by Mark Sircus
March 21, 2010

from WinningCancer Website


Medically speaking oncologists use weapons of mass cellular destruction to treat cancer. They use tests and treatments that cause cancer to treat cancer.


Until now their tools include surgically removing tumors, attacking them with chemotherapy drugs or blasting them with radiation. Today I am launching our new Winning Cancer site, which examines aspects of cancer and its treatment that contemporary oncology overlooks.


There you will see that we define cancer as a profile of heavy metal toxicity, free radical damage, pathogen infection, mineral and vitamin deficiencies, inflammation, mitochondria dysfunction, immune system depression, genetic mutation, cell wall damage and oxidative stress all coming together in an end stage life threatening condition. Cancer treatment can be approached in many ways but the best way would be to address all these problems simultaneously.

The medical industrial complex is now offering their own new approach to treating cancer by directing the body’s natural defense mechanisms against the disease.


This of course makes sense but using a vaccine is not exactly the best way of stimulating the immune system to do its normal job. Billed as a first-of-a-kind prostate cancer treatment that uses the body’s immune system to fight the disease, the vaccine received federal approval in April of 2010, offering an alternative to more taxing treatments like chemotherapy.

It’s called a “vaccine” even though it treats disease rather than prevents it.


The shot trains the immune system to fight tumors.

“The big news here is that this is the first immunotherapy to win approval, and I suspect within five to ten years immunotherapies will be a big part of cancer therapy in general,” said Dr. Phil Kantoff, an oncologist at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute who helped run the studies of Provenge.

Allopathic doctors have been trying to develop such a therapy for decades but we already have a host of natural agents that do exactly what Provenge is trying to do.


If one wants to increase the strength and power of one’s immune system the last thing one wants to do is follow the pharmaceutical paradigm for it uses chemicals that increase the toxicity of the body while simultaneously driving down one’s nutritional status.

The basic protocol of Natural Allopathic Medicine to safely and effectively increase the function of the immune system is:

Magnesium chloride, sodium bicarbonate and iodine which represent a holy trinity for the medical world offering us unbeatable healing firepower to turn medical conditions around.


Medicine does not get any stronger and that is why these substances are commonly used in emergency rooms and intensive care wards.

  • healthy sun exposure (D3)

  • good water, selenium (because of the mercury toxicities association with cancer)

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid

  • whole food Vitamin C

  • a good natural chelator and probiotic

  • super foods like spirulina (very high in everything but especially B vitamins, betacarotenes, amino acids, GLA) and wheatgrass juice

  • pure clays

  • natural/regular colonics

  • assorted body and energy work,

...all make perfectly good medical sense as does raw food or juice fasting if you are really serious and capable of making such life changing decisions.


Even medical marijuana[1] (below video) or what is know as hemp oil belongs high on a cancer patient’s wish list for pain and stress release as well as another highly effective and safe primary angle of attack on cancer cells themselves.





Dendreon said the drug will cost $93,000 per patient.


Company studies showed that taking Provenge added only four months to the lives of men with advanced prostate cancer. The above protocol, which does offer some hope for a permanent reversal of cancer, would cost about 2,000 dollars for six months of treatment.

Mainstream medicine likes to point out that people with cancer can lose their only chance of beating the disease by skipping conventional treatment or by mixing in other therapies.

“Even harmless-sounding vitamins and “natural” supplements can interfere with cancer medicines or affect hormones that help cancer grow,” they like to say, deliberately casting shadows and planting seeds of doubt.

But 60 percent of cancer patients try unconventional remedies and about 40 percent take vitamins or dietary supplements. The key is taking the right ones at the right dosages.


One great point of error is that natural concentrated nutritional agents (which everything in the above list are) demand that we take the dosages up to very high levels, which is the opposite of allopathic medicine, which uses poisons at low dosages.

We are seeing a dramatic rise in propaganda aimed at
defending orthodox cancer treatments so that means everything
other than chemo, radiation and surgery will be hammered and
good medical practice and cancer treatments suffer from this.

Getting nutrients from pills (unless in tablet form from a food/medicine like spirulina) is different than getting them from a balanced diet but practitioners of nutritional and orthomolecular medicine know that it is impossible today to concentrate enough nutritional fire power from even the best foods alone.


That’s why transdermal magnesium or bicarbonate can be so helpful for these approaches help us concentrate nutritional fire power.


This limitation is true even with super foods like spirulina, which cannot hope to cover every base. Spirulina cannot provide concentrated dosages of vitamin C, ALA, magnesium, iodine or selenium though it is one of the highest magnesium content foods in existence. That aside, spirulina and other super foods can provide just about everything else.


Fasting with spirulina and juices is a heavenly healing experience and is one medicine/food I never do without.

Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, a cancer specialist at the Weill-Cornell Medical Center in New York includes nutrition testing and counseling, meditation and relaxation techniques in his treatment.


He says,

“You do have people who will say ‘chemotherapy is just poison.’ Cancer takes decades to develop, so you’re not going to be able to think that all of a sudden you’re going to change your diet or do meditation (and cure it). You need to treat it medically. You can still do things to make your diet better. You can still do meditation to reduce your stress.”

Gaynor disagrees that chemo is ‘just’ a poison and this is his idea of necessary medical treatment for cancer.

Dr. Gaynor is correct in saying you need to treat cancer medically in a very concentrated way but he is totally mistaken that using harsh chemical poisons is the way to go. Natural Allopathic Medicine steals the best that allopathic medicine has to offer but delivers the goods in safe natural forms. Sodium bicarbonate and magnesium chloride are two very strong allopathic medicines that cannot be assaulted by the medical press or anyone else because they save lives all the time.

These substances are concentrated nutritional medicinals and this makes many oncologists uncomfortable because they understand so little about nutrition preferring to poison people then get them well.


I like to conceptualize my protocol as Natural Chemotherapy or as Natural Emergency Medicine because they offer the kind of firepower you want when dealing with life threatening diseases.


Special Note - Say No to Chemotherapy

New research suggests chemotherapy has devastating effects on the brain.


Many cancer patients who receive chemotherapy report “chemobrain” - a range of symptoms including a loss of memory and the ability to concentrate, and other problems such as difficulty thinking.


In the September 2009 Journal of Cancer Survivorship women described a variety of emotions, including fear, frustration and emotional exhaustion with some women fearing losing their independence because they wouldn’t be able to take care of themselves like before.


At the workplace, the side effects of chemotherapy robbed their ability to focus.

“These data underscore the very serious ways in which chemobrain can affect the life experiences of cancer survivors - emotionally, psychologically and economically,” the researchers concluded.




[1] - This is just one of many excellent essays on the use of medical marijuana.