by Clif High
July 3, 2010

from HalfpastHuman Website


Well, I have apparently done a bad thing.


A number of people have sent along links to some YouTube vdo's in which I am specifically mentioned and threatened.

The fellow, who shall remain nameless... just due to the glamour of it all (Majic and how it works), is really irritated with me. This fellow was a doctor until his colleagues in medicine (read shills for the Big Pharma industry here) decided that he was killing or maiming his patients too frequently and giving them all a bad name, so they decertified him (look it up... all in the public record).


That is, they removed his license to practice medicine (read shill for Big Pharma here) in their state jurisdiction. Of course, this fellow does not see it that way and claims the situation is different from how his former fellow doctors would word it.

Of course, this fellow is famous for the numerous other claims that he makes. When he first contacted me, he claimed to have worked in the computer industry. At a top secret facility, with high grade super computers. However, I am a techie with decades+ involved in the computer biz. I am software but got my start in hardware. So I know this shit.


When I questioned this fellow casually...."oh, what kind of equipment? what OS did you interact with?" he went all flustered, could not answer a single question correctly, and then went into a whole other group of claims of having been a 'deep ops doc' in which he was a doctor to almost every secret project that one would have or could have heard about.


As well as being "the" doctor involved with both the Murrow building bombing aftermath, as well as the Colombine school shooting madness. I sensed madness in merely talking with this fellow. I have a reason or two to know madness intimately, and recognize it when it speaks to me.

Some of his many other claims are about having been selected (by his god) to act on your behalf in dealings with the Intergalactic Council (of planets?...sorry, forgot the actual designation he used).


He also claims to be directly related to the biblical character of 'Moses'.

  • First, let us acknowledge that the bible is literature not fact, and that the character of Moses is a title, not a name, and derives from the Tutmosis (Tut-moses) word.

  • Second there is no proof that any of the personages in the christian bible actually existed in the flesh.

  • Further, in spite of this fellow's claims (he saw it by some form of mental reverse time travel apparently), there is no proof that any of Moses' relatives worked on the pyramids at Giza.

And there are the many other claims, too numerous to detail, in which his religious status is detailed, and in which he places himself above all other humans since he is "the" representative of god on earth today.

Other of his claims include being 'offered the leader of the planet earth job' by the current head of the Priory of Sion.


This Priory of Sion is a super secret organization that supposedly actually runs ThePowersThatBe. This fellow, by his own words, was offered the job from the current ruler of the planet, who presumably wants to retire as all that ruling for so many years is really hard work and he just wants to vege out and party for a while.


So this fellow claims that the offer was 'rejected' by him as being not the path he wants to take. He prefers to be a prophet for his god, and so claims that he rejected the offer of 'leader of the Priory of Scion job'.


Also note that the leader of the Priory of Scion has the title of "Pindar of the Priory".

This fellow also has many other claims such as having 'classified sources' and constantly, even weekly, revealing 'classified information'. Now I dispute this totally. I know people who are in 'classified' positions and these men and women take this status really damn seriously and do not say anything to anybody about their work.


They know it is against the law and so don't speak of their classified work.


Of course there is also the fear of retaliation should they violate their classified status. So it seems unreasonable to me that any such person who really has classified knowledge in any way would risk speaking it, especially to a fellow who is known for claiming that he can't keep a secret and will knowingly speak out any and all classified information that comes his way.


But to be fair, perhaps it is just me.


Maybe there are real people with real classified status that do talk to this fellow. Maybe they know that he will blab, and that is why they speak to him. And maybe his claim to have 'status' with the 'black ops world' is true and that is why the government of the USofA does not have him arrested for releasing classified material.


I do note that in the reality in which I inhabit, the government does all it can to curtail the release of any classified information by anyone, so I doubt his claims instantly just because no one has tried to arrest him or shut him down.


And in my reality, real heroes like R. Kelly "are" killed when they go public.


So my reasoning is that this must be yet another claim (read so much bullshit here), and have no substance, otherwise... where is the 'suicide' with this fellow's name on it?

Now let's be blunt... I have pissed this fellow off.


Mostly from previous, off handed remarks about his credibility or lack there of in my view. This really pissed him off, so much so, that he is making threats against me (oh, and anyone else who would dare to question his authority) on YouTube and on internet radio programs. This is crossing a line.


While it is more or less acceptable to be disrespectful, and to denigrate, and label people negatively in the media these days, it is another to make threats on their well being.


This action is yet one more sign of mental illness and emotional distress, and not the actions of a grounded human being. It is also contradictory (not that this fellow could recognize this) to the claims made by this individual to be a spirit focused representative of his god. In fact, as I understand it, he claims to be THE representative of his god on this planet at this time.


So I find it incongruous that he also is so emotionally uncontrolled and expressly is wishing violence on anyone (me included) who would dare to question his right to issue orders to all humans.

First let me note that persons making claims to be prophets and directly related to Moses, and taking weekly trips off world to stand before the Galactic Council of Interplanetary Governance (or whatever he calls it), as well as being offered the leadership of the planet by the secret society of the Priory of Sion, are expressing a particular symptom of mental illness that medical people label as 'delusions of grandeur'.


Then I need to note that his threats are as empty as his claims, and need not be a source of concern. As my pappy from Missouri would say, 'all shit, no bull'....

Then, to be fair, let me also note that the one claim I can get behind is that he may have indeed been offered the job of Pindar of the Priory of Sion. As a linguist I am fascinated by words, and take the hunt for meaning in words seriously.


So since he claims to have been offered the position of leader of the Priory of Sion, and noting that the title of the head of that organization is Pindar, and that the word 'pindar' actually means 'penis of the dragon', I can certainly agree that here is a job for which this fellow is well suited.


After all, even though he turned it down, he is clearly a Dick Head.