hopes to draw on the many outstanding scientists who have aided the group in their 4-year-long research efforts.


Legal action is also being prepared. Vast interactive reference sets verifying the claims of the group are being placed on the PFPC website.

" I hope it doesn't come to legal action as it would cripple the system and forever damage the medical and dental professions," said Schuld. "We don't have that time to waste. We need to act now. It affects all of us. For example, there are now three fluoride compounds among the six cited in the Kyoto protocol to cause the greatest harm in global warming. There is fluoride contamination everywhere. Kids are dying. We need to wake up."


Woodruff and Schuld urged the listeners to spread this information to as many people as possible, and dedicated the program to the memory of common friend Dr. John Yiamouyiannis, who suddenly passed away Sunday, October 8th. Woodruff said that Yiamouyiannis will be remembered as one of the most brilliant scientists of the past century.