by Dr. Mark Sircus
September 02, 2022

from DrSircus Website


Most doctors and the vast majority of health officials have forgotten how to reason about medicine.


Of course, there are many reasons that rational thought was beaten to a pulp in medicine, but the real point is to start rational discussions starting with cancer.

Being reasonable has nothing to do with what the FDA or CDC says.


It also has nothing to do with laws, politics, and the Pope's words on vaccines.


Objective truths about medicine have nothing to do with opinions.


They are grounded in, or should be, in bedrock reason.

People who want to die and suffer follow the mainstream narrative on,

To trust Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J at this point is to commit suicide with experimental horror shots.

These shots do not kill outright (it takes about five months on average to do people in), but they make cancer more aggressive.


The injections also bring about violent recurrences.

The first reason that chlorine dioxide should routinely be used in every cancer patient's protocol is that chlorine dioxide targets cancer cells like a magnet because of the lactic acid at the cancer site.


Once chlorine dioxide comes into contact with lactic acid, it releases oxygen directly where it is most needed.

Cancer cells produce excessive amounts of lactic acid because cancer cells have dysfunctional mitochondria, which prevents their use of the citric acid [Krebs] cycle.


Consequently, pyruvic acid, the product of glycolysis, which generally would enter the mitochondria for its total combustion into energy, is converted to lactic acid. It is reported that cancer cells can produce 40 times more lactic acid than normal cells.


As a result, their metabolism is dirty and poisons the cells around them with increasing acidity.

Chlorine dioxide possesses anticancer and antiviral activities, probably due to its inducing activity of ROS production. 


Chlorine dioxide exhibited significant cytotoxicity against two breast cancer cell lines (MCF-7, MDA-MB-231) and three colorectal cancer cell lines (LoVo, HCT-116, SW-480).


This cytotoxicity appeared to be associated with the capacity of chlorine dioxide to induce the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS).


We will return below to the mitochondria, those essential aspects of healthy cell physiology that chemo and radiation treatments like to destroy.


But it is easier to first touch down on what chlorine dioxide does to the blood of cancer patients.

What cancer patient would not benefit from more healthy blood...?

The second colossal reason every cancer patient should be taking chlorine dioxide is in Forbidden Cures.


In the simplest terms,

chlorine dioxide allows one to clean our inner house.


Our bodies need to be cleaned regularly for the best performance and longevity.


The first thing chlorine dioxide will do as it surges into the blood is do a fantastic job of rejuvenating red blood cells.


Almost instantly, more oxygen will flow through the blood, especially if magnesium and bicarbonate are included.



A clean house does a better job of circulating fresh oxygen to the cells, making them happy so they can continue singing the song of life with more endurance.


Fresh, healthy blood is essential for health.

I saw a note from a late-aged individual who has been using chlorine dioxide for ten years.


She just had a blood test, and her doctor said her blood had the profile of a teenager...



CDS is an atomic bomb

in the hands of ordinary citizens;

with it you can
control your health responsibly

and independently of the control of doctors,
who intern are all under the control

of those who cause us diseases.

We have patients that

have been cancer free for 3-5 years.

All their scans are clear.
They get that booster, and now

they have stage 4 disease again.

It is happening.
Dietrich Klinghardt




I use chlorine dioxide in its CDS form (pure gas dissolved in water) for this exact purpose.


I am not treating cancer or any disease, but I am doing one or two substantial doses most mornings to sweep my blood with the freshness of this unique substance.

What cancer patient's body would not enjoy such a process?

I would recommend even stronger doses surrounded by a perfect cancer protocol.





Magnesium Bicarbonate Perfect Help Mate to Chlorine Dioxide


As CO2 is a hallmark of health, lactic acid is the hallmark of cancer. 


When we flood the body with bicarbonates and chlorine dioxide, they inhibit lactic acid production, reverse acidification, and rescue circadian oscillation in cancer cells.


Conversely, when the acidity of hypoxic patches deep in tumors is neutralized, the worst hardest to treat cancer cells, difficult to defeat by even the most toxic means, become vulnerable.


Carbon dioxide protects the Mitochondria. 


Magnesium and bicarbonate work to combat the drop in energy within the mitochondria during constant bombardment from toxins.

First, magnesium bicarbonate protects the natural organic and inorganic phosphate buffers in the cytoplasm of cells.


Second, magnesium bicarbonate neutralizes the acid produced due to metabolic processes and ATP hydrolysis. This allows more ATP to be hydrolyzed or more energy to be made.


Third, magnesium bicarbonate buffers the mitochondria in body cells from excess acid concentrations, improving mitochondrial function and increasing ATP.

When we combine chlorine dioxide with the ultimate mitochondrial cocktail, magnesium bicarbonate, expect sparks to fly along these cellular energy fabricators' inner and outer membranes.


You can make magnesium bicarbonate at home by combining magnesium hydroxide and seltzer water to save money.





Chlorine Dioxide ClO2 - Superior Mitochondrial Stimulator?


Fruits are living biological entities that perform many metabolic functions.


Senescence is the period when chemical synthesizing pathways give way to degradative processes, leading to the aging and spoiling of fruits.


In experiments, chlorine dioxide was closely associated with a delay in fruit senescence during storage.

ClO2 can restore ATP and the redox balance, reducing and delaying fruit senescence.

Higher concentrations of ClO2 (10 and 25mg/L) were more effective than the lower ones (5mg/L) in altering the redox balance and increasing energy production.


It seems that what chlorine dioxide can do for plant mitochondria, it can do for human mitochondria too.





Oxygen is Chlorine Dioxide's Secret


Oxygen is the final receptor of electrons in the electron transport chain.


Without oxygen, the electron transport chain becomes jammed with electrons. Thus, the Krebs cycle is heavily dependent on oxygen, deeming it an aerobic process.


If we ram enough oxygen into the cells, we can force mitochondria to become active again and use the Krebs Cycle for energy in cancerous cells if they are not too far gone.


There are many ways to ram oxygen down our mitochondria's throats.

One of the best and least expensive ways is with chlorine dioxide


Chlorine dioxide is a substance that provides oxygen to tissues and all body fluids, activating the mitochondria of cells.

Curious Outlier, producer of The Universal Antidote Documentary, puts it this way:

"In a simple explanation that makes it easy to understand, that process of ramming oxygen to the mitochondria would be this. Imagine what happens when you jump-start a car with jumper cables.


You are ramming electricity (electrons) into the car and turning the ignition switch on. The ignition switch of your body is always on until you're dead.


So now you need to push the oxygen in, and the mitochondria will do the rest."


As you age,

your mitochondrial function

typically decreases,

and this is a hallmark

of both the aging process itself,

as well as most chronic diseases.



This is important for cancer patients, but everyone will enjoy the mitochondrial stimulation that chlorine dioxide provides as we age.

Mitochondria burn oxygen and provide energy for the body.


Cells lacking oxygen or nutrients have to change their energy supply quickly to survive.

Scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing have now shown that mitochondria are reprogrammed under depleted oxygen and nutrients.





Mitochondria and Oxygen


Essentially the Krebs cycle (also known as the citric acid cycle) involves a series of enzymatic reactions that transform proteins (in the form of their constituent amino acids), fats (as their constituent fatty acids), and carbohydrates (as glucose) into intermediate substances.


These intermediates are then passed into the electron transport chain.


Finally, they undergo a further series of reactions - receiving and donating electrons down the chain - to produce energy in the form of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), CO2, and water. 


The presence of sufficient oxygen within the cells is essential to the success of this entire process, as the term oxidation itself indicates.

Dr. Seeger and others found that cancer cells utilize only between 5 and 50% of the oxygen of normal cells. 


The virulence of cancer cells is directly proportional to their loss of oxygen utilization, and with this to the degree of blockage of the respiratory chain.


In 1957 Seeger successfully transformed normal cells into cancer cells by introducing chemicals that blocked the respiratory chain within a few days.


Failure of oxygen energy metabolism

is the single most important
risk factor for chronic diseases,

including viral infections.


Cells adapt to oxygen deficiency by switching their energy supply to glycolysis, in which sugar is fermented without oxygen.


This may be necessary in old age, for example, as the cells in the body are often less supplied with oxygen and nutrients.


There is no doubt that in cancer, the ability of cellular mitochondria to function normally becomes impaired, even in the presence of sufficient oxygen.

"It has been known for some time that cells reduce the number of mitochondria when they lack oxygen and switch to glycolysis," explains Max Planck Director Thomas Langer.

Initial studies of cancer metabolism in the early 1920s found that cancer cells were phenotypically characterized by aerobic glycolysis.


These cells favor glucose uptake and lactate production.


Dr. Frank Shallenberger, author of "Bursting with Energy - The Breakthrough Method to Renew Youthful Energy and Restore Health," found that even asymptomatic people in their 30s had significantly decreased mitochondrial function.


He calls this,

"early-onset mitochondrial dysfunction",

...and it's indicative of future health problems, even if everything seems good now.


The introduction of normal mitochondria into cancer cells restores mitochondrial function, inhibits cancer cell growth, and reverses chemoresistance.


Also, the fusion of cancer cells with normal mitochondria results in increased ATP synthesis, oxygen consumption, and respiratory chain activities together with marked decreases in cancer growth, resistance to anticancer drugs, invasion, colony formation in soft agar, and "in vivo" tumor growth in nude mice.