Marijuana Heals Cancer ...Cannabinoid Receptors In The Human Body
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August 25, 2010

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BBC special on Cannabinoid Receptors... below an article by Steve Kubby, Sierra Times

...A new study published in Nature Reviews-Cancer provides an historic and detailed explanation about how THC and natural cannabinoids counteract cancer, but preserve normal cells.


It is hard to believe that the knowledge that cannabis can be used to fight cancer has been suppressed for almost thirty years, yet it seems likely that it will continue to be suppressed.




According to Cowan, the answer is because it is a threat to cannabis prohibition .

"If this article and its predecessors from 2000 and 1974 were the only evidence of the suppression of medical cannabis, then one might perhaps be able to rationalize it in some herniated way.


However, there really is massive proof that the suppression of medical cannabis represents the greatest failure of the institutions of a free society, medicine, journalism, science, and our fundamental values," Cowan notes.

Millions of people have died horrible deaths and in many cases, families exhausted their savings on dangerous, toxic and expensive drugs.


Now we are just beginning to realize that while marijuana has never killed anyone, marijuana prohibition has killed millions.



Cannabis Cancer CURE Study - Colorado New Report
by PoisonMushrooms
May 28, 2010

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It has been proven that concentrated cannabis oil cures cancer.

Why hasn't The U.S. National Cancer Institute (USNCI) or The American Cancer Society (ACS) tested Cannabis Oil
? Is it lack of personnel (2,100 USNCI staff members) or limited financial support (USNCI 2010 budget of $5.1 Billion dollars!)

Cannabis Concentrate or extract is the same as Rick Simpson's "Hemp Oil". Hemp seed oil is NOT what Rick Simpson is making and using.




Dr. Raphael Mechoulam discusses medical cannabis - Cancer Cure
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June 21, 2010

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Cured - A Cannabis Story - A Film By David Triplett
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July 8, 2010

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My name is David Triplett. Cannabis Oil cured my cancer. This is my story.



Cancer Cured in Canada, But Big Pharma Says NO WAY!
November 9, 2009

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Big Pharma can't allow cancer or any other disease to be cured because they will lose their business of drugs, pills and all the illness causing products they make and distribute to the dis-eased.


Plus the elite need people to be sick and die to depopulate the world.


Curing cancer has no benefit to them whatsoever even though the cure has been made and known for decades. Medicinal herbs and other forms of plants are known to be beneficial in eliminating cancer.


Hemp oil can also do the trick as well as drinking organic green tea daily among other things.





Medical Cannabis - Multiple Sclerosis
by AwakenedFromADream
June 6, 2009

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Medical Marijuana Stops Spread of Breast Cancer
by chrychek
February 19, 2010

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Cannabidiol enhances the inhibitory effects of Delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol on human glioblastoma cell proliferation and survival:

The cannabinoid 1 (CB(1)) and cannabinoid 2 (CB(2)) receptor agonist Delta(9)-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) has been shown to be a broad-range inhibitor of cancer in culture and in vivo, and is currently being used in a clinical trial for the treatment of glioblastoma.

It has been suggested that other plant-derived cannabinoids, which do not interact efficiently with CB(1) and CB(2) receptors, can modulate the actions of Delta(9)-THC.


There are conflicting reports, however, as to what extent other cannabinoids can modulate Delta(9)-THC activity, and most importantly, it is not clear whether other cannabinoid compounds can either potentiate or inhibit the actions of Delta(9)-THC.


We therefore tested cannabidiol, the second most abundant plant-derived cannabinoid, in combination with Delta(9)-THC.


In the U251 and SF126 glioblastoma cell lines, Delta(9)-THC and cannabidiol acted synergistically to inhibit cell proliferation. The treatment of glioblastoma cells with both compounds led to significant modulations of the cell cycle and induction of reactive oxygen species and apoptosis as well as specific modulations of extracellular signal-regulated kinase and caspase activities.


These specific changes were not observed with either compound individually, indicating that the signal transduction pathways affected by the combination treatment were unique.


Our results suggest that the addition of cannabidiol to Delta(9)-THC may improve the overall effectiveness of Delta(9)-THC in the treatment of glioblastoma in cancer patients.