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September 14, 2012
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In his eye-opening book What Went Wrong - The Truth Behind the Clinical Trial of the Enzyme Treatment of Cancer, Dr. Nicholas J. Gonzalez, M.D., explains how the mainstream medical system is inherently biased against virtually all alternative approaches to disease treatment and prevention.


Particularly with cancer, the clinical trial model has been deliberately designed in such a way as to promote the perceived failure of unconventional approaches to cancer treatment, which includes Dr. Gonzalez' individualized enzyme therapy approach.

Since 1981, Dr. Gonzalez has been devoting his time and livelihood to investigating nutritional approaches to treating cancer and various other degenerative diseases.


He was joined by Dr. Linda Isaacs in 1985, and since that time, the two have pioneered together the customization of cancer treatments based on strict dietary protocols that involve eating specific foods, detoxifying the body, and supplementing with individualized nutrient panels, including pancreatic enzymes for cancer patients.

It is this pancreatic enzyme protocol that Dr. Gonzalez and Dr. Isaacs gained approval and funding from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to test back in 1998 as part of a large-scale clinical trial, the so-called gold standard for science-based medicine.


The goal of the study, of course, was to compare the effectiveness of enzyme therapy with the best that conventional medicine has to offer, mainly radiation and chemotherapy.



Cancer industry intentionally destroyed Dr. Gonzalez' study

But because the trial involved analyzing a treatment protocol that was hatched outside the conventional cancer system, it ended up being intentionally designed to fail by corrupt powers who took control of it and basically ran it into the ground.


Just like it continues to do with Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski's antineoplastons cancer treatment, the medical mafia decided to thwart Dr. Gonzalez' efforts at helping mankind with his alternative treatments.

As explained by the Alliance for Natural Health-USA (ANH-USA), supervisors from,

  • Columbia University

  • NCI

  • the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM),

...intentionally chose unsuitable study participants, manipulated and distorted study data, and in various other ways, essentially sabotaged the entire study.


And in the end, the conventional cancer system won, as the study results made it appear as though Dr. Gonzalez' enzyme therapy is of no benefit to cancer patients.

One particularly significant flaw in the study's design was the fact that its participants were chosen randomly. Since enzyme therapy includes following strict dietary and lifestyle protocols, it is important that only fully-committed cancer patients are allowed to participate.


Because unlike with conventional studies, alternative studies that involve randomization actually tend to create bias rather than prevent it.

Other major study flaws included a deliberate lack of a proper "lead-in," improper participant screening techniques, avoidable study delays, and general mismanagement tactics that ultimately led to failure.

"This particular model of medicine - and it is just that, a model - lauds synthetic and high-tech creations as it relegates diet, food and nutrition to a very minor rule in any consideration of human health and disease," says Dr. Gonzalez.


"This cosmology dominates academic medical thinking, and certainly dominates all teaching in medical schools."

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What Went Wrong
-   The Truth Behind the Clinical Trial of the Enzyme Treatment of Cancer   -
by Nicholas J. Gonzalez, MD
from NewSpringPress Website

Spanish version



The Battle for a Fair Evaluation of the Gonzalez Therapy

In this book, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez exposes what went wrong with the clinical trial "Pancreatic proteolytic enzyme therapy compared with gemcitabine-based chemotherapy for the treatment of pancreatic cancer," sponsored by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine and the National Cancer Institute, conducted under the auspices of Columbia University.

  • Reports Dr. Gonzalez’s first-hand account of bias at the highest levels of the academic research world, which helped undermine the project.

  • Examines how poor trial design and implementation condemned this project to failure.

  • Reveals how two government oversight offices confirmed Dr. Gonzalez’s claims of mismanagement by the study supervisors.

Read the Introduction, the Table of Contents, Reviews, About the Author, and an article adapted from a portion of the book, Some Thoughts about Scientific Bias


From the Back Cover

Kilmer McCully, M.D., author of The Heart Revolution:

“For all who are interested in the pioneering studies of Gonzalez and Isaacs on the nutritional and metabolic control of cancer, their new book What Went Wrong is highly recommended.


This extraordinary story paints a detailed picture of mismanagement of a promising clinical trial of pancreatic cancer therapy by vested interests of the National Cancer Institute, the National Institutes of Health, and Academia.


The story is one of conviction, persistence and dedication in the face of opposition by the cancer industry.”

Paul J. Rosch, M.D., President, The American Institute of Stress:

“This book is about a $1.4 million grant awarded by the National Cancer Institute in 1998 to do a controlled clinical trial comparing the chemotherapeutic drug Gemzar to Dr. Gonzalez’ enzyme approach in the treatment of patients with pancreatic cancer.


Dr. Gonzalez documents how the study was mismanaged, how he had no control over the selection of patients, and how the protocol was violated in numerous ways that were subsequently confirmed by regulatory authorities. Yet, a misleading article was published without his knowledge and none of the responsible parties were ever admonished or held accountable.


This tragic tale tends to support a growing suspicion that the cancer cartel of organizations, government agencies and vested interests is devoted more to preserving their enormous profits and reputations than to the prevention and cure of cancer.”

Suzanne Somers, actress and author:

“This is a story that truly needed to be told. In this important book, Dr. Gonzalez carefully details his serious well-intentioned attempt to have his nutritional approach to cancer properly tested in a National Cancer Institute clinical trial, only to have the project mismanaged by the academic and government scientists in charge.


It is a tale of indifference, indifference to scientific truth and indifference to patient well-being that reached right into the highest levels of the cancer research world. It shows first hand the strong biases against natural therapies among the powers that be that keep useful treatments like his from seeing the light of day. 


For those with an interest in alternative medicine, and particularly for those who still have faith in the integrity of our conventional medical authorities, this book will be an eye-opener.


“Nick Gonzalez is a wonderfully knowledgeable, completely dedicated, idealistic physician. For my book Knockout I interviewed many of his patient successes who have conquered terrible cancer with his treatment, so I know the regimen works. 


Hopefully, this book will finally set the record straight about the NCI clinical trial and help get this researcher the credit he deserves.”




“I highly recommend What Went Wrong Gonzalez's book shows us the deeply rooted institutional backlash that infuses the study of an effective, individualized, nonconventional therapy…


His experience is a shot across the bow of all nonconventional practitioners who strive to see their methods authentically evaluated and validated. It is a contemporary history that we would all be wise to study.”

Greg Nigh, N.D., L.Ac., in Natural Medicine Journal, the official journal of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians



“As Dr. Gonzalez reveals in his book What Went Wrong: The Truth Behind the Clinical Trial of the Enzyme Treatment of Cancer, poor trial design, poor implementation at the highest levels of the research, and improper supervision in the trial itself completely derailed the study.


“The book also calls into question the validity of double-blind placebo studies as the gold standard of mainstream medicine. Dr. Gonzalez delves into biases of scientific health community that make the fair testing of unconventional treatments so difficult…


“Dr. Gonzalez’s experience is a testament to the failure of mainstream medicine.”

Alliance for Natural Health USA



What Went Wrong: The Truth Behind the Clinical Trial of the Enzyme Treatment of Cancer excoriates the horrendous mismanagement and subsequent cover-up of a National Cancer Institute/National Institutes of Health clinical trial to study author Nicholas J. Gonzalez, M.D.'s nutritional treatment methods for patients diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer…


The therapy was not properly evaluated or analyzed despite years of so-called research, depriving future cancer patients accurate information about all their treatment options.


What Went Wrong is a striking case study of a scientific study gone terribly awry, and highly recommended for science and medical professionals as well as for concerned laypeople.”

The Midwest Book Review