by Mike Adams

the Health Ranger

March 03, 2011
from NaturalNews Website


In a rare broadcast appearance, Suzanne Somers appears as a special guest on the Robert Scott Bell Show, broadcasting via the NaturalNews Network at 12pm Eastern, Thursday, March 3rd.


She is joined by Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, the cancer therapy physician who was recently smeared by the Dateline television show for his innovative and nutrition-based cancer treatment protocols.

You can listen far below the interview.

This interview with Suzanne Somers and Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez promises to be an uncensored, fascinating look at the future of cancer prevention and cancer treatments.

You certainly aren't likely to hear this kind of highly-intelligent discussion about cancer on CNN or Dateline NBC!


Why the mainstream media hates natural cancer treatment pioneers and educators

The mainstream media is on the attack lately, going after anyone who speaks out about the very real and scientifically valid anti-cancer treatments involving natural therapies (instead of conventional chemotherapy and radiation).


At stake are hundreds of billions of dollars in profits, and the cancer industry isn't happy about people like Suzanne Somers who carry an uplifting, powerful message of self-healing to the word.

Suzanne Somers is the author of Knockout: Interviews with Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer - And How to Prevent Getting It in the First Place.

Through her book and her recent film efforts, Suzanne has stood up to the cancer industry and delivered a powerful message to men and woman everywhere who are looking for uncensored, yet scientifically validated information about safe, natural ways to prevent and even help treat cancer. The success of her book and her film have made her a target of the established cancer industry which depends on the continuation of sickness and disease for its profits.

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Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez is the author of several outstanding books, including One Man Alone: An Investigation of Nutrition, Cancer, and William Donald Kelley. He is one of the world's most experienced researchers and practitioners in the world of nutrition-based cancer prevention and cancer treatments.

The success of his message and the documented case histories of patients who have healed cancer have made Dr. Gonzalez another target of the conventional cancer industry, which has a long history of destroying the credibility of anyone who offers a cancer therapy that really works.

Search the history of Stanislaw Burzynski to see another example of how the medical establishment has gone out of its way to attack and destroy those who advocate safe, effective and non-toxic cancer treatments (

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