by Mike Adams

the Health Ranger

September 13, 2010

from NaturalNews Website

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If there's one thing to be learned from the recent "Stand Up To Cancer" telethon that gathered top Hollywood celebrities to raise money for the cancer industry, it's that you probably shouldn't get your health advice from actors.

The cancer industry is losing its propaganda battle as more and more people discover the truth about the toxic side effects of chemotherapy as well as the cancer preventive powers of nutrients like vitamin D and selenium.


With the science now clearly showing that chemotherapy fails most patients and that conventional approaches to cancer cause more harm than good, the cancer industry has resorted to celebrity-influenced emotional theater to try to lure more people into keeping its "someday we'll find a chemical cure" scam going.

And starring in that theater are many top names in Hollywood, from,

  • Denzel Washington

  • George Clooney

  • Cindy Crawford

  • Katie Couric

Not present at the event, of course, were all the celebrities who have been killed by the cancer industry, including Patrick Swayze and Farrah Fawcett.


By this time next year, that list will undoubtedly be even larger.


Give more money, but don't inform yourself

The gushy, emotionally-charged cancer fundraiser theatrical production was focused on raising more money for the failed cancer industry, yet it utterly failed to empower viewers with real information that could start saving lives right now:

Information about how anti-cancer nutrients like vitamin D and selenium can slash cancer rates by 70 to 80 percent, saving hundreds of thousands of lives around the world.

No celebrity told the viewing audience to "take more vitamin D supplements to prevent cancer."


No celebrity urged people to "get more sunshine and save your own life." The entire event was staged to raise more money for the very same toxic cancer industry that's right now killing celebrities and fans alike.

The whole charade was put on with a gushy, almost nauseating emotional appeal that had nothing whatsoever to do with the actual science on reversing cancer.


The Washington Post called the whole thing "contrived" and described it as an event where,

"celebrity actors, pop stars, news anchors and others donned especially shiny halos and implored the world to give more to the cause. As always, the cancer movement's message is that we are so close to a breakthrough."



The cancer industry scam continues

But of course this has been the cancer industry's scam for more than 40 years:

Claim to be just a few more dollars away from "the cure" while avoiding talking about the real, practical ways that people can prevent cancer right now.

If all these Hollywood celebrities really wanted to help people stop cancer, they would encourage viewers to stop drinking BPA chemicals from plastic bottles, stop eating processed meat products, stop using toxic chemicals found in personal care products and stop using pesticides on their lawns.

That message, however, isn't as sexy and emotional as sharing tear-jerker stories of how so many of the people we all love have been killed by cancer. Where facts fail, emotion can always persuade people to part with their money... especially if a famous person is telling you to pledge more.

Of course I feel sad for all the people killed by cancer, but I feel even more remorse for the ones killed by cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation.


Nothing in this article should be construed as making light of the very real pain and suffering endured by those who are diagnosed with cancer or who undergo chemotherapy and radiation - I have great compassion for them all. In fact, I lost several close relatives to the deathly side effects of chemotherapy, and I never want to see another person suffer from cancer nor the devastating toxic side effects of chemotherapy.

But unlike these cancer industry celebrity shills, I'm working to empower people with the information they need to halt cancer right now. And I'm happy to be working in harmony with some other truly courageous celebrities who are actually making a difference.

Suzanne Somers wasn't at the event.


That's because she's been working hard sharing her book, Knockout: Interviews with Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer - And How to Prevent Getting It in the First Place. This is a book that actually teaches people how to prevent and even cure cancer right now, using readily-available anti-cancer remedies and treatments that don't make you vomit and die like chemo often does.

Not surprisingly, nobody mentioned this book at the "Stand Up To Cancer" telethon event.


After all, if people knew cancer cures already existed, why would they bother giving more money to the cancer industry?


The cancer industry only wants to keep itself alive

And there's the punch line to this entire theatrical production, actually:

Raising money to fund the cancer industry depends on not talking about cancer cures.

There are a lot of jobs and egos to support in the cancer industry, and if word got out about the prevention and cure strategies that really work right now, all sorts of cancer industry beneficiaries would find themselves out of work.

To keep the cancer industry going, celebrities get on stage and make fools of themselves:

  • Diane Sawyer

  • Brian Williams

  • Katie Couric, their credibility on the event, not knowing that the whole thing was staged to distract people from the real cancer solutions that exist right now.

You can find some of those cancer remedies, by the way, through the Cancer Control Society, Dr. Samuel Epstein's
"prevent cancer" website or any of the websites devoted to Gerson therapy.

You can even watch free videos explaining Gerson Therapy and other natural cancer cures on NaturalNews.TV.




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The truth is, cancer can already be prevented and cured.


A few really well informed celebrities like Suzanne Somers already know about this, but most of the rest have bought into the cancer industry's propaganda and misuse their celebrity power to extract yet more money from the very people who are being victimized by the cancer industry right now.


Charlatans of the cancer industry

Make no mistake:

If curing cancer were only a matter of money, it would have already been cured.

Billions of dollars have been poured into finding a pharmaceutical cure, and even though no such cure has ever been found (nor will it be from a chemical perspective), the industry keeps promising they're oh so very close to a cure if you would just reach deep into your pockets and see what cash you can hand over today.

The whole thing smacks of the televangelism scandals of the 1980's, where teary-eyed preachers were promising that your donations could "buy you a place in heaven" even while they were banging prostitutes in their luxury limos. The cancer industry is using your money to fund luxurious lifestyles, too - the American Cancer Society is the wealthiest 'non-profit' in the world, supporting lavish salaries, luxury vehicles and even widespread real estate holdings.


As Dr Sam Epstein reports on his website:

"In 1992, The Chronicle of Philanthropy reported that the ACS was "more interested in accumulating wealth than in saving lives." Fund-raising appeals routinely stated that the ACS needed more funds to support its cancer programs, all the while holding more than $750 million in cash and real estate assets.


A 1992 article in the Wall Street Journal, by Thomas DiLorenzo, professor of economics at Loyola College and veteran investigator of nonprofit organizations, revealed that the Texas affiliate of the ACS owned more than $11 million worth of assets in land and real estate, as well as more than 56 vehicles, including 11 Ford Crown Victorias for senior executives and 45 other cars assigned to staff members.


Arizona's ACS chapter spent less than 10 percent of its funds on direct community cancer services. In California, the figure was 11 percent, and under 9 percent in Missouri."

This is the kind of thing celebrities are stumping for when they ask the public to donate money to the cancer industry.

Adam Sandler doesn't seem too funny all of a sudden when you think about the industry he's fronting on television. To give money to the cancer industry is to put your hard-earned dollars directly into the pockets of the very people who are purposely not talking about the cancer cures that exist right this very minute - cures that could save lives and ease suffering starting today.

And that's why "Stand Up To Cancer" should have aired on The Comedy Channel - it was all a sick joke.


It was an orgy of celebrity-inspired propaganda and Big Pharma disinformation, all seductively packaged with heart-tugging stories of people who died from toxic cancer treatments offered by very industry that now claims to be trying to save your life.

Well, sure, we don't want people to die of cancer. That's a no-brainer. But the sad, sick truth of the matter is that the very industry financially benefiting from the event is the same one that actually depends on a continuation of cancer to keep itself in business.

To appear on stage stumping for this industry is to announce to the world, "I'm a cancer industry shill."

These celebrities only embarrass themselves with their ignorance.


Stand up to the cancer industry

  • Hasn't the cancer industry wasted enough of our money?

  • Killed enough of our family members?

  • Destroyed enough lives?

We don't need to "stand up to cancer..."

What we really need is to stand up to the cancer industry!

Stop giving your hard-earned money to cancer industry charlatans. Instead, learn the truth about cancer cures like Gerson Therapy. Read about anti-cancer nutrients on NaturalNews and pursue a sensible, healthful lifestyle that's rich with sunlight, nutrition and natural foods.

Get the toxic chemicals out of your home, out of your bathroom and out of your kitchen. Stop buying synthetic chemicals in your foods, drugs and home care products.

But most of all, stop listening to health advice from ignorant celebrities. That unfortunate habit will only get you killed. Just because someone plays a famous character on television (or sings in a rock band) doesn't mean they know anything whatsoever about health, or cancer, or nutrition.

And if you're a celebrity thinking about stumping for the next cancer industry fundraising telethon, please just take yourself off stage and stop abusing your influence to take money from the poor and give it to the (disease industry) rich.


Your actions are a disgrace to your fans and they only cement your own membership in the "celebrity ignorance Hall of Fame."