Chapter Seven

Psychic Greeting

A lot has been written about psychic attack. I prefer to call it psychic greeting, since the shift in attitude is the key to dealing with this occurrence. How many times have you heard a news commentator report that a psychotic killer has claimed he heard a voice telling him to kill? How many movies have had as their subject the possession of a soul by an outside force?


Roman Catholic literature has a fairly substantial supply of books on possession by demons or by Satan himself. Anyone who has ever witnessed a sustained psychic greeting upon someone else or himself is fully aware of the reality of the occurrence. If you are reading this book, whatever your previous opinion of psychic greeting, I say to you as a potential or working channel that this is part of the vocation you have elected to pursue.

Anything that we do within this lifetime may be looked at as a kind of game. If we are working on our own maturity, we have begun making up our own rules, choosing what we believe and fashioning the game to suit our biases and choices. Being an instrument makes you a player in a game where all the pieces are invisible and have to do with feeling and faith.


There are many presences in our invisible universe, many more by far than we can see as we go about our daily life. We do well to choose our point of view carefully and stick with it faithfully in order that we may have the most fastidious choice of contacts, aligning ourselves with the highest and best thought we can.

We then offer ourselves for a kind of positive possession or partial possession. Any channel who is relaying a message has opened itself to what is intended to be just that. Through tuning and challenging of spirits the contact itself is safeguarded. However, just because you have tuned and challenged during meditation, it does not follow that you are in a centered and focused frame of mind later that same day or the next morning.


The channel, in playing the game of being an instrument for inspiration, plays a role that is intended to be larger than life, in that the focusing and polarizing is centered upon being a far better instrument than one normally is in a steady state of consciousness. My consciousness, as I am writing on tape for you this morning, is not the same consciousness I possessed in the bathroom earlier when I rather abruptly moved my cat, Freeway, from his precarious three-legged posture (he lost one limb as a little kitten) atop the sink I wished to use at that moment.


The third time he crawled into it he went down faster than he came up. That bad temper is the kind of opening which makes one vulnerable to psychic greeting.

There are other forms of psychic greeting, besides the classic feeling of being possessed by another mind. There are times, for instance, when one’s best intentions are lost in an amazing flurry of bad luck at a critical time. Opportunities can be cut off that will never come again. If a person runs into these things randomly it is undoubtedly the working of happenstance. It does not do to get paranoid; unfortunate coincidences are far more frequent occurrences than are psychic greetings.


However, if you have been experiencing a lot of polarizing changes of consciousness lately, and because of those changes of consciousness find yourself wishing to do something for someone else that would be noteworthy in some way, you may not be paranoid by ascribing bad luck to more than simple coincidence. When you begin attempting to polarize yourself you may find after a few weeks, months or years that you have done enough work to experience the time of transformation which is sometimes called initiation.


I have experienced two of them of which I am aware; there may have been more which were hidden from me by the mundane nature of crisis: I have often thought that initiations sometimes take place through the catalyst of illness or tragedy, when the biocomputer-mind is full of the energy of dumped programs.

During initiation one can get very uncomfortable. One tends to lose sleep and experience unwelcome and seemingly negative greeting. The initiatory period may last two months or two years. There is a period to any initiation, a merciful ending of the stimulus once it is no longer needed. The phenomenon, in my opinion, has to do with the “lions at the gates of the temple” concept which has been related to me by Buddhist students.


When one moves from one level of intensity of seeking or adoration to another, one is changing one’s basic level of consciousness, and in order to move from one level to the next, one must move through a semipermeable boundary area. There is resistance at the boundary, making it more difficult to make the shift than to stay where one is. The process of initiation involves a steadfastness of seeking and a confidence that all is truly well in spite of appearances, that love will indeed conquer all.

The most common experiences during this kind of transformational period are nightmares which wake one up with regularity in the deep of night, with the most likely period of awakening being from three-thirty to four in the morning if you have a normal sleeping pattern. During the day the feelings of nightmare—baseless unease and dread—can continue with or without waking nightmare visions.


One can get stray negative thoughts which, seemingly, coming from nowhere, immediately take over the mind, challenging the stability and courage of the seeker. There can be the intensification of any existing physical disease or unease, or mental or emotional unease. My bad temper at the cat’s importunities is one opening which a negatively oriented spirit could use to trigger feelings of guilt in me—for indeed I should have been more patient not just then, but in other situations throughout my life.


Anything one does that is unbalanced like that, ungraceful, disharmonious, petty, is a freely-given hostage taken by the forces which wish to block the positive work that you are doing. If you pay attention to the sounds inside your mind—most seekers and students whom I have known have experienced these—you may find one sound or position of sound in the head which will serve as a warning when something erroneous is being thought, or may serve as a signal when you are doing something extremely well for the first time, and the thought is one which you wish to emphasize and remember.

When most people come to me with questions about psychic greeting, the thrust of their inquiry is as much, “Why me?” as “What is it?” The why’s of psychic greetings begin with the already noted orientation of the instrument toward the invisible world. Channels are committed to service to others by communication with unseen sources. If you are an instrument whose work is generating positive emotions and thoughts in those whom the words are serving, you are functioning as a messenger for a source of light, light that is invisible to most of our waking eyes but is all-powerful in the world of thought.

Let me put the concept of Armageddon before you because I believe that there is a kind of Armageddon that has been on-going for quite a long time on the inner planes. What I am telling you is my opinion only, and I do not wish to sway you by it, but this is what I think the nature of Armageddon really is: I believe that consciousness exists in several densities or levels of awareness.


Earth, wind, water and fire are of the first density; plants, animals and all things that grow are of the second-density; and self-conscious, third-density beings take up a more ‘spiritualized’ or light-filled body, with light packed more densely, hence the term, ‘density.’ Fourth-density entities are completing the lessons of love and beginning the attempt to learn wisdom in addition to love.


Because real love is the Creator, agent and enabler of service to others, fourth-density beings have a strong desire to protect those of third-density—us—from the massive amount of information made available to us by their opposite numbers—fourthdensity negatively polarized beings, who have the reciprocal attitude toward fourth-density positively polarized beings.


The concept of angels and demons in a heavenly battle is not an altogether satisfactory distortion of what I conceive the situation to be, but it is recognizable as the same situation. I do believe that one era or density is coming to an end on planet Earth and that another is about to begin. I don’t believe that there is any necessity for a totally catastrophic earth change or changes, although I have read some of the same books you may have and accept the possibility, in some cases even the probability, of some inconvenience, as my favorite contact once called the probable scenario of earth changes.


While we move through the process of density change the Armageddon of the thought world rages. Neither side can win because the forces of love lose polarity by doing battle and as they begin to win, as they must, since they bear the standard of love, they realize that they must pull back in order to regain polarity. In leaving the field of battle they lose the edge that they have gained. And so the battle is unending. It is my somewhat sad conclusion that this is a war that will not end in any probable future. However, the negative polarity is valuable, and needs to be appreciated. Without the concept of polarity there would be no way to accelerate the process of spiritual evolution, either in the path of service to others, or unity, or in the path of service to self, or separation.

We are talking as instruments, for the most part, to those of the next density, occasionally fifth or sixth density, but more often fourth, who are in some way involved in this spiritual Armageddon. It is not a battle in which spirits are slain; it is a battle for minds and hearts. When you accept the responsibility of becoming a contact for a positively oriented source of information you are joining this battle. And because you are working for the forces of light—by definition, not making a judgment between good and evil—you are, by connection, vulnerable to the same attacks from what could be called enemy forces, though because we are sources of light the last thing we wish to do is hate, fear or feel anger towards negatively oriented, unseen beings.

When you have generated a significant amount of light by yourself or within a group, you will probably be greeted by those on the negative path. The closer you have managed to bring your life and your work to the consciousness of the source of all love and light, the fiercer will be the greeting offered to you. This is part of the plan, I believe, of a fair-minded Creator who believes that the free-will choices of His creations are far more effective than the relatively uninteresting actions of those who do not have a choice but who must be good, or evil.


So if you are, or think you are, receiving a psychic greeting, do not ask, “Why me?” for everything that you have done to prepare yourself to be a channel, and all that you do to be faithful in service as an instrument, has put you in an extremely predictable situation: you will come to the attention of those lobbying for the antithetical point of view to the one offered by messengers of love, light and service to others.

“How should I handle it?” you have asked me quite often. “As soon as possible,” is the first answer that comes to mind.


A psychic greeting is like priority mail. It should get your attention immediately. In the first place you would not be getting a psychic greeting unless you had left yourself open to temptation, had been successfully tempted and did not amend your thought or action, for if you deal with temptations as they arise, psychic greeting is not possible.


A person that leaves no openings will not be attacked. If negatively oriented entities could be said to have one predictable characteristic, that characteristic is caution. Negative entities have a great deal to lose if they get into a situation where they will fail. Failing is a negative no-no. Look at the situation from the negative point of view. Service to the self, the controlling of others for the use of the self, is the name of the game. If you cannot control another you have failed, so it is unlikely in the extreme that you are undergoing some type of psychic greeting unless you have left yourself indefensible on some point.

We’ve talked about some of the temptations, most of which have to do with either ego or excess. Look through your relationships, your conversations and your private behavior for those actions which are not consistent with your own deepest point of view. Because you are in a vulnerable position as an instrument, vis-à-vis psychic greeting, it is well for you to be thinking in terms of ethical behavior so that you do not cause yourself unnecessary difficulties.


You may have to force yourself to recognize and accept your own shortcomings. It is far easier to say that you are being attacked by someone or something that hates you because you are a messenger of light than it is to take responsibility for the “attack,” recognizing that you have placed yourself in the position in which you now are by some omission or commission of action or thought.

You are not alone if you find yourself wasting time by saying “But I have done nothing.” You probably have done very little; however, anything which leaves room for question may be enough to let in negative greeting. The harder that you want to work for light and the more that you want to help this planet, the more care you must take in the conduct of your own private and public thoughts and relationships. It does not matter what anyone else thinks of you, in the spiritual sense. You are not responsible to other people’s opinions.


If you are acting according to the highest and best that you know in metaphysic and ethic, and if your life equals your thinking and your work, you have eliminated the cause of psychic greeting. Of course if you are human and on the planet in a physical body at this time, you have probably not succeeded in becoming the ideal, God-realized being. Just keep trying.

When you respond to psychic greeting with fear or anger you are giving negatively oriented entities precisely what they want. The more you fear, the more you struggle and the more you rage, the tighter will be their grip upon your attention and the less you will be able to do about their greeting of you. To those upon the negative path, negative emotions are sweet. It may seem backwards to us, but taken in terms of negative polarity fear and anger are quite normal, and the more fear and anger you feel towards a negatively oriented entity, the more that entity feels you have complimented its work.

It is up to you to invoke the power of love in this situation. My favorite contact, a group entity of many individuals called Ra, has called the positive path “the path of that which is” and the negative path “the path of that which is not.” Love makes us all one and is all that there is; however, the positive path is based upon an appreciation of that fact, whereas the negative path is based upon a denial of that fact.

Since universal love is the natural environment of the positive polarity it is relatively easily generated, by thinking on the Creator of all that there is, for that original consciousness, undistorted and whole, underlies all that there is—this is the basic belief system of those whose channeled messages we are getting, at least in the majority. Love is delicious to those of positive polarity when it is non-manipulative. However non-manipulative, unconditional love given to negatively polarized beings is as distasteful to them as anger and fear are delicious.


All that is good to us is evil to them, for they are perceiving the exact opposite of the path of light. Thus the power of love is not found in its ability to control as much as in its capacity to fill positive things with joy and negative things with the desire to leave. Sending unconditional love to a negative entity who greets you psychically is much like sending a bouquet of spoiled flowers. The smell is malodorous and sickening to the recipient, who promptly turns on his heels and vacates the premises, having realized it is the receiver of a positively oriented “psychic greeting.”

However, you cannot send love in order that the entity will go away. This is conditional love, and as such is very dear to the hearts of negatively oriented entities. If you wonder about this seeming contradiction, look at relationships where two people are trying to control each other through love. It is never a pretty sight.


Control and love are conflicting forces. Unconditional love should be sent to the entity which is greeting you. It should then be sent separately and consciously to the greeting itself. Love should also be sent to yourself, that you may have the grace to forgive the intrusion and forget it completely. It is always well to conclude with an inner statement of fidelity to the point of view which you have come to hold and a form of thanksgiving that is meaningful to you, and to the Creator for giving you this opportunity to learn.

If you have gone through a series of experiences of psychic greeting without having the knowledge of how to deal with them this may seem like an extremely oversimplified answer to a thorny problem. It is simple; however, it is also effective. Just remember that the first thing you need at all times is knowledge of yourself so that you may have faith in who you are, be energetically engaged in the pursuit of positive polarity in a way consistent with your point of view and, above all, be committed to service.


Once you have your feeling of self well articulated you have positioned yourself in such a way that dealing with psychic greetings becomes a simple application of faith and will. You must have faith in the power of love, you who are servants of the consciousness of love, and you must have the will to use love to respond to a greeting from negative entities. For without willpower there is a great temptation to feel sorry for yourself and powerless in the face of the unseen. If you are not afraid to channel the positive, do not be afraid to face the negative serenely.

There is a difficulty with filling your mind with something immediately after you have gone through psychic greeting and the sending of love. It takes a few minutes, at least, for the feeling of being invaded to fade entirely from the consciousness, whether you have just hallucinated that you have stepped on a small dead animal, or smelled an awful smell which was found to be sourceless or had a waking nightmare which terrified you (all these things have happened to me).


I don’t want to start listing frightening things that can happen to one undergoing psychic greeting; if you are reading this chapter with interest you probably have a lot to tell me! A history of some encounters I have had with psychic greetings is included in THE LAW OF ONE, Volumes One through Four, especially Volume Three. While you are waiting for this aftertaste to disappear you are still vulnerable even though you have sent love, because fear and anger at the intrusion are still possible. Sometimes the mind does not want to let go of those emotions.


It is well to fashion for yourself some general statement of affirmation and have it on hand to say to yourself, preferably out loud, during those five or ten minutes that it takes for you to get back into a comfortable frame of mind. I have written my own, and you may wish to write yours also. Counting your blessings is a good way of expressing the kind of writing I would encourage. You may also use affirmations that have been written by others, such as Psalm 91 or Psalm 23.

If you are waking up in the middle of the night and have trouble getting back to sleep because of psychic greeting coming to you through nightmares, you may find a prayer of Dion Fortune’s helpful and I would encourage you to read her book, PSYCHIC SELF-DEFENSE, now available in paperback. If you are a member of a group which is undergoing greeting from a negative source and your place of working has been compromised, I recommend W. E. Butler’s book.


THE MAGICIAN: HIS TRAINING AND WORK, also available in paperback.


Fortune’s book is written from the standpoint of Christ-consciousness’ being an expression of perfect love. Both books are written by practicing white magicians. I do recommend this additional reading, since these authors give not only solutions that work but also an excellent foundation for removing the feeling of strangeness from the situation. It is not a good idea to be in awe of negative forces, nor is it good to be flippant about them, but rather to be in balance and to be able to respond appropriately using the polarity you have gained and asking for the forces of light to aid you. The books may or may not be what you are looking for; however, I feel it would be irresponsible of me to tell you about the very helpful material in them without recommending the volumes in toto.

The practice of ritual magic is demanding and should not be undertaken by yourself alone, or lightly. However, some few specific applications of ritual are benign and helpful even to novices.


Don Elkins, Jim McCarty and I used material from these volumes during our contact with the social memory complex of Ra and found it to be efficacious and most uplifting to us all personally as well. It is work done with devotion or not at all, and I hope you will take it most seriously if you decide to pursue this material. Further, I would greatly appreciate you doing your reading before you use any material. It is important in the context of their contribution to ritual magic and their making this material available that the student who essays its use read what else the authors had to offer.

As a channel you are a bridge from the world of thought to the world of what we see around us. Try in all things to lend your frame of mind to respect and honor the invisible world, both its positive and its negative citizens. All are denizens of the same creation and unique and precious portions of the One Creator. We share consciousness, and we are all literally in it together.


Be not afraid!

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