Chapter Five
A Solution To The Mystery Of The Ufo

In the 1950s, there were many contacteés who wrote books, gave lectures, and in general profited from their alleged private liaisons with extra-terrestrials. The most well-known of these contacteés included George Adamski, Orfeo Angelucci, Major Wayne Aho, Truman Betherum, Dan Fry, Howard Menger, George Hunt Williamson, and George Van Tassel. Serious UFO researchers of this period tended to feel considerable animosity towards these contacteés because they confused and polarized public opinion. Most scientifically motivated researchers did not and do not feel that these contacteés were anything but either charlatans or self-deluded crackpots.

I avoid this judgment, and include the data from some of these sources. Historically, it is the exclusion of data such as this that has at times inhibited science. I may point out here that there is a great distance between the accepting of data and the eventual weighting of it. I’ve carefully read the material published by the contacteés, and have become personally acquainted with several of them.

The twenty years which have passed since the first contacteé flurry have produced a plethora of new contacteés around the world. However, because of the lack of respectability accorded to the first avowed contacteés, the newer ones have tended to keep the contacts to themselves, except for reports to one or the other of the UFO investigative organizations. It has become downright unfashionable to be a contacteé. I personally know numerous silent contacteés, and am familiar with the cases of others who have related their strange experiences with UFOnauts only in strictest confidence.

The important thing about all of these contacteés is that there is a remarkable correlation of the information which they receive, which becomes apparent to anyone who has taken the trouble to research the available literature.

One of the more prestigious silent contacteés was cited in the television documentary, UFOs, PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE. Since he was a full commander in the U.S. Navy, it is not difficult to see why he was reluctant to have his telepathic contact publicized. Here is a partial account of the contact. It was made at 2:00 p.m. on July 9, 1959, at CIA offices at 5th and K Streets NW, Washington, D.C.

D. Cmdr. ____ pointed out that during the latter part of June he and another Naval Officer had flown up to Maine and visited Mrs. S ____ for the purpose of witnessing a contact and to interview the lady. Mrs. S ____, after the interview and contact, asked Cmdr. ____ why he didn’t make a contact himself. The officer then tried, but was unsuccessful.

E. After his return to Wash. Cmdr. ____ was discussing the case with Mr. ____ and Lt. Cmdr. ____ at CIA. At the insistence of these two gentlemen he attempted another contact and was app. successful in receiving messages from a person called AFFA, an inhabitant of the planet Uranus. Cmdr. ____ would pen his question on a large sheet of paper (ques. put to him by other 2) relax, and some unknown force would guide his hand in writing the answers. During the time that the message is being transmitted, is subjected to a very great physical strain. Of the many questions put to AFFA—some samples:

Q. Do you favor any government, religious group, or race?
A. No, we do not. Signed AFFA.

Q. Will there be a third World War?
A. No. Signed AFFA.

Q. Are Catholics the chosen people?
A. No. Signed AFFA.

Q. Can we see a spaceship or flying saucer?
A. When do you want to see it? Signed, AFFA.

Q. Can we see it now?
A. Go to the window. Signed AFFA. (Mr. , Cmdr. ____ and Lt. Cmdr. ____ all go to the window.)

Q. Are we looking in the right direction?
A. (answered vocally) Yes, signed AFFA.

At this time, approximately 1400, 6 July 1959, these three men saw what they have indicated was a flying saucer. They described the object as round, with the perimeter brighter than the center. Lt. Cmdr. ____ checked with Washington Center (radar) and was informed that for some unknown reason radar return from the direction in which the ship was supposedly seen had been blocked out at the time of the sighting.

… H. On July 10, 1959, Maj. Friend in the company of Cmdr. ____ visited the office of ONI to study the case file of Mrs. Swan. The record indicates that Mrs. Swan has been in touch with the following persons from the planet or (system):

  • AFFA—Uranus

  • Crill—Jupiter

  • ALOMAR—Mercury

  • PONNAR—Mercury (wanted to leave human race alone to stew in its own juice.)

  • ANKAR—Centaurus

The Navy indicates that through these contacts Mrs. S ____ has been able to answer technical questions beyond the level of her education or background. The case contains records of some of the exchanges that Mrs. S ____ has had, and while there is some loose mention of how spaceships work and of what they are made, there was little of value. … indicated that the Canadians had exploited this scientific angle.

I. The S ____ record indicated that there was an organization OEEV which means the Universal Association of Planets, and that the organization has a project EU or Euenze (?) (earth) which is being conducted. What this project was to accomplish was not mentioned.1

In George Hunt Williamson’s book, THE SAUCERS SPEAK! we find some interesting correlation with the silent Commander’s contact. Williamson was reporting on his 1952 contact by radiotelegraphy and telepathy. He included contacts with AFFA of Uranus, ANKAR-22 of Jupiter, and PONNAR of the planet Hatonn in Andromeda. This is an example of the correlations I’m talking about. One of these would prove nothing. Dozens of such coincidences begin to add up to a reasoned description of a theory which makes some sense out of the massive UFO chaos. One note: in dealing with these contacts, you have to remember that AFFA, PONNAR, and ANKAR-22 are most likely not denizens of our particular density of reality, and therefore would not be visible to astronauts landing on their planets.

The really significant bulk of correlations becomes evident during the reading and deciphering of the messages and meanings of the alleged communications. I have selected a small, representative portion of the millions of words of contacteé communications that I have read through the years, in order that the essence of what I have come to believe is the message from the UFOs may be made easily available to the reader. I make heavy use of the Hatonn source in these two chapters to come because the material has been gathered by the experimental group which I set up and consequently, I have the confidence of knowing precisely how the information was obtained.

I am in a craft, high above you. I am aware of your thoughts, even though I am quite some distance above. I am, at this time, in a craft which is capable of interplanetary flight. This craft has been seen by some of your people. It will shortly be seen by more of them. It may shortly be seen by yourselves if you look for it. The time is closely approaching now when we must be seen much, much more by the people of this planet. The time is now closely approaching when we must create a high degree of inquisitiveness among your people. They are quite inquisitive at the present, but they are not yet seeking. This is what we intend to do: we intend to provide a stimulus for them, to increase their seeking. The larger percentage of your people, although interested in our craft, are not sufficiently interested to seek an answer to what they see. This we intend to alleviate by stimulating a more intense interest.2

And Yolanda channels an echo of this reason for the continuing UFO sightings:

Remember the purpose of these sightings. They are only to open the minds and hearts of the skeptical ones …3

And another contacteé, an Arizonan, relays this from his source:

The man whose body and mind I am using to speak to you is being used by his own full cooperation. Had he not reached out, I would not have been beamed to him in answer. Yet all who reach out are not answered, for all do not reach out in honesty of purpose. Some wish to acquire some personal gratification of the moment; therefore, they do not reach a point of open acceptance necessary to receive me. I am beamed to many on your world. This man is not unique.4

It seems that they want the people of Earth to seek on their own some answers to the mystery of the UFOs.

I am speaking to you from a craft known to you as an otevana. It is a very, very large craft compared to your standards. It is several miles in length. We have been aboard this craft here above your planet for some numbers of years. It is like a world in itself, and is used for intergalactic travel. Aboard this craft we have all of the facilities that you have in your world, plus many others.5

They seem to be describing an often-sighted, cigar-shaped “mother ship,” which is normally not in our dimension of reality and is therefore not usually visible to us. An interesting correlation here is from the book, OAHSPE, written by Dr. John Ballou Newbrough, first published in 1882. The book is said to be the product of automatic (telepathic) writing. OAHSPE tells of etheric beings traveling to Earth in spaceships to aid in the evolution of mankind. One type of ship mentioned by them is the “otevan.”6


Here is more about OAHSPE’s ships, and their purpose:

As I taught corporeans to build ships to traverse corporeal seas, so have I taught ethereans to build vessels to course My etherean seas.

As I bound the corporean that he could not raise up in the air above corpor, save by a vessel, so created I My heavens for the spirits of men, that by manufactured vessels they might course My firmament.7

Go build me an avalanza capable of carrying three thousand million angels, with as many rooms, capable of descent and ascent, and east and west and north and south motion, and prepare it with a magnet that it may face to the north whilst traveling.8

And in this same time the descending stars of other Gods and Goddesses, the etherean ships from far-off worlds, were drawing nearer and nearer; and, on every side, the firmament was as if alive with worlds on fire.9

Another telepathic contact states:

… we are thousands upon this ship no. 1235, twenty-three hundred and fifty three persons, to be exact. We are not persons exactly as you see persons but we are of the different dimensions, different planets. We congregate on this etheric ship, which is the size of a city; as you understand it would be, to accommodate the comings and goings.

The purpose of this ship in orbit is to stimulate and to work with all those who are being trained to be key light centers in the Western hemisphere of the Earth …10

This is a more specific description, given by a channel in a Miami light center group called the Mark-Age MetaCenter. And how long has this type of help been coming our way?

We have attempted throughout what you would consider ancient times on your planet to bring to mankind, to those who would desire the knowledge, the knowledge that is necessary for experiencing all of the infinite experiences created by our Creator. Some of those who dwelt upon this planet in the past have accepted these teachings and have benefited from them. Benefited far beyond anything that could be imagined by those who are not experiencing the benefits. We have attempted for many of your years to bring to all of those who desire the teachings, the very simple teachings that allow you to know all.

However, these teachings have not been understood very well.11

“Q. How long have they been coming into our atmosphere?
“A. For thousands and thousands of years.”12

“Q. What is life like on your planet, as compared to our life?
“A. Life on our planet at one time was much like that upon planet Earth. However, at this time our entire population of sentient beings has developed into a completely unitary and combined ability of each brother of the planet known as Hatonn. The combination is so strong that we are able to do many, many things. Feeling and being as one, we are seeking as one, and as our seeking has led us forward, we have found our way to be pointed directly at service, ever-expanding service. Service to all parts of the creation.

“And as our service has been needed, whereas before we were not capable of discovering the means to perform the service that we saw as our service.

“In this manner, we have developed abilities which you may call miraculous. We have the ability to transcend what you know as time and space. We have access in a conscious manner to knowledge of which you have access only during meditation, in a sub-conscious manner. The freedoms which we enjoy, my friends, are there because we have begun to see that we are all one. Realization is all that is between planet Earth and the planet Hatonn. On your planet as on our planet, each blade of grass is alive with the knowledge of the Creator. The winds sing His praises. Trees shout for joy in the creation of our infinite Father. If you are not able to see the Creator, my friends, it is a matter of seeking, and seeking, and continued seeking. And then, my friends, you will begin to realize, and to understand, that the Creation of the Father is all around you.

“Planet Earth, my friends, is indeed a lovely planet. It will soon be vibrating in a vibratory manner which is far more associated with realization of the Father’s creation. Begin to realize, and move with your planet, as we moved with ours. There is only that which is in your mind, and within your consciousness, and within your faith, between the pain, the lack, and the limitation which you experience, and the complete freedom which in our vibration we experience.”13

Here we find the Hatonn identification once more and another reference to seeking. When they speak of their vibrations, they are saying in another way that they are not within our physical reality. There is also an indication here that the planet Earth may be moving into a different vibration or area of reality.

We have aided many other planets within this general vibratory level. The aid is given to this level by us because we are, shall we say, at the next level of awareness, and are best able to communicate to those people who wish to enter into understanding which we share.

We have dealt with many planets who are beginning a new phase of vibration. We have aided many a graduating class, and we have done so successfully. We have also failed, not once but several times. It is completely possible for us to fail if it be the will of the people of the planet we are attempting to aid.

We come because we feel the desire that brings us here. And we give what aid we can to those who wish it. Our thoughts are available to those who desire them. However, we attempt to do this in such a way that no individual is ever in a position where he cannot accept or deny our thinking as he so pleases. Those who are vibrating within the level that will appreciate the information that we give surely recognize that which is truth.

At the present time, we are far behind where we had hoped to be at this point while helping planet Earth. We had hoped to have been much more successful at reaching the people of this planet. It is possible that there will be a smaller graduation than we had hoped.14

The reference to a graduation concerns the transition from our present reality to the reality in which many of the UFOs normally exist, one which is a comfortable environment for our higher bodies. These graduation and transition references are found in many and various places:

Our purpose in coming at this time is to help speed up these reactions so you will be prepared for the change-over in the Earth’s frequency. This is taking place over a number of years. Many of your people are being affected mentally and spiritually in a discomforting way, and some of them in a very spiritual way.15

The program that is in operation is to prepare the Earth for a major rise in consciousness, to what you call Christ awareness but what we term communication with Universal Energy.16

They are making themselves known to the world as a whole to lead mankind thereby into a New Age as the Earth enters the more intense vibrations of Aquarius.17

To sum up just what Flying Saucers are, we would say that they are mechanical devices intelligently controlled by men like ourselves. These men originate from many planets and planes and although they are different from one another in spiritual evolvement, they are banded together in an Interplanetary Brotherhood or Confederation of Solar Systems in this area of the Universe. The purpose of this organization is to aid their brother-man on the planet Earth as the New Age dawns. The Saucers constitute the “Host” which is the forerunner of the promised “Second Coming” of the Elder Brother. The ORIGIN of the Saucers, however, is not the important consideration—but their MISSION is! 18

The … most important reason for their visitation to Earth at this time is that our whole solar system is at this time in transit into a new area of space, a new density, and that this is changing the vibratory rate of the nucleus of every atom in our planet, raising it to a higher frequency.19

“Q. Why do they come here—what is their purpose?
“A. To try to awaken within us a yearning for higher understanding so we can help ourselves in preventing any further destruction of our planet, which could conceivably have a bad effect in our solar system. It is about time we grew up as a humanity.” 20

Of course UFO sources are not the only ones to sound the graduation theme. The Book of Revelation in our Bible discusses it in detail, as do the Edgar Cayce readings and that odd book, OAHSPE. In SECRETS OF THE ANDES, a contacteé entity called Aramu-Meru says, “Upon the horizon Armageddon is shortly to come to pass.”21 Occult analysis of the Great Pyramid at Giza seems to predict a transition period, as do the ancient predictions of Nostradamus. These references to “the end” of things as they are, are certainly not a new thing. We devote a chapter to this subject later in this book. For now, I’ll just say that basically the theory has all of us moving into a new area of space, a new vibration. It will be a higher vibration. The higher body of each of us will be our basic body, just as the physical body is here. This higher vibration, in which many of the UFOnauts already dwell, allows for a much more direct control of the environment by mind. Back in the ’50s, contacteés were talking about that time in the near future when telepathy, telekinesis, and other paranormal abilities would be commonplace due to the advance of our solar system into the higher-vibration space. As G. H. Williamson’s contact, Brother Philip put it,

… the messenger shall come unto you, even as it was in the days of Pentecost. And the living tongues of fire shall descend upon you. The gifts of the spirit will come unto you. And some shall manifest the gift of healing, and some the gift of tongues, or discernment, and the others.22

Man has the capacity to express the full spectrum of creation in all of the variations and harmonies of the Divine Thought for man was created as a creator. He has only to learn to express these harmonies from his Creator, and there is no end to the extent and the beauty of the expression of life which he can manifest.23

You are beginning to know things. You are beginning to hear things. You are beginning to sense them and to use mental telepathy. You are beginning to see beyond the physical vision. When you close your eyes, pictures form; colors that you do not see in the three-dimensional, or in the Earth plane, begin to flash before your eyes. You do not know where they come from, because you are going into the fourth dimension.

Man has always been in the fourth dimension, because man always has contained an etheric body while he lived in a physical body on this planet. But that physical body is now being transmuted into the etheric body, more closely attuned so the etheric body can be the operating or dominant body while on this planet.24

One can only wonder if the continually increasing number of children now beginning to display these abilities might not be the promised harbingers of the new vibration.
So the UFOs are here, they say, for a specific purpose, at this specific time. There are like a “red alert” to our inner self: an alert that it is time for us to remember who we are, and why we are here.

“Behold a fairer time is with you than any men have dreamed of; behold there is a gladness again in the heavens when a host not of earth is seen of all shepherds.”25

We of the Confederation are here, as I have said, in great numbers. We are allowing your people to see us: at present we are allowing more of your people to see us. You can see us, as this instrument has. I will appear to you in the very near future. I will be seen in your skies. It is only necessary that you continue in your seeking.


You see, my friends, it is truly written that, in order to find, you must seek. That is the scheme of things at this time. All of our efforts have been directed towards fulfilling this simple phrase: “Seek and ye shall find.” Why do you think we have been so elusive? This was wisdom, my friends, that it is necessary to seek in order to find.


You will understand this wisdom, if you think about it. It is a very old and tried system of producing an increase in the awareness of an individual, for only he himself can produce this increase in awareness. We cannot impress it upon him. But he can very easily increase his awareness many, many-fold. But the seeking is necessary.26

And we will always continue to learn, for, take away curiosity and take away the thrill of living and seeking and man could not exist. There would not even be a creation. So we shall never reach the end of that road. We shall always seek.27

Boiling this basic desire of the UFOs to help us down to a workable plan seems to entail first of all the requirement that the UFOnauts have a great deal of patience. They want to help us without pushing us around. In advertising jargon, one could say that they’re giving us the soft sell of all time.

I am aware that many of the people of your planet consider that we have wasted too much time in our attempts to awaken the slumbering population of your planet. We would greatly prefer to act much, much more rapidly, but the speed and the degree of our activities must be regulated, not by us, but by you. The acceptance of us by the total population of this planet is the only governing principle that controls our activities.

We will, very shortly, increase these activities. More and more of our craft will be seen by the people of your planet. This can be done because they are willing to accept us. We will do this, in order that their curiosity will be stimulated. This curiosity will then lead them to seeking the truth of our presence. This truth is what they desire, even though they do not consciously realize it.28

Give help without obligation. Lead without dominating. This is the Mystic Virtue.29

The UFOnauts report that they have quite a bit of experience at making contact with populations such as ours. Their technique seems to be gradually acclimatizing the people of this planet to their presence. From the days of the first widely-publicized sightings, and Orson Welles’ historic radio broadcast of THE WAR OF THE WORLDS that caused such panic, we have come to a time when there is a high degree of acceptance of the UFOs among young people, with little indication of fears of attack. We may think that, OK, if they really are here, they should get on with it! Land! Make contact now!


But in the light of their statements about the speed of their actions being regulated strictly by our acceptance of them, we can begin to understand their elusiveness. For though the young do tend to accept them, many of the rest of us do not. Also, we occasionally find indications that their lifespan does not have the limitations of ours. As the contact “Hoova” tells Puharich, “We occupy our physical bodies for about a million years at a time.” 30 This would definitely make a time difference of fifty or a hundred years much more acceptable.

We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator are here to serve you. It is a great privilege, yet we must remain aloof. This is our understanding of proper service, for in serving your fellow man, it is necessary that you serve his exact wants and needs. You cannot determine for him what these are. Therefore, if his wants and needs lie outside the limits of your ability or your desire to serve, it is best that you remain aloof, as we. There are, however, many, many of your people who desire exactly our service. For this reason it is impossible at this time to come among you. For this reason it is necessary at this time to act through instruments such as this one.31

It is necessary that if an individual is to make progress in a spiritual sense, that it be a result of an inner-directed seeking of his own, rather than an outer-directed commandment given to him by an organization of a religious or other nature. For this reason, it is necessary that we do not make ourselves too generally known and accepted by the people of your planet. If we were to do this, then the inner direction of their seeking would be for the most part lost. This is the basic reason for the conditions that you experience in your present physical environment. These conditions have been selected by yourselves, and by others, and they are a natural consequence of the creation, so as to act upon the consciousness of the individuals and create an atmosphere which will produce the inner-directed seeking for truth of which I spoke.

Unfortunately, many of the people of this planet at this time are so involved with activities that are of an extremely transient and unimportant nature that they do not have opportunities for experiencing the growth of an awareness that is necessary in order to accomplish the seeking that they actually desire.

We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the infinite Creator have attempted to balance between too much exposure of our craft to the people of this planet and too little exposure. If we were to become too much a common phenomenon, so that our presence was beyond question, then we would eliminate, at least in part, a large interest in seeking for spiritual truth. This may seem to be a strange or unusual point of view, but we have observed this in the past, and since the basic reason for the physical isolation of a people such as yourselves is to cause an inner-directed seeking, then it is evident to us that we should follow, as closely as possible, this plan.

Our craft and our people have visited this planet many, many times in the past. This was done only after the civilization that we visited was ready to accept us. This was done only after the civilization had reached a satisfactory level of inner-directed seeking of the truth of the creation, and therefore it was displaying the principles of love and brotherhood that are the product of this seeking.

We are at this time forced by conditions over which we have no control to visit the civilizations of your world, even though they have not reached a state of spiritual awareness satisfactorily high enough for our contact. This presents a problem. The problem is that we must approach a part of the peoples of this planet without distressing the rest.

We are attempting to do this. It is necessary that the evidence of our visits and our communications be of such a nature that it can be rejected or accepted by anyone who is exposed to it. There will be, unfortunately, a degree of infringement upon the people of this planet who do not wish to accept our contact. This is an unfortunate condition, but it is one with which we must deal, since at this time it is necessary that those of the people of this planet who are seeking truth be given truth.

It will not be necessary to prove to these people that what we are giving them is truth, for if an individual has reached an understanding of truth through the inner-directed seeking of which I spoke, then he will recognize this truth when it is given to him. It is therefore only necessary that we, by some means that will not disturb those who are not seeking our contact, give to the rest of the people of your planet that which they seek in a form that is suitable.

This, then, is our service: to lend a helping hand up the ladder of spiritual evolution to that part of the people of this planet at this particular time, a time that is unique in the history of this planet, a time that must be dealt with in a more direct and forceful way than previous times and experiences in the history of this planet.
We are extremely privileged in being able to offer this service to those who seek it: and our service is largely given to them through the process of their daily meditation. If they are to avail themselves to this service, it is necessary that they do so through meditation.32

It is not our policy to fraternize with the natives of any of the worlds we supervise. We did that in eons past and it brought disaster to all and gave rise to fantastic legends in your own world.33

Karmically we cannot overrun or overrule, as you would put it in your parliamentary terms, your mass desire. We could not do that. Don’t you understand that? You are there to set up the desire and to help them have the desire for us. But we cannot interfere, or cannot overrun them. Please understand this basic rule of the universal law. Please, it is very important. Don’t expect us to come down and force you into seeing us or accepting us. This must be accomplished from the Earth plane level. Please understand.34

We must remember that according to Universal Law, our space visitors cannot interfere with our progress on Earth. Since the Earth is only a classroom in the Father’s many mansions certain lessons must be learned before Earthman earns graduation to higher spheres. An eighth grader doesn’t enter the first grade to make fun of the students because they do things more simply than himself. Likewise, spacemen aren’t going to step in and dictate to us; they are going to let us learn our lessons in our own way, even though they will undoubtedly be painful lessons, for the history of the Earth has proven this to be always true on this sorrowful planet!35
The Space People themselves state that by Universal Law they cannot
interfere with man’s progression upon the Earth.36

The one thorniest question asked of ufologists is “Why don’t they land?” Or, put another way, “Why don’t they contact our governments?” If you accept these contacteés’ messages, then this thorny question is thoroughly laid to rest.

The UFOnauts in this particular group look upon planet Earth as a place with one function: the growing of people. Not their bodies, but their spirits. Hence they are concerned only with this people’s spiritual growth. They are celestial gardeners here to enrich the etheric soil of mental communication which is available to everyone through meditation.

We cannot come directly to you, and land upon your surface and speak with you. For it would do no good. We must provide a spark, a clue, something for a start, a start of seeking. Seeking that results in finding the truth that is within you. This, my friends, is the only way to help the people of your planet. For they must help themselves. They must find the truth that is within them. They must initiate the seeking. All that we can do is to provide a stimulus for their own initiation of this seeking.37

We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator avail ourselves to this knowledge through meditation. For this reason, we do not come among your people, giving them our service directly, for we are aware of detrimental effects upon them in doing this. Our service is aimed at what they actually desire. What they actually desire is an ability to realize truth. In order to give to them this ability, it is necessary that we bring about a condition to cause within them a personal seeking of service and a personal seeking of knowledge of the truth of the creation. Only through this process can they understand the truth that is within them. It is something that cannot be too effectively given to them in an intellectual manner.38

Allow people to read transcripts of these transmissions only when they ask. And only if they ask—never at any other time. We cannot stress this enough. Never force either our, or your, opinions on anyone. People will come to you when they are ready to accept what we have to say.39

Each man, and hence each world, must learn the lesson and make its own progression.40

… they look upon us as younger brothers whom they love dearly, but whom they know must solve their own problems in order to learn the lessons well. … Growth and progress are individual matters. The way may be pointed, but each must travel it for himself. He may choose to travel the main highways, meeting and mastering the lessons brought by each moment, or he may choose detours. The choice lies with each one alone.41

At this point, we can see fairly well the reason that the craft are here, according to the contacteé messages. The UFOnauts want to help us, if we want to be helped, by sharing with us their philosophy, if you will, or their concept of truth. Or call it their religion, if you must. I personally hesitate to use any of these terms, but especially the term “religion.” There is a good deal of feeling caught up in the word itself.

Many scientists think that the studies and beliefs of religion are unscientific. And many clergymen find science to be unreligious or even sacreligious. I would like to remove this discussion from both camps, and refrain from getting tangled up in semantics. Whatever your bias, just look at this data with an open mind. Remember that there are always problems encountered in the communication of both scientific and religious concepts.

There is another consideration, too, in studying these contacteé messages. We must make allowance for the limitations of vocabulary and religious and scientific expertise of the telepathic receivers of these contacteé messages. They could only repeat that which was to some degree comprehensible to their own minds; therefore, we receive largely simplified versions of the original UFOnaut’s concepts. Yet these views are most provocative. Here, an entity from Hatonn blends science and religion in a discussion about life itself:

Life is composed of two materials. One of them is what you might call consciousness. The other is light. But my friends, consciousness is love, and light is its physical manifestation. All that you are able to experience in the way of a physical universe is composed of one ingredient. This ingredient we will call light, since this word is closest to what we wish to express, and it is the only word that we have available in your language to express the basic building block of our Creator.

Originally, the Creator expressed a desire. This desire was expressed in a state of consciousness that is best described in your language using the word, love. The Creator, then, expressing desire through love, caused the creation of all matter. He caused the creation of light. This light was then formed in its infinite configuration in the infinite universe to produce all of the forms that are experienced. All of these forms, then, are molded or generated through the expression of consciousness that is love. They are composed of a fabric that is light. For this reason we greet you each evening, with the statement “in his love and his light.” For this, then, encompasses all that there is.

The consciousness that creates, and the fabric that is love and light.

The love that produces the configuration of light occurs in what we term various vibrations, or, using a word in your language that is not sufficient but somewhat descriptive, “frequency”—love occurs, then, in various vibrations or frequencies. These vibrations or frequencies are the result of free will. When the Creator produced this original concept, the concept included the gift of freedom of choice to all of the parts that he created. These parts are then totally free to change the original thought.

In doing so, they change what you understand to be the vibration of some portion of the original thought.
Each of you here this evening have a vibration. This vibration is yours, and you have control over it. Your freedom of choice has created the love that manifests the light that is the fabric molded into your physical form.

This is the simplest analysis of all created forms of all of the creation. Each part of it is able to utilize its own consciousness, through the principle of freedom of choice, to vary or change the original vibration. The creation, therefore, continues to be self-generating, in an infinite variety. This was provided for in the original thought of the Creator. It was provided that he might generate, in an infinite way, in an infinite number of forms.
Through this use of freedom of choice, man upon planet Earth has generated many forms. Some of these forms were never envisioned by the Creator with the original thought. However, they were allowed for, due to the principle of freedom of choice.

This is perhaps the most important principle in this creation: that each of the Creator’s parts be able, throughout eternity, to select for themselves what they desire. In experimenting with this desire, there has in some instances become a slight problem in straying away from thoughts and desires that would be most beneficial. In experimenting with these desires, some of the created parts have lost contact with the original desire.

This has occurred in many places in this creation. We are here at present to communicate, to those who desire to find their way back to the original thought, information leading those who desire the path back along the path to the original thought. It is necessary that we act in such a way so as to lead only those who desire this pathway along it; therefore not violating the important principle of total freedom of choice.

As I was saying previously, each of you, as do all parts of this creation, have a particular vibration or frequency. This vibration or frequency is the only important part of your being, since it is an index of your consciousness with respect to the original thought.

When an individual is aware of life in its infinite sense, he is also aware of the benefits of matching this vibration with the vibration of the original thought. It is our effort to match our vibration with that of the original thought. This is the reason that we of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator are here now. For this service that we perform is a service that would be in harmony with the original thought. This, then, produces within us a vibration more harmonious to the original thought.

We are attempting to give instructions to those of the planet Earth who would seek the instructions how to produce within themselves the vibration that is more harmonious with the original thought. This, as I have stated before, was demonstrated upon your planet many times before by teachers. The last one of whom you are familiar was the one known to you as Jesus. He attempted to demonstrate by his activities his thinking. His thinking was in harmony, much more than those about him, with the original thought. His vibration was, therefore, much more in harmony with the original vibration.

For this reason he was able to work what were called miracles. However, the original thought was that all of the parts of the consciousness that were of the original thought should be able to generate by thought and consciousness what would be desired. The man known as Jesus desired, and therefore created, since the vibration which he generated was in harmony with the vibration which the Creator used to form the creation.
It is only necessary, then, that an individual become in harmony with the vibration that formed the creation in order for him to act within the creation as did the Creator, and as does the Creator. This was demonstrated to you by the one known to you as Jesus. Not only did he demonstrate what could be done in a very small way, but also how to think in order to do this.

Unfortunately, man upon planet Earth has misinterpreted the meaning of this man’s life.

At this time we wish to point out the true meaning of this man’s life. It was desired that those who were aware of his thinking and his activities then follow the example, and as he did, become more in unison and in a harmonious vibration with the thought of their Creator.

We are here to bring you information and to impress upon you in a nonintellectual way during meditation the idea that is necessary for you to increase the vibratory rate of your real being so that it is harmonious with the original thought of our creator. Our teachings will be simple, as were the teachings of the one known to you as Jesus. It is only necessary that you attempt to understand these teachings. Understand them in depth. Understanding in depth can be done only through meditation.

And then, once these teachings are understood, it will be necessary that they be applied, and that the individual so desiring to apply them demonstrate in his daily activities and in his daily thinking the concept that was the original thought. The concept that we have spoken to you as being love. We have used this word, as I have said, because it is as close as we can come, using language, to the original thought.

However, this word is miniature compared to the original thought. The original thought can be obtained in your intellect, only to a very small degree. It must be obtained in your total being, through the process of meditation.
Once this is done, and once your activities and thinking reflect this thought, your vibration will increase. At this time you will find the kingdom that has been promised to you. It is truly all about you. It is only necessary for you to grow in order for you to receive it. This growth is simple: spend time in meditation and learn of its simplicity.42

All exists, then, in the love and light of the Creator, or to say it another way, all that exists is made of light, directed by love. The concepts of love and light are not exact, the space contacts tell us, but they are the most appropriate words available in our language. Here are correlating passages from several other sources, which repeat the basic thought: some use the word “love,” some the word “light,” and one the word “energy,” but they all are aiming at the same concept.

But until all men agree about the principle taught by the collective prophets and principal teachings, you can have no equation by which to work all your difficult problems. The equation is that God is love, and love is all; and love is the key, or Spirit is the force, by which all love is possible between men and between planes, planets and forces of nature.43

Love is the essence of all creativity. Without love, there would be no life. For it was through love that God received the spark of the idea of creation and conceived the vision of creating man to be a part of Him.44

... attune the frequency of your own individual being nightly, calling upon that being by whichever name you know that being—the Infinite One, God, the All-Knowing One, Our Radiant One—to send forth His light to assist you in attuning with those frequencies of Light which are being sent forth now at this time into the very core of your own beings.45

My friends, remember that you are living in a universe of energy. Even you, yourself, are pure energy.46

This concept of a vibration forming light is in precise agreement with the findings of Dewey B. Larson’s revolutionary unified field theory which he calls the Reciprocal System. Larson says:

If this is a universe of motion in which matter is a complex of motions, then motion is logically prior to matter.47

Let’s take a look at a further application of the UFO concept that consciousness is prior to matter:

The creation was initially conceived by our Creator to be of a property so as to reflect the impressions given to it by man. It was so designed as to express his desires in any way that he chose. There are various levels or densities in this creation: levels and densities that are not yet suspected by your physical scientists. Each of these levels is expressing the desires of those of the Creator’s children who are acting within it.

Each level or density is moldable or may be acted upon by the thoughts of the individuals within it to a greater or in some cases a lesser extent than that appreciated by those who dwell upon the surface of your planet at this time. It is only necessary to desire an effect to create it. This is what the Creator of us all provided for us.


This is not understood at present by the population of the surface of your planet: however, it is in actuality the truth of the Creation that they are experiencing at this time. The conditions that you experience in your daily activities are a result of your thinking and the thinking of those about you and others on your surface.48

And again:

… Thought can also be transmitted on many frequencies … The effect that these frequencies will have in the envelope of your earth will depend on the frequencies of thought. Now you say, “What determines the frequency of the thought?” There are several things there too; the motive back of the thought will determine somewhat the frequency— also the type of thought. For instance, thoughts of resentment, of hate, of fear, each has its frequency, and this frequency has its effect, and will eventually seek out the same vibration or level of vibration in the envelope. As this builds up in the earth’s envelope and becomes greater and greater in quantity, it will have its effect upon the earth …49

It is interesting to note, in the context of these messages, that all of the people who are currently able to produce Geller-type effects are generally of the opinion that the way they cause the direct alterations in their physical environment is to want those alterations to occur. They desire that the metal change its shape, or whatever, and this change happens. I speculate that the mechanism of this bending and breaking of materials by mind has to do with the mind’s affecting an alteration of the basic vibration or space-time mismatch which Larson identifies as the most basic building block of the material universe, the photon, or light.

A much greater refinement of this ability would theoretically allow the individual to create his own reality by arranging the vibration of the fabric of space-time as he desired. As he thought, so would it be. It is the reported condition in the finer planes of existence, as reported by astral travelers too numerous to cite. Indeed, the ability to cause changes in our environments by our own efforts of will seems a desirable talent to cultivate. The UFOnauts tell us how to go about achieving fantastic abilities. The instructions are seemingly simple, yet because of their need to put their concepts into our language, there is always the big question of whether we are able to fully understand what they mean.

Seeking, my friends, is, as we said, extremely important. First, I would like to explain why seeking is important. Seeking is a way of growing. It is in truth for the people of this planet at this time their only way of truly rapidly growing; growing, my friends, in a sense that is spiritual.

The people of this planet at this time are almost all children, in a spiritual sense. Most of them are not at this time seeking spiritual growth. This is very important, if an individual is to rapidly grow, spiritually. All of us throughout all of space are growing, in a spiritual sense. However, some of us are growing much more rapidly than others. The reason for this growth is simply that these are the ones that are seeking.

It is written in your holy works that it is necessary to seek if you are to find. This is with reference to finding spiritual enlightenment. This is in reference to developing the awareness that is necessary for man on earth to develop if he is to take his rightful place in the creation.

We of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator are aware that seeking is necessary if one is to get where he wishes to be, and he wishes to be at a higher state of awareness. Look about you, upon your planet. There are many conscious beings, in many forms of life. There are the animals, and birds, and the fish, and man on earth. And each has a state of awareness. But it seems that man has the higher state of awareness. And yet we tell you that this awareness is very minimal. And the awareness of man on earth can be raised to an awareness that he would consider godlike.

But, my friends, this is what was meant for man to have. This is what was the original concept of the Creator: that this awareness would be possessed by all of his children. This is what it is necessary to seek, if you are to find this awareness.
The reason that it is necessary to seek this awareness is that it cannot be given to you. It is something that each individual must find for himself. It is not a difficult thing to find. It is a very simple thing to find. It is only necessary that the individual go about seeking in a proper way. We are here to attempt to aid those who desire our aid in seeking our awareness, to find it. We will not attempt to confuse those whom we wish to aid with complex lectures on various problems and concepts.


We will simply give to them the simplest of the Creator’s ideas. For, my friends, His ideas are not complex. It is man, especially man on earth, who has made a complex set of rules and conditions for spirituality. The Creator’s concept, my friends, is extremely simple. This we are here to bring to you. It is only necessary then that you seek an understanding of this simplicity. Then, upon understanding it, demonstrate it in your daily lives, and in your activities and associations with your fellow man. Then, my friends, the awareness that was meant for you will be yours. It is an extremely simple process. It is only necessary that, first, man on earth seek.

Seek, my friends. This is what is necessary. This is the first step. Seek awareness. Seek the spirituality that was meant to be yours, and surely you will find it. For this is the Creator’s plan: that all of his children should have this.

Seeking, my friends, is extremely simple. And yet, through the powers of your intellect, with the best of intentions it is possible to make it seem complicated.

There is the complication in your vision of the concept of time; and there is the complication in your vision of the concept of space. And you say “Where, and when, may I seek? In what place may I find holy ground? And at what time may I seek the Creator?”

My friends, you are the Creator. For the Creator is you. And, my friends, as it is written in your holy works, the place whereon you stand is holy ground.

There is no complication in time, for all time is here and now.

There is no complication in place, for all place is here and now.

My friends, there is naught but seeking: there is naught but the Creator. It is only necessary for you to turn inwardly, into the light, and enter the light.

These words are poor, but they lead the way to a new understanding. It is not necessary to have the most perfect meditation or the most proficient spiritual moments in order to be seeking. It is necessary only to turn your will.50

So we must desire, we must have the desire, and then we must be willing to work for it, to practice, to develop. You see, we have many powers within us, greater powers than you can imagine, but we must develop them, you see, and as we master one, we become aware of others and we master them, and so we do, on and on, but it requires great effort especially in the beginning. As you gain more confidence in yourself and in your powers to do these things, you see, it becomes easier and easier, for it becomes, it’s like it’s natural to do this.51

So we are supposed to seek. But how do we go about seeking? And what is the object of our search?

There are many ways, my friends, of gaining what you seek. However, what you seek now will change. It will change as you seek it, for this is the nature … of seeking. For as you seek, you find, and as you find, you understand. And as you understand, you continue in seeking, but at a different level.

So do not attempt to understand that which at present seems to be beyond you. Simply go within, and you will be led to an understanding that will place you upon a new plateau, from which you will be able to view much, much more of reality.

Seeking, my friends, is not a direct attempt to understand each intellectual question which crosses your mind. Seeking is the attempt to know one’s Creator. There will be in your seeking an unfoldment of understanding. Each step will show itself to you. When it does, raise yourself upon it, so that you may find the next one.
We bring to man of Earth understanding, and yet we cannot speak to him and cause him to understand. We cannot communicate through channels this understanding. We can only point out directions for his seeking. For it will be necessary for him to change his point of view, and to change it, he must understand; and to understand, he must seek.

There will be many paradoxes in your seeking, for this is the nature of seeking. But as you continue, these will dissolve, for you will reach a new plateau, and a new understanding. And the seeming paradox that you have bypassed will appear in its true light. Meditation, my friends, is the only method of which we know to allow an individual to rapidly form this new basis for his understanding. For this is not dependent upon preconceptions. It is not dependent upon the definitions of a language that was never intended for spiritual seeking.

Redefine that which you experience. Redefine it through your seeking, and through your growing awareness of the creation and our Creator.

And then, my friends, you will not question, for you will know. For you will have grown in your understanding.

It is sometimes frustrating to be unable to find answers to those questions that seem paramount, and directly in the path of your seeking. But these too will fade, as you pass them by, and become more and more aware of the single truth that permeates all things, and answers all questions. We will continue to aid you in any way that we can, but primarily we will point out to you the wonders and the joys of the creation that you experience. And we will attempt to bring to you an understanding that will be the result of your meditation.52

They realize that they cannot really express themselves fully through our words:

This is the sad part of their contacting us on this earthy plane of expression, where we are very limited in interpreting mental impressions and meanings into words.53

But they are not hampered critically by this communication handicap, because what they want us to do more than anything is meditate and get in touch with our own higher awareness:

… we should consider the highest state of spiritual harmony, love, an awareness of which we can conceive and so make this state of consciousness our own personal goal. We should keep revising our goal upward as our concepts and realizations of the nature of our Creator grow and blossom within us.54

How can we seek this higher awareness? The UFOnauts refer again and again to a quotation from our own Holy Bible:

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. For every one that asketh, receiveth; and he that seeketh, findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.55

Once we begin to come into this higher consciousness, say the space brothers, we begin to learn a new way to live, a way focusing on service to others:

Service, my friends, is very natural. It is the way of the Creator. It is the plan of the Creation. Everything in the creation is performing a service. The vegetation that is abundant upon your planet performs a service. But your people ignore this. The animals upon your planet perform a service, but this is largely also ignored. The flowers, the very air, the water perform a service, but this is ignored. If it were taken fully into consideration, it would become obvious that everything in the creation is there to perform a service. This includes all the Creator’s children. Each of you is here to perform a service. This is the plan of this infinite creation. This is how it works. It is only necessary to understand this, and then all things are possible. Unfortunately, upon the planet that you now enjoy, this principle is not understood. Very, very few of those who inhabit the surface of this planet understand the simplicity and totality of this plan. It is the way the creation functions. It is only necessary that you understand this, and then perform with the best of your ability. Perform these services to your fellow man, and then you too will be functioning the way that the Creator of us all planned.56

… we must learn in spiritual work to be flexible, to be open, to be of service to one another.57

It is because all things are interrelated and all parts of the whole must cooperate with each individual segment of the whole; giving, flowing to one another the priceless energies and the goodwill of love and comradeship which must bring forth the highest in each part of the living creative force field on the planet at this time, and with those who work in and through the planet at this time.58

The Lord answered: Serve thy Creator by doing good unto others with all thy wisdom and strength, and by being true to thine own highest light, and all knowledge shall come to thee.59

You cannot grow by taking in all the truth and beauty of the inner life which you can find and just holding it there. You must bring it forth into your daily life and live as best you can by its tenets and share it with others who ask to know. We may only grow by being agents in the great river of life which flows into our world from our Creator. We must let our Light shine forth. If we do not give of that which we receive to those who seek, in the same spirit that it was given to us, we become a full and stagnant pond and we can receive no more.60

I gave thee Light of Life that you might extend My action; that others might feel the joy of Me that are in darkness bent, who are trouble-blinded and cannot see that I am there.61

All right, we understand that we should attempt to be of service to others. But that is not as simple as it might seem! How are we supposed to go about determining what “service” is?

Service, my friends, is an extremely difficult task to perform effectively. It is necessary first to define the objectives of true service in order to understand how one may serve. There are two classifications under which all services may be divided. The first classification includes those services that are of a transient or unlasting nature. These are the services that you perform in your daily activities for your fellow man, and they are truly services.

But there is a test that may be administered in order to determine whether the service performed is of a transient or unlasting nature, or whether it should fall into the second classification, which includes all services of a permanent and not-transient nature. The test is to determine whether or not the service is of such a nature to cause spiritual growth for the one served.

This, my friends, whether it is known to the individual or whether he has forgotten, is in truth his only real objective.

The people of your planet are, for the most part, in a state of ignorance with respect to their real objective, which is the evolvement of their spiritual awareness. This, then, is what must be served if the second classification for service is to be met.

Each of these two classifications are desirable, and we would like to perform for the people of your planet acts which would be classified under both classifications. However, since we are aware that the second classification is by far the more important of the types of services that may be performed, it is necessary at this time to postpone performances of services of a direct way, to aid in a physical or more transient nature. We are quite fortunate that we are able to act as we are doing now, to provide the people of this planet with information that they may use in order to augment their seeking in a spiritual sense.62

Fragapatti said: Quick, now, seize the goal; go forth practising thy light for others, and it will grow, giant-like. And Hoab was strong in faith, almost mad with the delight of such wondrous change; and he rushed forth, commanding, in the name of Jehovih, raising up hundreds and thousands, even as he had been raised, crystallizing.63

Love is mental or spiritual and can be done with your thinking. Love through your thinking is the only way. Outward expressions of your love do not mean anything unless they have love in the thinking behind the expression.64

The reason for life in the physical sense is to experience service. For this is very effective in creating a deep and complete understanding of the Creator’s plan for the creation. In this plan was the concept of service. Through His love, He instilled in each of the parts of this creation the desire to serve. This desire to serve is within everything that exists. It is within the planet that you walk upon. It is within the vegetation. The atmosphere itself. Everything about you exists to serve, and unless an entity becomes involved too deeply in thoughts generated as an action of his freedom of choice, he will maintain his awareness of his desire to serve, as does the vegetation upon your planet, as does the atmosphere that you breathe, as do we of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator.65

This is really your purpose, service to your Creator and your fellow man.66

For know ye all, that whoever aspireth to Me shall come to Me; but the nearest way for many is round about. Ye being above grade fifty are already more to Me and for Me than against Me or from Me, and in equal degree are cast upon your own responsibility. For such is the light of My kingdoms, from the first to the highest: To the child, no responsibility; to grade twenty-five, one quarter; to fifty, one-half; to seventy-five, three-quarters; but to the emancipated in my etherean realms, responsibility not only to self but to all who are beneath.
Wherein My highest worlds are responsible for the lowest, being bound unto one another through Me for the resurrection of all.

In this day am I come to deliver My Gods down to the earth, to walk on the earth with mortals, raising them up in My name.67

You have desired our presence, and we are with you. We are of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator. We are always with those of the people of this planet who desire our presence. This is our service to the people of this planet at this time. This is our technique of seeking. It may seem strange that we would seek through service, but this is our understanding of seeking.

It is stated in your holy works that it is necessary to seek in order to find. We have found many ways of seeking. One of these is to serve your fellow man. And this is our form of seeking at this time. We are seeking understanding of the Creator. For this is our desire. We are seeking this understanding through service. Through serving our fellow man on Earth, and aiding him in his desire to understand the Creator.

And through aiding him, and fulfilling his desire, we aid ourselves in fulfilling our desire. For in doing this, not only does man on Earth perhaps learn more of this creation and the Creator, but also we: for it is a law of this Creation that only through service, may one be served. In serving others, we serve ourselves, as even does man on earth. For this was the original idea that generated the entire infinite Creation: the idea of mutual service. The idea of mutual understanding. And the idea of mutual love.

This we are bringing to man on Earth: an understanding of that that is within him. An understanding of that which created him. An understanding of our service and the need for his. It is unfortunate that there are so many that do not understand the true principles of this creation. We are attempting to help them realize this truth. It is within them, and this is our service: to help them find what they desire to find: the realization of the thought that generated not only them, but all that there is, and the thought that provided that all that there is act in such a way to serve all that there is.68

We wish to help you find the Father and His blessings as we have done. Sharing with others is one of the great pleasures of life. You will never know great happiness until you can share the love of the Father with someone else.69

We are all one, beloved ones: and to serve others is only to serve yourself.70

The ideals of both our churches and our statesmen are very much in line with this “space brother” philosophy of service to others. It is just that on Earth, we seldom manage to put these ideals into action. Missionaries and diplomats alike want some return for their service. Indeed, the UFO concept of foreign aid is a revolutionary one!