by DadsGreenLife
November 28, 2015

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The Truth About Cancer - A Global Quest


- How "Curative Cannabis - Heavenly Hemp - Medical Marijuana"

is effective at preventing and beating cancer

- Travel with the TTAC team to London

and meet a man who was diagnosed as "Terminal"

who used hemp oil to reverse his cancer

- The way that herbs and foods can actually

turn off the "cancer switches" in your body

and turn on the "healthy switches" (epigenetics)

- Dr. Burzynski's anti-neoplaston treatment

(Visit his clinic in Houston)

- Visit two doctors in Heerlen, Netherlands

and learn about their micronutrient therapy

that has successfully treated over 10,000 cancer patients in Europe

- Take a trip with the TTAC team to Rosarita, Mexico

and learn about Gerson Therapy