by 21st Century Wire
January 01, 2023
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Looking forward into the New Year, here are some predictions and trends to keep an eye out for.

In last year's trends and predictions we saw plenty of creative chaos for sure, identifying a number of breaking trends and global developments - many of which accelerated to become major stories later that year.


As much as any other year in living memory, this was truly the year of the apocalypse.


When we say apocalypse, we are not referring to the Hollywood concept which is synonymous with Armageddon. Instead, we use the literal translation from Greek Latin, which means,

"the lifting of the veil"...

But the epic tale that was 2022 and the beginning of the Great Awakening - has set the stage for a Great Realignment in 2023.


Look for unlikely allies who share common values - to now join forces to overcome the globalist-corporatist attack on humanity, as we band together to defend our basic rights, freedoms, and traditions.

Many trends will continue to permeate into the new year.


These include:

The decline of the woke ideologies as the insurgent cultural Zeitgeist in the West, as well as disruptive A.I. technologies entering to fore.


Expect reactionary responses like the emerging Neo-Luddite movement which will seek to re-appropriate technology in balance with real life.


The wars will still rage, and refugee flows will continue from the Global South and into the Northern Hemisphere.


More than anything though, energy, finance, the economy, crypto and CBDCs will dominate a large chunk of domestic political and international geopolitical concerns in 2023.

So here it is - a snapshot of some of what we see coming down the pipeline in 2023…


The Vaccine Fallout


2022 was not a good year for Big Pharma's golden calf - the experimental mRNA gene therapy 'vaccine' injection.


Each week, the data for vaccine injuries and deaths continues to grow, and that trend will unfortunately continue well into 2023 and beyond.


The more that governments, public health mavens and the media continue to attack so-called 'antivaxxers' (ie. concerned members of the public with legitimate questions) and join Big Tech in censoring the debate on vaccine safety - the more the public will grow to realize the level of fraud and corruption on display.


The penny has already dropped. Now it's just a question of when, not if, the entire Big Pharma facade crumbles to the ground.


When it does, many of those involved in these crimes against humanity will have to face tribunals and legal trials - in order to answer for the all injured and deceased.


As for the mainstream media, this issue will destroy whatever shred of trust the public may have still had in it.


There will be a reckoning, and it's coming starting in 2023.



A.I. in the ascendency


In a previous interview, billionaire Elon Musk said that unleashing artificial intelligence on the world will be like "summoning the demons."


Late 2022 saw the unveiling of a major game changer in the trajectory of human society - the release of the GPTChat bot by OpenAI - a publicly accessible A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) portal which can conjure up pretty much anything, seemingly out of thin air.


Its release led Google execs to declare a "code red" due to its ability to make a number of things redundant - like Google's advertising model for starters, and it will severely disrupt an already faltering higher education system, as Gen Z students are already using this A.I. to write their essays and articles for them.


This one tool will also make millions of employees, as well as business and communications consultants, totally redundant. There is no turning back.


Forget about the singularity for the time being - this is the event horizon we've all been anticipating, good, bad or otherwise.


It's here...



China is the new Russia


As far as western propaganda is concerned, 2023 will the moving of China firmly into the position of Public Enemy No. 1, effectively replacing Russia in that top spot.


There are two main reasons why this is now a top priority for Western globalists.


Firstly, in order to complete the West's de-globalization project, they will need to begin further isolating China politically and economically, in preparations for a package of sanctions similar to what has been done to Russia.


This brings us to the second point:


Encouraged by the devastation and chaos created by first destabilizing Ukraine and then using it as a cudgel to poke Russia before eventually drawing Moscow into a geopolitical trap - Western elites are now keen to try and repeat a similar scenario by baiting China to move on Taiwan after the US and NATO continue arming Taiwan, with the ultimate goal of staging more provocations against Beijing.


So Russia moves into the No. 2 spot on the West's Axis of Evil graph, replaced by China.


China's economy and debt crisis already have the country potentially teetering on the edge of instability, therefore, Western spooks believe it's ripe for a political crisis.


Beyond the surface narrative, this is really just a continuation of the same Great Game played by the British Empire, and now the Anglo-American bloc - in order to thwart China's Belt & Road ambitions and prevent Eurasian powers from linking up with the Middle East and eventually Europe.


If China does decide to blockade Taiwan, then watch as the Western media fashion Chairman Xi into the latest iteration of the Hitler avatar.


Of course, half the job has already been done by the Chinese Communist Party itself who, with its own authoritarian proclivities, enthusiastically took the COVID bait and used the pseudo 'pandemic' to tighten up control of the country and throttle any opposition to Central Party rule.


As we all saw in late 2022, it has backfired spectacularly. Xi and Beijing are struggling to find their new footing, but the internal political damage is already done.


In this way, the COVID scamdemic was a genius move by the western intelligence cabal.


In 2023, China certainly has its work cut out for itself.



Energy Wars


When the US-UK Axis blew up the Nordstream pipelines in September, it marked the opening salvo in the Energy Wars.


We could potentially see escalation on all fronts - all pipelines are now military targets, and we might also see a return to the 1980's-style Tanker Wars.


For the West, this is all part and parcel of their ongoing effort to turn Europe westward, and disrupt China's Belt & Road Initiative, thus, achieving victory in the Great Game 2.0.


However, if you can't lead, then you can only play the role of geopolitical spoiler. In this way, the Western powers have been reduced to the role of saboteurs.


Despite sanctions, the Russian ruble still bounced back, hitting record highs, and Russian oil and gas revenues have almost doubled from 2020-2021.


Artificial scarcity due to western government policies will result in a spike in oil prices (to $150pb?), and more pain at the pump for people living in G7 countries.


The reaction of the Anglo-American Axis is to double-down on what they are presently doing, in hopes of destroying the Russian and Chinese economies, and with any luck - regime change in Moscow and Beijing.


If that means a wider war, then The Powers That Shouldn't Be seem prepared to take that risk - so long as they can control and steer events.


The Anglo-American war on energy markets and subsidies of the faux 'green' energy boondoggle will eventually result in pushing oil over $120 per barrel which will only compound the artificial scarcity crisis we are seeing now.


European and North American economies will not benefit from the instability, and if a wider war breaks out, then they will be even more devastated, as they continue to be hit with even higher energy prices, more energy rationing and rolling blackouts throughout the G7 and EU blocs.


EU rolling blackouts? Yes. They're coming in 2023...


As major industrial firms like BASF and others flee the EU rip-off zone, the de-industrialization of Germany, and possibly France too, now beckons.


It didn't need to happen, but watch them continue to blame their woes on Putin.



Ukraine's Elusive Peace


Because Kiev is under the complete control of its western handlers now, NATO's puppet Zelensky will not be allowed to make any substantial or serious overtures that might lead to actual peace talks.


The US-UK proxy war against Russia is simply too profitable at the moment, and the West's Great Game 2.0 project of de-globalization to disrupt Eurasian development is not yet complete.


Instead, Washington will stage-manage a series of false starts, whereby Kiev was demand too many unrealistic preconditions to negotiations - like demanding a televised cabaret-style 'war crimes tribunal', hosted by Zelensky, or 'Russia must return every inch of former Ukrainian territory!' - all of which guarantee that Moscow will not take their offer seriously, and so we're back to square one, again.


Expect the mainstream media to play along with this running gag.


But as the global economic pain gets worse, westerners will grow tired of the Zelensky stage act, which means Kiev will not be able to extort as much extra cash from the US and EU public purse.


The end result will be something akin to a 'frozen conflict' - similar to an early stage North Korea-South Korea situation, while allowing NATO enough time to construct a permanent military beachhead in Eastern Europe.


It'll be great for business...


Trouble in the Balkans


As tensions continue to escalate in Ukraine, it is almost inevitable that these events will gradually pull the West Balkans region into the fray.


The recent rise in tensions between Serbia and NATO protectorate Kosovo has all the ingredients of another geopolitical flashpoint, currently simmering, and ready to go hot.

This has serious consequences for security and peace in Europe and the surrounding regions.

The US-UK-NATO Axis are keen to use this existing theatre to draw-in Russia and create a more potent crisis in the heart of the EU.


Even a simmering conflict would suite Washington and London's ultimate objective to keep Europe on its knees economically and under constant threat of a war spreading westward.


Watch this space.



The Curse of Putin


"Assad must go...!"


Remember that rallying cry, blathered by an endless stream of western politicians, all of whom seemed absolutely convinced that if they all kept repeating the mantra with intention to manifest it into reality, that the Syrian president would be magically ousted by 'moderate rebels' or simply pack up and leave Damascus to avoid some virtual uprising on western Twitter.


It's classic conditioning: everyone in the collective West believed that he was unpopular, because their media told them so.


They truly believed the Syrian Arab Army would be defeated at any moment, because their media told them so.


Well, after 11 years of that postmodernist western geopolitical delusion, Bashar Assad is still President of Syria, and all of those leaders who called for his ouster or assassination - are all out of power.


This unique double-reverse Karmic phenomenon has been dubbed, The Curse of Assad...


That same postmodernist media-driven frustration seems to have been transposed on to Russian President Vladimir Putin now.

"He's very unpopular in Russia," and "The walls are closing in on this cornered dictator," and "Russia is on the verge total collapse," etc, etc.

Only it's not true...


The longer the delusion persists, the sooner it becomes an existential global threat in their minds.


Suddenly, it's now become:

"The world cannot continue any longer with Vladimir Putin in power!"

Invariably, this variant of western cognitive dissonance turns to frustration, and then to raw unhinged vitriol, as short-circuiting media pundits, 'Russia experts', Neocons and closet fascists such as Lindsey Graham - all descent into meltdown.




Because the actual war on the ground isn't going as well as the war that's being portrayed by the oracles of consensus reality in the western mainstream media.


And then one by one, they exit the political stage.


Say it at your peril:

"Putin must go!"



Free Julian Assange


Late in 2022, a noticeable shift occurred in western mainstream media coverage regarding the US and UK persecution of political prisoner and Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange.


Suddenly, major newspapers in the US, UK and EU were openly calling for the Biden Administration's DOJ to show clemency and drop the 18 superseding indictment charges which could result in a sentence of up to 175 years in US federal prison.


In a belated open letter, The Times, The Guardian, Le Monde, Der Spiegel and El País - declared that the case against Assange under the Espionage Act "sets a dangerous precedent" which threatens to undermine the First Amendment and the freedom of the press in the West.


Of course it does.


But the question is:

why now? Qui bono?

The answer could be a political one.


After the Democratic Party lost control of the House of Representatives in November's Midterms, and barely held the Senate, there are serious worries at the DNC about the viability of keeping the White House and Senate in the upcoming 2024 Presidential Election.


Moreover, as America's new warmongering party, the Democrats are hemorrhaging many centrist and old school antiwar liberals, and the Assange issue is one of the major thorns in their side which drawee criticisms of hypocrisy when it comes to defending 'democratic values.'


Showing compassion on this issue might release some political capital which Democrat can harvest during the debates leading up to what is going to be an explosive 2024 contest.



Assange is a political prisoner, and so the solution to his legal stalemate will not likely come in the courts, or by a broken and corrupt western 'justice' system.


Rather, it will be a political solution...

So now we wait, even though he, along with his loved ones, can ill afford to wait much longer.



End of the Petrodollar


Back in 1979, the US-Saudi Joint Commission on Economic Cooperation drew up a "Oil for Dollars" agreement, which stipulated that Saudi Arabia would sell all of its oil to the rest of the world in a single currency, the US dollar, and would then reinvest its excess dollar reserves into US Treasury securities, and US banks and companies.


In exchange, the United States would provide a 'security guarantee' to the Kingdom. That same oil-for-dollars deal was also extended to the other OPEC nations.


And so the Petro Dollar was born.


But something funny happened on the way to the 2022 Midterms Elections...


A desperate and frail Joe Biden ambled over to Riyadh, cap in hand, begging the Saudi Prince to pump more oil in the hopes that it might help bring down the price of gas at the pump in the US, and thus help Biden and the Democrats' political fortunes.


Afterwards, the Saudis did the opposite - announcing they would be cutting production instead.


For keen observers, this rift between the US and OPEC is being viewed as the end of the petrodollar system...


And it's being accelerated by US attempts to cancel Russia and the sale of Russian oil and gas - a short-sighted move which has causes major markets like India and China to begin trading oil and gas in Eurasian currencies like Ruble, Rupee and Yuan.


So the dollar monopoly is now broken, and withal, a seismic shift in the post-WWII US-led liberal World Order. If this trend continues, it will spell further pain for the US economy, but also for Washington's hegemonic position in the world.


This is also a recipe for geopolitical instability.


So buckle up in 2023, and beyond...



The Inflation Tax

Have you noticed how the price of many staple items has doubled in the last 2 years?


Have you noticed the price of energy and fuel has tripled?


And how about all those businesses that have closed their doors in 2022?

No, this wasn't an act of God, nor was it some organic phenomenon.


It's what's known as the great invisible tax... a tax on everything. That's called inflation. And it was all started by government policy.


Borrow and spend, followed by more borrow and spend. It's QE on acid. In Washington, this is evidenced by the recent string of massive spending bills designed to keep inflationary cycles going.


Again, this is one of the strategic pillar's the elite's controlled demolition of the real economy.


Also, a little warning to the Biden and the Democrats:

a poor economy = a rise in crime.

Before finally pulling the plug, the well-connected will be in the front of the line for cash bailouts and corporate welfare (i.e. 'stimulus' and 'relief' money) and after they will promptly squeeze whatever value is left in that currency and use it to hoard real assets - that way when the system is finally collapsed, they will have achieved escape velocity from the unwashed masses - formerly known as the working and middle classes.


This is the process of Neofeudalism, and it's alive and well today.


The inflation tax will hit retirees hardest, and also the growing ranks of retired Boomers and single Boomers in the near term. Then Gen X'ers, and so on.


Until we have sound money, and shut down the banking cartel, these endless boom-bust cycles will continue.



Global Financial Collapse


Inflation + Recession = Stagflation, i.e. a stagnant economy with punishing inflation...


Although you might hear warning of 'the coming collapse' every year, the amount of high-level financial pundits raising the alarm about a major global financial event is growing by the day.


Most experts will submit that a major financial implosion is imminent, starting with another stock market crash in 2023 (if companies aren't turning profits, then their share prices will dive), followed by a stable phase as investors buy on the dip and trigger a small min-rally.


To combat the inflation tide, the US Federal Reserve will raise interest rates again, and this will only exacerbate to stagflation, and place a lot of emerging markets like Africa in peril as their compounded debt bubbles begin to pop.


This will be the equivalent of rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic though.


But at least the peppers can declare a brief victory, as their decades of prophecy-thumping and stockpiling will be vindicated, but only briefly.


In truth, the global fiat economy has been on life support for at least 20 years, and it's only due to successive bubbles of cheap credit, bailouts, and the constant rehypothecation of otherwise worthless subprime assets - which has keep the door of this global casino opened at all.


In truth, it was our own governments' suicidal Covid lockdowns and mad money-printing spree of 'Covid relief' free cash, along with hundreds of billions on 'free' vaccines and tests - which was the final straw in this long-running folly.


Based on statements made by Central banks over this past year, we can read this slow-motion train wreck as the controlled demolition of the real economy, to make way for an even less real economy of the new Central Bank Digital Currency, or "CBDC".


Problem, reaction, solution. Watch for it...



The Implosion of the COVID Narrative


As people around the world get a chance to experience more distance from the abject hell and insanity of the Great COVID Hysteria (2020-2022), intelligent members of the human race will begin connecting the dots and realize what an absolute con it all was, and how they were all used as financial fodder for a transnational pharmaceutical drug cartel who never really gave a French toast about people's health.


When these people do wake up, they will no longer be interested in taking the phony, non-diagnostic PCR or lateral flow/antigen tests, which means no more "cases" data, and so no more 'pandemic'.


It's that simple...


Add to this the growing awareness that the experimental mRNA COVID 'vaccine' was neither safe nor effective as advertised. All of this combined spells bad news for the public health racket.


For those who avidly pushed the fraud, or profited from it, brace yourselves.


There will be a reckoning...



The Ascendancy of Elon Musk


Who is Elon Musk and how is he able to run some of the biggest and most complex industrial firms in the world simultaneously - Telsa, SpaceX, Starlink, SolarCity, Neuralink... and now Twitter?


Musk is set to overtake Bill Gates as the most influential, high-profile billionaire on the planet, and appears to also be going in the same direction as Gates in terms of building a philanthropic foundation empire.


The billionaire is now regarded as one of the top 3 richest men on the planet, and with those riches comes influence - in politics, society and steering policy into the 21st century.


His private acquisition of Twitter shows that he's ready to take big risks and put his money where his mouth is. His politics are also shifting, from left-liberal to conservative.


This could be significant in terms of which trend lines will be moving forward and which will be waning into 2023 and beyond.


However, his technocracy pedigree is worrying many people who would otherwise be his ardent supporters.

Will his dreams and an all-in-one Chinese-style WeChat or "X App" come to fruition and link up with his other transhumanist endeavors link Neuralink?


How married is Musk to the IPCC's climate orthodoxy and Klaus Schwab's radical technocrat Great Reset ideology?

We'll see eventually, but until then, know that this is not the same ideological animal as the Malthusian actor Gates...



CBDC Leviathan


Like or not, the advent of the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is now upon us.


For the world's central banking cartel, the CBDC is a fait accompli - they, along with their corrupt political accomplices (our elected 'leaders') have already decided that their new digital currency will be unleashed on the global population.


This new digital monetary control grid is looking more and more like a new form of digital slavery, one which will fundamentally transform human commercial interactions and society as a whole.


The question then remains:

What can be done about it?


Can this Orwellian juggernaut be stopped?

Parallel systems of commerce and trading are already being constructed, so this will be a race against time - unless... the CBDC coup can be shot down in the same way which delayed and derailed the TPP and TTIP a few years ago.


Time is running out, as the globalist banking cartel plan to go live with their fake digital money as soon as 2024.



Cyber Gravy Train


For years, Bill Gates, Silicon Valley, the media and the US and Euro national security states - have been relentlessly talking of a global war on 'cyber terror' which is supposed to be coming from the ever-increasing list of America's supposed sworn enemies, like,

Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and Syria...

The result of this has been the creation of a multi-billion dollar global cyber security market - supposedly to protect our ever-fragile democracies n the West.


However, between the revelations of Ed Snowden and those found WikiLeaks Vault 7, it's more likely that the biggest cyber attacks are being waged by the US and its Five Eyes allies, along with its gray actor, Israel.


Watch record levels of funding to be poured into the new financial black hole.



Eurasian Alliance


2022 saw one of the biggest shifts in the geopolitical center gravity eastward - away from the Atlantic, and towards Eurasia.


There are a number of reasons for this - from the West's ill-conceived sanctions and attempts to cancel Russia - which ended up increasing trade and cooperation between Russia, China, and India, for starters.


To further formalize these gains, the BRICS (Brazil, South Africa, India and China) alliance has expanded and will include other nations, including Iran.


Add to this, a similar expansion of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and it's becoming clear that a powerful new economic and political bloc is materializing.


However, this alongside China's Belt & Road ambitions, have drawn the gaze of the eye of Mordor in Washington and London.


The Atlanticists will no doubt be preparing to subvert and even sabotage (as with the US-led attack on the Nord Stream pipelines) the links and infrastructure which could bring Eurasia together.


Once again, pay attention to the big picture, which is the Great Game 2.0.



Frexit and Germexit


If 2022 taught us anything, it's that the EU is falling apart at the seams.


EU bureaucrats in Brussels, led by US-UK deep state plant Ursula von der Leyen, are actively working to destroy the economies of both Germany and France.


Brussels has done more to divide Europe, than to unify it. As the euro continues to under-perform as a currency, millions of smart minds across the continent will be reconsidering whether the union is economically and politically viable.


Hence, the long range view may be that the EU is no longer fit for purpose.


As globalist stooges and WEF technocrats like Emmanuel Macron continue to abuse their own populations and lose support of the electorate, so too will separatist impulses like the Frexit movement grow.


The same in Germany...


This process is already in motion, so it's only a question of when the next tear will come.


Expect the UK and its Zombie Prime Minster to make disingenuous overtures to Brussels, the final steps in a long game designed to take Europe down a peg and dependent of international finance for survival.


When it eventually collapses, celebrations will be heard in London and Washington (as that was the plan a ll along)...



Irish Reunification


As the UK's Tory government and its invisible PM continue to flail and flounder, and Scotland's SNP continues to play its usual matador game of threatening independence ahead of the next election, look for the conversation on Irish reunification to proceed forward.


Remember, the issue of Brexit failed when it came to resolving the Irish border issue, and if the long term prospects of the EU continue to weaken, then the merger of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland begins to look more attractive to the Irish.


It's not without its problems though, but those disputes might end up being minor compared to being shackled to increasingly insolvent and dysfunctional authoritarian political basket cases like the UK and EU.



Fading Color Revolutions


The reality is that most governments and their educated classes are now well aware of Soros-style color revolutions fomented by US-backed NGOs and clandestine agencies.


As US-led efforts continue to damage middle and educated classes globally, the appeal of the 2010-era idealistic, Twitter-driven protest movement gimmicks will gradually lose its appeal.


With Soros entering his twilight years, which globalist scion will take up the cause of shaping emerging markets under the guise of 'spreading democracy'?


Expect to see a few more attempts to stoke the fires of instability by Western spooks and their Silicon Valley partners, but most likely these will fizzle out as quickly as they spring-up.



Iran Protests


2022 saw a reboot the color revolution template in Iran, with women rights being the central battle cry.


The western Government-Media Complex will continue there push to try and destabilize Iran in 2023, so get ready for a continuation of this media narrative.


But in the end, headscarf on their own are not enough to create a new revolution in Iran, much to the dismay of western liberals, and feminists coagulating on western Twitter.


The reality is that most of these domestic events fade to gray as soon as the West begins to threaten or increase sanctions on Iran.


Those threats are normally at the behest of Neocons and the Israeli Lobby, so expect more tough talk on Iran - especially as GOP Presidential candidates in the US begin their run and jockeying for campaigning donations in May.



Free Speech Alliance


Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter and subsequent exposures unveiled in the Twitter Files has been a much-needed fuel-injection for the global free speech and liberty movement.


There's no turning back now - the Government and Big Tech have been caught in act of creating political blacklists for shadowbanning and cancelation - they lied to us about doing.


Because of this, a new global alliance for fee speech is forming.


Its collective weight will help to push back against Big Tech and Big Gov't.


But governments are still trying to implement their own authoritarian speech-control regimes, with the deceptively titled "Online Safety Bill" in UK, and the EU's Draconian "Digital Services Act", both of which seek to sanitize speech on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.


More people are now realizing that democracy and state censorship are simply not compatible.


Expect a real Battle Royale on this front.



Re-railing of the Climate Gravy Train


In 2022, we saw the initial stages of the climate change gravy train beginning to stall.


As the global economy stalls, and 'green' controlled opposition mobs press on to try and 'stop fossil fuels', the millions of people who are freezing and going bankrupt due to extortionate faux green energy policies and UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals - are now starting to fight back, and many are now asking to see evidence (other than the UN complicated computer-modeled projections) that the planet is already doomed, and that sea levels are somehow going to rise and drown us all into oblivion.


Ditto for the constant 'extreme weather' fearmongering.

Just one too many doomsday prophecies which never came true, and won't come true...

As the green agenda continues to bankrupt western economies, watch as more people of note challenge its increasingly shaky 'science'.


Once the sane sober up and lose faith in the gospel of St Greta of Thunberg, then expect mature adults to start questioning the hundreds of billions of public money being ploughed into the 'new green economy', and all the proposed carbon taxes that go along with it.


Not to mention the start of "climate lockdowns" in the UK and elsewhere - a level of folly which is sure to reap a massive backlash against an increasingly insane climate cult.


Watch this gravy train begin to stall in 2023.





Smart people are beginning to realize that entire climate cult is based on two primary concepts:

Firstly, that 'mankind' is emitting CO2 which is heating up the Earth's atmosphere which will make the planet uninhabitable.


The second idea is an older one, and traditionally popular with elites - the idea that there are just too many people on the planet and more people equals an existential threat to human survival, which lends to an elite proclivity towards eugenics.

If you actually look at real science, and not ideologically-based scientism, you'll soon learn that both of those core beliefs are not true at all.


Quite the opposite...


Back in 1970, Stanford professor Paul Ehrlich published a famous book, The Population Bomb, in which he described a disastrous future for humanity:

"The battle to feed all of humanity is over. In the 1970s and 1980s hundreds of millions of people will starve to death in spite of any crash programs embarked upon now."

Of course, that alarmist prediction turned out to be totally false, and it's now clear based on census data that the United States is heading toward the opposite problem: not enough people.


For decades now, many countries have been unable to sustain a basic population replacement birth rate, including in Western Europe, South Korea, Japan, and, most ominously, China and India.


The societal and social impacts of this phenomenon are vast.


And still no one is talking about it...



2024 Hysteria


In April, campaigning for the 2024 US Presidential Election will begin.


Of course, you've got Trump, and also Ron DeSantis. The resulting debate should be good for politics, and benefit the Republican voter base.


We can't say the same about Biden's prospects in 2024 (if he even makes it that far). Meanwhile, Biden's corrupt DOJ are trying like crazy to indict Trump for anything they can conjure up.


Get ready, it's going to be wild.


Watch the mainstream media's TDS autoimmune reaction once the starting gun fires.



The rapid decline of Joe Biden


We need to talk about Joe.


When you ask Democrats, they'll often lament,

"Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time."

Quite frankly, it's a miracle he's even functioning at this point.


There's no shortage of palace intrigue on this score. His ouster by fellow Democrats is now long overdue, but the paradox of Old Joe is this:

the longer he lingers in office, the harder it is for Democrats to replace him with another warm body.

At 80 yrs old, Joe is way past his political sell-by date. He's shuffling around and looking more incoherent by the week.


Not a good look for a US leader.


How much longer can he be propped-up by various performance-enhancing medication, daily B12 shots, and perpetual plastic surgery and face lift make-overs?


He was supposed to the anti-Trump Savior that would deliver unity and happiness to millions of traumatized Democratic voters. But the party is still a basket case, and there's no sign of any coherent agenda anywhere.


As good as it is to see the Deep State's angry curmudgeon Biden exit from the main stage, it does not necessarily bode well for America, especially if Sleepy Joe tosses the bouquet to his dystopic bridesmaid:

Joe's incompetent diversity hire, the disastrous VP Kamala Harris...



The Fall of Woke


2022 saw the beginning of the complete collapse in credibility of the liberal establishment and other postmodernist radical 'woke' ideologies - which are fast becoming the butt of jokes for many emerging, young Gen Z'ers.


In other words:

woke is no longer cool.

Those who continue to cling to these calcifying artifacts of 20th century progressivism will now begin to form the new marginalized group.


This process is already underway, punctuated by Ron DeSantis' victory speech after the November Midterms, where he loudly declared Florida to be a place "where woke comes to die!"


That speech sent shivers down the spines of social justice warriors across the country, and it marks the moment where the radical left has begun to retreat.


2023 will see more victories over this radical left wing indentitarian agenda.


Get dug in for a long culture war.



Overhaul the FBI


2022 was they that Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was exposed as a hyper-partisan, and wildly corrupt law enforcement operation which has now transformed itself into a domestic spying and intelligence gathering agency.


They were caught actively meddling and interfering in multiple US elections and even spying on a Presidential candidate on behalf of the Obama White House.


Then there are the Twitter Files - with the FBI being caught working with Big Tech to censor political speech and silence online critics of government policy.


The FBI's aid on Trump's home in Mar-a-lago was an act of desperation to try and prevent him from running in 2024. So the FBI has become nothing short of a latter-day Stasi, and complexly incompatible with democracy.


Not surprisingly, there are now widespread calls to "defund the FBI" not since the dark days of J. Edgar Hoover has this agency been so rudderless and corrupt to the core, including actively interfering in America's own elections.


With a Republican-controlled House, look for this rogue agency to come under more scrutiny, and be exposed for even more constitutional transgressions.


Is it time to wind-down Hoover's bloated behemoth?



Hunter's slap on the wrist


The longer the Hunter Biden laptop scandal drags on, and the noticeable lack of media coverage on the matter of a sitting US president's own son whoring, touring and snorting his way (on camera) through Ukraine, China, Malibu and Manhattan, running a pay-to-play empire that would make even the Clintons wince - the more it becomes apparent that neither Hunter nor the Biden Family, will ever face any real penalty for running an international racket off the back of their own US government positions and affiliations.


To say that all of this makes Joe Biden the most compromised president in US history, is an understatement.


So expect Hunter to go through the motions of any Congressional inquiry, and end up with a slap on the wrist for some tax filings. Then watch the entire media close ranks after that and bury this story deep in the detritus of the DC swamp.


It will be a total shock if this doesn't happen.



King Charles and the House of Milquetoast


Overall, 2022 was a rough year for the royals.


With the passing of Queen Elisabeth II this past year, many are wondering what the reign of Britain's new King will bring.

Will it bring a more masculine look to the royal household and the nation?

Unfortunately, the way British society is currently configured, King Charles III (formerly Charles, Prince of Wales) will want to win the hearts and minds of the youth who will be his future subjects (and thus keep his family in power), and so more likely he may lean towards becoming a 'woke King'...


An unenviable position...


But even then, early signals indicate that the new King will not be front-running the UK's 'green' New Normal agenda as many previously thought.


With all the internal family turmoil over Prince Andrew and a recalcitrant Harry, Charles will have his hands full just fulfilling his vestigial duties and may not have the royal bandwidth the push Klaus Schwab's Great Reset down the throats of the British public during the current protracted economy downturn.


Not wanting to step on too many toes, expect more milquetoast than anything.


Sort of, kind of, a bit like... a royal...



Electric Vehicles are stalling


Electric Vehicles are not really 'green' at all - beside their less than Kosher batteries, their charging source is powered by an electrical grid which, in turn, is powered mainly by 'fossil fuels' (hydrocrabon fuels) like coal, natural gas, diesel, and also nuclear too.


So the entire premise of the modern EV is based on a lie, and people are now beginning to see it for what it is - another artificial market and a government subsidy cash cow.


Not to mention all the child slave labor in the Congo, mining for Cobalt and other rare Earth mineral needed to make to over-sized batteries.


In 2023, EVs will come under tremendous fire for being a faux green solution to a nonexistent problem.


It will be a battle still, but as EVs continue to bear a heavy load on electrical grids and the price of power keep rising, and with rolling blackouts starting in Europe and elsewhere, suddenly combustion engines are looking much more attractive.


Watch it unfold…



Meta backlash


If we build it, they will come. But will they?


This marks a real low point in western civilization. Due to the declining health of Western people stuck on digital, the prospect of the Metaverse could be the straw that breaks the back of humanity.


Meta share prices plummeted in 2022, so something is amiss.


It turns out that Zuckerberg's entire business model is predicated on typing people spending more time in Matrixberg that actually doing healthy things like walking, exercising, as well as the ultimate form of rebellion in 2023 - actually socializing with real people.


Still, the virtual-vegetable life appeals to many Gen Z'ers, and with improvements in real-time computer rending of digital environments and celebrity concerts etc., the Zuckerverse will still be a fertile farm for precarious snowflakes who find reality just too challenging.



Rise of the Neo Luddites


Technology has gone nuts.


But there is a middle ground - somewhere between the old and new. Call it a much-needed course correction. This is a movement which will seek to re-appropriate technology in balance with real life.


They are legion.


Expect them...



Crypto is dead - Long live Crypto


As with the flight to traditional custodial assets like gold and silver, so too will digital custodial assets like Bitcoin and other robust blockchain-based cryptocurrencies retain their value and appeal to investors wanting to diversify holdings and hedge against the market turmoil that's surely coming in the next few years.


Some smaller countries like Fiji are considering following El Salvador's lead by making Bitcoin legal tender.


Will others follow...?


Bitcoin and crypto took a massive hit in 2022, and the FTX collapse seemed like the knock-out punch, but many experts feel this was a necessary market correction to shake-out all the flaky money.


Expect BTC to rally in 2023, but nothing like the previous highs - those may come later in 2024-25.


Also, on the back of the FTX debacle, Biden and US government are moving in hard to regulate and control crypto, which is generally not good for the markets.


It's not for the faint-hearted investor though. It's going to get very interesting in the New Year.


Watch how institutional investors place more long bets on Bitcoin and other cryptos.



Health Revolution 2.0


The failure of the medical industrial complex during Covid has made more people realize that the system is broken, and not fit for purpose.


This is also about a revolution in food and diet. Basic to basics, back to organics, and back to essential vitamins and minerals. The learning curve is now easier than ever.


So the health revolution goes hand-in-hand with the information revolution. Everyone has access to the information now.


The question is:

what will you do with it...?